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A Tied Up Surprise
by Eva Marie Is My Bitch

"What's all this about?" you ask your friends. They've been acting strangely all night.

"Just go on in, and have a good time," one answers cryptically, gesturing towards the bedroom door.

You give them all a suspicious look, then open the door. It's dark inside. One of them gives you a firm push and you stumble into the room. The door clicks shut behind you.

Blind, you fumble for the light switch. After a few seconds you find it and flip it on.

And your heart skips a beat.

There's someone else in the room. It's Nikki Bella. Yes, the Nikki Bella. She's tied spread-eagled on the bed, completely naked. You stare at her, taking in every detail of her famous body. Her huge breasts, nipples hard from the cold. Her trim belly, hips and thighs.

"Are you Peter?" she asks, blinking as her eyes as she adjusts to the light.

"Nikki Bella?" you respond. You still can't believe what you're seeing. Nikki Bella, girl of your dreams, naked and helpless in front of you. Your eyes drop down to her pussy, shaved but with a neatly-trimmed patch of fuzz above. She instantly tries to close her legs but the ropes aren't long enough.

You struggle to comprehend the situation. It's inconceivable that she's been presented to you as a gift, to do with as you please. And yet, here she is. You feel butterflies of excitement in your stomach and your cock starts to swell.

"Can you stop gawking and untie me, please?" she asks sweetly.

You snap out of your trance. "Uh.. oh yeah, sure..." you say. You haven't worked out how to act in this situation, so it helps to be given some instructions.

"Thank God," sighs Nikki as you sit on the bed between her feet and start untying one ankle. "When I'm free we'll go to the police and I'll say you had nothing to do with it."

You stop. "Sorry? Nothing to do with what?"

"My kidnapping. Don't worry, I'll say you had nothing to do with it. You won't get in trouble," she replies kindly.

"So, I don't get to have sex with you?" you ask, hoping you've misunderstood her.

"No, of course not!" she says firmly. "Look, I'm told that you've got the hots for me, but that doesn't mean your friends can kidnap me, strip me naked and tie me to a bed so you can fuck me."

Shit - that's disappointing.

"Now hurry up and untie me. What are you waiting for?" she asks, starting to get frustrated.

You sit there, crestfallen. "It's just that it's a bit of a shame, that's all."

"A bit of a shame?" asks Nikki incredulously.

"Yeah, I mean, they've obviously gone to an awful lot of trouble to get you here. They're probably expecting that you'll let me fuck you, otherwise what's the point?"

Nikki is momentarily dumbstruck. "But... but... but I didn't agree to any of this!"

You think for a minute. "It's all a bit weird. If I let you go then my friends get in trouble. But they must expect that I'll let you go, because they know I'm not a creep who would take advantage of a girl in your position. It doesn't make any sense. You don't think I'm a creep, do you?"

"I'm reserving judgement," mutters Nikki.

"You know what?" you continue. "I think you're in on it. It's the only explanation."

Nikki gasps. "Peter, I can assure you that I am most definitely not 'in on it!' Why do you think they tied me to the bed?"

You ponder a moment before the answer appears to you like a ray of sunlight through the darkness. "There's only one explanation. It must be a fantasy of yours to be tied up and taken advantage of! And you've got plenty of fans who'd be happy to do it."

"Oh for fuck's sake," groans Nikki. "This is unbelievable, I literally can't fucking believe this is happening..."

It's a good act, but you're not buying it. You suddenly notice a brightly-wrapped box on the bedside table. Ignoring Nikki for a moment you get up and collect it. "Do you know what this is?" you ask her curiously.

"No I don't fucking know what that is!" she shouts. She sounds annoyed for some reason.

You unwrap the box and open it. There are several items inside. First, you pull out a ball-gag.

Nikki's eyes widen. "No, not that again! They made me wear it all the way here!"

The second item is a tube of lubricant. You put it on the table next to the gag.

"Oh Jeez," despairs Nikki. She starts struggling against her bonds but to no avail. All she achieves is making her tits wobble around in an alluring fashion.

The final item is a slim hot-pink vibrator. You twist the base experimentally and it starts buzzing so hard you almost drop it. You quickly turn it off again.

You look over at the helpless celebrity on the bed beside you. "Uh, I guess maybe I'm supposed to use this on you. You know, to get you in the mood..."

"Peter, you're not going to get me in the mood with that thing! Now untie me, we'll go to the cops, and I'll forget about how stupid you're being!"

You have a different idea. "Look, I'm just trying to get the best outcome for everyone. If I can get you in the mood then there's no problem. We can both have a good time, and my friends won't get in trouble..."

