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A Visit From Torrie
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

In a hospital room in North Carolina, Maven is laying on a hospital bed,
with his left ankle in a cast, dressed only in a hospital gown, watching TV.
Maven turns his left leg a bit and laughs, thinking of how he injured his
ankle doing a baseball slide out of the ring on SmackDown to hit Tajiri when
he was treating the lovely Torrie Wilson poorly. "It was worth it..." Maven
smiles to himself as he gets more comfortable on the hospital bed and starts
flipping through the channels on the television. As Maven's attention is
directed at the television set in the hospital room, he is interrupted by a
soft knock on the door.

Maven turns down the volume on the television to make sure he heard a knock.
When he hears another soft knock, he sits up more on the hospital bed, "Come
on in... I'm decent..." He says as he pulls a light blue sheet over the lower
half of his body.

The hospital door slowly opens and Maven is greeted by the presence of his
lovely girlfriend, Torrie Wilson, dressed in short jean shorts and a tight
fitting pink tank top. Torrie smiles sweetly at Maven as she closes the door,
once inside of the room. "Hey are you feeling?" Torrie asks as she
walks over to Maven's hospital bed.

Maven smiles a bit, "Oh hey Torrie... I'm doing all right..." He scoots
backward on the bed, so he's sitting against the wall behind at the head of
the bed. "How are things going with Tajiri... is he still going nuts over
you dumping him?"

Torrie rolls her eyes "Yeah...he just can't face that I've moved on..."
Torrie smiles at Maven "To...someone much better.." Torrie says as she sits
down on the edge of the hospital bed and frowns "I'm so sorry you got hurt,

Maven shrugs and smiles, "It's ok... it's all part of the business...." Maven
gets more comfortable on the hospital bed. "Besides, I kinda feel good that I
got hurt helping you out of a tough spot, so I have no regrets."

Torrie lowers her head with a half smile, half blush "Is there anything I can
do for you?" Torrie asks cutely as she gets up from sitting on the bed and
stands next to the hospital bed, which Maven is laying on.

"Ummm, I don't know..." Maven shrugs and laughs a bit, "I'm pretty good right
now... I think..." Maven adds with a smile as he looks up at her.

Torrie looks down at Maven and smiles "Are you sure you don't need anything?"
Torrie asks as she places her hands on her round, but slender hips.

Maven smiles, "Well.... there... are some things... but... you know I could
use.. a little TLC..." Maven looks down a bit, feeling a bit like a dork when
he said, "A little Torrie Loving Care..."

Torrie laughs a little "A little Torrie Loving Care?" Torrie asks with a
raised eyebrow "What did you have in mind, Mav?" She asks as she steps a bit
away from the upper portion of the hospital bed, where Maven's head is.

Maven looks up at her, "Forget it... I was being a bit of a dork...." Maven

"No..." Torrie laughs "Tell me...please?" Torrie asks with a cute smile.

Maven smiles, "Well... being stuck up here in this crummy hospital... has
me... missing a lot of things you know..."

Torrie smiles as she licks her lips "Like what?" Torrie asks as she sets her
left knee up on the edge of the hospital bed.

"Like..." Maven looks into Torrie's eyes, "Like... a little... sexual...
activity..." Maven's face turns a bit red, "Man I must seem like such a

Torrie smiles and shrugs "Well...maybe if you...let it out...I can help you
with the sexual activity..." Torrie says with a playful smirk as she slowly
lifts her pink tank top off of her tanned body, revealing a tight white bra.

Maven licks his lips slowly, "I think I can do that..." Maven pushes the
covers off of his lower body, and his cock is poking up into the material of
the hospital gown. Maven sits up some and begins to starts to slip out of the
hospital gown. Torrie smiles as she flips her blonde hair back as she begins
to push her short jean shorts off of her round, slender hips and down her
smooth, tanned, stunning legs.

"Torrie... have I said... you got the best looking legs in the world?"
Maven asks as he flirts lightly with Torrie as he takes hospital gown off
completely so now he's nude. His semi-hard nine inch cock lays between his
legs, but is starting to stand up on its own.

