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A Twisted Eve
by FanficLover

It's Slammy Award Night. Eve Torres is about to make a One-Night return to present the "Diva of the Year"-Award. The nominees are: Nikki Bella, Sasha Banks, Charlotte Flair, Alexa Bliss and Bayley. Eve wanders around Backstage, looking onto her Smartphone not looking where she's going. Her fault as it's coming as it has to be. As she's turning left around the corner, she bumps into another Person. It's Alexa Bliss, the current Smackdown Women Champion and one of the five nominees for the "Diva of the Year"-Award.

"Ouh, don't you have eyes you stupid idiot?" Alexa angrily shouts, not noticing that it's Eve who bumped into her. "Oh.. Ouhm hi Eve Torres.. I'm sorry.. Ouhm didn't ment to call you an idiot." she stutters.

"I hope you are! Who do you think you are?" Eve shouts as angrily as Alexa did before. "And don't you dare call me Eve again! It's Ms Torres for you!"

"Ok Ms Torres! I'm really sorry Ms Torres!" Alexa whispers as she gets back on her feet, turning around and getting away as fast as possible.

As Alexa walks off, Eve can't help but to stare at the Blissfull's ass thinking to herself 'Damn, thats one hack of an ass. Alexa is smoking hot and I really need to catch her privatly. Maybe I can talk her into some hot lesbian action. Maybe I can get her to be my little slut. She's so sweet being a polite little girl!'. After that her Phone rings and she's taking the call.

>>>>>>>>2 hours later<<<<<<<<

"Ladies and Gentleman, please welcome back to present the "Diva of the Year"-Slammy Award.. Eve Torres!" After the Ringanounce did his Job, Eve's Music plays and the Hellacious Heartbreaker advances to the Podium.

"Thank you very much for this warm welcome! It's a pleasure to return tonight to present the Diva of the Year Award to the Winner. A Diva who worked her ass to bring Entertainmant to all of you, to give you the best show possible! Ladies and Gentlemen, the nominees are..". On the Titanthrone apears a videopackage, which shows short clips ofthe five nominees one last time. "And the winner is... Alexa Bliss!" Eve reads the Name in the envelop feeling also little excited for to see Alexa again.

>>>>>>>>30 minutes later<<<<<<<<

After talking to some old friends Eve went to the Divas Lockerroom to talk Alexa. As she reaches the door, she knocks on it. As noone replies she opens the door just to see it empty. As she was about to close the door, she hears someone in the shower. As curious as she is Eve enters the room and sneaks to the shower area to sneak a peak at who ever is in the shower. As she looks around the corner her heart almost stops beating as she sees Alexa Bliss in the shower. There she stands all naked with her perky round tits and her all shaved pussy. Eve can't help but to be turned on. She slides her hand down her pants and starts to play with her Pussy. As she starts to moan she stops and withdraw into the locker room and forward the exit of the arena.

"Someone's there?" Alexa ask as she heard some noise, but isn't getting any answer.

>>>>>>>>Another 30 Minutes later<<<<<<<<

Alexa finished showering and is in her private clothing as she heads forward the exit of the arena. In the parking lot Alexa suddenly gets the feeling of being stalked, but isn't seeing any hint of a person stalking her. So Alexa gets in her car driving home but still has the feeling of being stalked, again without any hint of a stalker.

>>>>>>>>Back at Alexa's home<<<<<<<<

Being home, Alexa puts her bag into her bedroom and the dirty clothing in the washer. As she is about to relax on the couch the doorbell goes. A bit angry Alexa gets back up again and heads forward the door. As she looks through the spion she sees Eve Torres standing in front the door.

"Hello Eve.. Uhm sorry Ms Torres. How can I help you?" Alexa ask as she opens the door.

"I don't need your help.. I need you!" Eve answer as she gets close to Alexa, planting a kiss on her lips.

Alexa is shocked and surprised, but after a bit of hesitation she answer Eve's kiss passionately.

Eve then lifts Alexa up on her hips, still sharing the kiss with her, carrying her to the bedroom, As she reaches the bed, she simply drops Alexa on her bed. "Just so you know. Eventhough i came off guard, I'm still Ms Torres for you and your my blissfull bitch! And now get off your clothes!" Eve tells Alexa.

Alexa is still overwhelmed by the whole situation but follows Eve's instructions without any contradictions and gets off her clothes. As she lays all naked in front of Eve on her bed she feels embarased and all dirty. She never seviled to anyone and has never been with women before. But Eve is one hot woman and her way to talk to her and treat her really turns her on.

As Eve has Alexa right were she wants her, she puts her in position ties Alexa hands on her back. She then spreads Alexas legs and kneels between them. After that she starts to slide her hands up Alexa's thights all the way up to her Pussy, rubbing Alexa's pussy lips so Alexa starts getting wet.

"Oh god, even thought I never was with Women before it feels so damn good! Make me cum for you!" Alexa pleads Eve while getting wetter and wetter with every rub on her pussy and starting to moan simultaneously.

Eve does as she ask as she starts to lick Alexas clit getting faster and faster as Alexas moans get louder and louder and her pussy getting wetter and wetter. With Alexas Pussy ist as wet as it gets Eve slides two fingers into the blissfull pussy starting finger fucking Alexa. But as she feels Alexa getting close to an orgasm she suddenly stops pleasuring Alexa. "Don't you dare come without my permission!" She commands to Alexa. "But you know what.. I've got two friends with me!"

Alexa, who is a little bit dissapointed about the sudden interruption gets back on track all excited on the two friends Eve is talking about, wondering what she means,

Having Alexa right where she wants, Eve reaches for her handbag after which she holds a vibrator and a strap on in each hand showing them to Alexa. She sees Alexa's face lightning up in excitement and shock at the same time. She then spreads Alexas legs a bit further and putting on the vibrator on the highest level. As Eve holds the vibrator on the entry of Alexas pussy with Alexa again starts moaning, she reaches underneath Alexas body and slide her hand over Alexas ass, stopping at her asshole.

