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A Very Extreme Hardy Reunion
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Inside Team Extreme's locker room, after their reunion match on the November
21, 2006 edition of ECW on SCI-FI, Matt and Jeff Hardy are relaxing after
defeating the Full Blooded Italians in a hard fought exciting match that
wowed fans in the arena and all over the world. Matt, dressed in his
old-school Hardy Boyz-era pants, smirks at Jeff, "Damn Jeff... it was great
out there just like out times..." Matt says.

"Yeah..." Jeff nods his head as he puts his Intercontinental title belt down
on the floor as he sits on a leather couch. Jeff is dressed in a black tank
top and black baggy jeans, and he slides a hand through his multi-colored
hair, "Except the Italians had the hot chick... and we had nothing..." Jeff

"I was talking about us teaming together you idiot..." Matt laughs.

"I know... but still we should've had a hot chick out there with us..." Jeff
says, and then he smiles, "Too bad one of us had to get dumped not once, but
twice... by two extreme hotties..."

Matt gives Jeff a bit of a sharp look, but then he smiles, "Hey bro, the shit
with Lita wasn't my fault... and the second... well with Ashley... it just
wasn't the right time..."

Jeff laughs, "Sure... but still... I would've loved to give her a double dose
of extreme..." Jeff says before he pulls off his tank top. Matt is about to
reply, but he's cut off when there's a soft knock on the door.

"Well maybe if things work out... we could give her a double dose of
extreme... you never know..." Matt says as walks over to the door to open the
door slowly open. Matt then looks out into the hallway, "Yes?" Matt says as
he holds the door open.

Standing out in the hallway is the adorable, nineteen-year old Exhibitionist
of ECW, Kelly Kelly, who is dressed in short pink skirt and a pink bikini
top. Kelly bites down on her bottom lip as she shyly and cutely lowers her
head "Ummm...hi..." Kelly laughs cutely as she presses her shoulders up
"I'm...umm...Kelly..." Kelly pauses and slowly looks up at Matt and blushes
"I just wanted to and Jeff...when I was growing up, I was big fan
of the Hardy Boyz..." Kelly says cutely as she casually locks her soft,
gentle and innocent eyes with the older Hardy brother, Matt.

Matt Hardy smiles, "Really? Well it's always great to meet one of our
fans..." Matt replies as he looks over at Jeff, "Hey, get your lazy butt
over here... we got a fan."

"Really?" Jeff stands up from the couch and comes over to the door, and when
he sees Kelly he smiles, "Hey there... I'm Jeff..." Jeff says as he extends
his hand toward Kelly.

Kelly blushes and lowers her head before she extends her left hand "Hi
Jeff... I'm... Kelly... and... well..." Kelly pauses and bites down on her
bottom lip as she slowly lifts her eyes up to look at Jeff "I'm ECW's...
Extreme Exhibitionist..."

"An Extreme Exhibitionist? That's an interesting role to have..." Jeff says
as he steps back.

Matt smiles, "Well... you don't have to stand out there Kelly... come on
in..." Matt says as he steps back as well to let Kelly into the locker room.

Kelly smiles excitedly "Really? I can come in?" Kelly asks cutely before
she enters the locker room that belongs to Matt and Jeff Hardy. Kelly Kelly
lowers her head adorably "I'm excited I could meet're
like my favorites..." Kelly pauses and scrunches her nose up cutely "Well...
other then CM're my favorites..."

Matt Hardy smiles, "Well... I hope we're not like your second favorites
behind him..." Matt laughs, as he closes the locker room door just as Jeff
has gone back to the couch to sit down.

Kelly laughs cutely " guys are my favorites too..." Kelly replies
as she bites down on her bottom lip while looking over at Jeff as he sits on
the couch once again "So...ummm, are you busy?" Kelly asks as she
adorably smiles.

Jeff shakes his head, "Nope.... we're just chilling... talking about old
times and stuff..." Jeff answers as he looks at Kelly's body and licks his
lips slightly.

Matt sees that his brother is checking Kelly out, and he comes up behind
Kelly and asks, "Gotta question Kelly... how did you get to become an Extreme
Exhibitionist?" Matt asks.

Kelly cutely shrugs her shoulders "Well...I think it's because...I just love
taking my clothes off..." Kelly replies with a adorable smile as she glances
over her shoulder to look at Matt.

"Really?" Matt smiles, "You know... me and Jeff... have never seen an Extreme

"Yeah Kelly..." Jeff says as he sees what Matt is thinking, "We've seen
Exhibitionists... but never one that was Extreme..."

