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A Squad Audition With Spirit
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Backstage in the Spirit Squad's locker room at a RAW Broadcast, the five
members of the male cheerleading squad, Mikey, Mitch, Nicky, Johnny and Kenny
are all getting stuff to eat from the large catering table that's against one
wall of the room. All five men are dressed the traditional Spirit Squad
attire of green swish-style work out pants and white tank-tops. Johnny looks
at his teammates as he steps away from the table, "Hey guys, I think we need
to add something to the squad..."

Mikey looks at Johnny with a raised eyebrow, "Whatcha mean? We got

Johnny laughs a bit, "We don't got a hot chick..."

Nicky gets a smile on his face as he puts his plate back down on the table,
"Yeah, we don't... mmm a few weeks ago... when we were GMs and had that
cheerleaders match... the divas were fucking hot."

Kenny nods his head, "Yeah, especially Mickie..."

Mitch looks at Kenny with a sharp look, "Don't make me hit you..." Mitch
shakes his head and mocks Kenny, "Especially Mickie..." Mitch rolls his eyes
and walks away from him.

Johnny laughs again, "Yeah... but anyway... I was thinking we should...
audition some of them to give them a spot in the squad. The other four
members of the Spirit Squad nod their heads as Johnny says, "Now... whom
should we get to audition."

* * *

Later on, the five members of the Spirit Squad are watching the RAW live feed
on the television in their locker room when there's a knock on the door. All
five men get smiles on their faces as Mitch gets up from the couch and goes
to answer it, "Come on in...." Mitch says as he opens the door.

Once the locker room door is opened by Spirit Squad member, Mitch, in walks
the beautiful blonde bombshell and two-time Playboy Cover Girl Torrie Wilson,
who is cutely dressed in a red and white cheerleading skirt with a matching
red and white cheerleading top, complete with two red pom-poms. Torrie smiles
"Hey...I got the notice on my locker room door...looking for a hot girl with
some spirit?" Torrie asks with a raised eyebrow and then looks down at her
own attire and laughs slightly "I thought I'd dress the part..."

Nicky licks his lips as he checks Torrie out, "Mmmm... that's good thing that
you did... just looking at you it shows that you got some spirit..."

Kenny smirks, "Yeah, totally... you look great like that..." Kenny adds as
Mitch closes the locker room door and he looks down at Torrie's ass as the
red and white cheerleading skirt she's wearing rises up a bit.

Torrie smiles as she tosses her two blonde ponytails from side to side
slightly as she places her red pom-poms against her smooth, tanned waist
"So...this is an audition, right?" Torrie asks with a smile as Mitch
continues to check out the Playboy Cover Girl's ass.

Johnny nods his head, "Yeah it is..." Johnny smiles as he looks at her,
"We're looking for a new member... but she's got to have spirit..." Johnny

Mitch smirks slightly, "Yeah Torrie... our new member... is going to have to
show how much spirit she's got in this audition..."

Torrie laughs as she sets both of the red pom-poms down on the floor and then
folds her arms over her nicely sized chest "Oh...I got spirit..." Torrie says
with a confident smile and a nod of her head.

Mikey gets a dorky smile on his face as he stands up, "We'll see about
that..." Mikey says as he starts to take off his white tank top. Mitch,
Johnny, Kenny and Nicky all take off their tank tops as well so that
Torrie can see their nice smooth, muscular upper bodies as they all move
to stand in front of the former two-time Playboy cover girl.

"Are you ready to begin the audition?" Johnny asks as he looks at Torrie's
smooth, tanned sexy legs.

Torrie raises her eyebrow suspiciously "What's going on boys?" Torrie asks
with a laugh as she casually glances at each of their five muscular chests.

"We're going to audition you to be a new member of our squad... and we have
a special way to see how much spirit you got...." Mitch says as he and the
other four members of the Spirit Squad put their hands on their waists as if
they were going to lower their pants right then and there.

Torrie smirks slightly and then nods her head as she fully understands the
concept of the Spirit Squad audition "Oh..." Torrie laughs and slightly licks
her lips "I have to fuck you five, don't I?"

Mikey nods his head as gets a big smile on his face, "Yuppers Torrie...
you're going to get tested out... and if you can keep up... and have a lot
of spirit... you're in." Mikey says.

