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A Tale of Two Father's Days Part 1
by Wrestle Erotica (

It all started on another typical Sunday, the Cena family would be putting on another brunch celebration this week. However, what was atypical is that the Cena family would be joined for once by their son John Cena and his girlfriend Nikki Bella. They would be joining the rest of the Cena clan in order to celebrate Father's Day. In fact, this was the first time in many years that John had even considered taking off a date to celebrate a holiday with his family. In typical fashion, the Cena brunch which was orchestrated by John Cena Sr. was an all out affair, there would be catering of the finest magnitude and food of the highest elegance.

The country club was decked out to the fullest of tees, when John Cena arrived with Nikki Bella. They were immediately greeted by both his father and his mother. His father wore a suave suit and he embraced is son with a huge hug.

"Johnny boy, it's so nice to see you and your lady joining us today, we weren't sure that you would be making it. We didn't know if you would be spending today with her family..."

"Oh no, Dad, we couldn't think of spending another holiday without you. We are always spending our holidays with Nikki's family and we decided that for once, it was your turn to celebrate a holiday with us. After all, you are my dad. I've missed you tremendously. And I can't wait to celebrate today with you. And Nikki is also glad to be celebrating today with you, aren't you dear?"

"Oh god, John, you don't even know how excited I am to be spending today with your family. It has been far too long since you have taken a day off from the WWE and it has been far too long since we have seen your father. I've missed him tremendously." Nikki states, as she winks flirtatiously towards John Cena Sr. "I really hope that your dad and I get an opportunity to really enjoy today and spend plenty of quality time together."

"John, if I wasn't so sure... I would think that your lady is flirting with me," John Cena Sr. replies.

"Dad, she probably is - Nikki has always had that issue with everybody, she's always so flirty with everyone, but don't worry about it.. she never acts on it. At least to my knowledge anyway."

John laughs nervously, Not entirely sure if what he is saying is completely true. He wants to believe that his girlfriend Nikki Bella has always been completely faithful to him, but he knows that there have been many rough patches and rough periods in their relationship and deep down in the bottom of his mind, he has his doubts. Perhaps, Nikki has always been faithful, but he is not one hundred percent positive.

Cena Sr. simply looks at his son, with a perplexed expression on his face, unsure of what to think about what his son just said. On most levels, he wants to respect what his son has just said, and not take advantage of his son's girlfriend, however on another level he can't help but to think about violating his son's girlfriend. After all, his son is dating Nikki Bella who is easily one of the sexiest WWE Divas of all time. Everything about her body just makes him think of jumping straight to "Bone Town." He hates that he has spent so many nights and days passionately thinking about his son's girlfriend fully naked, but then he also knows that if he ever got the opportunity to see her like that, he would take it up in no time.

"Oh John, stop saying things about me, I'm not being a flirt. I'm just being me." Nikki states with a smile on her face.

"Whatever babe, let's just enjoy today for what it's worth." Cena states.

"Sure baby! Whatever you say. Just get me some wine and you know that I will be enjoying this brunch." Nikki says.

Cena Sr. finds the nearest waiter and requests two glasses of wine, one for him and another for Nikki, as well as a Bud Light for his son John. The waiter quickly returns bringing the drinks to the three people. Nikki quickly guzzles down half of her glass eagerly.

"Thank you, John Sr. This is truly what I have been waiting for. And this wine is so, so good. Of course, I shouldn't be surprised by the fact that you have such good taste in selecting a wine. After all, you Massachusetts men know your quality wine." Nikki says.

"It's nothing, Nikki. I have spent years and years enjoying the best quality wines and spirits. And if I can't give my hopefully future daughter-in-law the best, then I don't know what I can do." John Cena Sr. goes on to state.

"DAD! What did I tell you about that? You can't keep referring to Nikki as your future daughter-in-law, as much as you want to, you know we haven't made any kind of guarantee yet in those regards..." John exclaims in an angry and bordering on pissed off expression.

"Yea, but I was just hoping that maybe one day Johnny boy, you could see the light and finally give this girl what she deserves.." His father exclaims

Nikki looks at the two, and her expression turns from a beam to a huge frown. She immediately polishes off her remaining wine as she quickly summons over another waiter, where she grabs not one, but two more glasses of wine.

