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Accidental Superstar
by TrishBelongsToMe

"Look Max, your hanging on a very thin rope! And frankly, it can't get any

"But sir..." Max tried to squeeze out but of course McMahon was more
interested in yelling at him than hearing him out.

"I don't have time to deal with you right now. I'll give you five damn days,
to get our sales back up!! Now leave my office you twit!"

With that, I swallowed my pride and walked outside his room. I guess I
couldn't be too mad at him, if I had his job then I would do the exact same
thing. I quickly returned to my post in the arena. Most people underestimate
how great my job is, I mean, how closer can you actually get to being a
wrestler than right here. I feel sož..

"Hey mister, can I have an Edge foam hand?"

"Sure kid, ummž.that will be twelve dollars."

"Twelve dollars? What a rip off!!"

The kid left, purposely stomping his feet on the ground.

That was basically all the action I got. I stared blankly at the clock hoping
it would move faster. After five minutes, I gave up and put twenty bucks in
the cash register and grabbed a playboy magazine. I looked through it about
five times already but what can I say, Torrie is hot. I looked at one page
where Torrie had stripped totally nude. I looked through her entire body and
gasped that it could look so good, even on paper. I put the playboy close to
my face and licked the page up and down. Pretending that all of Torrie's
incredibly hot body was all for me. I closed my eyes and almost grabbed my
dick out until a woman standing in line coughed to get my attention. I looked
over to see Stacy Keibler, Trish Stratus, and Torrie Wilson all in awe over
what I was doing. I looked back at the playboy and started sniffing it.

"Okay, smells clean."

"Smells...clean...?" Torrie spoke out.

"Yeah, because...bacteria has a certain...smell to it. And you need to catch
it at just the right time before it spreads..."

The three divas looked to each other and laughed. They turned around and left
for their locker rooms. I stood there too embarrassed to even move. I got
busted by three of the best divas. I rubbed my abs a bit and realized I was
pretty buff. I checked out my arms and they weren't half bad. I was actually
really attractive. I knew what I had to do, I have to go prove to those divas
that I can be everything they want me to be. Nobody laughs at me without me
getting the last laugh. I jumped out from behind my stand and walked to the
direction the divas went. I was sidetracked when a man came out at me from
the staff door.

"Hey, are you Pyro?"


"The new wrestler?"

"Oh, you must have me mistaken for somebody else."

"Look, I don't have time to play around. Just get out there okay, we will
play your music before and after you beat down Maven."

With that, he left. I was there standing like an idiot wondering what was
going on. Suddenly, some strange music was playing in the arena and I still
stood there stiff. The man peaked his head back out of his room.

"Okay, go through the!!!"

I walked down through the entrance and met eyes with the fans. They all
stared at me like I was some alien. I looked into the ring where Maven was
pummeling down Randy Orton. I just went with the flow and ran down the ramp.
I flew into the ring where Maven was standing and threw a wild punch at
Maven. He went down on the mat but quickly flew back up.

"Wow, take it easy man! Alright, toe kick into a powerbomb."

I kicked Maven right in his gut and lifted him up for a powerbomb, I slammed
him down with authority. By this time I was standing still while all the fans
were booing me. I had no clue what to do until a woman from the crowd said,
"Take it off!". I had no other ideas so I just threw my shirt off and tossed
it to the crowd. The girls were going nuts. I posed for them really getting a
good response from them, while getting booed by everyone else. Maven
pretended he was rolling in pain and came close to my legs.

"Leave man!"

I kicked him one more good time and left for the backstage. Vince caught me
before I walked up the ramp though.

"So kid. You think you stand a chance here in the WWE. Well, since Eric
Bischoff and Austin really don't care, I will give you a contract next

The fans booed while I looked into Vince's eyes. He winked and I smiled, I
wasn't going to be fired! I now have a much better job, a wrestler. I ran
backstage and instead of finding Vince, I found Trish, Stacy, and Torrie.
They asked me to follow them into their dressing room. Trish was wearing her
tight pink sleeveless with her famous black "Stratusfaction" tights. Her ass
was barely being contained in those tights. Stacy was wearing a red mini
skirt that cut off just below her nice round ass and a plain white t-shirt.
While Torrie was strutting her stuff in a tan bikini that was so close to
skin color that it drove my dick crazy with the thought of her naked on top
of me. I stepped inside their dressing room and they closed the door after

"We thought you were so hot out there." Torrie said seductively.

"All we could think about was riding that huge cock." Stacy added.

I looked down at the bulge in my pants and didn't even realize my cock was
that big.

"What do you think girls," Trish said, "all at once, or one at a time?"