Nikki groans. "Peter, that's the most fucked up logic I've ever heard in my life. What kind of moron..." Her voice trails off as she notices you eyeing the ball-gag.

"Let's just give it a try, and if it doesn't work, then we'll do your plan," you suggest reasonably.

Nikki tugs at the ropes again, her hips twisting and bucking, showing you her pussy and the base of her ass cheeks from many interesting angles.

"Besides," you continue. "We both know you're in on it."

"Argh!" she replies in frustration, her whole body flexing as she pulls hard against all four ropes. Then she collapses back on the mattress, exhausted and panting heavily in exhaustion. The rapid rise and fall of her chest really shows off her luscious melons to best effect.

You turn on the vibrator again, this time twisting the base only to the first position so the buzzing isn't as loud. Nikki stares at it wide-eyed as you consider where you'll stick it first.

You have to admit, this is a really awesome present your friends have got you. You've no idea how they managed to arrange it, but the chance to fuck Nikki Bella is probably the thing you've most wanted in the whole world. It's going to make it very difficult for you to return the favour. Maybe a case of beer. It would have to be the imported stuff, that's for sure.

You start by making circles with the vibrator around one of Nikki's nipples. She flinches initially but soon gets used to the feeling of it tickling her areola and flicking back and forth against her stiffening bud. When it's nice and hard, you start on the other one.

"See, you're getting turned on already," you say smugly.

She sighs. "It's just a localized reaction, idiot. I suppose I get turned on by a cool breeze too?"

Whatever - you're no expert on anatomy. You bend forward and suck the first nipple into your mouth while you continue to perk up the second with the vibrator. When the second nipple becomes as erect and stiff as the one in your mouth you nestle the buzzing toy in her deep cleavage and squeeze her massive breasts around it, licking and sucking on both nipples in turn.

Nikki's melons are so warm and soft in your hands, her buds so hard and chewable, that you find yourself going to town on them, kissing and slobbering all over them, until they're shiny and glistening with your spit. You squeeze them together harder and the vibrator shoots out downward, leaving a wet trail down her stomach.

"Whoops," you mutter, reaching down blindly to retrieve it. Your fingertips accidentally brush through her pubic fur and flick against her clitoral hood. She flinches again.

You forget about the vibrator for the moment and decide to give Nikki a good fingering instead. While continuing to suckle on Nikki's breast you gently explore her delicate folds with your fingers, prying her pussy lips apart and sliding a fingertip down her groove to her tight little hole. She's a little damp down there, but not exactly gushing. You rub your finger up and down between her labia, then tentatively try to insert your finger. She grunts uncomfortably so you withdraw.

She definitely needs a bit more warming up. You release her teat from your mouth with a wet pop.

"Peter, think about what you're doing," she pleads.

She needn't worry. You have been thinking about what you're doing. That's why your cock is so hard you could hammer nails with it.

"Don't worry Ms Bella, we'll get you in the mood in no time," you reassure her. You find the vibrator and start stroking back and forth down her slit with it. She can't suppress a moan whenever it presses against her clit.

"You bastard!" she says venomously. You find it admirable that she's so committed to the roleplay. But it's no surprise, considering that she performs for a living.

Nikki tries to twist her hips away from you but the ropes are too tight, and it's easy to keep the vibrator in place. After a while she stops struggling. Her pants of exertion are replaced by a different kind of panting altogether.

"Ohhh..." she moans involuntarily.

You shift position down to the end of the bed between Nikki's spread legs and shuffle in close for a good view of her rapidly-moistening girly bits. Her little pink clit is now erect and poking out of its hood. Whenever you press the vibrator against it, her leg muscles tense up and she takes a sharp intake of breath. After a while, her pussy is so wet that her juices are trickling down between her ass cheeks.

You turn the base of the vibrator to the next higher speed and start rubbing it up and down her slit more rapidly. "Nnnnghhh!" she responds, bucking her hips up and down against it.

With a smile you angle the vibrator and start to slip it into her hole.

"No! Don't!" she gasps.

You push the plastic intruder in almost to the base, then pull it out and start fucking Nikki's pussy with it. After the initial resistance she gets used to it. It's probably a relief that it's no longer pressing on her clit.

You leave it deeply embedded in her cunt for a second as you shuffle up closer, her neat little labia vibrating from tight contact with the toy. Then you nestle your face between her thighs and start flicking her clit with your tongue, while resuming your pumping action with the vibrator. The taste and scent of musky, aroused woman fills your senses.

