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A Taste Of Tomorrow
by Rolodex

The lines above are what remain of a poster, which has been torn off the wall unsuccessfully. The meet and greet which has reached its conclusion, leaves the trio of Adam Rose, The Bunny, and Paige with nothing left on the schedule and away from any other family and friends on this holiday meant to share with family and friends. As the three exit the local mall's parking lot, Adam Rose makes a proposition to his peer, Paige.

"How would you like to spend Easter with me at my hotel room, Paige? I don't have much Easter candy, but I do have at least one lollipop for you to suck on."

Paige's face immediately turns to one of disgust, almost as if she sucked on a lemon as Adam made the suggestion.

"I'm sorry Mr. Rose. I already have a boyfriend. Have a nice Easter!"

Rose, not one to be turned down by lemons, doesn't respond too kindly.

"You don't have to be such a bitch. It's no wonder no one wants to share a car ride with you. C'mon Bunny let's get out of here!"

The Bunny, not so happy with Rose either, puts his rabbit's foot down, and shrugs it's head. Just because it's Easter holiday, doesn't mean that The Bunny has forgotten what Rose did to it, weeks back. Attacking and putting The Bunny on the shelf, Rose alienated the only element that kept him over. Showing more of his mean streak, Adam Rose grabs The Bunny by the arm before beginning to drag it. Before Rose can take the Bunny too far, the former Divas' champion intervenes, breaking off Rose's grip on the mammal.

"Bunny obviously doesn't want to follow a prick like you. In fact, Bunny can ride with me if it wants."

Rose shrugs his head and pushes Bunny towards Paige before walking off in shame. There are no colorful rosebuds to assist him. Instead, Rose is left a one man party on a long ride back to his hotel room. The new friendship between the unlikely duo leads to an awkward glare from the cab driver who pulls up in front of them.

Now back at the hotel room, the two are delighted by the plethora of gifts left for Paige by the WWE. Working on a holiday is never easy, and contained within the femme fatale's baskets are a variety of flowers and sweets. Getting comfortable within the confines of her home for the night, Paige removes her leather jacket, revealing her provocative ring gear to The Bunny, before making conversation with her costumed peer.

"So who do they have playing The Bunny now that Justin is gone?"

The Bunny doesn't give an audible response, instead pointing to the zipper on the back of its costume. Intrigued by the mystery within, Paige quickly hops behind The Bunny, slowly unzipping as she wonders what superstar is hidden within the suit. As the zipper becomes undone, it quickly noticed by Paige that the costumed is not filled to the brim with testosterone driven muscle, but rather a slender, tattooed frame. Paige notices the individual is wearing nothing more than a skin-tight hot pink sports bra, which is soaked in sweat, a matching g-string that leaves none of the curves to the imagination, and colorful tattoos that are embedded all around her body. The Bunny removes her mask, letting her hair loose, before completely exiting her costume.

"Fucking Kevin Dunn thought it would great work experience if I played The Bunny for the holiday. As if it's going to help me in my ring training."

Zahra, one of the divas training down at NXT, turns to face Paige, whom licks her lips at the sight of Miss Schreiber's toned, tattooed, and well-framed body.

"Adam Rose was such a prick to me, and tried to fuck me all along the way. He promised to show me the ropes if I played with his lollipop, as if I want to learn how to be an uncharismatic, low-ceiling superstar who is fodder to the rest of the lower mid-card."

Paige breaks a smirk, immediately pleased with her decision to save The Bunny from further torture. Her English accent doesn't hide her displeasure of her fellow international peer.

"Yeah, fuck that guy!"

Zahra, is quick to respond to Paige's remark.

"No, how about you fuck this girl instead?"

The two quickly tie-up and wrestle themselves to Paige's California King-sized bed. Paige takes the mount of her fuck bunny for the day, as the two quickly get sloppy with their tongues. With the two slobber saliva, Paige multitasks by grabbing hold of Zahra's tight sports bra and pulling it towards her head! Gravity takes effect, and the wonderful pair of breasts that were suffocating, are now free for the complete enjoyment of both parties!

"Fuck! You got some big bangers, girl!"

Paige isn't the only girl that knows how to multitask, as Zahra has reached within her shredded booty shorts, grabbing generous serving of Paige's cakes!

"You got a nice fat ass here, Paige!"

"Oh, you think so?" says the frenemy of the now retired AJ, who hastily breaks from the clash of tongues in order to turn her back to Zahra, rubbing her thick ass against moist g-string of Zahra. The tattooed honey gets a better grip on Paige's ass as the Englishwoman pulls her top off in enjoyment! The duo giggle in satisfaction as Paige begins to straddle herself between Zahra's legs, showing a bit of her newlyfound twerking skills! No longer able to contain herself, Zahra reaches within her panties and begins to finger her pussy, as Paige's ass bounces on top of it!

"Are you rubbing your pussy already? I can feel the top of your fingers against my clit as well!" Paige exclaims as she slides her booty onto Zahra's firm abs in order to get a better look at the kitty in question. There seem to be more questions than answers as Zahra responds with a question of her own... "Why the fuck are we still wearing panties?" Zahra tugs at the booty shorts of Paige before the Anti-Diva throws her backside right in front of Zahra's face! Paige grabs at Zahra's sweaty g-string before rolling it down her legs! Paige licks her lips at the sight of Zahra's clean shaven yet soggy pussy. Kicking her g-string off of her ankles, Zahra now grapples with the shorts of Paige, pulling them down all the while concerned that Paige is wearing another layer under. Her worst fears go unconfirmed however, as there is Paige's finely trimmed pussy hovers right in front of her face. Zahra aggressively pulls Paige's shorts off and tosses them off the bed before diving face-first into Paige's muff!

