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A Surprise In The Ring
by Arcanine878

"Brie, do you ever wonder why the fans love us for some reason?" Nikki said, admiring how she looked in the mirror with her diamond-plated diva title around her waist.

"Psh, oh you know why Nikki. Us together is the combination if power, strength, and sexy. We could make any man fall on his knees and whip his dick out for us, submitting us as the dominate ones." Brie said with a grin on her face as she checked her Instagram feed.

"You're right sis. Ya know...I think it's time we address the universe right now. Let's go out." Nikki said, as she laced up her boots and walked out of her locker room with her twin sister.

The beautiful twins headed down the ramp, doing their signature ass shake and rope-move. The crowd in Philadelphia was already going crazy seeing Nikki Bella's thick body strut around the ring. Nikki unhooked her belt and held it in the air proudly, symbolizing her success and sharing it with her sister. The time keeper next to the commentating booth handed Nikki and Brie a mic, as their music stopped and the two divas stood straight in the middle of the ring.

The crowd was still screaming and shouting. "Bellas! Bellas! Bellas!"

"Well, well well..." Nikki began saying. "It looks like the Bellas are the queen of the throne once again. But is that really a surprise?". Brie shook her head no.

"I've beaten every diva in this business. Sure, I might of had some help from my sister, but if you're sibling was with you ring side, they would do the EXACT same thing." She said, raising her tone and leaning into the ground.

"You're right Nikki! It's not our fault the divas in the back don't have a connection like we do." Brie said with a smile, as she pressed herself up against Nikki. Brie started unlacing the laces on Nikki's top. Nikki slid her hands down Brie's back and pulled her closer. The fans stood up on their feets and shouted, chanting "Yes! Yes! Yes!", as others quickly unzipped their pants and began stroking their cocks to the divas in the center of an arena. But all of a sudden, a diva from the locker rooms music hit.

"You're not enough for me..."

"Oh my god Cole!! Is that who I think it is?!" Jerry The King Lawler yelled.

The beautiful, Michelle McCool came right out of the curtains, followed by her best friend Layla. She clenched the mic in her hand as she intensely walked down the ramp, getting words of encouragement from Layla.

"It is Jerry! Oh my god!!" Cole screamed, as The Bella Twins let go of each other, looking at team Lay-Cool in disgust. Nikki took her divas championship from around her waist and held it closely in her arms. Lay-cool entered the ring, staring straight into the Bellas' eyes.

The music stopped. The crowd lost it. They were happy to see team Lay-cool back together once again. Brie Bella furiously said, "Just what the HELL do you think you're doing on OUR time?!"

"Shut the hell up." Michelle said. There was a silence between the divas, as the crowd was still cheering and chanting.

"For weeks, and weeks, you two have been flaunting your tits and showing your nips. I'm pretty sure those weren't slips Nikki, we've seen how horny you always are on Total Divas. And Brie, don't think you're the sweet Bella. You're just as much as a Bella-Bitch as your sister is." Brie and Nikki looked at each other, disgusted by these remarks.

"Oh really Michelle?" Nikki said. "You're talking to the DIVAS champion, show some respect."

"You want to talk about respect?" Layla said. "You two aren't even wrestlers. You're damn models who use this company as an excuse to gain fame."

"Oh don't be so upset cause we have more followers than both of you combined." Brie said with a snicker.

"You want to talk about followers? Oh I can gain a bunch in the next minute. Watch me." Michelle said, as she dropped her mic and grabbed Layla's shirt and ripped it off, exposing her bare tits. Michelle kneeled down and began rubbing her tongue against her perky nipples, making them hard for everyone in the arena.

"Really?! You think you can fuck better than the queen? Brie, lets show them how it's done!" Nikki said, as she flew her belt down and pinned Brie up against the turnbuckles, grinding on her and swapping lips. The two teams went at it, each in their corners of the ring trying to win the crowd over. All the males in the arena got out their cocks and started stroking intensely. Chaos was brewing in the divas division, and it was time for an action to be made.

"No chance! No chance in hell!"

The whole crowd shifted their heads to the front of the Arena, as the chairman of the board came out with his signature strut and a huge smirk on is face.

"Now...THIS is the action I like to see!" Mr. McMahon said, as the crowd cheered in agreement. "As much as I don't want to stop you four beautiful women, I'm afraid this can't go on all night. That's why at the Royal Rumble, live on the WWE Network for just $9.99, Nikki Bella will defend her divas title against Michelle McCool, in a first time ever match. This match, will test you're strength and stamina. This match, is a "I'm Cumming!" Match! But, that's not all! You guys will have a special guest referee, and that woman is... EVE TORRES!"