Kelly bites down on her bottom lip " haven't?" Kelly asks cutely as
she blushes.

"Nope..." Jeff and Matt both says at the same time as they shake their heads,
"Could you... show us?" Jeff asks with a smile as he leans back on the couch.

Kelly scrunches her nose up as she places her hands on her smooth, toned and
tanned waist "Ummm...I guess I could..." Kelly says with a cute smile "But...
my boyfriend doesn't like it...when I take off my clothes for other
people..." Kelly replies as she slowly looks down.

Matt scratches the back of his head, "Well... we can keep a secrete... we're
Team Extreme... The Hardy Boyz... " Matt says with a smile, "Plus... if
you're an Extreme Exhibitionist... and we're Team Extreme... things might
get... extreme..." Matt says.

Jeff laughs a bit, "Damn Matt... you sound like a broken record... but I
hink you made your point to Kelly..."

Kelly laughs and bites down on her bottom lip "I guess...I could..." Kelly
says with an adorable smile before she starts to cutely sway her hips back
and forth as she starts to seductively move her hot, tanned and petite body
as she reaches over her shoulder with her left hand and unclips her pink
bikini top before she slowly and teasingly begins to remove her pink bikini

Matt quickly moves in front of Kelly so that he can sit on the couch with
Jeff, and both men watch the adorable Extreme Vixen as she slowly peels away
her pink bikini top. "Nice.... whew... that's nice..." Jeff says with a smile
as he licks his lips.

"Yeah... and hot too..." Matt Hardy adds with a smirk on his face. The
adorable, cute nineteen-year old Kelly Kelly removes her pink bikini top
from her hot, tanned body to expose her petite, firmly rounded, perky and
hot tits. Kelly releases her pink bikini top and the top falls to the floor
as Matt and Jeff Hardy get a good look at Kelly's perfect tits. Wow... those
look great..." Matt says as he licks his lips and adjusts the crotch of his
pants to make his bulging crotch more comfortable.

"Yeah... those are great looking tits Kelly..." Jeff says as he pulls off his
black tank top to reveal his smooth, toned upper body while at the same time
making himself more comfortable.

Kelly blushes "Thanks Matt...and Jeff..." Kelly says with a cute laugh before
she places her hands back on her smooth waist and against her short pink
skirt. Kelly bites down on her bottom lip as she begins to slowly push down
her short pink skirt from her waist as she cutely shakes her hips.

"Damn... damn... you are smoking hot..." Jeff says as he starts to
unbutton and unzips his jeans. He pushes them down a bit until his swelling
eleven-inch cock is freed.

Matt looks at his brother and laughs, "Damn Jeff..."

"What? I'm just getting ready to get extreme later..." Jeff says as he keeps
his eyes on Kelly Kelly as she pushes her short pink skirt down.

"Good idea... sure seems like it's going to get that way..." Matt says as he
starts to undo his pants.

Kelly glances over at Jeff and Matt and she licks her lips as she sees Jeff's
hard, thick cock while Matt is undoing his pants. Kelly lowers her head and
blushes as she slides her short pink skirt down her smooth, tanned legs and
steps out of her skirt to expose her hot, nineteen-year old shaven pussy.

"Mmmmmm... damn you are smoking Kelly..." Matt says as he gets his pants
undone and he stands up from the couch to push his pants down from his waist.
As he pushes his pants down, Matt's large, ten-inch cock is unleashed and he
steps out of his pants. Jeff Hardy slides his own pants down completely and
his kicks them off so that now, both of the Hardy Boyz are completely naked.

Kelly bites down on her bottom lip "" Kelly laughs cutely "You
two are so hot..." Kelly says as she blushes and pushes her slender shoulders
up, while she takes a step towards Jeff and Matt as the sit on the couch.

"Thanks Kelly..." Jeff Hardy smiles as he leans back on the couch as Matt
gets comfortable next to him, "But... are you done showing us what an Extreme
Exhibitionist or is there more?" Jeff asks as he licks his lips.

Kelly scrunches her nose up before she shakes her head "Nope...I'm done..."
Kelly cutely replies.

"Great... now comes the part where we start to get Extreme..." Matt says and
shortly after he just sat down, he stands up.

"Yup, just like old times..." Jeff adds as he stands up as well, and the
two hot WWE Superstars step towards ECW's Extreme Exhibitionist, "And it
starts... with the elevator going down..." Jeff adds as he and Matt each
put a hand on Kelly's shoulder and gently push her down to her knees in
front of them.