Alexas eyes start to widen as she starts to suspect what's Eve's plan. "Please dont do it!" She whispers "My asshole never got used in any sexually way!"

But Eve doesn't care what Alexa wants so she inserts a finger into Alexa's ass inserting the vibrator into Alexas pussy. Knowing that the pussy is getting a technical attention, Eve turns Alexa on her stomach and taking full care of Alexas asshole.

Now completely forgetting about what Eve told her Alexas tries one last time to avoid loosing her anal virginity. "Eve.. Please don't do it! I don't want you fuck my ass!"

"First of all I told you not to call me Eve, second of all you are my bitch and so im calling the shots around here! So don't tell me what to do and what not to do. And trust me.. you don't wanna miss me using that little asshole of yours!" Eve tells Alexa before starting to finger fuck Alexas asshole. She continues to do so in a fast paste until she feels Alexa again coming close to her first orgasm and once again stops the pleasure suddenly with pulling her finger out of Alexas butt and turning the vibrator of. "Not that fast little girl! I need to fuck you and I'm not talking about finger fucking you. I'm talking about putting on my Strap on and fuck your pussy really hard and deep!" Eve tells Alexa putting on her Strap on.

"Oh Ms Torres. You convinced me to like it and now I really want you to fuck my pussy and there after fuck my ass. Make me your bitch like you told me!" Alexa really wanting to get fucked by Eve.

And Eve really doesn't make empty promisses when she turns Alexa back on her back, inserting the vibrator into Alexas ass turning it on highest paste while placing the tip of the strapon on the entrance of Alexa's lovehole. With a single move forward with her hips Eve lets the Strapon glides into Alexas pussy starting to pound her pussy. While fastening her paste Eve graps Alexa's perfect tits squeezing them and making Alexa moan in pleasure once again. Similar to the poundings before Eve gets faster and harder, making Alexa getting closer to her first orgasm. This time Eve doesn't stop, just laying it all in the pounding she makes Alexa getting an explosive orgasm.

"OH MY GOD! MS TORRES THIS WAS THE BEST ORGASM I EVER HAD!" Alexa sreamed while squirting her love liquid all over her bed and onto Eve."Thank you so much!" she adds panting after the orgasm almost took everything out of her.

"Yeah this was one massive orgasm! But you know... It's not over jet. This was just part one!" Eve tells Alexa and turns her on the stomach pulling the vibrator out of her ass. "Now be a good girl and clean this little friend of me up!" She says holding the vibrator in front of Alexas face.

"Ew.. Really?" Alexa asks clearly disgusted.

"Yeah really!" Eve commands holding it close to Alexas mouth.

"Ew.. ok.. this is only for you!" Alexa replies opening her mouth still disgusted but cleaning the toy like the good Slut she is.

Eve grins at her "Good girl!" before taking it into her own mouth for a short ammount of time before turning it on again and inserting it into Alexas pussy. Then she puts the Strapon onto her asshole pressing it into it and starting ass fucking Alexa with the Strapon.

Alexa feels pain but the pain she's in is nothing compared to the pleasure she's retrieving from the buttfuck. As Eve is pounding her ass, Alexa is really enjoying the whole sex session and considers about offering Eve to make her her fulltime slut which means that Alexa would belong to Eve and Eve only, but Alexa feels that this is excatly what her real Provision was all about. After that thought there was nothing more for Alexa to think about as she felt her second orgasm coming closer and with a final hard thrust from Eve Alexa explodes for second time again squirting all over her bed.

After she made Alexa come for a second time, Eve draws back from Alexa's ass and pulling the vibrator out of Alexas pussy leaving the blissfull all exhausted on the bed. While getting up and getting of her clothes. "So now that you're all exhausted and pleasured, it's time for you to repay me. It's time for you to make me cum!"Eve tells Alexa getting back on the bed. She places herself over Alexas face, slowly lowering onto it. "And now.. Eat that pussy and make me cum!"

Now it's Alexa's turn to pleasure, while Eve is the one who recieves pleasure. Almost completly exhausted but willing to prove that she is worth to be Eve's personal slut, Alexa starts to use her tounge like a propeller, twirling it alternately on Eve's clit and Eve's pussy, sometimes even driving her tounge deep into Eve's pussy. Alexa keeps twirling her tounge in a fast paste making Eve moaning loud in pleasure.

"Oh Alexa you're perfect! Maybe i keep you and make you all mine! I feel you're gonna make me cum like no woman ever did it before! You're definite worth more than a One Night Stand!"Eve tells Alexa's biggest wish, making it come true, while keeping moaning and feel her orgasm drawing closer. Just before cumming she turns position ending up with her back on the bed with Alexa's head still between her legs. To make sure Alexa has no chance of escaping Eve locks her legs behind Alexa's head, aplying an inverted Figure 4 headscissor trapping Alexa's head right in place.

With having nowhere else to go Alexa gives full force in her twirling with Eve exploding right in her face, almost drowning her in love liquid.

"OH MY GOD! FINALLY I'M GONNA EXPLODE!" Eve shouts in pleasure right before squirting right into Alexa's face. Right after that Eve lets go of her submission with Alexa dropping straight onto the bed. "You're definite worth another sex session. So I will take you to my place, where your gonna stay as long as I like it!" Eve tells the now passed out Alexa, putting on her clothes before putting Alexa all naked on her shoulders and leaving Alexa's home. She then gets onto her car, starts the engine and drives with the passed out Alexa on the backseat.

The End

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