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After Raw Payback
by Greencast

After Charlotte lost the Women's title to Sasha Banks, she was understandably in a pissed off mood. She has lost it twice to the same person within the span of less than three months. And in her mind, there's one person to blame.


If it wasn't for her, Dana would've been out there and help her retain the title on Raw.

As she's looking for her, she passes by the trainer's room. As she peeks in, she sees Dana on the table nursing her knee. Charlotte, visibly concerned, walks in and before she even says anything, Dana is already apologizing.

"Charlotte, I'm so sorry I wasn't out there. I know I shouldn't have let Bayley attack me like that but I was stupid and..." But before Dana could continue, Charlotte but her finger on her lips as a sign for Dana to be quiet.

"It's okay, it's not your fault. It's that bitch Bayley's fault. She had no reason to even put her hands on you. Don't worry, I'll get revenge one way or another." This eased Dana up a bit knowing Charlotte wasn't mad at her for her losing the title. She sighed a deep breath of relief.

"I'm glad you agree with me," Dana said. They hugged before Charlotte went back on her mission to find Bayley.

As she got to the locker room, she noticed that it was empty except for one shower. Charlotte already knew who it was before she got in the showers.

"Thanks for the title, Charlotte," Sasha said as she got out with only a towel covering her small, petite figure. Charlotte wasn't concerned about her though. She just wanted Bayley, and Sasha is the only person that could possibly know her whereabouts.

"Not now Sasha. I just need to know where Bayley is, and you're the only person who most likely knows where she's at. Do you know?" Charlotte asked doing a good job of being sincere through her anger.

Sasha, confused at the fact that Charlotte wanted to know Bayley's location, hesitated, but said, "Yeah, I know. I'll write it down in a bit."

After Sasha got done getting dressed, she wrote down Bayley's hotel number and handed it to Charlotte. "Thanks, Sasha. I'm gonna take a shower now." Charlotte said before heading off.

But before going in, Sasha asked a question Charlotte wasn't hoping for. "Sorry for being nosey, but what do you need Bayley for?"

Charlotte hesitated, thinking of an excuse. "I-uhh... Need her for planning a feud," Charlotte said, immediately regretting it.

"Oh, OK. Sorry, just needed to know," Sasha said before leaving. Charlotte breathed heavily not thinking it would work.

After making sure she was alone, Charlotte stripped nude before stepping into the showers. As she was washing over her body, she was thinking of what to do to Bayley. Thoughts came up. Humiliation. Blackmail. All seemed great. Then something else came up. Sex. Charlotte hasn't gotten any sort of real pleasure ever since WrestleMania, but Bayley seemed like the perfect target. As if on instinct, Charlotte reached for her C-Cup tits and started to rub and pinch her nipples fantasizing about her and Bayley. Before she reached down to her shaven pussy, she remembered her mission. She quickly got out and put on a skin tight pair of black jeans that barely got past her ass, a "Do It With Flair" shirt, grabbed her bag, and headed to the hotel.

10 minutes later, Charlotte was already in the elevator approaching the 3rd floor. As soon as she got to the hallway, to her left was Bayley's room. Hesitatingly, she knocked. After about 15 seconds of eerie silence, the door cracked open and a familiar voice whispered, "Who's there?"

"It's me Bayley, I wanna talk," Charlotte basically demanded.

"Hold on for a little bit," Bayley said, still whispering.

After about a minute, Bayley opened it just enough for her head to pop out and look around, before completely opening it to reveal her in just a towel, like she just got out of the shower. Charlotte, stunned, quickly got wet just seeing her. "Hey, Charlotte? You gonna come in or what?" Bayley said, seeing Charlotte was dazed. Charlotte snapped out of it and quickly stepped in before anyone saw Bayley or her in the same room.

As she got into the suite, she finally breathed and sat down on the couch across from Bayley's bed. "So, what'cha need, Charlotte?" Bayley said as if she wasn't basically nude.

"Revenge for Dana," she said, before taking the towel away from Bayley, exposing her landing strip above her pussy and B-Cup sized breasts for a slight moment before covering herself.

"What the hell was that for Charlotte!?" screamed Bayley, before Charlotte slapped her across the face and pushing her onto the bed.