Torrie licks her lips at the sight of Maven's cock as she steps out of her
short jean shorts, now only dressed in a matching white bra and thong. Torrie
gently gets onto the hospital bed with Maven, but at the bottom half of the
bed. Torrie sits on her knees as she lowers her head down. She gently wraps
her left hand around his semi-hard cock and begins to gently stroke her hand
against his cock. "Mmmmm...." Maven closes his eyes softly as he lays both
his hands down on the hospital bed as Torrie gently assists his cock in
becoming harder. Maven's dick, within a few moments becomes a thick and meaty
shaft that fits perfectly in Torrie's left hand.

Torrie licks her lips "Mmmm Maven..." She softly moans as she brings her head
down to his cock. She gently presses the tip of her tongue against the head
of Maven's cock before she starts to circle her tongue around on his cock

Maven licks his lips, "Mmmmm baby..." Maven moans softly as he feels Torrie's
soft tongue go around the tip of his cock repeatedly. He lifts up his right
hand and uses it to push Torrie's hair up so her golden locks won't drape
over his cock and get in her mouth.

After circling her tongue a few more times on Maven's cock, she opens her hot
mouth and lowers her head down on his cock. She wraps her lips tightly around
his cock. She begins to slowly bob her head up and down on Maven's cock,
gradually lapping her tongue around his cock. "Ohhhh god..." Maven arches his
back a bit as he opens his eyes. Maven puts his left hand on Torrie's back
and starts rubbing her right shoulder blade. "That... feels... so good..."

Torrie softly moans around Maven's cock as she starts to bob her head up and
down on his cock, sucking on him deeper as she works her delicate tongue on
his cock. "Ohhh shit... Torrie..." Maven licks his lips as he sits up a bit
and watches the beautiful blond bob her head on his cock. Whenever Torrie
lifts her head, Maven can see a trickle of her saliva dribble out of her
mouth and down the length of his dick. Torrie twists her hot mouth against
Maven's cock as she bobs her head quicker on Maven's cock, splashing her
saliva against his cock as she strokes his shaft with her left hand. Torrie
reaches back with her right and unclips the hook on the back of her bra.
Torrie lifts her head up momentarily to peels the bra away from her large,
nice tits.

"Oh man... those... look great..." Maven smiles as he gets an incredible view
of Torrie's large round nice breasts. He moves his hand away from Torrie's
hair and it falls down, slightly covering her beautiful face. Torrie licks
lips as she locks her soft, seductive eyes with Maven, slowly leaning her
head back down to his cock. Keeping her eyes locked on Maven, Torrie opens
her hot, sensual mouth and sticks her tongue, patting her tongue against the
large head of Maven's cock.

"Mmmm fuck Torrie... I want... to fuck you so... bad right now..." Maven
moans as the pleasure Torrie creates with her tongue against his cock sends
shivers through his body.

Torrie smiles as she works the tip of her delicate tongue into Maven's
piss-slit, letting some of her warm saliva drip down Maven's shaft.
"Ahhhh..." Maven sits up as far as he can and places both of his hands
on Torrie's head. He lifts her head up and pulls her towards him and
kisses her lips, slipping his tongue into her mouth and taps Torrie's
tongue almost immediately. Torrie softly moans into Maven's mouth as she
wraps her tongue gently around Maven's tongue and begins to suck on his
tongue as she kisses him back as well. While Torrie and Maven share a
steamy, hot passionate kiss. Torrie places both of her hands down on her
waist and begins to slide down her white thong.

Maven places his hands on Torrie's chest and starts to gently massage her
tits. He scoots a bit on the bed and he's able to sit up some more. Maven
softy moans in Torrie's mouth as his cock grazes against her skin. Torrie
licks her lips as kicks her white thong off of her smooth, tanned legs to
reveal her glorious shaven pussy. Torrie leans her head down and kisses
the left side of Maven's neck, before she lowers her body down to straddle
Maven's lap once he sits up. Torrie then slowly comes down on Maven's cock
and tilts her head back with a moan as she feels Maven's nicely sized cock
enter her warming pussy.