The tickle that comes from tongue penetrating vagina catches the WrestleMania performer off-guard as she falls flat onto Zahra, her legs going out from under her! Falling face-first into Zahra's sweaty pussy, Paige can't help but garner a taste of a diva to cum -- erm, come. With no leverage on top, Zahra turns the tides of battle, rolling the Brit onto her back, with Paige's head now stuck between pillow and pussy! The mountains of questions and answers go by the wayside, as the duo are too polite to talk with their mouths full! All that exits the vocal cords of the pair, are moans and giggles that uncontrollably come between licks! Each female has a tight grip on the other's ass as they jam their tongues deep within the slits of each other's pussy! The bed begins to squeak due to the liveliness of the contents, with each female forcing their tongue deeper and deeper into their partner, all the while picking up the pace of their rhythm. The tense pace of pussy eating leads to both women breaking in the action for split seconds, to not only catch their breaths, but exclaim their enjoyment via charming words like "FUCK!"

The pussy eating continues, and the spoils of battle begin to accompany each diva, as the sweet fuck juices latch onto the tongues of their fuck buddy. Craving more of the other's juices, both Paige and Zahra begin to use their fingers to help penetrate the clits! "OH FUCK, PAIGE!" yells Zahra, who is the first to feel a gush break through her pussy lips and onto Paige's face! The fuck fluids of Zahra refresh Paige, who licks the excess juices off of her face! Just as Paige begins to brag about making her partner squirt, she too falls victim to her body's internal response to such stimulation! "AH FUCK, I'M CUMMIN'" yells Paige, as her pearly white juices exit her milky skin! The cum of Paige drips right onto Zahra's chin. The potential NXT diva reaches into the pussy of Paige to make certain that she has received every last drop before scooping up the cum on her chin, and inserting the load into her mouth! Without hesitation, Zahra swallows the tasty liquids, leaving not a single drop of evidence to be found!

"Fuck Zahra, you got a snack but I didn't!" states Paige, disappointed that she was facewashed with squirt instead of sweet cum. "I'm sorry, but I think I know how to make it up to you!" Zahra states as she quickly hops onto her feet before breaking into one of Paige's Easter baskets. Grabbing a hold of a bottle of chocolate syrup, Zahra breaks the top off before pouring the thick, chocolate liquid onto her big, beautiful tits! Kneeling on the bed, Zahra looks down at her body as the chocolate sauce begins to race down to her pussy! "Oh, I want a taste!" exclaims Paige who quickly crawls to the end of the bed where Zahra awaits! The Diva of Tomorrow licks at the chocolate covered pussy immediately, making sure her tongue devours every drop of chocolate that has slid down Zahra's body!"OH! OH FUUUCK YES!" yells Zahra, as her pussy trembles in delight! Yet, with ever the workrate, Paige makes her way upward onto the real task! Many would faint at the mountains of chocolate before them, but Paige is ever the challenger, pushing her face between the big, sauce covered tits of Miss Zahra! The active tongue of Paige pushes up and down the big tits, scooping up every ounce of chocolate with her tongue! "OH SHIT! THAT FEELS SOOOO FUCKING GOOD!" moans Zahra.

Distracted by the delight, Zahra does not notice that Paige has snatched the bottle of chocolate syrup from her hands! Lifting the bottle above her head, Paige pours the chocolate sauce into her mouth! Her mouth now filled with syrup, Paige leans inward and begins to make-out with Zahra, the two getting chocolate and saliva all over each other, all the while fingering each other! With no regard for housekeeping, the two continue to make a chocolate fucking mess with their tongues before Zahra turns Paige over and bends her over the bed! Paige's fluffy marshmallow ass sticks past the bed and is now the prime target of the chocolate syrup! Zahra pours the remainder of the chocolate onto Paige's ass, mixing it into her skin not with her hands, but rather her big, fat tits!

Dropping to her knees in front of the chocolate covered marshmallows, Zahra tongues and fingers the pussy of Paige once again, scooping up mouthfuls of chocolate between each serving of pussy! "OH, MMMM" moans Paige, as she grabs her tits while Zahra continues to wear out her pussy! The tickle of Zahra's tongue and the deep penetration of Zahra's fingers cause Paige to let loose once again, as cum begins to cream out of her English pussy! In the mood for some swirl, Zahra quickly tongues some remaining chocolate off of Paige's ass before licking up every drop of cum that has exited Paige's body!

"FUCK THAT TASTES SO FUCKING GOOD!" claims Zahra as she enjoys her just desserts!

In response, Paige playfully bumps Zahra's face with her thick ass knocking her partner-in-crime back first onto the hotel floor! Paige lifts a leg of Zahra as if setting up for a figure-four leg lock, but instead of turning, the synthesis of squirt, chocolate, and sweat, allow for Paige to slide right down Zahra's legs! Now touching pussy lips to pussy lips, the pair forcefully push their pussy against the other! As they scissor, they stare deeply into their partner's eyes, each seeing the delight in the other's face. Paige reaches forward and grabs onto the big tattooed tits of Zahra! Zahra tightly claws the hotel carpet looking for every bit of leverage as they pound pussies! The two begin to breathe heavier as the pace becomes more rapid! For a single moment, the two become one as they suddenly cum simultaneously! Zahra yells "FUCK!" as Paige moans in delight! With the cum keeping them glued together, Paige and Zahra reach in for another long, slobbery kiss! Paige licks a little bit of chocolate off of Zahra's face, before complementing the diva to be...

"With skills like that, I have no doubt that you'll be on the main roster soon enough! With AJ gone, I'm going to need help beating down those Bella bitches for years to come. I hope you enjoyed your taste of tomorrow!"

"Cum, again?" Zahra replies before garnering another taste of chocolate, while the two giggle at the play on words.

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