Kelly blushes as she bites down on her bottom lip as she's lowered down
her to knees in front of Jeff and Matt Hardy as they gently push the cute
Exhibitionist down to her knees. Kelly presses her lips together as she
looks up at Matt and Jeff before she cutely smiles and wraps her soft,
small hands around Jeff and Matt's shaft. Matt in her right hand and Jeff
in her left hand as she begins to smoothly stroke their hardening cocks
"Mmmm...I just love being extreme too!"

Jeff and Matt both smile down at Kelly as the adorable nineteen-year-old
vixen slides her hands back and forth along their now fully hard cocks.
"Mmmmm damn... well let's see how extreme you can be..." Matt moans as he
feels Kelly twist her right hand slightly on his meaty dick.

"Yeah Kelly... don't be shy..." Jeff says as he licks his lips and puts his
hands on his waist.

Kelly smiles cutely "Ok..." Kelly says before she lowers her head down
towards Matt and Jeff's hard cocks before she places her soft, wet tongue
against the head of Jeff's cock and gently circles her tongue around the
head of his cock before she gently slaps her tongue against the head of
Matt's cock as well, before returning her tongue to Jeff's cock.

"Mmmmm... ohhh yea..." Jeff Hardy moans as Kelly moves her soft wet tongue
against the head of his cock as she coats his dick with her saliva. Matt
Hardy licks his lips.

"Mmm... damn she's a real cutie..." Matt says as he pushes Kelly's blond hair
back slightly, "You know... I think I'll get some head a little later..."
Matt says as frees his dick from Kelly's right hand. The older Hardy Brother
then steps around behind Kelly and he kneels behind her. "Kelly can you sit
up a bit..." Matt asks as he puts his hands on Kelly's waist.

Kelly bites down on her bottom lip as she glances over her shoulder at Matt
and smiles cutely "Sure..." Kelly replies before she sits up a bit more on
her knees and pushes backside out a bit towards Matt as she strokes Jeff's
cock smoothly with her left hand. Kelly licks her lips as she looks back at
Jeff's cock before the innocent, cute Kelly Kelly opens her warm and wet
mouth as she lowers her head and takes Jeff's cock into her mouth and begins
to bob her head almost instantly.

"Ahhhh... mmmmm..." Jeff Hardy moans as he lays both of his hands on Kelly
Kelly's head as she slowly bobs her head up and down on his stiff thick dick.

Behind her, Matt Hardy slides his hands over Kelly Kelly's smooth, hot, firm
ass, "Damn you are hot..." Matt says before he starts to push his hard fat
cock into Kelly's nineteen-year-old, warm tight pussy. "Oh damn that's
snug..." Matt says as he puts his hands on Kelly's hips as he begins to pump
his cock in and out of Kelly's pussy.

"Mmmmm..." Kelly softly moans against Jeff's cock as she smoothly bobs her
head against Jeff's shaft causing her lips to grind against the skin of shaft
while her warm saliva drips against his cock. Kelly Kelly gently twists her
head on Jeff's cock as she smoothly pushes her hot, tanned, petite body back
against Matt's cock as he starts to thrust his cock into her warm, tight
pussy "Mmmm...mmm...oh yeah..." Kelly groans as she gently taps her tongue
against Jeff's cock.

"Uhhh... ohhh man..." Matt Hardy groans as starts to quicken the pace of his
thrusts. Matt helps Kelly move back against him by pulling as he pushes his
cock forward into her pussy.

Jeff Hardy slides his fingers through Kelly Kelly's smooth blond hair as
Kelly is taking more and more of cock into her mouth. "Ahhh... ohhh shit...
fuck...that's extreme Kelly..." Jeff moans in pleasure as he feels Kelly's
tongue gently tapping against the bottom of his shaft.

Kelly slowly lifts her soft, gentle eyes up as she locks her eyes with Jeff
as she moves her head along his shaft as she takes him deeper into her warm,
wet mouth "Mmmmm...mmmmm...ohhhh..." Kelly moans against Jeff's shaft as she
twirls her tongue against the tip of his cock as pushes her petite, hot body
firmly back against Matt's cock causing her hot ass to slam against Matt's
smooth waist.

"Ahhhh fuck... Kelly... mmmm... ohhh damn..." Jeff moans as he slowly
starts to move backward in order to remove his saliva covered cock from Kelly
Kelly's warm wet mouth.

Matt Hardy continues to pump his cock in and out Kelly's tight pussy, "Uhhh
fuck... Jeff... she's really extreme back here..." Matt grunts as he slows
down his thrusts and then pulls his cock out of Kelly's pussy.

