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Featuring: Trish Stratus (WWE), AJ Styles (TNA), Alex Shelley (TNA)

A Stratusfying Impact
A WWE/TNA cross-over erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

Backstage before the start of the live TNA event at the Ricoh Colliseum in
Toronto, Ontario, Canada on June 17th 2011, two of TNA's most well known
stars are having a conversation about the night's event as the first ever
Grand Slam and Triple Crown winner The Phenomenal AJ Styles talks with one
half of the popular and high flying Motor City Machine Guns, Alex Shelley.
Both men are clad in jeans and official TNA merchandise - the Fortune shirt
for Styles and a MCMG shirt for Shelley.

"So yeah, basically we're just pulling the old bait and switch on the crowd
tonight..." Alex says with a shrug and a smirk. "Bobby is going to get on the
mic, say his Canadian doctor has given him clearance to wrestle or something,
and then Beer Money work the match while I just stand outside and do

"So you've been flown out here just to do nothing?" AJ says with a laugh and
a shake of his head.

"Oh yeah, it's another fantastic business decision by the boys in management
again..." Shelley says with clear sarcasm in his voice. "Hey, I'll take the
money but I'd rather..." He starts to speak before he trails off, tilting his
head to the side and noticing someone approaching them from the direction
that Styles has his back to. "Holy shit! Is that fucking Trish Stratus??"

Turning around to see what's going on, AJ is just as surprised as his fellow
TNA star to see approaching them not just current TNA Knockouts Champion
Mickie James, clad in her figure hugging Hardcore Country wrestling attire of
jean shorts and a low cut jean-like top with her title on her shoulder but
indeed another former WWE Diva in the form of multi-time former Women's
Champion Trish Stratus. The woman once voted the Diva of the Decade is
looking stunning with her long brunette hair, black pants that fit snugly to
her juicy ass, an open black jacket, and a slightly low cut but still
straining top that shows off her large breasts with a hint of cleavage. As
the women approach, Mickie is all smiles and so is Trish but she seems to be
eyeing up the two men with a playful smirk that certainly doesn't go
unnoticed by either man who smile back.

"Guys, let me introduce you to Trish Stratus, but you probably know that
already..." James says as they come close to the men. "And Trish, this is AJ
Styles - The Phenomenal One if you will - and this is Alex Shelley, or
trouble as I like to call him." She adds with a smirk.

"Whatever she's said about me it's all lies." Alex says with a smirk. "Unless
it's the part about me being the walking sex God, because that's completely

"Alex!" With a glare, Mickie punches Shelley on the arm, causing him to grab
it in mock pain much to the amusement of the visiting Stratus. "Behave! Trish
is my, Kat, and Lisa's guest here so show some manners!"

"Well it's nice to meet you Trish, I'm a fan of your work over for the other
company..." AJ says as he looks to Stratus. "So, TNA rolls into town and
you're dropping by to say hi, right?"

"You've got it AJ..." Trish answers with a smile. "Seeing old friends that I
haven't seen in a while, you know, at least not since the WWE days. Saying
those letters won't get me in trouble will it?" She asks jokingly.

"Oh no, you're cool doing that. I've heard that it's the other way around and
you can't mention TNA in WWE, so you're fine here..." Styles states.

"Hmmm... I told Lisa to meet us around here..." James says, glancing down
both directions in the corridor as she looks for the current Tara in TNA.
"OK, just give me a second here and I'll track her down..." Mickie says to
Trish, before she turns and looks to Alex. "And you two be nice to her!"

Mocking again, Alex raises his hands up like he's being put under arrest.
"Yes ma'am!" He answers to her.

Shaking her head at his antics, Mickie gives her friend a smile before she
turns to head off, looking for another fellow former Diva-turned Knockout,
leaving Stratus with Shelley and Styles and she takes a step forward, looking
over both men again before focusing on Alex.

"Takes a lot of guts to claim you're a "sex God" the first time you meet a

Trish says in playful tone, folding her arms across her large chest.

Alex shrugs his shoulders. "It's not cocky when you can back it up, and if
you ask some of the women around here they'll tell you I can." He boasts,
taking a quick over her stunning body as she stands before him.

Stratus smirks, turning to look at Styles. "And you're a fan of my work? As
in what I did in the ring, or out of it for photoshoots?" She teases him.
Styles laughs, raising a hand. "If I wasn't a married man then I'd say both,
but I seriously meant that you were great in the ring. And you didn't steal
my move and try and pass it off as your own which is a major bonus.

