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A Sample Of The Struddle
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

On an edition of SmackDown in the fall of 2001, the new WCW World Heavyweight
champion The Rock, dressed in a white "Just Bring It" shirt and black workout
pants is being interviewed by Lilian Garcia. After the beautiful interviewer
asks him a question about his upcoming match with Booker T, The Rock takes
off his sunglasses, "Lilian, The Rock fears no man, especially not a man, who
is the 5-Time WCW Champion Sucker... The Rock has a simple plan for Booker
T... he's going snort, he's going to stomp, he's going to take his right
boot, shine it up real nice... and stick straight up that jabroni's candy
ass!" The Rock says as he looks at the camera, directing everything's he's
said to Booker T before Lilian can ask him another question.

Lilian Garcia the beautiful RAW Ring Announcer blushes and laughs a little.
Lilian nods her head slowly "However, as you know WCW Owner Shane McMahon
will be at ringside for the match, your thoughts on that?" The beautiful
Lilian Garcia asks with a soft smile as she dressed in a short black skirt
and a light blue female style tanktop.

The Rock raises the people's eyebrow as he looks at Lilian once again, "Shane
McMahon can be at ringside... The Rock doesn't care... if that Shane-O-Whack
gets involved, The Rock will slap the taste and the silver spoon out of his
mouth..." The Rock answers as he threatens Shane McMahon, daring him to get
involved in the match. The Rock then sees Lilian smiling at him and he takes
the microphone away from her, "Now The Rock has a question for you... are
you checking the People's Champion out?" The Rock asks.

Lilian blushes as she shyly looks away before shaking her head "
I'm not..." Lilian says with a soft smile.

The Rock again raises the people's eyebrow, "Oh no... no you're not?" The
Rock says, "The Rock sees you eyeing The Rock... sees you smiling at The
Rock... You want a piece of The Rock..."

Lilian laughs and shakes her head "No...that's not it...I just..." Lilian
says before she's cut-off by the People's Champion, The Rock.

The Rock holds his hand up, "Wait, The Rock figured it out... you want a
piece of The Rock's struddle... don't you?" The Rock asks her with a bit of
a charming, yet electrifying smile on his face.

Lilian looks down, embarrassed, and blushes "Well...I...ummm...I wouldn't...
mind..." Lilian says with a bit of a stutter in her voice as she gets a bit
worked up.

"You wouldn't mind? This is the Rock's struddle... The most, electrifying
struddle, on God's Green Earth..." The Rock says with a bit of a smirk then
he looks at the camera, "But The Rock, isn't going to indulge you right now,
The Rock has an agenda, tonight The Rock goes into battle, and The Rock is
going to layeth the smacketh down on Booker T," The Rock then tilts his head
back and yells into the microphone, "If You Smell-lalala-owww! What The Rock
is Cooking..."

* * *

Later on in the night, after SmackDown goes off the air, The Rock, wearing
his black wrestling trunks and carrying his sixteen-pound WCW World
Heavyweight Championship belt, makes his way back to the locker room area.
The People's Champion is sweating heavily after his intense physical battle
against Booker T and the interfering Shane McMahon. The Rock goes around a
corner to head towards where the WWF Superstars locker rooms are.

As The Rock turns the corner, he stops the beautiful ring announcer Lilian
Garcia, who turns around and spots the sweaty, heavy breathing People's
Champion. Lilian smiles and blushes as she lowers her head slightly "Ummm...
Hey Rock..." Lilian reply as The Rock passes by the delightful ring

The Rock raises an eyebrow, "Hey..." The Rock says as he stops walking and
drapes his championship belt over his right shoulder, "What can The Rock do
for you?" He asks as he's a bit more subdued now after his match..

Lilian smiles before biting down on her bottom lip "Ohh...I just wanted to
say...I'm glad you won..."

The Rock smiles and wipes some sweat from his forehead, "Uh huh...The Rock
thanks you... but The Rock knows that look... you got a question for the
People's Champion."

Lilian blushes a bit and nods her head " caught me..." Lilian
says with a soft laugh.

The Rock laughs a bit, "Since The Rock caught you... what's you question?"
The Rock asks looks at the beautiful ring announcer and backstage interviewer
with his electrifying eyes.

"Well...about...the People's Struddle...were you serious before?" Lilian asks
as she bites down on her bottom lip.

The Rock moves the WCW title from his right shoulder to his left shoulder,
"The Rock is always serious when it comes to his struddle..." The Rock

Lilian blushes and lowers her head "Well...I might be serious...about
having...a sample..."

The Rock nods his head and smiles, "The Rock knew it... if you are really
serious about wanting some of The Rock's struddle, then follow The Rock..."
The Rock starts walking down the hallway again, heading for the locker room
with a logo of the Rock's Braham Bull symbol on the door. Lilian bites down
on her bottom lip cutely as she follows The Rock down the hallway until the
approach the locker room belonging to the People's Champion. The Rock pushes
the locker room door open for Lilian and the beautiful ring announcer enters
the locker room with a sweet smile on her face. The Rock enters his locker
room after Lilian enters and he closes the locker room door. He puts his WCW
Championship belt down onto a table and then he looks at Lilian, "The Rock
knows you're going to love his struddle..." The Rock says as he sees Lilian
smile and blush.