The crowd screamed, as Eve Torres came out the curtains in a special referee top. She pointed at the divas in the ring, giving them a wink. She then grabbed her bra, and flashed it for the crowd, making sure everyone knows who's really the girl in the ring this Sunday. Mr. McMahon's eyes almost popped out of their sockets as he saw the lovely Eve's bouncy tits. He stumbled back a little at the sight of it, but then regained his composure as he straightened his business suit, and strutted back to the locker room followed by Eve, still with her tits hanging out as her music replayed.

"It doesn't matter who the referee is. I'm entering the Royal Rumble with my belt, and I'm walking with it tied around my waist!" Nikki said, as she held it up as high as she can. Layla and Michelle, looking un-amused, walked out of the ring, as the two teams yelled at each other as they walked back to their locker rooms.

"Wow Cole! The first ever "I'm Cumming Match."!. Can you just imagine, all those puppies!"

"Oh Jerry, my good friend, we won't have to imagine! It's only in 6 days!"

* * *

Sunday, The Royal Rumble

"Time to put Michelle in her place." Nikki said, as she finished putting on her outfit. Brie massaged her back, telling her that she has this in the bag."

Ding! Ding! Ding

"The following contest, is an "I'm cumming!" match, for the divas championship! Now in this match, the first diva to cum first will submit defeat and loose the match. Introducing first, the special guest referee, Eve Torres!". Eve came down wearing a g-string showing off her ass and a referee top that barely covered her tits. She hi-fived the crowd as she came down and entered the ring.

Michelle music hit next, as her and Layla walked down the ring in sexy outfits.

Michelle grabbed a mic, and stood in the center of the ring.

"Nikki Bella may be the divas champion, and I'm well-sure she has bigger assets than us two, but do you know what she isn't?"
In unison, the two divas shouted, "Flawless!". She threw the mic down, as the Bella twins music hit.

They looked stunning as ever, as they did their ass shake and headed to the ring. Brie was carrying a bag as she headed down. Layla got out of the ring as Nikki Bella entered. Layla and Brie headed to their corners outside the ring, cheering on their partners. Michelle and Nikki pressed heads as they trash-talked each other until Eve broke them up and made them go to their turnbuckles.

"Alright, ring the bell!" Eve yelled. Ding ding ding!

The crowd immediately cheered on Nikki, as she took it all in. She placed her hands near her ear and shouted, "I can't hear you!". The crowd chanted louder, as she had a huge grin on her face. Michelle ran up from behind and pinned Nikki into the turnbuckle. Having the wind knocked out of her, Nikki was gasping for air as she was stuck in the corner, attempting to make space between her and her opponent, but it wasn't enough. Michelle pulled down Nikki's underwear as fast as she could. The crowd cheered, as Michelle quickly rammed her juicy tongue into her tight pussy. Nikki jumped up from the warm feeling down under, as she brushed herself against the turnbuckles.

"Nikki, get out of it!" Brie barked.

Nikki took a shot at Michelle's head, as she backed up shaking it. Nikki spanked her from behind, making her jump a bit. As she tried growing space, Nikki held her panties, making sure she went no where. Nikki pulled down the right side of Michelle's panties and licked her hand, making sure it's nice and wet, and gave her one more smack on the cheek. Michelle's ass instantly turned red, as Nikki released her grip off her panties. Michelle was in shock, as she might of felt like she underestimated the divas champion.

"Oh, are you scared Michelle? You talk game, but you can't act on it! You know what? Just cum for me! Quit now!" Nikki yelled.

"I didn't come back to loose to a bitch like you!" Michelle said, as she went for a roll up on Nikki, pinning her shoulders down, her ass in the air. Michelle stuck her tongue straight down the busty divas hole, slurping it up as Nikki slowly got wet. Eve looked down at the two divas in front of her and started massaging her pussy lips through her g-string, licking her lips.

"Oh...fuck..." Nikki moaned.

"You're doing fantastic Michelle! Keep this up!" Layla cheered on, as Brie had a look of fear in her face.

Nikki spread her legs apart as Michelle started racing her tongue in circles in Nikki's wet pussy. As soon as Nikki was about to let her body go, she quickly countered the pose by trapping Michelle in between her legs and throwing her to the mat. They both got up, and charged right for each other. Nikki grabbed Michelle's arm and irish-whipped her into the ropes. As Michelle ran into the ropes, her arms got trapped in between the middle and top ropes. She draped down, panicking. Nikki, with a devilish smile on her face, crawled over to Michelle on all fours. Nikki sucked on her fingers, and forced them straight in Michelle's peachy pussy. Michelle moaned in pleasure and in pain, as Nikki quickly finger fucked McCool.

"Mmmm...please Nikki.." she moaned.