"Well, here's the thing AJ..." Trish says, smirking as she looks between both
men. "I'm a married woman as well, and while I love my husband to death, he's
out of town at the moment, and I'm all alone..." Her tone has become
deliberately seductive as she eyes both men up. "And I'm going to be alone
later on when Mickie and the girls are out in the ring... So I was wondering
if maybe you two wouldn't mind keeping me company in the Knockouts locker
room during that time?" She pauses, slightly licking her lips for a moment.
"I'll promise that it'll be very... Stratusfying..." She adds, extremely
suggestively and both men look to each other, checking that they heard
exactly what they thought they did.

"Trish! Down here!" The voice of the former Victoria, now known as Tara calls
out from the other end of the corridor, as the group of three look down to
see her standing with Mickie James.

Trish looks to both men and gives them one last smirk. "I'm serious guys.
Don't stand me up..." She gives them a sly wink as she walks off, a notable
sway in her step so her ass sways was she goes to approach the women, leaving
Styles and Shelley behind, watching her booty as she goes before snapping
back to reality to look to each other.

"...Think she was serious?" AJ questions. "I mean, about her husband being
out of town?"

"Hell if I know or care." Alex states. "All I know is that I'm going to be in
that locker room and fucking Trish Stratus. You in?"

"Well, I guess we can chalk this one up to being "What happens in Canada,
stays in Canada." He replies with a smirk that's soon returned. "I think I
better finish off my match tonight quickly so I've got energy to spare,
because from the card that Knockouts tag match is up after mine..."

* * *

Later on, while the team of Angelina Love and Winter face off against
Knockouts Champion Mickie James and Tara, in the locker room set aside for
the TNA Knockouts is currently being used and not for changing. Sitting on a
metal folding chair is the half-naked Trish Stratus who lets out a moan as
she spreads her legs a little wider in reflex as the handsome member of the
Motor City Machine Guns Alex Shelley is kneeling between her smooth, tanned
legs as he flicks his tongue across the entrance to her neatly shaved pussy.
As he starts to eat out the woman voted the Diva of the Decade, she turns her
head to the side, her eyes widening as a playful smile comes across her face
as a naked AJ Styles stands before her and her gaze is drawn instantly to the
impressively long and thick piece of hardening man meat that hangs between
his legs.

Taking a hold of the cock of the Phenomenal One, the Tough Enough trainer
stokes him off with a couple of smooth back and forth motions as a warm up,
pausing for a moment as she raises her hips up slightly against the other TNA
wrestler's face, moaning again as he feels him flicking his tongue against
her snatch. Opening her mouth, she lowers her head down towards Styles' shaft
and takes it inside with ease, causing him to moan out as she wraps her
lovely and luscious lips softly around him, continuing to jerk off the lower
portion as she orally pleases the upper part, going down until she's taking
in about five or so inches in before she smoothly lifts herself back up to
the crown and then repeats the motion, lightly moaning around his dick that
soon becomes rock hard thanks to her hand and oral work on him.

Back down below, the sometimes cocky native of Detroit, Michigan, has his
hands resting on her juicy thighs, slightly rubbing them as he presses his
face right up into her pussy, allowing him to apply his lips right up into
her love tunnel so he can kiss across it and suck on it, his action making
the former Diva moan and push her hips forward towards him. Dining on her
tasty snatch, he pushes his tongue right inside her, allowing him to probe
and lick around against her sensitive folds, moving across and all around as
he feels her starting to dampen from his work on her, although no doubt the
fact she's doing this in the women's locker room with two men who work for
the rival one to the one where she became a star in is playing a part in

Using her free hand Stratus brushes her long, brunette hair back as she bobs
her head along the length of the first ever TNA Grand Slam Champion, getting
his dick nice and wet with her saliva as she swiftly and naughtily sucks him
off, her other hand now just gripping the base of him as the Canadian starts
to take in some more of his thick American inches into her warm and wet
mouth. Her moans bounce off the rod that's sliding in and out between her
gorgeous lips, making sure to give it some serious Stratusfaction in the form
of an already porn-star equality blowjob as she glances between looking up at
the man she's blowing and down between her legs as she rests her hand on the
top of his head, clearly loving the way he's licking all around and inside
her pussy.

