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A Trip to the Woodshed
by Innovator Of Awesomeness

It was just a few days before the first RAW influenced under the WWF
draft. Just one week ago, new owner Ric Flair, had assembled an amazing cast
of superstars, including a few familiar divas that were sure to warm the
hearts (and other various locations) of WWF spectators. Trish and Terri were
among these divas.

Flair, along with CEO Vince McMahon, felt it would be wise to include a
special gimmick match to boost the ratings of what was sure to be an
action-packed RAW program. Together, the two co-owners decided that they
would use their best -- Terri and Trish -- to suck in these much needed
numbers and pitted them in a Bikini/Paddle on a Pole Match. It meant that
the two women would wrestle in bikinis and the first one to acquire the
paddle would win the match. As an added bonus, that woman would be able to
use the paddle to discipline her opponent as she sees fit.

During the meeting that McMahon and Flair had with Terri and Trish, the
two nodded at each word that was spoken, trying to conduct themselves in
an orderly fashion. They agreed to each term and spoke only when asked
questions. Deep down, the two divas were itching not to burst out in a cry
of sexual fury. Both blonde beauties, as hard it was to believe, were
sexually frustrated and knew that this match would allow them to release
all this tension. It wasn't the first time this happened, either. Several
divas had done this -- in fact, most of the gimmick matches that were aired
on WWF TV merely served as a release for the women involved.

Seeing as this match was not as important -- wrestling-wise -- to the rest
of the show, no real match layout was given to the two ladies. McMahon and
Flair explained some key spots that were to be touched upon during the course
of the match, such as Trish's powerbomb, but it was up to Terri and Trish to
plan out their battle. This simply added to the delight that was withheld
inside their sexy little bodies.

Both ladies decided to meet at the arena to practice the layout of their
match to come. Inside the arena, there was a ring already setup and due to a
previous request, there wasn't a single person allowed inside the building,
except for the two divas themselves. Trish, in a sexy bathrobe, arrived first
and waited for a minute before a joyful Terri walked toward the ring. She,
like Trish, was decked in a sexy bathrobe that showed off a large portion of
her tan, sexy legs. Trish admired the lovely she-devil as she trotted down to
the ring with a smile on her face.

"Hey there, baby," Terri said and pulled Trish in close for a hug. The
Canadian diva could feel the blonde's ripe tits and perky nipples poke
through the cloth of her revealing robe.

"Guess it's about time we plan out our little match, eh?" Trish suggested
in her sweet Canadian accent.

"Might as well," Terri responded and headed toward the ring.

Turning her head, the Women's Champion watched her challenger ascend the
staircase and slip beneath the second rope. She caught a faint glimpse of
Terri's flesh-colored thong and smiled to herself. Inside the ring, Terri
strutted around while Trish barked orders from the outside.

"Now, just strut around the ring for a little bit," Trish directed, "and
then remove your robe and do that stupid little thing you do on the ropes."

Terri flashed her classic "she-devil" grin and dropped her robe. Slowly,
the black fabric fell from Terri's shoulders to her lower back. From there,
the blonde diva wiggled her cute ass right in front of an on-looking Trish
and the robe fell to the mat below. Gracefully, Terri stepped out of the
fallen material and strutted to the pair of ropes closest to her foe. She
placed one foot on the middle rope and used it as a catapult to lean far over
the top one, pushing her breasts together and giving the Women's Champion a
marvelous view from outside the ring.

"This stupid little thing?" Terri asked with a sly grin as she continued
to lean along the top rope.

"That's the one," Trish nodded and headed for the ring. she climbed up the
stairs and slipped beneath the middle rope beside her foe. "Now, let me show
you how a real woman does things."

While her opponent watched on intently, Trish began to remove her robe.
First, she let the satin material slide down her shoulders to her elbows,
exposing the top-half of her rounded breasts, encased inside a sexy little
string bikini. Next, she pulled her left arm out of the sleeve and the rest
of the garment fell onto her right side. From there, the Women's Champion
whipped off the robe and held it above her head, swinging it around like some
sort of sexy stripper would do after removing her g-string. Needless to say,
most men would kill for the spot Terri was standing in, right behind the
sultry diva. She couldn't help but stare hungrily at Trish's fleshy, meaty
buttocks and the pink g-string that parted her gorgeous cheeks.

"So," Trish started, holding out her hands, "how do I look?"

