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Disclaimer: This story, like all of the other stories written by us, is a fictional parody, we write these fictitious stories for fun and because we can. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that parodies involving famous people are perfectly and totally legal under the United States Constitution (ruling occurred as a result of the case "Hustler Magazine, Inc et al vs. Jerry Falwell" in 1988).

Basically what we are saying this is fiction.

Also, some know that two years ago, Kristi retired from writing, but has helped with some fics from time to time which is why the credits have and forever will be listed as 'Kristi and Dice'.... But all intents in purposes, this is a special one off story. Could there be more? Well with our respective schedules being more complex, the odds aren't good but I can say:

Now... Kristi and Dice present

A Viper In A Sheep's Mask
Written By Kristi ( and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

A caption reads, 'SmackDown Live, September 27, 2016,' as the scene fades in, showing Randy Orton, wearing the Wyatt's sheep mask, hooded jacket and pants, exiting the boiler room and making his way towards the locker room area. The slithering way at which The Viper works takes on an all new air of creepy thanks to him having the Sheep Mask down over his face, which doesn't go unnoticed by the SmackDown Women's Champ Becky Lynch when Orton passes her

The Irish Lash Kicker, dressed in a pair of her tight fighting emerald green bottoms and top, raises an eyebrow as Randy slithers past her "The fuck?" Becky says out loud but when she isn't acknowledged asks. "Hey... Hey Randy, you alright? What's with the fucking mask?"

The sheep mask wearing Superstar continues to ignore acknowledge Becky's questions as he continues on his way. Not one to be ignored the SmackDown Women's Champion begins to follow him, even as he makes a turn away from the locker room area and towards make-up up area.

"Hey... Randy... Whoa wait up..." Becky says as she jogs to catch up to Orton before slowing her pace to walk next to him, at which time she reaches forward to put her hand onto his arm "Randy, man.... You ok?"

The Viper suddenly stops, causing Becky to do so as well. He then slowly turns his head towards Becky, starring at her through the eye holes of the sheep mask, coming across the way Erick Rowan does.

Becky raises an eyebrow as she looks at Randy before she starts to laugh "Oh come on... Take that mask off, it's fuckin' creepy man..."

However, the multiple time former World Champion just slowly tilts his head to one side as he continues to stare at the reigning Women's Champion of SmackDown.

"Come on Randy, quit with this shit..." Becky says before she reaches up with her left hand toward the sheep mask. She barely gets near Randy's head when with the suddenness of a RKO out of nowhere, Randy snatches Becky's left wrist with his left hand and holds it at chest level

"Ahhh! What the fuck! Randy!?" Becky yells, clearly startled as she looks at him with disbelief as she steps backward to star trying to pull her wrist free from The Viper's clutches.

The sheep masked wearing Superstar doesn't seem to react to Becky's shocked response, instead he casually begins to make her lower her hand, down past his torso, then past his waist and then forces her hand towards his crotch

Becky's eyes widen and manages to break her wrist free from Orton's grip with a fairly violent tug "What the fuck is wrong with you!?" Becky yells as she takes another step away from the seemingly possessed wrestler as he just stares at her for a long moment before he steps towards. Becky backs away from him, moving not down the hallway, but to the side of it. Orton takes advantage of this mistake by grabbing her by the shoulders and firmly pushing her up against the hallway wall.

"Awwww..." Becky groans as her back painfully connects with the wall in the hallway, her body starting to slump forward. Keeping his hands on her shoulders, Orton pushes Becky downward to her knees, perfectly trapping her between himself and the wall

Becky looks up at Orton slightly dazed after being push against the wall and shakes her head momentarily "What is... What is going on?"

The sheep mask wearing Superstar undoes his pants with his right hand as he stares down at Becky. Within a few moments he pushes them down from his waist just enough to free his long, thick shaft. The Irish Starlet just looks forward at Randy's exposed cock and slightly licks her lips at the sight of its thick and long nature, admiring it as she watching it harden, rising like a proverbial awakening serpent. Becky is so entranced by the sight, she doesn't flinch as Randy places his left hand on her head and begins to guide her forward towards his manhood.