Tilting his head back for a moment, AJ moans as he feels the incredible
feeling of the soft lips of the former multi-time WWE Women's Champion moving
back and forth across his thick dick that now's coated in her saliva as she
impressively handles nearly every inch of him, near deep throating him and
sexily groaning around his meat, near to the point of gagging as she doesn't
stop rocking her head along his pole. Looking back down, his gaze is glued to
her beautiful face as she smoothly moves along his cock, some saliva dripping
past her lips and trickling down her chin, showing how energetically she's
sucking off the man she's only known for a few minutes but isn't letting that
stopping her from giving him a servicing he won't likely ever forget as she
gags again when she pushes right down onto his meat.

With his face still placed tightly onto the entrance to her wet hole, the
former member of The Embassy in ROH flicks his tongue rapidly around inside
the snatch of the visiting female wrestler, lapping up her forming juices and
even moaning lightly at the sweet taste he drinks down. He's rock hard in his
ring pants just from eating her out, but he's focusing on treating her snatch
right as it's grinding up against his handsome facial features, his tongue
firmly deep inside her as he darts it in and out of her, his hands still
rubbing her smooth legs as he hungrily dines on her perfect pussy like it's
the last meal he'll ever have.

Giving the cock in her mouth a couple more deep sucks, the iconic WWE Diva
lifts her head off from it, taking a deep breath as she moves a hand up to
slightly rub her throat as a result of the gagging from her attempts to deep
throat all of him. "Mmmm... That's a nice, big dick you've got there AJ..."
Trish says with a smile as she gazes over him.

"And that's a Phenomenal mouth you've got Trish!" AJ says back with a grin,
looking over her and his dick as her spit starts to drip off his shaft. "You
were damn near choking on me!"

"Well, you are huge..." Stratus starts to say before she pauses to groan as
the other TNA star lifts his head away from her wet pussy. "And it's been a
while for me..." She adds with a smirk, turning her gaze to Shelley. "You're
a little overdressed there Alex. How about you drop those tights and show me
what you've got for me?"

"Well, let me think about it..." Alex jokes as he's already pushing down his
clothing as he speaks, revealing his equally impressive and nicely thick dick
to her which gets an approving nod and a smile from the brunette.

"I'm going to get in so much trouble over this..." She says with a giggle as
she slips off the chair, getting onto her hands and knees on the floor before
she looks back at Styles with a seductive look. "Want to bang me while I blow
your buddy here?"

Accepting the invitation with a grin on his face, the Gainesville, Georgia
native moves right into position, kneeling behind her and using his hand to
line up his cock that's covered with her saliva, allowing him to push
straight into her snatch with a firm thrust that causing them to both moan,
and noticeably the former full-time WWE Diva is all too eager to start
pushing back against him even before he's started properly thrusting into
her. She doesn't have to wait too long for that though, as after taking a
moment to enjoy the feeling of incredible tightness all around his member he
places his hands on her hips for support and starts to rock himself back and
forth towards her, sliding his thick dick in and out of her snatch at a pace
that in no time at all becomes firm and steady, much to her clear enjoyment
as she moans out.

Not forgetting that there's another hot and hung stud here with her, she
turns her brunette-haired head forward and smiles as Shelley is kneeling
before her, his long cock pointing right at her face and that alone is enough
to make her lick her lips at the inviting sight, ready to return the favor he
gave to her as she opens her mouth wide to take him in. He moans at the
feeling of wetness and warmth that's all around his rod as she pushes down
further and further onto him, helped by the rocking motion her body is doing
against the other talented wrestler, so she can easily handle over half of
his size already and that's more than good enough for both of them as she
starts to suck away on his pole, groaning around him as she moves her head up
and down along the length, her beautiful eyes looking right up at him to
watch his pleasurable expression as she goes to work on him.

Gripping her thick hips firmly, the man once ranked Number One in the PWI 500
list is using a whole different set of skills as he's banging the snatch of
the woman three times voted the WWE Babe of the Year. His cock is sliding in
and out of her box with ease thanks to her own saliva that's coating him and
the tongue work done on her moments before by the other male wrestler,
allowing a large amount of himself to be stuffed inside her tight pussy
already as he pulls himself out slightly so only a few inches are removed
before driving himself straight back in, gradually fitting himself deeper and
deeper still into her to keep them both moaning out, although hers are
obviously muffled due to the other task she's doing at the same time.