Mitch, who's standing in the middle of the line looks to his left at Johnny
and Kenny and then to his right at Mikey and Nicky. "All right guys... on
three, 1, 2, 3!" Mitch yells and in record time, all five members lower down
their green swish-workout pants, and step out of them. All five studs of the
Spirit Squad stands in front of Torrie completely naked.

Torrie licks her lips as her eyes lock down upon the five hard, stiff cocks
in front of her "Mmmm wow..." Torrie smiles as she takes a step towards the
five Spirit Squad members "So...can I being my audition now?"

Johnny nods his head, "Yeah... start where ever you want..." Johnny says as
he licks his lips. All Five members of the Spirit Squad move so that they
are standing around Torrie, practically surrounding the hot, blond bombshell.
Torrie smiles eagerly as she kneels down in the center of the Spirit Squad
as they circle around the blonde Playboy bombshell. Torrie bites down on her
bottom lip before she reaches forward and wraps her right hand around
Johnny's cock as she wraps her left hand around Kenny's cock and begins to
stroke off the two hot Spirit Squad studs.

Kenny and Johnny both groan a bit as Torrie strokes their rock hard stiff
cocks as they move apart so that Nicky can stand between them. Nicky wraps
his right hand around his cock and begins to stroke his cock as he holds it
in front of Torrie's face. "Can you multitask Torrie?" Nicky asks with a

Torrie looks up at Nicky and smiles "You bet I can..." Torrie says with a
laugh as she opens her mouth and leans her head in towards Nicky's cock and
takes him into her warm, wet mouth. Torrie presses her lips gently around
his shaft and begins to easily bob her head on Nicky's cock as she guides
both of her soft, delicate hands up and down the hard shafts of Johnny and

Nicky puts both of his hands on top of Torrie's head as the blond beauty
sucks and slurps on his thick, meaty cock. Johnny licks his lips and moans
as Torrie continues to stroke his shaft. "Ahhh yea... she can handle my
baton any time..." Johnny groans as he closes his eyes a bit.

"Yeah... totally..." Kenny moans as he puts his hands on his hips.

Meanwhile, the other two members of the Spirit Squad, Mikey and Mitch both
kneel down behind Torrie and the raise up her red and white cheerleader
skirt. Mitch smirks, "Let's see how she can handle this..." Mitch says as
they lower Torrie's white laced panties. Mikey smiles and he reaches down
between Torrie's legs and begins to rub her smooth, warm pussy from behind.
Torrie closes her eyes and gently moans against Nicky's hard cock as she
lifts and lowers her head continually on Nicky's cock as her warm saliva
drips against his cock. Torrie gently works her tongue around Nicky's cock
as her soft hands move quicker against Johnny and Kenny's hard shaft. Soon
the Playboy Playmate's blonde head lifts up from Nicky's cock and smiles
up at him.

Nicky looks down at Torrie and smirks as he folds his arms. "Not bad... not
bad..." Nicky says as he watches Torrie stroke off Johnny and Kenny. He
takes a step back, "Can you handle two big spirited dicks in your mouth?"
Nicky asks so that Johnny and Kenny can step closer together so they are
right in front of Torrie. Meanwhile, Mikey has pushed two fingers into
Torrie's warm pussy. Mitch has now put his hands on Torrie's ass cheeks and
he spreads them apart so that he can slide his tongue up and down her ass

"Mmmm...ohhhh I think can..." Torrie groans slightly as pushes herself back
against Mikey's fingers, forcing his fingers deeper into her tight pussy.
Torrie pulls Kenny and Johnny's cocks towards her warm, wet mouth and opens
her mouth as wide as she can before pushing both cocks into her warm mouth.
Amazingly, Torrie fits both hard cocks of Johnny and Kenny into her mouth
and wraps her lips around both of their shafts and begins to move her head
as she sucks off both spirited cocks.

"Ohhhh yeah... mmmm damn..." Johnny moans as he feels his cock press against
Kenny's as Torrie presses her lips on both cocks as she taps her tongues
against their dicks.

