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A Young Night
by FanficLover

It's late in the evening, you're tired and about to go to bed as you hear the door bell going and hard knocks immediately following. You consider ignoring it because it's to to go to sleep ( you have to get upbearly the next day), but you're curious to know who wants to get your attention this late.

As you reach the door to look who's out there, your heart almost stops as you see Renee Young standing in front the door. Not only she is one of the hottest women working in the wwe, she's also the woman of your dream. But right now she is standing in front of the your door and it seems like she is unhappy and that she cried.

"Good evening, I'm sorry to interrupt your bedtime, but I really need your help right now!" she says sniffling with still some tears running down her face.

"Uhm... Sure.. I can look how I can help you. But how about you enter first, it seems to be very cold outside?" You ask, considering that she's just wearing a short red dress, white knee-length socks and high heels.

"Thank you so so much!" Renee says, entering and following you into the kitchen. "Can i get something to drink, a glass of water maybe?".

"Sure!" you reply giving her a glass. "And then tell me what happened to you!"

"It's a long story.." Renee says after she drunk up. "Dean and I went on a date, but we argued the whole time. We started when we got on the car, continued in the restaurant and things got worst so we had to call off the date. Back on the road, the whole situation imploded. 1 kilometers from here he stopped thr car and told me to get out before he does something we both regret. So i got out and he continued driving. Then i recognized that i left my jacket in the car as well as my handbag. So i was lost in the wild, without a jacket to keep me warm, without a mobile phone to call a taxi and without money to pay it. So i was forced to walk and I was freezing and then I saw this town but no-one opened the door and I was crying and i almost gave up ton me, but then you opened the door and i was feeling relieved." she told her story, again starting to cry.

You cannot help to feel bad for her and you reach out your hand and gently stroke her back and drying her tears with a hanky.

She then suddenly gives you a firm hug and you feel her breasts pressing against your breast. Even though you know this happens only because she is confused and relieved to be safe for a moment, you cannot help to feel lucky cause your dream came true. But at the same time you know you will get horny if the whole thing doesn't end. After all this is the woman you fantasized about the last years. And Renee Young is hot as she comes.

"Please, Ms Young.." you start as you gently part from her hug. "Tell me what you wanna do now. I can call a taxi and give you money to pay the driver, but tell me please!".

"Don't call me Ms Young." Renee tells you. "Call me Renee. And there's no need to call a taxi, because I left my key in the handbag too. The only way to get it is to confront Dean again and I'm not into it tonight. Not again.. Not now.".

"Ok Renee. Than the only thing left for me is to offer you my couch to sleep on. I can also drive you home tomorrow, but not until I get home from work. But i gotta go to sleep now. I'm working from 6.00am to 12.00 am so. I have to get up early tomorrow." you tell her.

"You're so kind and I'm so sorry to keep you from sleeping. If there's anything to make it all up to you, don't hesitate telling me!" Renee replies while getting over to the couch and getting off her dress.

Seeing her nust in bra and panties, with her knee-length socks on, you consider asking her if she agrees having sex with you, but you're to shy to really asking her about it.

But like being able to read minds, Renee suddenly gets over to you and looks you deep into your eyes. "Oh I know something.." she says getting her hands under your shirt, slinding them up and down your body before dropping down to her knees. "How about I give to you the best blowjob of your life!".

Before you are able to reply she opens your jeans pulling it and your boxershort down, catching your cock just with her mouth without her hands.

Impressed and surprised at the same time your just able to let out a "Wow!" before letting out a big moan as she starts to blow your brain out. You cannot help to get your hand on her head, getting her hair together for a ponytail and taking the control.

Renee keeps on sucking on your growing cock, starting at the tip, working down your shaft bit for bit. "Wow that's one big cock you have!" she tells you as she takes a paus on sucking, being seemingly impressed.

"I know Renee and now shut up and take the whole length, you little slut!" you tell her in return.

As Renee continues to work on your cock without many effort, you start to feel unpleasured. So you choose to help her by forcing her head all the way down on your cock, so she ends up with the whole length in her mouth and throat. You keep her head down as you enjoy every gag and the fearfull look in her eyes as she looks up to you. But you continue to force her into the deepthroat until she taps out on your chest, finally releasing her head, allowing her to catch her breath.

"Wow.. that.. that was.. that was close!" Renee pants while trying to breath normally again. "But I somehow liked it and I didn't had fear of death. Somewhere back in my head I had the feeling you don't wanna seriously hurt nor kill me. You wanted me to see your the boss and make me your bitch."