Charlotte then covered Bayley's mouth and quietly whispered, "You'll love tonight."

Bayley then relaxed, admitting Charlotte was stronger and as Charlotte's hand left her mouth, she said "I always knew you wanted to fuck me," in a lustful way. This took Charlotte's rage and anger into a lustful emotion as her and Bayley started kissing, exploring each others mouths.

After the passionate kiss, Charlotte stripped down for Bayley, showing her ass first with a only a tiny blue lace pair of panties covering her. Bayley soon started to rub her pussy, but Charlotte slapped Bayley again. "Just watch," Charlotte said as she got up and continued.

She then took off her shirt to reveal a matching blue lace bra to Bayley, who was barely resisting touching herself, but being successful. Charlotte then had a idea. She took off her panties and walked over to her bag to get her phone. When she got back to the bed, she sat on Bayley's face and rubbed her little pussy all over her face. Bayley then started to eat her out, causing Charlotte to moan. While Bayley was going to town on Charlotte's snatch, she started to record her on her phone eating her out. Bayley saw the phone but didn't mind it at all.

"Who's got the tastiest pussy, Bayley? Come on, tell me?" Charlotte teased Bayley, lifting her ass off of Bayley's face.

"You do, Charlotte," Bayley said quickly before grabbing Charlotte's thighs back on her face to continue eating her pussy.

"Damn right, Bayley. Mmm, yeah you eat it so good. Don't stop," she said before cutting the video there.

Bayley was still going hard before Charlotte got up and went back to her bag. As Bayley laid there, with juice all over her face, Charlotte came back with a 10-inch black strap on around her waist. Bayley stood there in shock, knowing Aaron's cock was only 6 inches.

As Charlotte got on the bed with Bayley, she whispered, "This is gonna be a long night for you, Bayley," before taking the manufactured penis and plunging at least 7 inches of it into Bayley's mouth.

As Charlotte repositioned to lay on her back, Bayley started to bob her head up and down on the dildo. Charlotte started to take a video of Bayley again. "Look at the camera, Bayley," Charlotte said mockingly as Bayley stared at the camera with her beautiful black eyes. Without notice, Charlotte grabbed Bayley's head and forced her head all the way down to the balls of the strap on. Charlotte, kept her there while Bayley started to gag and her eyes teared up. Charlotte let go, Bayley coughing a lot before even starting to take a breath. Charlotte kept recording Bayley afterwards before cutting it after she started to suck again.

Charlotte didn't know, but this was really turning Bayley on. Her pussy was soaking wet and was actually dripping on the carpet of the hotel floor. Charlotte then threw Bayley off of her fake dick and laid Bayley on her back with her head hanging off the bed. Charlotte grabbed her head and started bucking her hips down to Bayley, face-fucking her with the BBC strap on at a high pace. Charlotte then started to record again, while holding Bayley's head with one hand.

Bayley started gagging before tapping out on Charlotte's thighs, but to no avail. Bayley started crying, but on the inside, she was loving being Charlotte's bottom. This was paradise for Bayley. Bayley started to rub her pussy to this experience, a dream come true to her. Without notice, Charlotte slapped Bayley's big ass before whispering, "This is mine tonight." That statement left chills down her spine, for Bayley hasn't even thought of doing anal.

Bayley came back to the bed, with Charlotte laying there with the 10-inch dildo erect and ready to go. Charlotte took Bayley's arm and pulled her to the bed belly up. Charlotte then laid in front of Bayley and spread her legs. Charlotte then dove right in to Bayley's tight pussy, putting half of the strap on in in one thrust. Bayley moaned loudly before having Charlotte thrust at a medium pace.

Charlotte recorded this fucking and began trash talking Bayley. "You love this BBC in you, don't you Bayley? I've bet you wanted my long strap on in your tight pussy all night long haven't you?"

Bayley started to moan even louder before stuttering, "Y-Y-Yes Charlotte. I've wanted that-Oh fuck me-strap on ever since I saw it."

This was entertaining for Charlotte to watch Bayley submit to her. "If you love it so much, then you'll definitely love this," Charlotte said over Bayley's moaning before adding 3 more inches into Bayley's snatch. This left Bayley speechless as Charlotte was bucking her hips forward now at a faster pace. Bayley has never taken this big of a dick in her life.