"Mmmmm damn... she can handle it all so far..." Kenny moans as he pushes
Torrie's blonde hair back and looks down at Torrie. Meanwhile, Mikey is
increasing the pace of how quickly he's moving his fingers in and out of
Torrie's pussy. Mitch lowers his head down further as he holds Torrie's
ass cheeks apart so he can slip his tongue into Torrie's tight asshole.
Torrie moans against Johnny and Kenny's cocks as bobs her head smoothly
against both hard cocks, causing their cocks to grind against each other
as she laps her tongue against both cocks. Torrie gently twists her head
on both cocks inside of her warm, wet mouth as she pushes herself back
against Mikey's fingers in her pussy and Mitch's tongue in her tight

Mitch lifts his head up from Torrie's asshole and licks his lips, "Mmmmm
she's got a nice hot ass...." Mitch says with a smirk as he stands up. Mikey
slowly pulls his fingers out of Torrie's warm, wet pussy and he licks his
fingers clean. "And her pussy is nice and tight too..." Mikey says as he
moves back away from Torrie.

Nicky grins "Let's see what else she can handle..." Nicky says as he gets
right behind Torrie and kneels behind her. The hot powerful young stud puts
his hands on Torrie's hips as he slides his cock into Torrie's pussy.

Torrie's lets out a sharp moan as she feels Nicky's hard cock slide right
into her tight, warm pussy as her hot body slams back against his cock
causing the beautiful blonde bombshell to pull her head off of Johnny and
Kenny's now saliva-dripping cocks and she then smiles back at Nicky as he
begins thrust into her pussy "Ohhhh...ohhhh...yeah..." Torrie moans.

Nicky grits his teeth as he smoothly thrusts his cock in and out of Torrie's
warm, tight pussy. "Ahhh... ohhh yeah... she's got spirit so far..." Nicky
says with a smirk as he pulls Torrie back towards him as he drives his cock
sharply into her pussy.

Kenny goes over to Mikey and whispers something into his ear, and Mikey
gets a smirk on his face after hearing what Kenny said. Mikey then looks at
Nicky, "Hey Nicky... me and Kenny got something for Torrie when you're done
with her..." Nicky nods his head and smirks as he slams his cock deep into
Torrie's pussy as he holds her red and white skirt up over her hips.

Torrie grits her teeth and tilts her head back as her hot, stunningly tanned
body slams back hard against Nicky's hard cock "Mmm...ohhhh...I need a
spirited dick to suck..." Torrie groans as her hot body rocks back and forth
on her hands and knees on the floor while Nicky fucks the hot Playboy Cover

"You can suck mine..." Mitch says as he licks his teeth. Mitch kneels in
front of Torrie and holds his large dick so that Torrie can lower her head
down and take it into her warm, moist mouth. Nicky grits his teeth slightly
as he starts driving his cock faster into her pussy causing his balls to
swing back and forth and smack against Torrie's smooth skin.

"Mmmmm ohhhh..." Torrie moans before she takes Mitch's cock into her warm
mouth and wraps her soft lips around Mitch's cock tightly. Torrie Wilson
begins to bob her head and sucks Mitch's hard cock. Torrie closes her eyes
as the Playboy Playmate laps her tongue around Mitch's cock and begins to
push herself quickly back against Nicky's thrusting cock.

Mitch puts both of his hands on the back of Torrie's head and almost pushes
her head down further on his cock as she sucks him off. "Ahhh... ohhh yeah...
that's it..." Mitch groans as Torrie bobs her head on his shaft.

Nicky starts to slow down his thrusts and he slowly pulls his thick cock out
of Torrie's warm pussy, "Mmmm ok... who's got her next?" Nicky asks.

"We do..." Kenny says, "A little two on one action for her..." Kenny says
as he and Mikey move towards Torrie and pull her backwards, causing Mitch's
cock to fall out of her mouth.

Torrie looks over her shoulder and smiles a bit at Mikey and Kenny as they
pull the beautiful blonde bombshell away from Mitch "Hey!" Torrie laughs as
some of her warm saliva drips off of her chin.

"Don't worry, you'll get another spirited dick in your mouth... but now we
want to do something..." Mikey says as he lays down on the floor of the
locker room. Kenny bends down and lifts Torrie up some so that he can lower
the hot two-time Playboy covergirl down onto Mikey's fat, hard cock.

Torrie grits her teeth together as her hot body lowers down on Mikey's fat,
hard cock taking him into her warm, tight pussy "Ohhhhh...awwww yeah..."
Torrie moans as she places her hands on Mikey's muscular chest and the
beautiful blonde bombshell begins to gently rock on his cock as she remains
her hot red and white cheerleading outfit.