The head of Randy's cock presses against her soft and pouty lips and the Irish Lass Kickers gradually parts her lips while Orton forces into her mouth with barely any effort. After an inch of his dick enters Becky's mouth, Randy begins to move his hips, thrusting his shaft back and forth between her lips.

"Mmmmm..." Becky moans with the back of her head pressed against the wall, with his shaft sliding between her lips and becoming wet with her saliva. Randy stares down at Becky, giving no noticeable sound of pleasure as he fucks her mouth but as he starts to feel her tongue against the the bottom of his cock he pushes his manhood deeper past her lips

"Mmmmm... Mmmmm" The Irish starlet moans with desire around his cock as it invades her mouth deeper, pumping his hips and thrusting into her mouth. Without say a word, Randy runs his fingers through Becky's orange hair as he continues to fuck her mouth, feeding her every inch of his shaft as her spit drips out past her lips and down her chin.

"Mmmmmm..."'Becky moans are muffled by Randy's large cock as her saliva drops down more heavily the further Orton invades her mouth before he eventually chooses to just hold his cock fully inside of Becky's mouth for several long moments before extracting it at a tortuously slow pace,as inch by inch of his shaft exits pass the Irish Starlet's lips

Becky looks at Orton as his cock leaves her mouth "What... What want from me?" she asks though it is quite apparently obvious. However she doesn't get an answer, as Randy leans down and tilts his head to one side and presses the 'lips' of the sheep masks against Becky's lips

"Mmmm..." Becky moans against the sheep mask as Randy firmly holds her, pressing the mask he's wearing against her face, embracing her in a way she would never imagine.

As he 'kisses her deeply' via the sheep mask on his face, Randy begins to pull Becky up to her feet, keeping her trapped between himself and the wall so that he can reach between her legs to rub her crotch through the material of her bottoms, feeling a noticeable damp patch between her legs

"Mmmmm...." Becky moans against the sheep's mask as she rubs her lips against those that are on it, as her body trembles at Randy's skilled touch. The Viper lifts his head away from Becky's face as he continues to move his hand, back and forth between her legs, and sees a few drops of sweat rolling down the sides of her forehead while watching as she closes her eyes and leans her head back against the wall as he works his palm and tips of his fingers between her legs. The sheep-mask wearing wrestler keeps his hand firmly moving against Becky's bottoms covered crotch, using the force he's using to make the material of her clothing stimulate her, putting her though the proverbial ringer as he plays with her like a musical instrument

"Ohhhh awww ohhh....ohhhh" Becky moans as she pushes against his hand grinding her pussy down against his hand with eager anticipation.

Randy keeps manipulating the space between Becky's legs with his single hand as he lowers his head again, this time to right of her head, and in a very 'Bray Wyatt style hush tone' demands: "Cum"

"Mmmmm...." Becky groans as she feels his hand thrusting against her crotch in such a frantic manner that it is clear that she her body wants to explode with the orgasmic bliss that he is pushing her towards. Randy nuzzles his sheep-mask covered face against Becky's as he continues his relentless movements of his hand, getting her to dry hump his palm. His exposed, spit covered cock, brushes against The Irish starlet's body as he overwhelms her, not one to be denied, as he grinds the palm of his hand against the now soaking wet crotch of the SmackDown Women's Champion, grind the material against her pussy as Becky gasps and squeals with lust.