"Oh fuck fuck fuck!" she cries as you tongue-lash her stiff clit, then seal your mouth around it and suck on it hard. You keep sucking while your tongue makes rapid circles around her button. At one point you lose grip on the vibrator due to the sheer amount of pussy juice on it. As you fumble around for a better hold, you push it almost all the way in.

"Uh uh uh ohhhhhhhhhh!" cries Nikki, her whole body stiffening. You've never heard a woman cum so intensely. You keep sucking on her clit as her hips buck wildly, mashing her pussy into your face.

Eventually you relent, straightening up and wiping her juices from your face. "In the mood yet?" you ask smugly.

Nikki declines to comment, electing just to lie there and pant. You fish the vibrator out of her pussy and replace it with two of your fingers. This time they slide in easily, way past the second knuckle. Her tunnel is warm, snug and oh so very wet.

"It certainly feels like you're ready," you continue. You start fucking her with your fingers, jabbing them in and out of her pussy with a loud squelching sound.

"Please..." whispers Nikki, her voice trailing off. She turns her head to avoid looking at you.

"Please fuck you?" you ask, unzipping your pants and letting them drop to the floor, along with your underwear. Your cock juts out, stiff and proud.

She says nothing - just looks you in the eyes, bites her bottom lip, and gives you the tiniest of nods.

You smile and toss aside your remaining clothes. You crawl between Nikki's spread thighs and into position on top of her, stroking your cock up and down her slit before feeling your knob nestle into her entrance.

"Oh God, please be gentle..." she whispers quietly, eyes staring upward, accepting her fate.

You thrust - hard - and your cock sinks balls-deep into the welcoming embrace of Nikki's sweet pussy. She grunts as her body is pushed up the bed to the limit of the ropes around her ankles.

You thrust again, and again, and again. Each time she grunts and is forced upward, her enormous jugs flopping around wildly on her chest. You are supporting most of your weight on your arms, slamming your hips between her spread thighs. You fuck her harder and faster, your ball sack slapping against the bottom of her ass cheeks.

"Oh God, oh God..." Nikki starts shaking her head from side to side, struggling to cope with being on the receiving end of such a rapid, powerful fucking. You have so much pent-up lust for this woman that you can't control yourself.

"You love it, don't you?" you pant, sweat trickling down your brow. Your thrusting gets more rapid and less deep as you near your climax and you collapse down on to your elbows. Her tits press into your chest and you feel her stiff nipples digging into you.

"Uh uh uh uh uh," pants Nikki in time with your pumping action. You groan, feeling yourself reach the point of no return, and all-too-soon you start to cum, squirting your seed deep inside her.

Your ejaculation continues over the course of three final, sharp, thrusts that force breathless grunts from the spreadeagled girl beneath you. Her body starts to jerk spasmodically and you feel her surf her second orgasm while you lie exhausted on top of her.

After a while she gasps, "Please... can't breathe..." and you hurriedly raise yourself off her. Your cock slips out of her gooey pussy, glistening with sperm and her own juices.

"Wow, thanks Nikki, that was amazing," you say when you have caught your breath. "Was it good for you too?"

"Are we done, Peter?" she asks. "Will you untie me now?"

"Not until you admit that you wanted it from the start," you reply. As convinced as you were by your earlier logic, there's just a slight niggle in the back of your mind that needs addressing...

Nikki sniffs. "Yes."

"Yes, what?" you ask.

She pauses. "Yes, I like being tied up. Yes, I wanted you to fuck me. Now will you let me go?"

You look down at the horny bondage slut - tied and helpless, cum dribbling from her pussy - completely and utterly ravaged by the power of your cock. You are still mostly hard and it won't be long before you're ready for round two. It seems a shame to end it now.

You smile and untie one ankle rope from the bed.

"Oh, thank God," breathes Nikki in relief. "I really must tell my agent to stop giving me these jobs."

Then you pull the rope over to the other side of the bed, forcing Nikki's lower half to twist. You tie it above the other ankle rope.

"Oh Jeez, what now? What are you doing, Peter?" she asks nervously.

"Just putting you in a different position," you reply. "I need to do this carefully. We wouldn't want you to escape, would we?"

"Oh no, we wouldn't want that," she replies with a sigh.

You repeat the process with the arm rope, securing both arms and both legs to one side of the bed. Then you complete the switch, flipping Nikki tits-down, and tying the ropes to the other side.

Nikki's famous ass is now fully exposed to your gaze. You grab her butt cheeks and squeeze hard, then give her a slap that makes her buttock quiver.

"Ouch!" she protests.