"Rock...I have to be honest...I've wanted you more now then ever..."

The Rock licks his lips, "The Rock can see that... and the Rock is going to
let you sample his struddle before you go hungry..." The Rock says as he
places his hands on his waist and starts to lower his black wrestling trucks
from his waist and down his powerful, muscular legs. Lilian lowers her head
and locks her soft eyes below The Rock's waist as he slides down his black
wrestling trunks. Lilian licks her lips slowly as watches The Rock's cock
become gradually visible. The Rock's thick, powerful fourteen-inch cock
slowly becomes exposed as he pushes down his black wrestling trunks. Once
they are down at his feet, The Rock steps out of them and takes a few moments
to remove the black wrestling boots he is wearing. Soon, the People's
Champion stands up and places his hands on his waist, "Are you ready to
sample the People's Struddle?" The Rock asks with a charming, electrifying

Lilian slowly nods her head "Oh...Yes I am, Rock..." Lilian says as she
kneels down in front of the People's Champion and gently wraps her soft hands
around The Rock's thick fourteen-inch cock and begins to slowly strokes his
cock. Lilian looks up at The Rock with a sweet smile before she leans her
head down and gently slides her tongue against the head of his cock.

The Rock smirks a bit as Lilian strokes his cock and slides her tongue back
and forth against the head of his large thick dick, "Mmmmm... The Rock sees
that you love The Rock's struddle..." The Rock says with a bit of a moan as
he places his left hand on top of Lilian's head and strokes Lilian's blond
hair. Lilian closes her eyes as she flicks her tongue against the head of
his cock before she opens her mouth and lowers her head down, taking The
Rock's cock into her soothing, warm mouth. Lilian wraps her lips tightly
around his shaft and the beautiful RAW ring announcer begins to smoothly bob
her head on The Rock's 'struddle'.

The Rock groans as the beautiful Lilian Garcia slowly sucks and slurps on the
People's Champion stiff, hard cock. "Oooo damn Lilian.... The Rock sees that
you are going to savor the TASTE... of the People's struddle...." The Rock
says, commenting on how slow and smoothly Lilian is moving her warm, moist
mouth over his thick, meaty cock. Lilian slowly opens her eyes and looks up
at The Rock as she locks her soft eyes with his eyes.Lilian starts to
smoothly bob her head on The Rock's cock as she laps her tongue around his
cock, sucking his cock faster and gently moans against his cock.

The Rock grits his teeth a bit as Lilian sucks on his shaft with more
momentum. As she takes more and more of his cock into her mouth, The Rock
notices that saliva is spilling out of her mouth. "Whoa, whoa, whoa...
Lilian... you're a messy eater... you can't have The Rock's struddle...
like that..." The Rock says as he pulls his thick fourteen-inch cock out
of her mouth.

Lilian bites down on her bottom lip as she looks up at The Rock "Ohhh...I'm
sorry..." Lilian then shyly looks down.

"Sorry? The Rock doesn't need you to be sorry... The Rock needs you to get
out of those clothes if you are going to have The Rock's struddle..." The
Rock says with a charming grin on his handsome face as he takes a step back.
"And the Rock knows... you're wet with sweat... in anticipation to having
more of The Rock's Struddle." Lilian blushes and smiles up at The Rock as
she stands up and begins to remove her light blue tanktop. The Rock smiles
as he watches Lilian pull off her light blue tanktop, revealing her nice
sized tits covered by a light blue bra. The Rock licks his lips slightly as
he nods his head, "All right... The Rock sees some melons... but what The
Rock wants to see... is some Pie."

Lilian laughs a little as she places her hands on her waist and begins to
push her black skirt down from her hips and then down her smooth, tanned and
sexy legs. Lilian steps out of the skirt and places her hands on her hips as
she stands in a matching pair of light blue bra and panties. The Rock nods
his head, "Hold on... The Rock... wants to get his pie out... personally..."
The Rock says as he takes Lilian's hand and walks her over to a long
rectangular table. The Rock lifts her up and sits her on it so he can slide
Lilian's light blue panties down from her slender waist and moves them down
her smooth, tanned legs. The Rock smirks as he sees Lilian's perfectly
shaved, hot, pussy become exposed once he removes Lilian's light blue panties
from her legs. "Hmm. The Rock loves his pie... but The Rock is on a diet..."
The Rock says as he pushes Lilian's legs apart, "So The Rock is going to give
you more struddle..." The Rock says as he pushes his large, thick cock into
her tight pussy.

