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A Visit To RAW Part 1
by Jay Memphis

It was just a little after 12:00 on a Monday night, and Jeremy was being
shown around backstage by his buddy Edge. He had known Adam Copeland, aka
Edge, since they were teens in Toronto and he had been invited personally
by Edge to view RAW and, as Edge so cryptically put it, "Get in on some
action." Jeremy was still wondering what he meant when they reached a door
ominously painted black.

"This is the woman's changing room," said Edge with a grin as he pulled out
a video camera. There is a certain little lady in there who likes to get
dirty, so I want you to follow me and just hold on, okay?"

Jeremy nodded his head. He couldn't believe what he'd just heard and followed
Edge in dumbly.

There, seated on a bench with a vibrator jammed into her juicy little shaven
pussy, was Trish Stratus! The funny thing? That wasn't even the best part.
The best part was the blonde-haired beauty behind Trish eating out her tight
little asshole, a blonde beauty who goes by the name of Sable!

"SCORE!" yelled Edge as he turned the camera on and placed it on a tripod
located conveniently nearby.

"Aww, yeah, eat my asshole Sable, yeah..H-hey, E-e-edge, who's this stud with
you and why does he have his clothes on?" moaned Trish. Jeremy decided that
was a good question and stripped naked. "That's better...come with me, baby,
I'll get you Stratusfied!" Jeremy and Trish went off to the corner, leaving
Edge and Sable alone together.

Trish took the vibrator out of her holiest of holies and gave it to Jeremy,
who wasted no time.

"What the fuck is this?" he demanded harshly.

"What?" asked Trish, confused.

"You little slut, if you need dick, you come to me, got it?" asked Jeremy

"Yessir, I got it.." smiled Trish, getting into it. Jeremy took the vibrator
and put it in Trish's mouth. "That's right, get all the juices off, you
little slut! Get all your cum off of this fucking thing and then I'll clean
your mouth out with my dick!" Trish moaned around the vibrator and Jeremy
took it out of her mouth "Please let me ride your cock Jeremy, please?"

"Well, I was gonna fuck your mouth, but since you asked so nicely..." Jeremy
trailed off as Trish took his cock deep within her pussy.

"Oh, fuck yeah, fuck my little pussy, yeah, fuck me hard..." said Trish as
her titties bounced all over the place, fucking Jeremy's big, hard dick with
powerful strokes up and down. "Mmmm yeah, I love having this big dick inside
me!" Jeremy was mesmerized by her beautiful, huge tits as they swayed to and
fro. "fuck yeah, thrust your hips up harder!" Jeremy complied with ease

"You like having that big dick inside you, you little cumslut? Huh? Let me
hear it!"

"I love getting fucked! YES, FUCK ME, YES! FUCK ME HARD!" He grabbed her
ass, feeling the blonde's firm, juicy ass, in his estimation her best
feature. "AHHHH YEAH, DEEPER, DEEPER! Harder, fucking tear my little pussy
apart!" Trish yelled as she came all over his big dick.

"Now it's my turn to cum, you little bitch..." said Jeremy.

"Yeah, cum deep inside this tight, wet, little pusy!Cum for the pussy you
love so much!"

"No." said Jeremy calmly."Sable didn't get your beautiful fucking ass wet
for no reason, now get on all fours!"

Trish complied eagerly, having not been fucked up in the ass in a while. She
winced as Jeremy put it in, but soon got into it.

"Yeah, that's it...mmm...go faster, baby, fuck that beautiful ass faster."
said Trish as her ass jiggled and her pussy got wetter and wetter. "This is
SO FUCKING GOOD! You know you want to slam this big, fat fucking ass just do
it." moaned Trish. Jeremy grinned as he pulled back all the way. "What are
you doing?" sighed Trish, annoyed, her tight little ass feeling empty.

"This!" said Jeremy, plowing his way back into her tight little ass.

"YES! FUCK MY ASS! FUCK IT HARDER! Oh yeah baby, you've jerked off about
this for so long, and now you're dream is coming true, isn't it? Yeah, you
finally, get to cum inside this fat, beautiful ass, so fucking do it! CUM
FOR YOUR SLUT! CUM FOR ME! Cum in my asshole, do it for me, do it TO me,
YEAH, I'm fucking CUMMING, CUM WITH ME!" and with that both Jeremy and
Trish climaxed together, falling to the floor.

It was only when Sable took his dick into her warm, wet mouth that Jeremy
realized he was still hard. Edge had gone over to Torrie and was pumping
into her loosened ass while they moaned.

"You like that, baby? You like getting your cock sucked by the best slut in
the WWE? I've been a slut since you've been watching wrestling, I can do it
all, and now I want it all done to me!"

Sable got down on all fours and spread her legs. "Fuck my little pussy, baby,
fuck this tight little pussy." Jeremy slid his dick into her wet pussy and
she moaned with pleasure. "That's right, fuck my cunt, and fuck it hard! Ram
your dick in and out of my cunt baby! YEAH, FUCK ME!" her asscheeks were
jiggling to an obscene amount as her huge tits swayed under her. "Edge had
me so close to cumming but then he left! Fucking fuck my little pussy! Yeah,
just like that, keep fucking it! MMM, YES! YES! FUCK YES! I love (ooh...)
getting (ahhh) fucked by this dick! C'mon Jeremy, give it to me! AHHH I'M

Sable went limp in his arms and Jeremy took the opportunity to slip his dick
into her tight little asshole, well-lubed with her pussy juices.

"Mmm baby, yeah, it's been a long time since I had a good assfuck...I need
this, I need this big fat cock in my beautiful ass! Mmm, I need more cum in
me, is what I need! This little slut needs her fill of cum, all over her
beautiful face, after you get done fucking my ass just like that...ooh, yes!
Yes baby! HARDER! Fuck this beautiful ass harder! Fuck my asshole, fuck this
nasty slut's asshole! Fuck me like the dirty whore that I am, and fuck me
how dirty whore's like to be fucked!"

"How do us dirty whores like to be fucked?" moaned Trish

"Hard! Yes, so fucking hard in my ass, c'mere, let me taste it!" Jeremy took
his dick out of Sable's ass and she sawllowed it down her throat.

"Yeah, from your ass to your mouth, you truly are a slut!" said Jeremy,

"Yeah, now give this slut what she needs, a cumbath all over her face! Yes,
cum for me! Cum on my face!"

Jeremy shot his load all over Sable's face before collapsing to the ground.
He was so tired he didn't notice that everyone had left until Lita walked in
to find him alone and naked with the camera still rolling the next day...


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