You grab a pillow and force it under her hips, raising them up. Nikki's ass and pussy look absolutely fucking awesome, exposed in the most lewd manner possible. You run your hands over her sexiest and most intimate curves and crevices, delighting in the feel of her soft skin, moistening your fingers with the cum that continues to leak from her pussy, and smearing it over her rounded cheeks.

Your cock is now just as hard as before - maybe even harder.

"I'm going to fuck you again," you tell her. The girl deserves to be kept appraised of the situation.

"Well, don't let me stop you," she replies, sarcasm dripping from every syllable.

You position yourself between her legs again, your arms straight on either side of her, with your stiff prick nestled in her ass cleavage. You try a few thrusts, your slippery dick sliding back and forth, tightly sandwiched in her crack. This is fun, but you know her pussy is better. You quickly slip a hand down there and guide yourself into her dripping honeypot.

Again you start slamming into Nikki Bella, your hips slapping against her butt cheeks as your pounding cock pummels her into the mattress. Again she is repeatedly forced up the bed to the extent that her ankle ropes permit, and again she can do nothing but grunt.

It's different this time, however. While it is undoubtedly fun to pork Nikki from the other direction, you know you won't come nearly as quickly. You can't get the same depth from this angle, and her pussy is so wet and gooey from your previous load that you can't get the necessary friction. Your arms will give out before you cum again.

You give it all you've got for as long as you can, then pull out and go back to hot-dogging her for a while, humping her butt crack with a cock lubricated in cum. You consider shoving your prick up Nikki's asshole, but, lucky for her, you're too tired. Instead it's time for her to do some of the work.

You clamber over her and reposition yourself at the top end of the bed with your back against the headboard and your legs spread over each of her arms. You shuffle your hips forward towards her head. When she looks up to see what's going on, she's confronted by your sticky cock and balls in her face. You are expecting some resistance, but instead she gives you a hungry, lustful look. It seems that you've now completely broken her.

"Is that for me?" she breathes.

"A reward for being a good girl," you reply, pressing the base of your cock with your thumb so that it is angled directly at her mouth.

Nikki stares you right in the eyes before directing her attention downward and enfolding your bell-end with her lips. You take her head in your hands and gently guide her as she starts bobbing up and down in your lap. She can only reach half-way, so you shuffle a bit closer and she starts taking you deep into her throat.

"Ohhh yeahhh," you sigh.

Nikki can only gulp, gurgle and slurp in response as she hungrily devours you. Her tongue writhes around your shaft as she sucks it clean. An increasing amount of drool dribbles from her mouth and down her chin, connecting to your balls with gooey strings.

You start gently thrusting your hips, face-fucking her with your fingers entwined in her soft hair. She barely manages to control her gag reflex as your knob repeatedly hits the back of her throat. Every ten strokes or so you release her so that she can gasp for air. Her face and your crotch are slippery with dribble.

As you approach your second orgasm you start to jerk erratically, holding Nikki's head down so that she can't pull away. You sense that she's starting to panic, but you're almost there, so you force her head right down on your cock and hold her there while your balls erupt down her throat.

Nikki swallows frantically but can't keep up. Her cheeks swell, then she snorts, blowing twin streams of cum out of her nostrils while she struggles against the bonds that restrain her tits-down to the bed. When you realize that she's in actual danger you release her head from your prick and she gasps loudly as she pulls off, spluttering gobs of semen and phlegm into your lap.

You let her recover, gently stroking her hair. Finally she speaks.

"Peter, please, I need to cum again. Untie me so we can fuck properly."

You look down at your poor, overused cock. It's going to be a while before you're ready for round three.

"Nikki, have you ever heard of Chekhov's gun?" you ask.

"No. Is that some kind of Star Trek thing, you lame geek?"

"Silly girl. It's a dramatic principle, named after Anton Chekhov, the famous playwright. He said that if you show a loaded gun in the first act, you should use it in the second."

"You've got a gun?" she asks in alarm.

"Not exactly," you reply, getting up and reaching for the lubricant and ball-gag.

"Oh Christ no!" wails Nikki, twisting and contorting, wriggling her sexy ass from side to side. You shut her up by forcing the ball-gag between her teeth and buckling it firmly at the back of her head. Then you spread her butt cheeks and squirt a liberal amount of lube over her little puckered bunghole.

Without ceremony you turn the vibrator up to full speed and push it right up Nikki's ass. Her whole body stiffens and she lets out a high-pitched "Mmmmmfffff!"

You pull up your pants and watch as Nikki tries to force the toy out of her butt by muscular contraction, but it's in too deep for that.

"Just stay there for a few minutes," you say. "I'll be back soon."

You open the bedroom door and turn back to her as you walk out.

"There are just some people who I really, really need to thank first."

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