"Dad, I really really hate this conversation. I wish that you could just accept me for who I am, I don't know what else I can do to prove to you that I'm a good man. All I've achieved in my career.. I'm a fifteen time WWE champion for goodness sake, I've granted a million Make-A-Wish wishes, I've spent the last decade working my ass off, giving everything I have to make the world the best place that I can make it. And yet... no matter what I do, you always come back to this one thing. It's always Johnny, my son, why can't you commit to a lady? Why can't you make a honest women out of Nikki? Cena goes on to say.

"Son, I get it, and I couldn't be happier about all the work that you have been doing professionally. You are truly an inspiration. And you've accomplished so much more than I have ever accomplished in this industry and so much more than I can ever hope to accomplish in this industry.. and yet, I'm a father. So I can't help but wish for you to be as personally happy and accomplished as you are professionally. It's not that I don't think your relationship with Nicole is great.. but look at her John, you know that she wants so much more. This woman is absolutely one-hundred percent committed to you. All she wants is the same." His father goes on to say.

"Dad... maybe this isn't the best time for this." Cena continues to say.

Nikki continues to look at the two of them, and her frown grows even lower. She decides to finish off another glass of wine before finally excusing herself to another room. She can't help but to think to herself how stupid she was to remain in that room for even as long as she did.

"Son, maybe you are right, and I'm sorry to keep harping on you about this issue. It's just that I love Nikki. And I think that she would make a great part of this family and I can't stand seeing her hurt like this. That's all. I'm sorry to keep bringing up this issue. Let's just enjoy this day the best that we can. After all, it's Father's day and I'm so glad that you are here." Cena Sr. says.

An hour passes by and nobody has seen Nikki anywhere in the banquet hall. Nobody is exactly sure of where she has gone off to. John once again comes across his father and they begin to converse.

"Dad, I can't find Nikki anywhere! Ever since we had our conversation earlier, she has gone missing. Have you by any chance seen her anywhere? I'm starting to really worry that something bad may have happened to her?" John questions.

"I haven't son.. though she did seem quite upset earlier when we were conversing. Maybe we should split up and look for her. She could be anywhere by now and it's up to us to make sure that she is alright." Cena Sr. responds.

The two then split up looking throughout every nook and cranny of the country club trying to find the beautiful Nikki Bella. They search inside, outside, the golf course, the restaurant, and every other obvious place they can think of. Finally John Cena Sr., thinks that there is one place that has yet to be searched. He heads to the nearest coat check where he finds that it is left unattended. He hops over the counter and heads to the coat room where he finds Nikki Bella nestled in a mound of jackets drinking heavily from another full bottle of wine.

"Oh Nikki darling.... are you ok? You look like you are having some issues going on right now..." He looks at her again and notices that her face is red and flush with what appears to be tears. He asks again, "If there is something that I can help with..."

She hesitates to answer as she hesitates to pull herself back together. She also can't help to feel slightly embarrassed to be discovered in this state. Half-drunk and a complete mess, sobbing herself silly into a pile of other people's jackets is not the impression that she wanted to make by visiting her boyfriend's parents brunch today. She finally manages to find some words...

"Well.. I really don't know where to begin. It's just when you and John were talking earlier and I was standing there, I couldn't help, but to eavesdrop and I heard a few things that really struck a nerve in me. It's just everything that you said to John about his relationship with me and how it should be, I couldn't help but to think that finally somebody understands where I'm coming from and somebody finally gets my point of view. After so many years of dating him, I don't understand where John's hesitation to commit to any kind of future comes from." Nikki blurts out.

"His failed relationship with Liz really really affected him. And yet, that was years and years ago - he really should move on by now. And everything that I said about wanting you in our family Nicole, I meant that, I would truly love to spend as much time as possible with you. Now and in the future. You truly are a great human being Nicole. Not only full of beauty, but full of life, wisdom, laughter, and a lot more."