This involves her rocking her head quickly up and down on the cock of the
former X-Division Champion who's groaning as he feels her soft and pouty lips
grind back and forth along his length as she expertly pleasures him, even
flicking her tongue up against the underside of his man meat as it passes in
and out of her mouth. Once again, she's getting really into it with sudden,
lustful motions along his dick, causing his cock to be coated in her spit
that's also now dripping down her chin and down her neck, causing her to look
even hotter as she doesn't hold back, wanting every inch of his cock inside
her hungry mouth even though as she's going deeper on him she's starting to
gag around him, but she won't get any complaints from the man receiving this
as it just makes him moan louder at the feeling.

The stunning Canadian rocks her body between both men with perfect timing,
ensuring that she takes their fat American cocks into her mouth and pussy as
deeply, quickly, and as hard as she can, putting so much effort into it that
her breasts are swaying in time with her motions even as they are incased in
the tight, straining top she has left on her tanned and curvaceous body. Her
long brunette hair hangs right down, looking slightly messy now from the
repeated bobbing motions her head has been doing on the cock in front of her
as she gags and moans around it, nearly reaching the point of deepthroat
while behind her there's no such issue with taking it all in as the waist of
the talented and desirable sports entertainer smacks against her juicy and
perfectly rounded ass cheeks.

It's nothing short of Phenomenal the way the cock of the multi-time Champion
in TNA is driving quickly in and out of the wet and still very tight pussy of
one of the sexiest WWE Divas in history, his nut sack slapping off against
her skin as he goes balls deep into her, letting her feel every inch of him
inside her as she continues to keep pushing herself back to meet his incoming
thrusts. He moans out, rubbing her thighs as he holds her, loving the feeling
and showing that he's not going to waste the once in a lifetime chance to
bang the stunning brunette, ramming his shaft back and forth into her damp
snatch as the sounds of her muffled, lusty moans are music to his ears.

She gives Shelley's long dick a couple more deep sucks, gagging one last time
as she does so, before she lifts her head away to catch her breath again, a
trail of saliva hanging from her mouth to the crown of his cock that she
breaks off herself with a lick of her lips as she smiles seductively up at
him. "I hope you TNA boys don't show just any visiting girl some hospitality
like this..." She playfully teases, still pushing back against the man
thrusting into her as he slows his motions down.

"Naw, not everyone." Alex smirks at her as she groans when Styles pulls out
of her. "Just the hottest ones, particularly the brunette, former WWE

"Yeah, besides, something tells me this isn't the first time you've gotten
down and dirty in the back with a couple of guys..." AJ says as he looks over
her stunning body as she sits up on her knees, placing her hands on the
bottom of her top.

"Well, I might have..." She teases again as she pulls the clothing up and off
from her, revealing her large and perfectly rounded tits. "You'd need to read
my Road Diary for all the details..." Stratus tosses the top away, turning
around so she can look over Shelley with a lustful smirk. "But for now, I
want that Motor City dick of yours inside me, and AJ?" She glances back.
"Once he's in, I want yours in between my breasts, that is, unless you

The gorgeous Canadian lets out a slight laugh as both men near race into
position as she lays down on the floor of the Knockouts locker room, with
Styles soon moving on top of her in order to mount her chest, placing his
cock in between her big breasts while Shelley spreads her legs so he can push
his shaft right into her snatch. She moans, feeling the dick already starting
to pump back and forth into her as soon as he was in, the suddenness catching
her by surprise but she just smiles again and groans as she's getting filled
up yet again with thick American cock as another is resting in her cleavage,
ready for her as she turns her gaze to look up at the owner of said member.

Licking her lips, she places her hands onto her boobs, moaning as she pushes
them together and sandwiching his dick in between them, causing him to moan
as he feels her soft and tanned flesh all around and against his size,
squeezing it perfectly with her much lusted after titties. Slowly, teasingly,
she moves her chest down along his cock, the crown popping up from her mounds
before she moves them back upward to make his pole vanish in between them
once again, repeating the motion and purposefully using this kind of pace so
they can both savor feeling even though one of them is clearly getting far
more enjoyment out of this than the one giving this sexual act is.

This fact doesn't bother the seven time WWE Women's Champion, especially as
her needs are being taken care of by the other TNA wrestler as he fucks her
tight, wet snatch with a series of deep and hard thrusts, going deep into her
enough so that her body jolts back along the floor in response to his forward
movements. He groans as he pounds away at her love tunnel, his balls slapping
into her skin as he gives her every inch of his long and thick dick, showing
that it's not just talent in wrestling that he has as he stuffs her pussy
full over and over again, his rod coated with her juices which just allows
him to keep pumping her with speed and force, and in turn causing them both
to moan out loudly as the unashamedly moan out with every pump.