"Really? Well... I better see..." Jeff says as he sits on the couch with his
thick saliva covered dick pointing straight up.

Kelly licks her lips as she gets a cute, eager smile on her adorable face
before she crawls over to the couch and then stands up before she straddles
Jeff's lap as he sits on the couch, lowering herself down on his hard, thick,
saliva-coated cock "Mmmm...ohhhhh shoot..." Kelly groans as she bites down
on her bottom lip as she lowers herself completely on his hard cock. Kelly
places her soft, gentle hands against Jeff's smooth, muscular, semi-hairy
chest and she starts to smoothly rock back and forth against Jeff's cock.

"Ahhh fuck... mmmm damn Matt... you were right... she's extreme... in the
right way..." Jeff groans as he lays his hands on Kelly's smooth legs as she
moves up and down on his rock hard dick.

"Told ya bro... but I really want to see how extreme she is..." Matt says as
he licks his lips as he moves to stand behind Kelly. He bends his knees
slightly so that he can push his cock into Kelly's young, tight asshole.

Kelly gently grits her teeth together as she closes her eyes and tilts her
head back "Ohhhhh yeah... that's extreme..." Kelly moans cutely as Matt
enters her tight asshole while she smoothly rocks and bounces on Jeff's hard
cock as Matt begins to thrust his cock in and out of her hot ass, causing
Kelly to grind against Jeff.

Matt places his hand on Kelly Kelly's slender shoulders as he pumps his cock
at a slow, but firm pace, that results in his cock going deeper into Kelly's
asshole each time. "Mmmmm... ohhh yea... whew... fuck you got a great ass..."
Matt grunts as he starts to sweat.

"Mmmm and your pussy... is great too Kelly..." Jeff moans as he moves his
hands from Kelly's hips and places them on her firm, young, perfectly round
tits. Kelly Kelly bites down on her bottom lip as she closes her eyes while
she slams her petite, hot body down on Jeff's cock at a harder rate as her
petite body is thrusted back against Matt's cock as she begins to sweat.

"Uhhh... hey Matt let's... show her... one of our old double team combos..."
Jeff says as sweat drips down his face.

"Good idea Jeff..." Matt says, and both hot, young men work together, and
like poetry in motion, Matt steps back and Jeff gets to his feet so that now,
Matt and Jeff are pressing their bodies against Kelly as they thrusts their
cocks into her young warm pussy and tight asshole.

Kelly bites down on her bottom lip as she wraps her legs gently around Jeff's
waist as she sandwiched between to two standing Hardy Boy-studs and she
bounces quickly on Matt and Jeff's cocks as they thrust deeper into her warm,
wet pussy and tight asshole "Ohhhh...ohhhh...ohhh yeah!" Kelly moans as she
gently wraps her arms around Jeff's neck as sweat drips off of her petite,
hot and tanned body.

Jeff Hardy smiles as Kelly holds onto him as both he and his brother Matt
take Kelly to a whole new level of extreme. "Ahhh mmmm fuck... damn...
Kelly... you're... really an extreme exhibitionist..." Matt groans as he
holds onto Kelly's waist as he continues to pump her ass with his cock.

"Ohhhh...ohhh...ohhh nooo..." Kelly groans as she closes her eyes and the
adorable, cute Exhibitionist begins to cum on Jeff's cock.

"Ahhh... ohhh man..." Jeff groans as he starts to cum inside of Kelly Kelly's
warm tight pussy as she cums on his cock.

Matt licks his lips as he continues thrusting his cock deep into Kelly's cute
hot ass. "Mmmm... ohhh damn... whew..." Matt moans as he starts to cum inside
of Kelly's ass.

Kelly slightly tilts her blond-haired head back and licks her lips as she
feels Matt's cum enter her tight asshole "Ohhhhh...mmmm...I love you boys!"
Kelly says with a cute smile.

Matt and Jeff both smile as they keep their cum spent cocks inside of Kelly's
young body, "Damn... gotta love our long time fans... really makes ya feel
good... right Jeff?" Matt asks.

"Yeah... totally..." Jeff replies before he looks at Kelly, "So... did you
have fun?" Jeff asks.

Kelly bites down on her bottom lip and nods her head with a cute smile
" bet I did!" Kelly laughs cutely.

Jeff smiles, "Glad you did... cause we love taking things... and cute
girls... to the extreme..."

Matt laughs slightly, "Just like the old days..."


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