"Wonderful," Terri responded. "However, I don't think Ric and Vince will
let you wear something like THAT on television."

"Yeah, I know," Trish admitted. "I have another bikini that I'm going to
wear for the actual match. This one is just more comfortable for me, that's

Trish's words were just mumbles to Terri; she was still entranced by the
champion's magnificent frame. Trish was constantly looking down at herself to
make sure she looked all right and did not notice Terri's eyes fixated on her.

"And if you're going to look THAT good," Terri examined while she walked
around Trish, "perhaps we should change the start of the match."

"How so?" Trish replied innocently, glancing down at her body as if there
was something wrong with it. Both ladies knew there wasn't a thing on Trish's
body that could be considered a flaw by any means.

"Perhaps I can attack you from behind or something," Terri suggested. "You
know, to help my heel persona."

"Sounds good, let's go with it," Trish smiled.

A long sigh of relief escaped Terri's slightly parted lips. She knew that
with the type of match that the two would be involved in and the outfits that
would be worn, there would be some sexual tension between them. She didn't
need the beginning of the match to get her all riled up.

"We should probably just work on the big spots," Terri instructed,
grabbing onto Trish's arm. She rubbed it gently as she spoke. "For the rest
of the match, we'll just cat-fight or something.. you know, an image for the
guys in the audience to go home and jerk off to."

"I like the way you think," Trish responded with a wink. She walked over
to the far corner of the ring -- the turnbuckle opposite of where the pole
and paddle sat. "I figured you could ruff me up a little bit to start, then
ram my head into this turnbuckle. That'll give you time to make a first
attempt at the paddle."

Taking a handful of blonde hair, Terri rammed Trish head-first into the
top turnbuckle. She fell like a ton of bricks and laid flat on her stomach in
the corner of the ring. Unexpectedly, Terri planted one of her platform shoes
on Trish's smooth, thong-clad butt and using it as a platform, gracefully
walked across her back.

"What the fuck was that?" Trish lifted her head up and hollered.

"It's me being cocky," Terri smirked, "that's what it is."

"I think you just wanted to get closer to my ass," Trish chuckled.
"Anyway, go get the paddle."

Terri did as instructed, but not before demonstrating more of her natural
cockiness. She threw her hands up in the air and pranced about the ring,
almost floating toward the opposing corner. Still down, Trish chuckled to
herself as she watched this 30-year-old adult woman skip like a five-year-old
child. Terri eventually reached the corner and climbed the turnbuckle. She
remained there, bent over on the second turnbuckle with her hands wrapped
around the base of the pole. Trish came from behind, but not without a fair
share of admiring. It was impossible not to look with the she devil's
beautiful ass pointed so sharply in her direction.

"Boy Terri," Trish commented, admiring her nice looking bottom, "the way
you're holding onto that `pole', I'd say you've done something like that

"Please!" Terri shouted. "You should be the one to talk. But that's
besides the point. We need to get this spot done. Just powerbomb me already."

Emitting with anticipation, Trish positioned herself for the maneuver,
sticking her head between Terri's spread legs so that her face was buried
firmly in her crotch. Not surprisingly, her crotch felt wet against her nose.
`At least,' Trish thought, `she feels the same way.'

"Now■ how do my hands go again?" Trish trailed off as she wrapped her arms
around Terri's thighs and grabbed two handfuls of her delicious buttcheeks.
"Like this?"

It felt absolutely wonderful to the sexually frustrated Terri, but
unfortunately, the two didn't have enough time to fool around.

"Trish, we don't have time to joke," Terri exclaimed and removed Trish's
hands from her butt. "Do it right this time."

"Fine," Trish pouted, "we'll do it your way."

Obligingly, the melancholy diva lifted her lighter foe from the turnbuckle
and walked out to the center of the ring. It was still nice to feel Terri's
moist crotch rubbed up against her nose, but the blonde's eager participation
would have added nicely to the moment.

"Now," Terri continued with her instructions. "I'll just give you a few
punches like so and escape the move."

Terri did as she said, "pounding" away on Trish's forehead with fake
punches. Trish reluctantly dropped her opponent and the horny little
she-devil landed on her feet. Neither woman realized it immediately, but as
she fell, Terri had also grasped onto Trish's bra strap and pulled her bikini
down. One of Trish's mammoth tits now hung freely out of the strain of the
tight bikini top.