"Cum to me Michelle! Cum to me!" Nikki said, as she flicked her tongue around McCool's pussy while finger fucking her hole.

"Come on Michelle! Fight the urge! You can get out of the ropes!" Layla shouted, as Michelle was being restrained from the ropes. Nikki Bella began sucking on Michelle's big clit, nibbling at it a bit so Michelle can cum.

"Oh, fuckkk!" Michelle yelled, as her moans started getting louder and louder.

"Ahhh! There's no way out of this one Michael!"

"Ladies and gentlemen, can Michelle McCool be cumming soon?"

"I sure hope not! Michelle kick out! We want to see more!" Jerry said.

Nikki grabbed Michelle's ass and forced her pussy into her drenched mouth. She slurped all over Michelle's sweet pussy. Michelle moaned Nikki's name louder and louder. Layla got on the apron of the mat and tried entering in the match, but Eve quickly threw her back out. Layla tried fighting against Eve, allowing Brie Bella to get close to Michelle and start rubbing her nipples, making her even more horny.

"C'mon Eve! Are you serious! Brie just touched her tits!"

Layla was done with the Bellas' antics. She ran to the other side of the ring and tackled Brie to the floor. Layla slid her underwear off and tore off Bries. The two started scissoring pussies together, each not wanting to give up and release the hold.

"Umf, you'll never out-scissor me Bella-Bitch." Layla moaned, as she started to grind her lips harder across Bries cute little clit.

"You do know the real reason why Daniel Bryan chants, "Yes!" is due to me right? I can make anyone cum!" Brie said with passion, as she rubbed her pussy against Layla's wet vagina. The two divas scissored on the mat, getting fluids all over each other and the floor. It was an all out pussy fest in the stadium.

Michelle was still tied to the ropes. Nikki licked her last bit of pussy up, as she stood up and wiped the water from her mouth. She rolled out the ring, and grabbed a mic. She then walked over to the bag near the side of the ring that Brie brought out before the match.

"You guy's want to see whats in this black bag?" Nikki said, as the crowd cheered yes, Nikki unzipped the bag slowly, growing anticipation from the crowd, as she pulled out a long pink vibrating dildo. She rolled back into the ring, smirking at Michelle, knowing that victory is imminent.

Eve finally untied Michelle from the ropes, but she fell to the mat, tired and helpless. Nikki smiled as she dragged the flawless diva to the middle of the mat. She turned on the vibrator on high and held it in the air before slowly inserting it in Michelle. Michelle immediately moaned loud. She buckled her hips and arched her back as the pleasures filled her veins. Eve looked on, staring at Michelle's pussy waiting for the white rainbows to roll on out. Everyone knew the match was ending soon, but Eve didn't want it to go down like this. Eve rolled out the ring and quickly looked under the ring and pulled out a nice long black dildo. She rushed back into the ring and quickly sent Nikki a clothesline.

"What the? The ref's aren't supposed to get involved in this!" Cole shouted.

"Oh, shut up Cole! This is a good thing! The match is still on!" Jerry said with joy.

Both divas were flat on their back. Eve kicked open Nikki's legs and rammed the large dildo into Nikki. It filled her entire pussy up, as she gasped and moaned.

"I can't make Michelle loose. It's time you loose your petty little belt." Eve said with fury, as she rapidly fucked Nikki's pussy with the dildo.

"Oohhh, fuck Eve. Uhhh fuuuck!" Nikki moaned. Sadly, for Eve, the vibrator never turned off in Michelle's pussy. Both divas were reaching climax. The fans were going wild, jerking their cocks to the divas in the ring. Eve tried hard and hard to make the champion submit defeat first, but both divas in unison moaned, Oohh FUuuck!", as they cummed at the same time.

Eve dropped the dildo and slid the vibrator out of Michelle. She quickly rushed over to the time keeper to see video replay of who came first. As the side by side pussy-cams came onto the titan-tron, it showed them both cum EXACTLY at the same time. Lilian Garcia got up, and announced, "Ladies and Gentlemen, this match is officially a DRAW!". The crowd booed, but couldn't help that it was a good match. Brie Bella and Layla were on the floor, passed out and interlaced in each other with cum on their sides. Michelle and Nikki laid passed out in the ring as cum stained the mat. Eve grabbed the divas belt and walked into the ring, not sure who to hand it with. She grabbed a nearby mic and held it to her mouth.

"You know, a REAL diva who has everything, like me, should get this belt.". Eve stripped her clothes off and stuck two fingers in her pussy and rubbed it for the crowd for a bit. She then held the divas belt in the air, and walked out the ring with it, heading backstage with "her" new belt, leaving the WWE Universe stunned.

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