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A Tease For A Tease
by WWE Smutfics

"Ok, one more time." Alexa's blue eyes were just inches from Sonya Deville as they were locked up. They broke apart and Alexa came at Sonya again. Deville grabbed Alexa's arm and twisted it behind her in one fluid motion. "Nice," Alexa said, and she meant it. She could act like a real bitch in the ring, but when it came to prepping for matches she was amazing. They were at the Performance Center late, probably the last ones in the building. Alexa was amazing, but also a perfectionist.

"You know, it truly helps me that you're so short I barely have to try to go over you and grab your arm," Sonya said, giggling.

Alexa rolled her eyes and said, "Ha, ha. Like no one's made fun of my height before."

Sonya just shrugged and smiled, and they ran through another sequence of moves. Again, how tiny Alexa was was a tremendous help towards getting things right. "That was great," Alexa complimented Deville. "Maybe go a little quicker next time."

"You've got it, Strawberry Shortcake," Sonya replied playfully, swatting at the red tips of her hair.

"Ew, stop! You're what, a couple inches taller than I am?"

"Still taller. It might as well be a foot, you just look so much shorter, tinier, overall."

Alexa was pacing back into position and stopped when Sonya said it. Bliss slowly turned on her heel, a sneer on her face. She said nothing, just rose her arms at the ready.

They went through the same run of moves, but this time Alexa flipped Sonya on her back at the end and pinned her, Alexa's face hovering over Sonya's. There was a triumphant smile there....and need behind her eyes. Her pin was not typical. Sonya's leg was hooked up, but Alexa'd situated herself so she was straddled over the leg that was down, not laid over Deville's chest. "I may be tiny, but I can handle myself," she growled at Sonya. "S'more than I can say for you." She pressed into her body harder and Sonya involuntarily whimpered as Bliss' heat made contact with hers. Their thin, tiny short bottoms weren't helping provide much buffer between the two of them.

"You think I can't handle myself?" Sonya challenged...or tried to. She wanted to sound tough and sure but the look on Alexa's face and the way in which Bliss was slowly grinding her hips against Sonya's took the grit out of her voice.

Alexa leaned down slowly and brushed her lips against Sonya's before whispering, "Let's find out."

Alexa sat up, put Sonya's leg on her shoulder, and rolled her hips, harder now, driving her pussy against Sonya's. Alexa smiled when Deville moaned, but soon returned the sentiment when Sonya gripped Alexa's hips and pushed back. It was almost if Alexa caught herself giving in to the pleasure, letting Sonya know she was enjoying it, because her face dropped back into a sneer. Alexa stopped moving and instead bent back over me, picking her lower body up so they were no longer touching. Alexa's fingers wrapped into the hair at the base of Sonya's neck and she tugged, jerking her head to the side to expose her neck. Alexa licked from the base to her ear then back down again, ending the path with a hard bite on Sonya's collarbone. It made Deville's body jolt, and Alexa chuckle. "Aw, poor baby, you ok?" Bliss teased - and cut off any response from Sonya by doing it again, harder.

This time Sonya sat up and yelled, "Ow!" She shoved Alexa down and reversed her "pin", putting herself on top now. "That hurts," Sonya growled, before slamming her lips on hers.

Alexa's hands were in my hair again as she ripped Sonya's head away. "You don't know what pain is," Alexa said, then rolled them so Sonya was on her back. Alexa sat on Sonya's upper thighs and swatted her hands away when Sonya went to grab her, roughly shoving the crotch of Deville's shorts to the side. Alexa's fingers spread wide, parting her pussy lips. She teased at Sonya's entrance, her fingertips pulling the slick that had formed up and down her slit. Sonya tried not to move, not pant, moan, or groan. The Absolution member sat up and stared Alexa down instead.

"Stop fucking around and just do it," Sonya said huskily. Alexa ran her finger down Sonya's jaw to her chin, picking her head up with it. Alexa slowly shook her head no, then stood up.

Sonya let a long breath out, thinking Alexa was done, but she just grabbed her by her hair from behind and drug Sonya backwards. The brunette walked her feet, trying to keep up with the blonde, and came to an abrupt stop when Sonya's back hit the turnbuckles. Deville put an arm to each rope on the side of her as Alexa stepped in front of her and dropped to her knees. Miss Bliss picked Sonya's left foot up and hooked it onto the rope, then brought her fingers back under her lover's shorts.

"I'll do it, alright," Alexa said. "I'll do it until you're screaming."

The Blinde plunged two fingers inside of Sonya and she yelped, then settled into how good it felt. "Oh my god," Sonya breathed out. "Alexa...oh, fuck!"

The RAW Women's Champion's arm moved rapidly as she fucked the brunette with them. Alexa added a third and Sonya's breath caught; it'd been a while, and Alexa was stretching her harshly. Bliss noticed the slight grimace on her face. "Oh no!" Alexa said, voice high. "Too much?"

"It's, no."

"Aw, maybe you can't handle more?"

"Shut up and give me more."

Alexa bit her lip and slowed her hand, pulling the three fingers almost all the way out. When she pushed back in Sonya felt a tremendous amount of pressure; Alexa had added one more. "There you go," she cooed. "Take it like the little whore that you are. This is what you get for making fun of me." Bliss licked two of her fingers on her other hand and pulled Deville's shorts aside more, then brought them to her clit, rubbing harshly.

"Oh, shit! Oh my god, yes!" Sonya gripped the middle ropes and let her body go limp, sliding into the pleasure. Her orgasm was building quickly, driven on by the concentration on Alexa's face as her blonde hair fell in front of it.

Sonya came screaming Alexa's name, not forgetting but not caring about who might be in the building. Her hips bucked up, her legs shook, but Alexa's hands followed me the whole way until Deville was done. Alexa moved back to two fingers when Sonya finished and stopped toying her clit, this time bringing that hand up around Sonya's throat. Alexa's strength was surprising given her tiny form.

"Come again," Alexa snarled, and shoved her fingers deep into Sonya's pussy, curling them, making a beckoning motion over and over against her g spot. Alexa squeezed Sonya's neck and she choked out a "Close!"

The second orgasm was deep and quick, the pulses strong. So strong, it was starting to hurt.

"Alexa," Sonya bit out around the strain on her vocal chords. "It...hurts..."

Alexa giggled and took her hand away, slapping Sonya across the face quickly before shoving Deville's other leg up onto the ropes and then bringing her fingers to strum Sonya's clit. "You're going to come again, you bitch. And the next time you even think about teasing me, remember this."

The pain and the pleasure waged a war in Sonya's pussy, Alexa's nimble fingers making quick work of Sonya. Her legs tensed, the muscles in her core seized up, Sonya sucked in a deep breath, readying for release - and she was gone. Sonya blurted out, "What?!" but Alexa just leaned back and held her hands up. "A tease for a tease," she said sweetly, then shoved the fingers that were inside Sonya into her mouth, making Sonya taste herself. "Lick them clean," Alexa said more fiercely, "I don't want any trace of you on me." Deville did as Alexa said.

Alexa pulled them away and stood up, leaving Sonya spread out in the corner of the ring, panting, sweating, and hurting even more than if she had come. Bliss flipped her hair over her shoulder and stepped through the middle ropes onto the ring apron before bouncing down onto the floor and walking away.

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