"Thanks, Terri," Trish said smiling as she gazed at her little

"I'm■ sor-sor-sorry.." the she devil muttered, delivering her response
without looking the former Women's Champion in the eye.

"You could have just asked me to take it off," the Canadian diva retorted
with a sinister grin.

Her crafty hands found the other strap of her bikini top and she lowered
it down, evening out the two sides and exposing her entire chest. Each breast
look fantastic, glistening with sweat and topped off by two hard and pointy

"Back to work," the bra-less Trish commanded, strutting over the corner of
the ring. "Time to hit my bulldog spot." She smiled.

Stunned, Terri gradually made her way over to the corner of the ring where
Trish stood with her hands on her hips and her breasts pushed out to look
even larger. Terri was simply awe-struck and baffled. Trish fluttered her
eyes, motioning for the bewildered she devil to approach her.

"Come on, Terri," Trish demanded. "Like you said, we don't have all day."

Another smile escaped the crafty diva's lips, this time being received
with an equally larger one from Terri. She finally knew that plot that was
thickening in the former bikini model's mind. Trish, that sex-craven vixen,
was using Terri's own rejection to her advantage. It was obvious that Trish
wanted to cooperate with the she devil's demands to finish planning out the
match, but she also wanted to intertwine her sexual desires as well, thus
the reason behind the top-less appearance she wore proudly now. This diva
was certainly maniacal, but a genius nonetheless.

"You get me in a headlock, correct?" Terri smiled wickedly and decided at
that moment to play along in Trish's little sex game.

"Yep, just like this■" Trish replied and demonstrated, trapping Terri in
a headlock. Her cute, angelic face was pressed perfectly against Trish's
free-swinging tits.

Terri wasted little time in making the next move. Proving her nickname to
be accurate, the horny little she devil slid her tongue all over the side of
Trish's right breast and onto her hardened nipple. Her head tilted slightly
and using her large mouth, captured the entire tit and continued to lick
Trish`s erect nipple. She used her crafty lips to suckle on the tit flesh
that sat unscathed between her teeth, adding to the sexual stimulation.

Her hands kept busy, running around Trish's hips and coming together on
her flat stomach, just above the seam of her bikini bottoms. An index finger
slowly trickled down the diva's stomach and peeked inside the waistband of
her panties. She used that lone finger as support to hold her underwear open
and slide down with her other hand. Terri's fingers crept through the bustle
of blonde pubic hair that guarded the sweet treasure beneath her panties.
Trish's pussy -- the sweet treasure that it was -- felt even sweeter to the
touch. Her only other contact with it being an accidental brush during a
match, Terri was eager to feel Trish's insides and apparently, the feeling
was mutual. As she probed with her middle finger, Terri found that Trish's
pussy was already moist with her juices, making for a much smoother

"Oooh.. that's it, Terri," Trish moaned. "That's how to do a spot."

She removed her tightening grip from around Terri's head and like a
trained pet, the horny little blonde remained in position: Bent over with her
hands and mouth making a strong connection with Trish's assets. Trish patted
the blonde on the head with her right hand but soon found a better interest,
mainly her arched back and the tanned ass that lay at the end. Her palm swept
down the blonde locks of her hair, slid down the long arch in her back, and
found rest in the waistband of Terri's thong panties. She tantalized the she
devil, pulling on the thin material to wedge it further between her cute
cheeks and rub into her wet box.

It not only tantalized the horny she devil, but made her--as impossible
as it seemed -- even hornier. She spit out Trish's breast from between her
lips and found excitement in wildly licking it like a ice cream cone,
stopping only to gasp as Trish wedged the thong deeper between her firm
cheeks. Her hand was now merely a ridge in the material of Trish's panties
and had completely disappeared from plain sight. It became like watching a
silhouette. A long, slender bump would raise the panties up slightly, then
seconds later, disappear and return the undergarment to its natural position.
Seconds later, however, it returned.

Up and down, Terri finger-fucked Trish's soaked lovebox like a typewriter
hammering letters down on paper. It kept a constant rate the whole time,
never missing a beat. Her finger exited Trish just as fast as it entered and
it was driving the Canadian diva absolutely insane. Her moans became louder
and louder as Terri's middle finger moved faster and faster.

"Ugh...ughhh... yes!" Trish whimpered. "OH GOD! FUCK ME HARDER! YES!"