Mikey grinds his teeth as Torrie slowly rocks back and forth on his thick
cock. "Ohhhh yea... I knew you had a tight pussy..." Mikey says as he puts
his hands on Torrie's tits and he starts squeezing them through the material
of her white cheerleading top. Back behind Torrie, Kenny has kneeled down and
he pushes Torrie's red and white cheerleading skirt up over her hips so that
he can push his own cock into her already filled pussy. Kenny bites his
tongue slightly as his shaft grinds against Mikey's dick before he's able to
begin thrusting his cock in and out of Torrie's pussy as she rocks on Mikey's

Torrie tilts her head back as she leans back against Kenny as his cock enters
her already cock filled pussy "Ohhhhhh fucking yess!" Torrie moans as she
slides her soft hands against Mikey's chest and begins to rock slightly
quicker on his cock as she pushes herself back against Kenny's cock as well.

Kenny and Mikey grunt as they thrust their cocks deep into Torrie's pussy.
Mikey lets Torrie do most of the worst since he's underneath the hot sexy
blond diva, but he does pop his hips upward to give her several sharp
thrusts. "Ahhh yeah... ohhh fuck yea!" Mikey groans as he continues to
squeeze Torrie's tits through her white cheerleading top. Kenny puts his
hands on Torrie's ass cheeks as he pumps his cock as smoothly as possible
into her pussy, and his shaft is constantly grinding against Mikey's as the
two men drill Torrie's hot, tight pussy while Johnny comes over and stands
over Mikey's head.

"Open wide Torrie..." Johnny says as he presses the head of his cock against
her lips. Torrie looks up at Johnny and licks her lips as she locks her
seductive, soft eyes with the Spirit Squad member. Torrie leans forward
slightly, opening her mouth and taking Johnny's hard cock into her mouth. As
Torrie rocks smoothly on Mikey's cock while Kenny thrusts deeply into her
cock-stuffed pussy, the blonde bombshell before to suck Johnny's cock with
great ease as she moans gently against his shaft.

Johnny pushes Torrie's blond hair back as she bobs her head smoothly back and
forth along the length of his cock. "Ohhhh... ohhh yeah... suck it..." Johnny
moans as he rocks himself back and forth as he thrusts his cock in and out
between Torrie's lips.

Kenny grunts as he drives his cock balls deep into Torrie's pussy whenever
she moves up on Mikey's shaft. "Ohhh fuck... you certainly... have enough
spirit... but we ain't done yet..." Kenny groans as he pulls his cock out
of Torrie's pussy. He moves away from behind her and Mitch takes his place.
Mitch puts his left hand on Torrie's shoulder as he guides his own throbbing
cock towards her tight asshole, which he was licking earlier. Mitch smirks
as he forcefully drives his cock into Torrie's tight asshole, making her
jolt forward.

Torrie gently presses her teeth against Johnny's cock, slightly biting down
as she lets out a loud groan when Mitch thrusts his hard cock into teeth
asshole "Mmmmmm...fuck..." Torrie moans around Johnny's cock before begins
to bob her head smoothly once again on his cock taking more of his cock into
her warm, wet mouth.

Mitch puts his arms around Torrie's waist and starts to stand up. He pulls
Torrie up with him so that she's bent over sucking on Johnny's cock while
Mitch continues to pump his cock into her asshole. "Ahhh ohhh yeah... what
a hot ass..." Mitch moans as he thrusts his cock deep into Torrie's asshole.
Mikey carefully gets out from underneath Mitch, Torrie and Johnny, making
sure not to hit any of their legs. Torrie begins to bob her head quicker as
the beautiful blonde bombshell gradually deep throats Johnny's cock as she
continually pushes herself back against Mitch's cock inside of her tight
asshole. Torrie begins to sweat lightly as she traces her wet tongue around
Johnny's cock as he grabs hold of her two blonde ponytails and begins to
thrusts his hard cock deeper into her wet mouth.

Johnny licks his lips as he tilts his head back, "Ohhh fuck yeah... I love
babe's with two ponytails..." Johnny moans as he thrusts his cock all the way
into her warm moist mouth while he holds onto Torrie's blond ponytails as if
they were handlebars. Mitch adjusts Torrie's cheerleading skirt so that it's
higher up on her waist as he slams his cock hard into her asshole.