Nikki is unsure of what to think right now, in many ways - she is completely and totally flattered. After being rejected earlier by her boyfriend, it's nice to hear so many kind compliments coming from anyone, and hell it doesn't hurt that these compliments are coming from his father either. I mean, sure, there is little comparison in the physiques of John Cena and his father, and yet there is a quality in John Cena Sr. that doesn't exist in his son. That extra sense of calmness and appreciation for life almost makes him attractive to Nikki Bella on a completely different level.

She turns to Cena Sr., and finally asks him. "Can you just sit with me for awhile while I think about things? I don't know what it is, but you have a very calming presence and I think that I'd like to keep you nearby for awhile. If you don't mind."

"Oh Nicole, I don't mind at all. But, I do think that I should at least give John a quick ring and let him know that you are alright. I don't want my boy worrying too much, even if some of this is his fault. I'll be right back right."

John Cena Sr., briefly leaves the room and dials his son, "John, I've found Nikki.. she's alright, but just needs a few moments to gain her thoughts. I'll be accompanying her and after she is ready - we will come back to the brunch and rejoin everybody. Please try to not worry about her, I have things under control for now. Trust your father, I've got this under control. Try to enjoy yourself John." With that he clicks off his phone and heads back to the coat room to join Nikki.

Upon entering the coat room room again, he is faced with a surprise - as he now finds Nikki Bella laying once again on top of the coats, however, she has formed a bed-like surface out of them and is now wearing nothing, but a skimpy black bra and a revealing black thong. Cena Sr, struggles not to immediately begin drooling at the sight of Nikki's amazing rack.

"Nikki, what the hell is going on? I thought you knew that I was coming back!"

"Oh, I did.. I wanted you to see me like this. After all, if I can't get comfort from John and get him to meet my needs, then I might as well get it from the nearest thing... and what could be better than getting that from his father?"

"Nikki, I'm flattered.. but, I'm a married man. There's no way that I could do that to my wife or to my son. I love them both so much.."

"And I love John so much, and yet, you've already promised me that you'd stay with me for awhile and comfort me. Besides, I have this wine here and there's no way that I can let it go to waste. So come on, get closer to me, and I will pour you a glass. We'll take this slow.."

Hesitantly, Cena Sr., approaches Nikki. He sits down on the pile of jackets next to her and allows her to pour him his glass of wine. He quickly drinks it down as a way to calm his nerves. Nikki laughs and instantly pours him another glass.

"Relax daddy, I'm going to comfort the both of us."

Cena's father gulps loudly, but before he knows it the room starts to swirl as Nikki lounges after him. He engulfs his lips with hers. Cena Sr. feels her soft and luscious lips pressed firmly against his and suddenly the wine begins to take over his control. He attacks Nikki's lips back with his own and the two start kissing in a wild flurry of tongues. Nikki aggressively takes off Cena Sr.'s shirt and rubs her hand up and down his chest. He instantly grows jealous of her chest feeling motions and wants to do some of his own. So he takes his hands and grabs both of her tits through her bra before deciding to break their kiss and move his mouth onto the top of her breasts. He starts to lick up and down each of her breasts, making sure to slide his tongue between the cleavage. Nikki starts to feel his hot tongue moving up and down her breasts, which makes her get hotter and hotter. His drops of saliva dripping down her chest are enough to get her pussy juices flowing. Cena Sr. then finally unclasps the back of her bra, before discarding that to the floor. He continues to suck on each spot of her glorious breasts and Nikki in return, begins rubbing him through his pants. She can feel his cock increasing in size as he continues his taste sucking session on her tits.

"I can't take it anymore daddy! I need some of that dick right here and right now." Nikki yells before instantly reaching towards Cena's pants and peeling off his belt, and then his pants, and finally his polka dot boxers. Once Nikki pulls off Cena Sr.'s boxers, she is quite surprised at what she sees. She is in no way greeted by a typical old man penis, no, Cena Sr. is quite the spectacular specimen. Standing at an impressive seven and a half inches, she knows that this cock will more than please her.

"Do you like what you see Nikki?" He asks in a cocky matter.

She doesn't answer, directly anyway, but she does answer by instantly placing the tip of his cock into the front of her mouth. She begins to suck just at the tip of his cock, getting it nice and wet and allowing the spit to flow down through the rest of the base of his penis. Loudly gargling each and every inch of his massive dick, Nikki's brown hair flows freely as her head bobs quicker and quicker.