Terri worked her finger to the bone, literally, wedging it deep into
Trish's opening. She continued to gingerly lick at Trish's monster boob, but
her main focus became this wonderful finger-fuck that was apparently, by the
sound of her moans, about to bring Trish to orgasm.

"OH GOD, YES! YES!" screamed the former Women's Champion as she came.
"Ugh... oh God... yes..."

It was a sweet melody that Terri would never be able to get out of her
head. She peeled Trish's panties down and inserted her middle finger back
inside the blonde's sopping wet box, watching the juices trickle down her
leg as she fucked her cunt once again. Terri removed her finger a few moments
later and fed it between her lips. After a quick pass with her tongue, she
spit the finger out of her mouth, completely clean.

"Mmmmm..." Terri moaned aloud, "... you taste so good."

"You deserved it, babe," her Canadian lover retorted. "But you know, I was
thinking about it, and I think that Powerbomb spot can be a lot better. Think
we could try it again?"

With a sly grin, Trish strutted over to the nearest corner, purposely
shaking her firm ass to attract the horny little she-devil.

"I think you might be right■." Terri called out and trotted over to
Trish's side.

Without hesitation, Terri climbed the buckle and Trish, like earlier,
watched her thong-clad butt the entire time, her head filled with much more
intentions that before. Terri assumed the position, grabbing onto the pole
with both hands and making sure to stick her bubble butt out -- even more so
than usual. Trish couldn't help but give it a little smack. It jiggled
slightly, just enough to build up the anticipation for the Canadian blonde.


"Remember how your hands go?" Terri questioned, glancing down between her

"Yeah, I think I got it now," Trish responded and grabbed a hold of the
waistband of Terri's thong panties. She pulled them down and marveled at the
she-devil's bare ass. It looked even more beautiful than it did in a thong.
Trish couldn't help herself and gave it yet another smack.


"Do you enjoy smacking my ass?" Terri rhetorically asked.

"Do you enjoy me smacking your ass?" Trish fired back. Terri smiled and
neglected to respond to that.

Just like before when she found herself in this position, Trish planted
her hands firmly on Terri's bare butt. This time, however, the blonde did
not reject it. She moaned lightly, encouraging Trish to go on. The Canadian
diva did so and wedged her face between Terri's thighs, finding herself
face-to-face with the she-devil's moist cunt once again; this time, up close
and personal. It smelled so fresh, despite the sweat that dripped from it.
Trish couldn't wait to indulge, but she had to tantalize her opposition

She nuzzled her face in Terri's trimmed bush, feeling each and every hair
tickle her cute button nose. Trish then pressed her lips to the blonde's
labia and blew out a thin gust of air. Much to the former Women's Champion's
delight, she felt Terri quiver as a newfound sensation rippled through her
body. She begged for Trish.

"Pleeeeaase!" Terri pleaded. "I need to feel you inside me."

With another pass of her face through the blonde's pubic hairs, Trish
enclosed her lips around Terri's vagina and pushed her tongue through her
labial lips to inside her petite frame. Her tongue scraped the she-devil's
pink inner walls as her jaw muscles contracted like never before. Terri was
amazed at how well Trish gave oral, especially to a woman. Trish paid no
attention to Terri's admiration and continued to eat out her smaller comrade.
She pulled away slightly, extending her tongue to lick the outer reach of
the blonde's cunt. Each dry (and wet) hair felt the sting of Trish's tongue
before she dove back in between Terri's legs. She munched on her opponent
with unmatchable technique, coiling her tongue in positions that don't even
have names. It became clear that Trish knew exactly what she was doing and
Terri was kicking herself for not letting her do it earlier in the evening.

"Oooh yeah, Trish..." Terri cooed, "...that's the spot■ right there... OH!

It was also clear that Trish had clearly found Terri's g-spot and the
horny little she-devil was well on her way to her own orgasm. Trish continued
her assault nevertheless, licking and sucking on her foe's bush recklessly
without taking a pause. When she finally did pause for a breath of air, Trish
continued to work over Terri's vagina with her index and middle fingers,
jamming them inside her like she did to her earlier. Seconds later, it was
back to Trish's incredible oral.