Moaning as well is the first ever as well as four time TNA Triple Crown
Champion who's cock is being wanked off by the large breasts of the Tough
Enough trainer as she smoothly rubs her boobs all the way up and down his
vast length, squeezing and toying with her big titties for added pleasure as
she gets banged at the same time as doing this. Leaning her head in forward,
she's able to flick her tongue out to lap at the bell end of his tool when it
pops out from her cleavage, further helped him pumping his shaft between her
boobs so his cock goes further up and she can swirl her tongue all around the
head, in turn making him moan out louder as she shows this isn't the first
time she's used her mounds to please a man before as she keeps his member
trapped in her chest as he fucks her breasts.

Letting out a low moan, the busty brunette closes her eyes slightly, still
flicking her tongue out at the cock thrusting between her tits as she slides
her mounds back and forth along the pumping length, her body still rocking
slightly back and forth on the floor as a result from the stiff and swift
pounding she's taking from the other hung wrestler who's driving his cock
balls deep into her wet snatch. Showing no concern for the fact that she's
using her former Diva co-workers in the WWE's locker room as the location for
a steamy sexual encounter with two of TNA's most popular and talented
performs, she moans out loudly as sweat starts to cover her perfectly curved
and tanned body, which only serves to make her look even hotter than she
already is.

"Shit... That's a fucking awesome pussy..." Shelley moans as he pulls out of
Stratus' snatch, rubbing the head across the entrance to her wet hole.

"Mmmm... It's a Stratusfying pussy, isn't it?" Trish says with a smile,
licking her lips as she lets go of her breasts, freeing Styles' cock from
between them.

"I'd call it Phenomenal, since we're throwing out catchphrases here..." AJ
says with a laugh as he stands up from the former full-time Diva, helping her
to her feet.

She smirks seductively, reaching down and giving his dick a quick stroke.
"Care to give me another dose of that Phenomenal dick of yours?" She asks
before looking back at Alex. "And I'd love to handle your Motor City Machine
Gun again..."

Still holding onto his dick, the gorgeous star of the Bail Enforcers movie
leads the Gainesville, Georgia native over to the folding chair she been
using at the start of this threesome, before she playfully runs her hands
over his muscular chest in order to push him down so he sits on it. Tossing
her brunette hair back, she mounts him, lowering herself down onto his thick
rod with a moan as she rests her hands on his shoulders, and in turn he takes
a hold of her by her juicy ass cheeks, giving them a squeeze as she drops
down right down until her skin is touching his crotch. Only taking a slight
moment to enjoy the feeling of being back in her tightness once again, he
starts to pump his cock deeply up into her, more than enough force put behind
the motions so that his balls slap up into her butt cheeks, the smack ringing
out all around the Knockouts locker room.

As the native of Toronto, Ontario, Canada moans out, grinding her snatch down
against the thrusting rod she's taking hard and deep, her attention turns to
the other TNA star who steps up to her side and turns her head towards him
with a handful of hair, making her groan as she looks up at the grinning
grappler and with a smirk given in response, she opens her mouth wide for him
to use as he wishes. Now her moans are considerable muffled as her oral hole
is stuffed full with a fat, Detroit, Michigan dick, causing her to groan as
she's made to deep throat his length so that she as earlier on gags when the
head of his tool touches the back of her mouth as he starts to pump himself
in and out of her at a steady pace.

Now Trish looks far from the strong, sexy, and powerful role model she
appears to be on television, as she's sitting on one hung stud's lap,
bouncing on his thick dick that's pounding in and out of her still tight but
dripping wet snatch, while at the same time getting her mouth fucked by an
equally long and fat cock belonging to another talented wrestler who also
works for the rival company to the one she is loyal too. For now though, the
loyalty of the beautiful Canadian lies with all to eagerly and energetically
giving herself to these two men that she barely personally knows, letting
them stuff her holes full with their long American man meat as she rocks
herself between the thrusting dicks as all three sweat hard as this lustful
fucking encounter continues on.