"Good girl. I really wanted to test your will and your abilities. But I don't want to make you my bitch. I want you to be reliant on me. I'm really enjoying this because your the women of my dream and I want you to enjoy and full fill all your dirty famtasies. You know your submissive and you wish to get dominated. But your to shy to tell it to Dean. And I'm willing to give it all to you!" you tell her while pulling her to her feet and leading her to your bedroom. "And now be a good slut and take of your bra and panties but keep that socks on. Thereafter get down on all fours on this bed!"

"You're damn right. I'm all submissiv and I need to be traded this way. But you're wrong on not telling Dean about it. I did, tonight and that was the reason for the argument. He accused me of cheating on him and I had to admid that i did cheat on him with Titus while he was overseas with wwe while I had to stay because of passport issues! But this was the only time I did, but before I could ensure it to him, he kicked me off the car and left me all alone!" she tells the whole truth before getting off her underwear and getting on the bed.

As Renee is in all fours you push her a bit more forwards, tying her hands on the headend of your bed, before sprrading her legs and tying them one for one on each footend of your bed. Done that, you get behind her kneeling between her legs and starting to lick her pussylips combining it with slow rubs on her clit making her all wet. While doing tnat you start making your cock all hard again by stroking and after being all gard with her being all wet you slam your cock with some force all the way down her pussy.

"Oh my god! It's so big! It fills me up completely!" she screams in pleasure.

You start to trust hardly, making her body and espacially her boobs shake widely while slapping her delicious ass. You know she's all into it and completely enjoying it because she's moaning and leaning her head back. You take this as an invitation, grapping her hair and pulling her head all the way back while continuing fucking her as hard as possible. "You enjoying it all don't you?" you rhetorically ask her smacking her in the face.

"Yes! Yes! Yes! I enjoy it all. Give it all to me!!" she demands forgetting that she's not in the position doing so.

"I will ignore the fact you demanded something, because of all that happended tonight. But this is the first and only tome! You are in no position demanding anything you hear!? Do it once more..!" you stop the pounding slinding your hand over her lower back onto her ass and stopping over her asshole, executing just a little pressure, seeing her flinching back."... and i swear you will regret it!"

You keep up your pounding and you feel that she's getting closer to her orgasm as her moaning gets louder and and her pussy tightening up around your cock. At the same time you feel yourself drawing closer to a massive orgasm. You keep pounding away on the canadian pussy while releasing her head and grabbing her boobs with one hand, squeezing them and rubbing her clit with the other hand.

"Oh my god, I'm gonna explode! Fuck me harder, faster, deeper!" she screams, quicky adding a "Please!".

"Close enough!" you say while laying it all into your pounding. After a few more trust you both have massive orgasm, exploding simultaneously. With her love liquid squirts against your cock, your balls and all your pelvis region you pump your sperm deep into that canadian love hole.

"Don't you dare press it out, I want you to let my seemen deep inside you. If i impregnate you it's your fault. But I'm willing to take you under my wings, but only if you listen to me!" you demand.

Renee seemingly wants to say something before decide otherwise and accepts her fade.

"Good girl! And now we both need to go to sleep. Otherwise we wont be fit tomorrow. And we both need to!" you tell her, satisfied with her accepting her fade. You then untie her and both if you fall asleep after outpowering in this sex session.

The next morning you get up early. Renee is still sleeping and you admit that she deserves just right that. So you enter the kitchen, prepare breakfast for both of you before writting a short notice.

"Good morning beauty! I prepared breakfast for you too, if you want coffee or te, it's in the kitchen. You worked hard last night, so you derserve it! I'll be home quarter to 1 o'clock and then it's time to go home! Have a nice day and see you!"

You place the breakfast and the notice on a brick, placing it on the bedside table next to her. Then you leave for work.

When you get home, a fresh showered Renee is sitting on your couch. When she notice you, she gives you a big smile.

"Hey big guy! How was your day? Thanks for the help and the incredible sex last night!" she says still smiling.

"It was great! Oh nothing to thanks. I just did what a normal person would do! So when do you wanna go home? And more importanly.. When will you come back for round two?!" you ask her, not wanna accept her gone forever.

"Take it easy big guy!" Renee replies with a laught. "First off.. Im Deans girl, but i godda admit.." she gets close and kisses you on the lips "this last night ist definite more worth then a One Night Stand! Let me think anout the situation and I'm texting you when i come to a decision!" Renee tells you.

"Ok, here's my number!" you give her your business card. "And now lets go!"

The End

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