Nicky moves to sit on the couch and he sits down. "Hey guys... let her come
over here when you get a chance..." Nicky says as he leans back on the couch.
Torrie presses her lips tighter around Johnny's shaft as she sucks his hard,
spirited cock harder, gently slapping her soft tongue against his hard shaft.
While Torrie Wilson sucks Johnny's cock with tremendous spirit and pride, she
bucks her hips causing the delightful blonde bombshell to slam her cute,
rounded ass back against Mitch's cock roughly as she forces his cock deep
into her tight asshole.

"Ohhhh fuck... damn... she's got my vote... to be a member..." Mitch moans as
he stops thrusting his cock into Torrie's hot tight ass and pulls out.

Johnny let's go of Torrie's two blond ponytails and he backs up so that his
saliva soaked cock falls out of Torrie's mouth. "Nicky wants you over
there..." Johnny says as Torrie stands up straight.

Torrie smiles playfully "Oh he does?"

Nicky smiles, "Yeah I do... get over here... and ride my cock..." Nicky says
as he sits back on the couch.

Kenny gets and idea and he moves over to Torrie to say, "Hey can you get on
him with your back to him... I got a little something for ya..." Kenny says
as he smacks Torrie's cheerleading skirt covered ass.

Torrie smiles as she presses her shoulders up "I suppose I could..." Torrie
says as she walks over to the leather couch that Nicky is sitting on. Torrie
winks at Nicky as she turns around and lifts her red and white cheerleader
skirt up and looks over her shoulder "Which do you want?"

Nicky licks his lips as he sees Torrie shake her ass a bit, "Hmmmm... give
me that nice ass of yours..." Nicky says as he reaches forward and smacks her
smooth round ass a bit with his right hand.

Torrie smiles "Ok..." Torrie says as she reaches between her legs and gently
grips Nicky's hard shaft before lowering herself down and pushing his cock
into her tight asshole "Mmmmm ohhhh fuck..." Torrie moans as she sits back
against Nicky as he begins thrust his cock up into her tight asshole.

"Ahhhh ohhh yeah..." Nicky moans as he puts his hands on Torrie's shoulders
as she begins to grind her hot ass on his crotch while he thrusts his cock up
into her tight asshole. Meanwhile, Kenny walks over towards the couch and he
kneels down in front of Torrie. Kenny pushes the front of her red and white
cheerleading skirt up and he lowers his head down to her pussy where he
starts licking her sweet, wet pussy. Kenny puts his hands on her smooth sexy
legs as he pushes his tongue right into Torrie's cunt.

Torrie grits her teeth as she begins to gently grind her pussy against
Kenny's mouth and face "Ohhhh...ahhhh yeah..." Torrie moans as she starts to
gently bounce on Nicky's cock as her thrusts deeper into her tight asshole.

Nicky grinds his teeth together as he moves his hands from Torrie's shoulders
reaches around in front Torrie and lifts her sweat soaked cheerleading top up
and over her tits. He puts both of his hands on her exposed tits and squeezes
them as he drives his cock harder up into her asshole. "Ohhhh yeah Torrie...
mmmmm..." Nicky moans as he feels Torrie press her ass down onto his crotch.
Meanwhile Kenny is quickly darting his tongue in and out of Torrie's wet
pussy as the front of her cheerleading skirt covers part of his head. He
swirls his tongue around inside of Torrie's wet pussy as she puts a hand on
his head.

Torrie closes her eyes "Mmmmm fuck yess..." Torrie groans.

Kenny stops licking Torrie's pussy and he moves away from her so that Johnny
can get in on the action. Johnny bends his knees and he pushes his cock into
Torrie's soaking wet cunt. "Ummmm yea..." Johnny moans as he begins to pump
his cock in and out of her pussy. Nicky grits his teeth as Torrie continues
to rock on his cock while he fucks her tight asshole.

Torrie grits her teeth once again as she feels Johnny's hard cock enter her
tight, wet pussy "Ohhhhh fuck..." Torrie moans as her sweated body begins to
rock back and forth in between Nicky and Johnny. Johnny leans down and puts
his arms around Torrie's sweaty body as her red and white cheerleading outfit
clings to her body because it's soaked with sweat. Johnny lifts her up and
Torrie wraps her legs around his waist. Johnny begins to bounce Torrie on his
cock as he thrusts his shaft deep into her pussy while stepping backward away
from the couch. Mikey quickly gets behind Torrie and he pushes his cock into
her asshole.