Saliva once again drips off the cock of one half of the Motor City Machine
Guns as he keeps a firm hold of her long locks, allowing him to pound her hot
and wet mouth with a series of deep pumps, her spit seeping out past her
pouty lips so it drips down her neck and down to her chest, her eyes starting
to tear up out of reflex from gagging every time he pushes forward into her.
She's still moaning away around his pole though, showing that while there is
some discomfort she loves the mix of pain and pleasure she's getting, one
hand squeezing his ass to encourage him to keep pumping her oral hole as she
gazes up at him with half closed eye, groaning as she flicks her tongue up
against him as he passes back and forth past her luscious lips.

Keeping a firm hold of her butt cheeks, the man briefly known as Air Styles
in WCW in 2001 is ramming his dick back and forth into the soaking snatch of
the stunning "retired" Diva, moaning out each time he pushes up into her
still impressively tight hole and his nut sack slaps up against her tanned
and sweat covered skin. He quite literally has the best seat in the house,
allowing him to look down to watch his dick pound straight upwards into her
pussy as she swiftly drops down with force to meet his motions, then up to
watch her large breasts as they bounce in time with the rest of her body as
she rocks against both men, and finally right up to watch his fellow TNA co-
worker drive his rod into her hungry mouth as she gags and slobbers all over
his meat.

The former creator of Paparazzi Productions moans as he pumps his dick into
her now well used mouth for a couple more seconds before he mercifully pulls
out of her, letting her couch as she spits out a big wad of saliva, showing
the effects of the face fucking she just took before she glares up with lust
at him, panting for breath as she gazes over his shaft. Leaning her head back
in, she wraps her lips around the head of his cock, sucking on it with a moan
as she slightly bobs on him from her continuing bouncing on the other man's
tool, all the while keeping eye contact with him as she slightly twists her
head from left to right to grind her lips around the crown, causing him to
groan out and her to smirk around him.

"Oh yeah... Yeah fuck that pussy!" Trish moans, still bouncing away on
Styles' cock as he pumps it up into with force and speed. "Mmmm... Give me
that Phenomenal dick!"

"Awww shit..." AJ groans, matching her rocking movements against him with his
own powerful thrusts. "Damn you'd fucking rule over the Knockouts here!" He
adds, squeezing her ass cheeks again.

"Shit, not even Velvet takes a face fucking like that!" Alex states as he
just watches the other two moan and move against each other for a moment.
"And she took me and Chris' dicks in her mouths one time! Actually, more than
just once..." He adds with a chuckle.

Stopping her bouncing on Styles, Stratus looks back over to Shelley with a
smirk. "If that's the only place she can take two, then you guys need to put
your girls through some new positions." She says very suggestively.

"Wait, you're telling us... Mmmm..." AJ slows down his thrusts up. "You can
fucking take a real DP?"

"I'm telling you, and I'm daring you to do that to me!" She says, glancing
between them both. "Now come on and give me a Stratusfying Impact that'll
make me want to come back to your shows again!"

The multi-time World Champion in TNA has stopped pumping up into her, using
his hands to make her lean forward as the other handsome male wrestler moves
into position behind her, lining his cock up with her already stuffed full
snatch as she looks back over her shoulder, watching and anticipating as he
steps in closer. Forcing his dick into her, all three of them moan out louder
than before as her eyes go wide and she tenses up, gripping onto Styles'
shoulders as she's taking two thick American dicks inside her wet Canadian
snatch, the feeling as her pussy is made to stretch to the limit forcing her
to grit her teeth together with a hiss.

Moving his hands up, the man underneath her places his hands on her tits,
squeezing and cupping them as he lightly pumps his dick up into her, opting
to ease up on his actions as the other TNA star that's to ease his dick back
and forth into her pussy, making her moan out as she feels both cocks moving
inside her hole. She keeps trying to grind back against the shafts buried
deep inside her, eyes tightly shut as she attempts to focus but she's no
longer in control here, unable to do anything more than just sit and take it
as the two muscular and desirable wrestlers work their fat cocks into her
dripping hole that's being filled up in a way she clearly hasn't experienced
in a long time despite her prior boast.

Grunts, groans, and moans spill out from her open mouth as she tosses her
sweet drenched hair back, her tanned body moving back against the stronger
pumps she feels from Shelley as he's the one doing the most thrusting into
her filled to the maximum snatch, the thickness of both men's dick making it
hard for them both to pump at the same pace but the pleasure they're feeling
from this increased tightness of her love tunnel more than makes up for that.
The fact that neither man seems to mind that their cocks are grinding against
each other inside her pussy shows that their focus is giving the horny female
exactly what she wants, even if it means their double stuffing of her snatch
may cause her to be unable to walk straight for a week.

