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Absolute Domination
by Connor Witte

"Here is your winner! Paige!!"

Jojo announces as Sasha Banks lies on the mat, beaten and battered by the returning Paige. Paige goes to the back with her Comrades Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville, collectively known as Absolution. Absolution, instead of going to their locker room, walk toward Sasha's, entering the room as Sasha has just gotten to the back. Mandy and Sonya stand behind Paige as she's there to greet Sasha upon entry into her locker room.

"What the fuck are you doing here?!" Sasha yells out at Paige, causing the former Anti-Diva to let out a chuckle.

"Me? I'm just here to...Negotiate." Paige grins as Mandy walks past Paige and Sasha to close the Boss' locker room door which gets Sasha even more suspicious.

"Why do you need to close my door..?" She looks at Paige, her eyes showing great concern to which the Renegade simply replies ...

"To have some fun" and on that cue, Mandy and Sonya grab an arm of Sasha each, restraining her so that Paige can rip Sasha's top off to reveal no Bra.

"Oh...No bra huh? What a perv~" Paige smiles in a seductive manner as Sasha squirms around, desperate to get free.

"W-What are you doing?! This is sexual assault!" She yells out but Paige simply licks Sasha's neck.

" me Sasha, it won't be rape when you are begging for it" Paige coos out before pulling down Sasha's shorts, exposing her tiny panties and hairy pussy.

"Unshaven huh? I like that~" Paige rips the panties off and begins to lick Sasha's pussy, causing the boss to moan in reluctant pleasure.

"P-Please stop, I'm not okay with this.." Sasha gasps out, failing to hold her moans back. She doesn't want to admit it but she..somehow likes it and not even she knows why.

Paige can tell Sasha enjoys what's happening to and decides to take it one step further. "Alright, let's start the party, shall we?"

She grins and sticks her tongue inside of Sasha, causing a louder moan to escape from the Boss' lips. Sasha can't stop her voice, resulting in repeated moans as Paige eats her out, Mandy and Sonya getting a bit agitated at their inability to do anything about their arousal. Paige can tell that her allies are in a state of discomfort but she can't do anything about it yet until she knows Sasha has completely given up resistance. This takes a lot less effort than Paige expected as when she grabs Sasha's firm ass cheeks while eating her out, Sasha lets out a scream of pleasure .

"Y-YES! THAT'S SO FUCKING GOOD! SHIT I GIVE UP! I GIVE UP! I'LL JOIN ABSOLUTION JUST PLEASE, WHATEVER YOU DO, DON'T STOP!!" and with that, Mandy and Sonya begin to grind on Sasha as Paige teasingly takes her tongue out, leaving Sasha desperate and out of breath.

"N-No...please. I beg of you, put it back in" Sasha pleads, having been reduced to a horny mess.

"Oh, I have something a lot more fun in mind" Paige says before going to her bag that she had brought with her to Sasha's locker room, proving to the boss that this rape was a premeditated plan.

Paige pulls out a nine inch dildo before sticking it inside of her, causing the leader of Absolution to moan out and walk toward the boss.

"Now the real party can begin~" She grins as she rams the other edge of the dildo inside of Sasha's unshaven pussy, causing her to scream out.


"Damn, Sasha. You must be desperate for this!" and Paige gives her exactly what she wants. Paige thrusts her hips wildly, the Dildo going in and out of Sasha's pussy and the movement also causes the dildo to move backwards inside of Paige, giving both girls pleasure which is evidenced by their moaning however Paige starts choking Sasha, resulting in her drooling all over Paige's extremely pale hands and chokes out.

"I-I'm getting close" she leaves her feet and wraps her legs around Paige's waist, causing Paige to unintentionally hit a chokebomb on Sasha but Paige is able to improvise by just pounding the shit out of Sasha while choking her. Sasha's moans are so loud that it's a miracle that nobody hasn't busted in to see what's going on..of course, people could just be masturbating on the other side of Sasha's door, listening to the noises. But that doesn't matter to either woman, all that matters to them is their fucking session and they are fucking like Rabbits. Paige's fucking and pounding causes Sasha to squirt all over the dildo while she blacks out from Paige's choking.

"Fuck...that was awesome..." is all Paige has to say "But I need an orgasm too. Mandy, Sonya. Come help me out over here," Paige says after pulling out of Sasha's pussy.

Mandy and Sonya ram the dildo deeper into Paige's pussy and start fucking the tight British cunt with her own dildo, resulting in great pleasure from Paige. The duo repeat the process until Paige was pushed to a squirting orgasm just like Sasha earlier. Paige takes time to catch her breath before getting up to her feet and getting dressed to signify that she's satisfied...or is she? She pulls her phone and takes a picture of the broken mess that is Sasha Banks before opening the door and leaving, Mandy and Sonya following suit and they make sure to close the door behind them, leaving before Sasha can wake up after her blissful climax.

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