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A Secret Steph Has Kept Comes Out
by The Dude

I had been in the WWF for about 3 months now and was finally getting a
push toward the European Title. I had a fight on Raw against a good friend
of mine X-Pac. He defeated me with outside interference. I didn't really
mind all that much. After talking with other people backstage for a while I
decided to go back to my hotel room where Stephanie was waiting. Our
relationship had gotten serious by now. I went back to the hotel and signed
a few autographs before heading up to my room. I entered my room to find it
pitch dark. So feeling around I put my bag down and went to take a shower.
I came out and turned a light on. Looking over to the bed I saw two bodies
under the covers. I was shocked because Stephanie was cheating on me. Yes
I know that's Stephanie's character on TV but not in real life.

I walked over to the bed and woke her up. She was surprised to see me
then she saw I was looking at the body next to her. We hurried into the
other room. "I'm sorry Mike. I tried to hide this secret a long time and
didn't know how to tell you. I've been this way for a long time and a lot
of my reltionships have ending because of it."

"Why didn't you just tell me."

"Well I was scared."

Just then the body moved and got out of bed. To my shocked eyes it was
a woman.

"Yes its true, Mike, I'm bi-sexual and that's my other lover Trish

I was completely shocked. Just then Trish walked over and said "Hi." to
me. I looked at Stephanie and imitately kissed her. Just then Trish walked
over and hugged kissed Stephanie. Stephanie felt my dick getting hard so
she got on her knees took off my shorts and put my dick into her mouth.
Trish walked over with her geougeous body and french kissed me. My dick got
harder than it ever had before. Trish then knelt next to Stephanie and
slowly kissed my leg.

Then something I never imagined before they took turns sucking my dick.
Each would do it for a while until I almost came, stop and then start again
when I settled down. After a while they decided to let me cum. Trish was
sucking me hard when I just burst into her mouth. I had never came so hard.
She tried to swallow all of it but it soon dribbled onto her chest. Trish
then looked at Steph and frenched kissed her with my cum all over her face.
To my amazement I was still hard as a rock.

I picked up Stephanie and put her on the bed. I knelt down to her
soaking pussy and licked my way inside. Trish came over to the bed and
sat on Stephanie's face while grabbing the baseboard. I continued to lick
Stephanie as she came closer to an orgasm. I couldn't hear her scream
because her face was covered but I heard Trish cum.


As she was saying this she was slamming the baseboard back and forth
making a huge noise. Then all of a sudden Trish collapsed onto the bed
totally exhausted.

I got up and told Stephanie and Trish to switch places. I knelt in front
of the most beautiful shaven pussy I had ever seen. I eagerly went to taste
her moist pussy as Stephanie was getting eaten by Trish. After a few minutes
of this I was so hard and hot that I immediately took Stephanie from behind
and fucked the hell out of her. She told me to stop which I did. She
postioned herself so she was licking Trish the same time I was fucking her.

A few minutes of this and Trish was cumming again and so was Stephanie. A
few seconds after they came I took out my dick and came all over Stephanie's
back and ass. And to my amazement I was still hard for some reason. I looked
over to Trish who had a glossy look in her eyes when she looked at me.
Stephanie said go ahead and fuck her because she was to tired to

I walked over to Trish and immediately stuck my dick into her moist and
tight pussy. I continued to fuck her like I never fucked a girl before.


And with that she came again. I still hadn't cum yet so she told me to
take out my dick which I did. She got some lotion and lubed up her beautiful
ass at which time she told me to fuck her ass. I didn't have to be told
twice. I slowly inserted my dick into her ass. I couldn't believe I was
fucking the ass of Trish Stratus who I have dreamed about for such a long
time. Before I knew it I came right up her ass and for the first time that
night my dick got limp and I was totally exhausted. All three of us
immediately fell asleep next to each other on the same bed.

The next morning I told Stephanie that I still wanted to see her and that
being bi-sexual was just another turn on. She was so happy that we had a
fuck session right on the couch in the other room while Trish was sleeping.
Trish, Stephanie and I had a wonderful reltionship from then on.

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