"Ohhhh shit..." Maven moans as he feels the warmth of Torrie's pussy around
his cock. He closes his eyes and starts rocking underneath Torrie to thrust
his cock into her pussy a bit. He leans his head forward and kisses the right
side of Torrie's lovely neck.

"Mmmmm...Maven..." Torrie moans as she starts to rock her body back and forth
on Maven's cock as he thrust his thick up into her warm, sweet pussy. Torrie
wraps her arms around Maven's neck, pulling him close to her, making their
two body press and grind against each other.

"Ahhhh.... Torrie... you're... soooo... fucking hot..." Maven moans as he
wraps his arms around Torrie's waist and pulls her closer to him, causing
her breasts to press against his muscular chest. Maven continues to push
up in to Torrie's pussy, matching the pace she's rocking back and forth
almost perfectly.

Torrie grits her teeth as she starts to bounce quickly on Maven's cock,
smacking her pussy down against Maven's cock. "Ohhhh Maven...ohhh yesss
Maven!" Torrie moans as she grinds her pussy against his cock, while
rocking herself back on his cock, then forward.

Maven flicks his tongue against Torrie's lips before gently pushing it back
into her mouth. He slides his hands down to Torrie's hips and starts to help
Torrie bounce on his dick. He starts to try to turn over, but stops when he
turns his injured ankle, He pulls his tongue out of her mouth and groans a
bit in pain "Owww.... so... much for that idea..." Maven grits his teeth a

Torrie slows down on his cock and looks at him "Mav...are you ok?" Torrie
asks with a bit of concern.

"Yeah... yeah..." Maven nods, "I just... tried to turn us over... didn't
quite work out..." Maven laughs a bit as he tries to ignore some of the pain.

Torrie smiles and licks her lips "What turned me around on your know with my back facing you?" Torrie suggests with a playful

Maven thinks about it, nods and smiles, "That's a good idea..." Maven kisses
Torrie's lips softly before he leans back a bit. With Torrie sitting right on
his cock, Maven slowly turns Torrie around. He has to duck his head down to
the hospital bed mattress to allow Torrie to swing her left leg over, but
shortly there after, the super hot blond bombshell is turned out with her
back towards him.

Torrie looks over her shoulder and Maven with a soft, as sweat begins to form
on her beautiful face "You want to take charge, Mavy?" Torrie asks, before
nodding "I think you should."

"I'll take charge..." Maven smirks as he sits back up and reaches around
Torrie's waist. He starts to slowly lift Torrie up and down on his cock while
he thrusts up into her warm pussy. Maven leans his head forward and kisses
the back of Torrie's right shoulder.

Torrie grits her teeth as Maven pulls her down harder onto his cock "Ohhh
Maven!" Torrie moans as she tilts her head back with sweat slowly dripping
down her face. Torrie closes her eyes as Maven lifts her on and off of his

Maven begins to bounce Torrie on his cock faster on his cock while rocking
her back and forth. "Ohhh... damn... Torrie...." Maven grunts as sweat starts
to form on his body. Whenever he drops Torrie down on his shaft, he makes
sure to thrust up into her as hard as he can.

"Ohhhh....Maven....fuck!" Torrie groans as she clenches her eyes shut and
begins to cum on Maven's hard cock.

Maven feels Torrie's warm pussy tighten around his shaft as she climaxes.
"Ohhh fuck Torrie... I love... your... TLC..." Maven groans as he starts to
cum inside of Torrie's warm pussy.

Torrie tilts her head back as she feels the sudden rush of Maven's cum into
her sweet pussy "Mmmm...Maven" Torrie groans as she lifts herself of Maven's
cock, dripping of his warm cum. Torrie, who is breath heavily and covered in
sweat, lays down on the hospital bed next to Maven as she starts to catch her

Maven wraps his arms around Torrie's body and pulls her close to him,
"Mmmm... that... was... great Torrie..."

Torrie licks her lips "Mmm... I agree Mav..." Torrie says with a soft moan.

Maven closes his eyes a bit as he gets comfortable, "You know... when I get
out of here... I'm going to give you some MLC... to repay you for the TLC..."

Torrie smiles and kisses his right cheek "You just rest up...and maybe Nurse
Torrie will pay another visit..." Torrie says with a wink.


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