She grabbed onto me and planted a seductive kiss on me. I almost begged for
lips to press against mine. She kissed me until I was on my knees, then she
drew back. She turned around so that her big ass was facing me, and bent
over while taking off her tights. Her ass was so firm and enormous. I really
wanted a piece of that. But she turned around and gave me a great view of
her perfect pink pussy. She placed my head between her legs and shoved me
in. I licked every inch of her sweet pussy while holding onto her nice ass.
I rub my hands against it and gave it a good couple of slaps. Stacy came over
to us and bent down on her knees , right under Trish's ass. Stacy probed her
tongue into her tasty asshole and smiled in delight. She was trying to
completely eat out Trish's ass while I was eating her pussy out. Torrie
didn't feel neglected. She came into the scene from behind me and pulled off
my pants and boxers. She struggled to get my shirt off because my head was
still in between Trish's legs. After that, Torrie laid on her back and
scooted up so that my ten-incher was right on her lips. She took a couple of
long licks on my shaft until I was groaning like crazy. She bobbed her head
up and down getting the entire length of my dick in. I was going crazy. Trish
though was definitely in heaven as her pussy and ass were being penetrated by
two hungry tongues.

"Ahhhh!!!!!!! Fuck yeah!!!!!!!! Hit that spot!!!!"

Stacy and me slapped her ass hard and she went nuts.

"Fuck!!!!!!!! Ohhh my god!!!!! I'm gonna cum!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!"

We all got off of each other and laid Trish on the ground. My tongue was the
first one that reached Trish's pussy. I slammed it in and out while Stacy and
Torrie took off Trish's shirt and sucked on her nipples. They went at each
part of her large tits, chewing, licking, and sucking on them.

"AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! Shit!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!"

Finally, Trish came into my awaiting mouth and I happily accepted her sweet
pussy juice. I lapped up every inch of it and laid down on my back. Stacy
slid her mini skirt down and showed off her perfect ass. Her shirt came off
revealing her perky breast. Torrie slid down her bikini bottom slowly letting
me get a great view. Stacy unhooked Torrie's and her tits bounced right into
action. All three divas approached me while I was lying on the floor and
decided what they would do to me. Torrie smiled and laid down on top of me.
Rubbing he smooth skin against me. I rubbed her tits that hung out at me
while she moaned in delight. She grabbed my hard dick and slowly rubbed it
all over her stomach. Finally, she placed it into her pussy and hopped up a
bit. She continued to lay on me while her pussy held my large dick and we
passionately kissed. I grabbed onto her soft ass and thrusted it up and down
my dick.

"Mmmmm...yeah baby!!!!!" Torrie cried wildly.

That is when Stacy and Trish went on their knees behind Torrie and each
grabbed onto her hips. They lifted her hips and slammed it back down so my
dick penetrated deeper and deeper into her ass.


They kept slamming her hips and my dick completely disappeared into her
pussy. Torrie came all over my dick without warning and it leaked down my
hips. Torrie could've fainted then and there. I withdrew my dick and laid
back down. I told Torrie to lay her pussy on my mouth. Torrie crawled over
my body until her pussy hovered over my mouth. She dropped her whole body
down and I licked at her wet pussy. I grabbed onto her ass and rubbed it
smoothly as I sucked the juice from her delicious pussy. Stacy and Trish
devilishly stared at my dick as it was wide open. Stacy reached it first
as he grabbed it in her hand and jerked it off. Trish laid on her back and
moved her head directly under Stacy's pussy. Trish stabbed her fingers into
that great ass and Stacy moaned in delight. Trish licked and slurped Stacy
pussy while doing this, double penetrating her. Stacy rubbed my dick along
her desirable lips and slowly licked it. Her tongue moved up and down my
dick moistening it with her saliva. She pushed the head of my dick in her
mouth and blew hard on it, which made me shout out loud. Stacy shoed as much
dick in her mouth as she could take, and then sucked on it.

"Ahhhhh!!!! Not again!!!!!!!!! Unhhhhh!!!!"

Torrie came all over my face and I lapped up as much as I could. I licked
her pussy clean as I penetrated her ass with my fingers.

"Oh fuck Trish!!!!!!!!!! Lick that pussy!!!!!!!!!!!" Stacy yelled.

It was only a while before Stacy's whole body shook and she came all over
Trish's face. Trish got all of it though. She drunk Stacy's pussy juice like
it was nothing. I felt that I was on the verge of cuming and told them. They
told me to stand up to receive the best blowjob of my life. I stood up with
my pulsing dick facing them. All three of them were kneeling in front of my
dick. Trish took half of my dick in her mouth as Stacy and Torrie licked and
sucked on the sides of it. They would trade places until every had my dick
in their mouths.

"Shitttt!!!! I'm cumming!!!!!!!"

The girls all opened their mouths as my dick exploded with cum and went all
over their faces. I made sure to jerk off any spare cum on all of them. They
sucked my dick until it went limp.

Ten minutes later, Stacy let me end it by fucking her ass. While my dick
slammed into her asshole, she ate out Trish's ass. Torrie sat on Stacy's back
and deep tongued me. My dick rubbed against the sides of her asshole as my
balls smacked into her ass. I always dreamed of fucking that signature
Keibler ass. Finally, I gave up and came into her great ass while still
slamming it. The fuck session had finally ended. I gathered up my clothes and
started to head off until Torrie called me.

"Max! So what tasted better, my playboy picture or me?"

I smiled and I kissed her full on the lips while Stacy and Trish still played
with each other.

I walked away without saying anything. Being a WWE superstar sure has it's

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