"Ohhhhh fuck yess!" Torrie moans as she grits her teeth as the blonde
bombshell bounces quickly up and down on both of Mikey and Johnny's hard cock
as the sweaty Torrie Wilson is presses tightly between Mikey and Johnny as
they perform a standing-sandwich fuck.

Mikey and Johnny both grunt and groans as they both repeatedly slam their
cocks deep into Torrie's asshole and soaking wet pussy. Mikey grits his teeth
as he bites the tip of his tongue as he starts to cum inside of Torrie's
tight asshole, "Ohhhhh ahhhhh fuck...ohhh yeah..." Mikey groans as he fills
Torrie's ass with his warm sticky cum.

Torrie tilts her head back as she feels Mikey's warm cum spray into her tight
asshole "Ohhhh shit..." Torrie groans as she closes her eyes and wraps her
arms around Johnny's neck as she starts to bounce up and down on his cock as
he stands.

Mikey's eyes roll back in his head as he pulls his cock out of Torrie's
asshole and he falls backward with a big goofy smile on his face. Johnny
wraps his arms tighter around Torrie's body as she lifts herself up and
down on his throbbing prick." Ohhh... ahhh ohhh yeah... that's it..."
Johnny moans as Torrie sharply grinds her pussy against his shaft.

Torrie grits her teeth as she slams down harder on Johnny's cock "Mmmmmm
yeah...ohhhh...I got spirit!" Torrie moans as she bounces quicker.

"Yeah... ohhh yeah you do!" Johnny groans as he starts to cum inside of
Torrie's hot, soaking wet pussy. Johnny shoots all of his warm cum into
Torrie's pussy, making the blond haired two time Playboy covergirl shiver
as his cum fills her pussy.

Torrie closes her eyes and licks her lips "Mmmmm...Johnny..." Torrie groans
as she slowly eases her momentum she's riding and bounce on his cock, until
she comes to a complete stop. Johnny slowly lets Torrie slip off of his cock
and he lowers her down to the floor as he catches his breath. Torrie doesn't
get much of a chance to catch her own breath as Mitch gets right on top of
her and plunges his own cock deep into Torrie's warm, cum filled pussy.
"Ohhhh fuck yesss!" Torrie moans as Mitch begins to drill Torrie's tight
pussy with her hard, throbbing cock. Torrie places her sweaty hands against
Mitch's strong arms as she wraps her sweaty, hot legs around Mitch's waist
and begins to grind her pussy and thrust her body against his cock "Ohhhh...
ohhhh...yeah..." Torrie moans as she breaths heavily.

Mitch pulls Torrie's sweat soaked white cheerleaders top down so that it
covers her tits again as he slams his hard cock in and out of her pussy.
"Ohhhh yeah... ahhhh fuck..." Mitch groans as his face turns red as he
fucks Torrie's pussy with fast, stiff thrusts.

"Ohhhhh ohhh yesss Mitch!" Torrie moans as she arches her back slightly as
Mitch drives his cock deeply into her hot, wet and tight pussy.

Mitch clenches his teeth as he can't hold back any more. He pulls his cock
out of Torrie's hot, wet pussy and he starts to cum, spraying his load right
on the front of Torrie's red and white cheerleading skirt that's crumpled up
around her waist. "Ohhh... ohhh shit..." Mitch groans as he moves away from

Torrie licks her lips and moans softly " ruined my skirt..." Torrie
says with a soft laugh as sweat drips off of her beautiful face.

Mitch laughs a bit, "Hey... it still looks good..." Mitch says as he sits on
the floor near the couch.

Kenny comes over to Torrie and smirks, "Hey I can make your top match the
skirt..." Kenny says with a dorky smile as he straddles Torrie's body and
pushes her white, soaked cheerleader top up over Torrie's tits. Kenny lays
his cock right between Torrie's tits and he presses her tits against his
shaft before he begins thrusting between them. Kenny pushes his cock forward
as much as possible so that the tip comes near Torrie's mouth as he fucks
her tits on the floor of the locker room. Torrie sticks her soft, wet tongue
out of her mouth and flicks her tongue against the head of Kenny's cock,
before she opens her mouth and takes the head of Kenny's cock into her mouth
and gently bobs her head on the tip of Kenny's cock.