Lilian grits her teeth together as she feels The Rock's thick fourteen-inch
cock slam into her tight pussy "Ohhhhh shit..." Lilian moans as she reaches
over her shoulder and unclips her bra, peeling the bra off of her nice and
firm chest. The Rock puts his strong hands on Lilian's waist and pulls her
towards him as he begins thrusting his large cock in and out of Lilian's
warm, tight pussy. With each one of his thrusts, The Rock makes his cock go
deeper and deeper into Lilian's pussy. Lilian places her hands behind her on
the table that she's on top of, the beautiful ring announcer wraps her smooth
legs around The Rock's waist and begins to gently push herself against The
Rock's cock as he slams his cock into her tight pussy.

The Rock grits his teeth slightly as he increases the pace and force of his
thrusts. "How... do you like... the Rock's struddle?!" The Rock asks as he
grunts, while continuing to drive his cock in and out of Lilian's pussy.

"Ohhhh Rocky...mmm...its amazing..." Lilian moans as she closes her eyes as
her hot, tanned body moves against the table. Lilian removes her hands from
the table and brings them up, placing them against The Rock's strong arms.

The Rock grinds his teeth together as he continues to pump his cock into
Lilian's hot pussy, "It's not amazing... it is... the most electrifying...
piece of struddle... in your pie today...." The Rock groans as he puts his
arms around Lilian's body and lifts her off of the smooth table. The
powerful, 6 foot 3 inch, 260-pound WCW World Heavyweight Champion starts
pouncing Lilian on his shaft as he thrusts it swiftly into her pussy.

Lilian wraps her arms around The Rock's neck as she bounces quickly up and
down on The Rock's cock, causing her body to slam down incredibly hard each
time, causing The Rock's cock to pierce her tight pussy deeply "Ohhhhh
ohhhhhhh...yesss..." Lilian moans as she bounces and rocks on The Rock's
cock as he stands up, holding onto Lilian Garcia. The Rock grunts and groans
as he holds Lilian firmly against his body as he drives his cock harder into
Lilian's pussy. The already sweaty People's Champion breathes heavily as
Lilian holds onto his neck as she slams herself down on his shaft. Lilian
tilts her head back and grits her teeth as she slams down hard on The Rock's
thick cock "Ohhhh mmm...yesss Rocky, I love the struddle..." Lilian moans as
she begins to sweat.

The Rock smirks a bit, "The Rock... knows... it... and The Rock... is going
to just bring it... to give you all the struddle... you can handle..." The
Rock says as he sits Lilian back onto the table. He stops thrusting into her
and unwraps her arms from around his neck, then he does the same to her sexy
legs that are around waist. "And now... The Rock... is going to take... his
struddle... and stick it straight up... your hot, little ass..." The Rock
says as he pulls Lilian off of the table and turns her around. Lilian smirks
as she looks over her shoulder at The Rock as she bends over the table and
sticks her hot, rounded ass into the air. The People's Champion stands behind
Lilian, and strokes his cock a bit before he closes the distance between
himself and the beautiful, stunning, hot Lilian Garcia. The Rock then guides
his cock to Lilian's tight asshole, and he fulfills his promise, by sticking
his cock into Lilian's ass by slowly pushing it forward.

Lilian grits her teeth tightly as she feels The Rock's cock ease into her
tight asshole "Ohhhhh fuck..." The Rock lays his hands on Lilian's waist as
he begins to thrust his cock in and out of her asshole. With each one of his
thrusts, The Rock moves his cock in and out of Lilian's ass faster and
harder. Lilian's hot, rounded ass slams back against The Rock's waist driving
his cock deeply into her tight asshole "Ohhhh...ahhhh...shit Rock..." Lilian
moans as sweat drips off of her tanned, smoking hot body.

"Ahh... ohhh... The Rock... loves your hot little candy ass Lilian..." The
Rock groans as he slams his huge, thick People's Cock in and out of Lilian's
ass. With each of his thrusts, Lilian jolts forward and her body presses
against the edge of the smooth table she's bent over.

Lilian grits her teeth as she tilts her head back when The Rock powerfully
drills his cock into her tight asshole "Ohhhh mmmm...Rocky..." Lilian moans.
The Rock pulls his Lilian back against him as he rams his cock deep into
Lilian's ass over and over again. The People's Champion grinds his teeth
together as he slams his cock so hard into her ass that he slightly lifts
Lilian off the floor. Lilian begins to breath heavily as sweat drips off of
her tanned body "Ohhhhh shit Rock...ohhh yesss!"

The Rock shakes his head, sending sweat flying off of his face as he
continues to fuck Lilian's ass. "Uhhh... Finally... The Rock... has tapped...
Lilian's ass!" The Rock groans as he starts to cum inside of Lilian's tight

Lilian bites down on her bottom lip as she arches her back, groaning, as she
feels The Rock's warm cum invade her tight asshole "Ohhhhhhh...mmmm..."

The Rock keeps thrusting his cock deep into Lilian's ass until he finishes
cumming. The Rock soon pulls out of Lilian's ass and smacks her ass with his
cock. "How... was that struddle?" The Rock asks with a smirk.

Lilian smirks as she slowly turns around and leans against the table "How was
it?" Lilian smiles as she nods her head "I'd say...electrifying..."


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