Many a red blooded male would have cum a long time ago during this whole
sexual encounter, let alone at this point but both former ROH stars are
showing their skill to keep their control as they push their throbbing cocks
in and out of her stretched to the limit box that's dripping wet from their
combined efforts into the her. Chests heaving and sweat is pouring off their
muscular bodies, the smell of pure lust and sex in the air as they use and
abuse the snatch of the multi-time WWE Women's Champion inside the locker
room of the Knockouts who are currently in the ring wrestling a match, many
of whom are actually former co-workers of said woman being double penetrated
in her pussy.

With her breasts shaking and her eyes closed shut, the former full time Diva
tilts her head back again but this time to let out a long, low moan as Trish
Stratus starts to cum hard on the pumping cocks of AJ Styles and Alex Shelley
as the double-team her Canadian snatch with their long American cocks. Her
juices flood out all over and down their dicks as she grinds back against
them, no shame at all in her cries of lust as she loves every moment of being
fucked hard by two men who work for the rival company to the one she's loyal
to, and have just brought her to a near out of this world orgasm that leaves
the busty, sweating brunette with a big smile on her face as her pleasure
subsides and she gets her wits back. At the same time, the two TNA studs ease
their dicks out of her, Alex being first then Styles and she groans at the
sensation, her lower hole now feeling noticeably empty after being filled up
so much and taking such a pounding from both dicks individually and then

Lifting her up from the lap of The Phenomenal One so he can stand up, the
sweat covered Tough Enough trainer is placed back onto the chair so she can
sit down, but she isn't getting any time to catch her breath as they both
move up close to her, gripping their long, throbbing cocks and starting to
quickly stroke themselves off. Their target is the beautiful face of the WWE
Diva of the Decade that still looks as sexy as ever even when covered with
sweat, her own saliva all over her lips and chin, and the stains from tears
as a result of the face fucking she took earlier on.

Opening her eyes, she sees what they are doing and knowing what's going to
happen next she opens her mouth wide, sticking her tongue out for an added
target as she props herself up to sit straight, patiently waiting for a
creamy finish as her chest heaves to catch her breath back. She doesn't have
to wait too long through to get just that as first it's Alex Shelley who
shoots his load, a thick stream of spunk shooting out across Trish Stratus'
cheeks to make her gasp as she turns her head slightly towards him in order
to catch his jizz inside her mouth, watching the moaning stud as he milks his
dick dry with furious strokes of his pulsating length.

Just as he's pushing out the last drops of his spunk, it's now the turn of AJ
Styles to bust a nut, aiming his dick down at her in order to blast the first
load across her forehead, causing her to gasp as some lands in her long
brunette hair. Again, turning her head gets the results she wants as he send
the majority of his jizz into her mouth, making her groan as her oral hole is
filling up to near the point of overspill with both men's loads, even with
the man currently jerking out his cum deliberately moving his cock so he can
splash some of his load onto her pretty face as well.

Finally releasing their now limp cocks, both TNA stars watch as Trish glances
up between them both, taking her time as she slowly closes her mouth and
presses her pouty lips together, and the next sound heard is a loud, greedy
gulp as she impressively swallows down the whole lot of their combined spunk
in one go. Opening her mouth up to show that it's empty, the busty Canadian
beauty takes deep breath as she smiles up at them, looking hot and naughty
with cum covering her face as well as she sits naked and extremely well
fucked by both hung American studs.

"Holy fuck Trish, you are damn well one of a kind!" AJ says with a big smile
plastered onto his face, and for good reason considering all that's just
happened now between the three of them.

"Hell yeah! You are welcome back to any TNA show any time you want as far as
we're concerned!" Shelley adds, a similarly big smile on his face.

"I might take you boys up on that offer..." Trish says with a playful smirk.
"But for now you guys need to get out of here, and I have to freshen up
before the girls find out I've been fucking in their locker room. But..." She
glances up between them.

"Maybe after the show, you boys can come over to my place... We're having a
little former Diva sleep-over at mine, and I think you guys would be perfect
for an after party... That is, if you think you can handle it because whether
it's in the WWE or here at TNA, Stratusfaction is always guaranteed!"

* * *

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