"Grrr, ughhhh OH yes Nikki... I can't believe that we're doing this.. But it feels so right"

"Fuck yea it does. And I knew that I could convince you.. One way or the other." Nikki states.

"Oh yea, I don't even care about anything but this moment right now." Cena Sr. responds.

"If you think that I've blown anything but your balls yet, you don't even know... Lay down daddy, I wanna ride on your fucking big dong"

Cena Sr., is good at following orders. He instantly lays his back down onto the pile of coats and is now sitting fully erect with his cock pointed towards the sky. However, it is only mere seconds before he sees Nikki gathering herself and slowly placing herself directly onto his rigid member. He didn't realize how soaking wet her cunt was while he was receiving head earlier, but now he can see that her vagina is flowing with juices. Nikki begins to slam her wet hole against his large staff, and begins bumping furiously up and down. Her tits spring and shake loosely with each bounce of his pulsating penis.

"Oh daddy, do you like how I ride your thick cock? Do you like how I fuck you oh so good?"

"Oh yea Nikki, I definitely love how you ride me so so good. Better than I have ever had in the rest of my life. And I absolutely love how sloppy wet your pussy is getting my cock."

"Mmm, you are such a dirtier talker than your son."

"It's all about that experience baby. I'm aged like a fine wine, but I still fuck like a god damn stallion."

"Damn straight you do daddy." Nikki continues riding his cock, letting out more and more moans of pleasure. She squeals in delight when John Cena Sr. flips her over and places her on her knees as he once again places his cock into her and starts to hit it doggy-style.

"Oh Johnny Daddy, how did you know my absolutely favorite position?"

Cena's father starts to laugh, but then continues driving away at the gorgeous Nikki Bella. His balls slapping loudly as he continues to piledrive his cock into her deep canal. His balls are absolutely coated with Nikki's pussy juices, but he continues slamming away.

"OOH daddy, daddy, daddy... I'm going to cum so soon. Keep going you fucking stud."

He once again continues doing as he is guided. Caring much more about her orgasm than his own, after all, she wanted him to comfort her and that is precisely what he is set on doing. Sure, maybe this isn't what he expected to be doing, but if these are the cards that he is dealt he is going to do whatever he has to do.

He slams and he slams his cock deeper and deeper, almost bottoming out on each and every thrust into Nikki's glorious love-hole.


He feels a warm rush of cum gush out of Nikki's pussy as he knows that she just had an orgasm. But, he continues to fuck her knowing that he might not get this opportunity again. If he only has one chance, and who blames him, to fuck Nikki Bella. He might as well get the most out of it that he can.

She also doesn't seem to mind, as she quickly feels wave number two coming along. And just as quickly, she is already once again yelling out high pitched shrieks than can be heard throughout the entire coatroom and hallway.

"OH GOD JOHN.. I CAN"T BELIEVE HOW GOOD YOU FUCK ME. You are sooo much better than your son" Nikki exclaims.

That was all that John Sr. needed to push him past the brink where he could no longer control himself, where he could no longer prevent himself from finally blowing his load. All of a sudden, Nikki felt a warm oozing sensation blow within her.

"Oh daddy, I didn't expect that you'd give me a cream pie... but I am in zero way complaining. I like how filthy taking your load made me feel. Mmmm."

After a few minutes passed, the two of them sat next to each other on the pile of coats cuddling and kissing. Finally, John Cena Sr. turned towards Nikki and placed one last deep kiss on her lips before he told her. "Nikki, I'm afraid that we really have to be returning to the party now.. we've been gone for who knows how long and I'm sure that everybody is wondering where we have been."

Nikki sighs before finally exclaiming, "Well if we must, but let's promise ourselves, that this won't be the last time that we do this. After all Daddy, you will always be a special part of my new family."

"It definitely won't be the last time that we do this Nikki. In fact, the sooner we find another opportunity the better. Maybe, even after this brunch is over if we can figure that out... "

The two return to the brunch and John Cena thanks his dad for taking care of Nikki. As John thanks his father, the two of them stare at each other, knowing that they will always have the secret of how they truly spent Father's Day together.

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