Her hands, nonetheless, found use elsewhere. Trish untied Terri's top and
tossed it aside, freeing her gorgeous breasts. Although Trish couldn't see
them in all their glory, she made sure to make up for it with her sense of
feel. She wrapped both palms around the beautiful mounds and probed them with
her fingers. Terri's nipples hardened as Trish rubbed her palms over them
relentlessly. All the parts of her hands, like her mouth, worked to bring the
voluptuous blonde to a release. It seemed to be working.

"UGH! OH YEAH! THAT'S IT! FASTER! FASTER!" Terri's body began to convulse
uncontrollably. Trish continued to eat her out and rub her massive tits
through each violent unnerving vibration. "I'M CUMMING■.. OH GOD...... YES!

And that she did. Terri came instantly and her juices leaked right into
the awaiting jowls of the former Women's Champion. Trish swallowed each drop
down without a hitch and then pulled herself from the corner, wiping her lips
seductively. She glanced back at Terri's bubble butt -- still jolting out
from the turnbuckle -- and smiled.

"Hey Terri, think you could grab that paddle for me?" she asked
devilishly. "I think it's time we practice the end of the match. I'll loose."

Seeing as there was no way she could argue with that, Terri climbed to the
top turnbuckle and grabbed the paddle. She then jumped down to the mat and
approached Trish from behind. Returning the favor before, Terri slapped Trish
on the ass with the end of the paddle.


"Ouch, what was that for?" Trish yelled, rubbing her sore ass.

"Losing the match," Terri slyly answered back. "Now, bend over my knee."

Terri knelt down and signaled Trish over with the paddle. Excitedly,
the blonde got down on her knees and leaned on Terri's knees with both
elbows. It wasn't exactly what Terri was hoping for, but once Trish
wrapped her lips around her left breast, it became perfectly all right
with the paddle-wheeling she-devil. Trish lovingly indulged in Terri's
tit flesh; first licking the entire surface of her large boob, then
focusing her attention to the swollen nipple on the end. Terri, meanwhile,
struck the paddle against the palm of her hand in menacing fashion.

"Ready for a spanking?" she asked.

"Mmmhmmmm..." Trish replied in a muffled moan of approval.


The sound of wood bouncing off flesh resounded throughout the room as
Terri came down hard on Trish's already sore behind. She spit Terri's boob
out of her mouth and yelped in pain. Terri didn't take notice.


Another loud spank filled the ring. Trish yelled even harder this time,
but returned to softly sucking on Terri's tit.


A chorus of sickening shots echoed inside the empty arena. Much to Terri's
surprise, the spankee was beginning to enjoy herself.

"Mmmmm... that's so hot!" Trish moaned. "Give it to me again!"


"UGH! YES! HARDER!" the Canadian vixen hollered.






Terri shook her head in disarray. Trish's ass was completely covered in a
reddish tint and she was demanding more. Terri had no choice but to drop the
paddle. Before Trish could protest, however, Terri ran her fingers through
the soft flesh of her meaty (and red) buttocks. She then bent down, kissed
Trish on both cheeks, and slipped her finger into her tight anus. Terri eased
in and finger-fucked Trish's butt as she enjoyably moaned.


Quickly, the she-devil retracted her finger, lifted up the paddle once
again, and slammed it down on Trish's buttocks.


It was by far the loudest shot of the night. Trish came immediately
following the earth-shattering shot. Terri got down behind the bent-over diva
and ate her out from behind, snagging up all her sweet, succulent juices.
Both women appeared satisfied.

"Oh man, there's no way I can loose this match on TV," Trish explained.
"I'll be thinking about this the entire time."

"Well, what are you going to do?" Terri asked, picking up the paddle. She
tried to hand it to Trish, but she pushed it away.

"I'm going to go visit Vince," the smug blonde called out, hopping outside
the ring to gather her robe.

"What about my spanking?" called Terri from inside the ring.

"You'll get yours, don't worry." Trish looked back with a grin.

Trish threw her robe on over her naked body and walked toward the exit.

"Trish, you forgot your..." the she-devil started, but Trish slammed the
door behind her, "...bikini."

Obviously, the match ending was changed, as was Trish's skimpy outfit.
Terri was disappointed that she was not able to be spanked and went to
confront Trish in her locker room after the show.







These sexy sounds emitted from the ladies' locker room later that night as
the male crew workers that were still left gathered around the door. Terri
had finally got her own special trip to the woodshed. And the rest, as they
say, is history.

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