Kenny increases the pace of how he's thrusting his cock between Torrie's
large round sweaty covered tits. The youngest member of the Spirit Squad
squints his eyes as his balls smack against Torrie's body. "Ohhh... ahhhh
yea..." Kenny moans as Torrie playfully sucks on the tip of his throbbing
prick. The young sweaty stud suddenly moves backward and he pulls Torrie's
white cheerleading top down over her tits. He quickly grips his cock with
right hand and strokes it quickly. "Ahhh... ohhhh god fuck!" Kenny moans
as he starts to cum, spraying his sticky load over Torrie's cheerleading
top covered tits.

Torrie grits her teeth together and leans her back as some of Kenny's warm
cum sprays against her sweat covered neck "Ohhhhh Kenny..."

Kenny licks his lips as he moves off of Torrie with his limp dick hanging
between his legs, "Ahhh... now your top... matches your skirt..." Kenny says
with a light laugh.

Nicky, the last remaining member of the studdly Spirit Squad gets up from the
couch and heads over to Torrie, "Hey Torrie... you're not going to leave me
hanging are you?"

Torrie sits up on the floor and shakes her head from side to side as she
licks her lips "Ohh no Nicky...I won't!"

"I hope not...." Nicky says, licking his lips as he stands in front of Torrie
with his large, thick cock hanging just above Torrie's hot, sweat dripping
face. Torrie smiles up at Nicky as she leans forward and wraps her soft hands
around Nicky's shaft and strokes his cock a few times before she opens her
mouth, taking Nicky's cock into her sweet, soothing mouth. Nicky groans
loudly as Torrie starts to suck on his big, meaty dick once again. He takes
hold of Torrie's two blond ponytails and starts thrusting his cock forward.

"Ohhhh yeah...mmmm yeah..." Nicky moans. Torrie presses her soft lips around
his cock as she starts to bob her head on Nicky's cock, lapping her tongue
around his shaft and lathers his cock with her warm, wet saliva. As Torrie
continues to bob her head on Nicky's cock he grips Torrie's two blonde,
sweat-moist ponytails harder with his hands.

"Ahhhh... ohhh fuck... almost there Torrie... keep sucking..." Nicky groans
as he pulls a bit on Torrie's sexy ponytails as he clenches his teeth. He
tilts his head back and lets out loud moan as he feels Torrie's tongue smack
against the bottom side of his dick. Torrie opens her mouth a bit wider as
she inhales more of Nicky's hard, throbbing cock. Torrie presses her lips
tightly around his shaft as she bobs her head quicker along his hard shaft,
lapping and slapping her tongue against his shaft as she continues to suck.

Nicky grits his teeth tightly, "Ahhhh ohhh fuck ohhh yea!" Nicky groans as he
starts to cum right inside of Torrie's hot, wet, soothing mouth. He pulls
harder on her sweat- dampened blond ponytails as he keeps Torrie's mouth on
his cock as he fills her mouth with his warm, sticky cum. Torrie slowly lifts
her head up from Nicky's cock as she swallows a majority of his a warm cum,
however some of the cum drips out of her mouth and onto her chin.

Nicky licks his lips as he looks down at Torrie, "Hey Torrie... you got... a
little something on your chin..." Nicky says.

Torrie smiles cutely and licks her lips "Mmmm...I know...mind to help me
clean it up?"

"Sure..." Nicky says as he kneels down and flicks his tongue against Torrie's
chin to lap up his cum. And then he slides his tongue into Torrie's mouth to
push the remaining about of his cum into her mouth. Torrie moans softly as
she kisses Nicky, taking the remaining load of his cum into her mouth when he
pushes his warm, sticky cum into her mouth with his tongue.

Nicky slowly break the kiss and he flicks his tongue against Torrie's lips.
"Mmmmm boy do you got spirit..." Nicky says with a smirk.

Torrie smirks and licks her lips as she at Nicky " I got enough

"Yeah you got enough spirit... and we may need to... give you a second
audition... just to make sure...." Nicky says with a smirk, "You think you
can handle another one?"

Torrie licks her lips and nods her head "Mmmm...I love another audition"


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