"Ooooo ohhh fuck...ohhhhh...." Becky moans as her body trembles again, her eyes fluttering and her mouth hangs open as she begins to cum in her wrestling shorts. Randy keeps the pressure on, moving his hand rapidly back and forth as Becky grabs his upper arms to support herself as she goes weak in the knees, completely pushed over the edge by the Mayor of Viperville who has only said one word to her. "Mmmmm ohhhh fuckin hell..." Becky groans as sweat drips down her face as climax gradually begins to subside

The Viper brings his free hand up to the mask and lifts it slightly, "Still want me to take it off?" Randy asks with an smirk that could be considered cocky under any other circumstances as he continues to move his other hand between Becky's legs

Still basking in the glow of her orgasm, the orange-haired starlet slowly shakes her head "No... No..." Becky answers, not knowing if Randy is ribbing her or not, but at all caring as she lets a hand drop to lightly caress his exposed dick that is pressed against her.

Randy lowers the sheep mask and proceeds to press it's lips against Becky's again, making out with her in a perverse way while at the same time he moves his hand away from her soaking crotch in order to push her bottoms down from her hips. Becky's tongue brushes against the plastic of the mask flicking it against the indentations that form the 'sheep's lips', as the bottoms drop down her legs towards her ankles.

The Viper places his hands on Becky's slender hips and as he pulls his masked face back, he hoists her up, presses her against the wall and shoves his rock hard cock right into her dripping wet snatch, all in one smooth motion

"Mmmmmm ohh yeah... ahhh...." Becky moans and hooks her legs around his waist as she starts to immediately bounce on his cock Randy moves his hips, thrusting his shaft in and out of Becky's cunt wet hole while she moves her hands to his shoulders, gripping them loosely to allow her hands to slide against them as she moves up and down on his thrusting manhood.

"Mmmmm....ohhh..." Becky moans as she bounces on his cock, grinding down slightly. Showing amazing control, Randy doesn't noticeably grunt or groan, he perfectly rams his shaft repeatedly upward into Becky's twat while holding her against the wall

"Mmmmm...." Becky moans as she rapidly drops on his cock. The Viper leans his head down and forward, nuzzling the side of Becky's neck with the sheep mask as he pounds her pussy with brisk, sharp thrusts

"Ohhhh ahhh..." Becky moans as she moves her hands and wraps her arms around his neck, hugging him like a champ, as Randy works his arms around Becky' wrapping them around her lower back as she grinds her pussy lustfully on his pistoning pole.

"Mmmmm...ohhhh" Becky moans as she repeatedly drops down on his cock, clearly loving every second that this unusual encounter has resulted in. Being as he relentless as he was when he got her off with just his hand, Randy ups the intensity of his thrust, plowing the full length of his shaft into Becky's pussy making her tightne her legs around his waist

"Mmmmmm... Ohhhhh fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" Becky moans loudly as her pussy tightens around The Viper's cock as he begins to cum for a second time, just as she starts to feel Randy's shaft begins to throb and twitch but that doesn't slow him down. Instead the sheep-mask wearing wrestler continues his apparent quest of giving the Women's Champion of SmackDown an encounter that she won't soon forget, his cock repeatedly and rapidly partially exits and fully reenters her twat with a fierceness normally reserved for the poor fools that dare get on his bad-side in the ring

"Mmmmmm...ohhhh fuck! Fuck!" Becky moans as she sharply drops on his cock, her breathing labored, her body drenched with so much sweat that the green top she's wearing has become several shades darker thanks to how damp it is with her perspiration.

"Ahhhhh..." Randy lets out a loud grown beneath the sheep's mask as he finally starts to cum inside of Becky's soaking wet hole, while she bites down on her bottom lip as his warm cum fills her wet snatch.
Randy leans his head back as he slowly moves his erupting shaft in and out of Becky's pussy until he's spent. He then looks at her, starring at her through the sheep's mask as he continues to hold her as Becky keeps her arms around his neck, her legs around his waist, clearly not wanting to leg go.

"Mmmm fuck... That was hot as hell, man..." Becky says. Randy nods his head before lowering his sheep-mask covered face to 'kiss' The Irish Lass Kicker once more as the scene fades to black


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