Charlotte was still recording and laughing at Bayley for liking this. All Bayley could do was groan and moan as Charlotte was pumping the dick into her pussy. Bayley then felt her orgasm coming closer. "Ugh, Charlotte, I'm gonna cum soon. Oh god I'm cummimg, I'm cummimg, I'm CUMMMMIIIIINNNNNNGGGG!!!"

But before she could cum, Charlotte just pulled out.

"Charlotte, what the fuck?! I was cummimg!" Bayley shouted at Charlotte, before getting a hard slap across the face.

"You don't get to say when you cum. I do. You understand that, bitch?" Charlotte told Bayley before she replied with a quiet "yes."

"You know what, your getting punished," Charlotte said in a maniacal voice before pumping all 10 inches of the fake cock into Bayley at once. Bayley tried to scream, but she was breathless. Charlotte pulled all the way out before ramming it all back in, destroying Bayley's g spot and making her squirt all over the place. This caught Charlotte by surprise, because no one she knows has ever squirted as much or as hard as Bayley.

After the intense orgasm, Bayley laid limp on the bed, breathing heavily recovering from the pounding. Charlotte herself was even recovering.

After about five minutes, Bayley was getting ready to get cleaned up, but Charlotte got in her way. "Did you forget about round two Bayley?" Charlotte said.

Bayley then remembered during the other break, when Charlotte said that her ass was gonna be Charlotte's. This left Bayley with the same feeling. Charlotte pulled her to the bed and laid her down belly down. Bayley was getting nervous, but before telling Charlotte, she felt her tongue plunge into her asshole. Bayley was on the verge of saying something, but just let Charlotte do her job. Charlotte herself has never done this, but she was having a blast with her first time. She was loving everything; the taste, the smell, even the sound of Bayley softly moaning was enough for her.

She continued to lick Bayley's asshole before inserting her middle finger into Bayley's anal passage. This sent Bayley over the edge as she started rubbing her pussy. Charlotte saw this, but instead of slapping her for it, she inserted her own two fingers into herself as well. She kept going, slowly adding two fingers, then three. Then before inserting the strap on into Bayley, she smacked her ass, causing Bayley to sharply breathe in, leaving a red hand print. Charlotte then took a photo of the print, then a video of her slapping it in slow motion.

She got Bayley up in doggy style as she tried to push the BBC into Bayley's ass. Bayley, moaning at the slightest touch was already enjoying it. But not for long. Bayley then felt the tip of the penis pop into her asshole. That's when the pain started to set in. She moaned loudly as the first four inches were added. Then the next two inches. Bayley was in a state of pain, but in a small part of it, she also felt pleasure.

"Mmm, fuck Charlotte," Bayley said through many moans. Bayley now has over half of the fake dick in her anus.

Charlotte, without giving Bayley any warning, suddenly picked up the pace, going as fast as when she was fucking Bayley's pussy earlier. She once again started recording the fuck session that was going on. "You love my big, long cock up your ass, don't you Bayley?" Charlotte teasingly said as she was now 8 inches inside Bayley.

Bayley couldn't even utter words out her mouth as she was taking most of the pleasure out of this scenario. Charlotte began slapping her big ass, causing even more pleasure to Bayley, already nearing another orgasm. "Charlotte, make me fucking cum. I want it up my ass more. Gimme more," Bayley shouted in a lust-filled trance.

"Prepare," Charlotte said as she wrapped her arms around Bayley's tits and started bucking all 10 inches into Bayley's ass. She kept one hand on Bayley's tits massaging her nipples while moving her other hand down to her , entering four fingers into Bayley. This sent both women over the edge as both of them climaxed right at the same time.


Both women are laying next to each other, covered in sweat and cum. "That was the best sex I've had in a while, Charlotte. Thanks for that," Bayley said, still trying to catch her breath.

"Same said for you. That was awesome," Charlotte whispered, also breathing heavily.

Both women decide to shower together before Charlotte leaves for her room. They rub soap on each other's backs, getting places they couldn't reach and kissing passionately. After being cleaned off, Charlotte said goodbye to Bayley with another passionate kiss.

"Can we do this again?" Bayley said as Charlotte left her suite.

"Absolutely," Charlotte simply said before heading off to her room downstairs.

Before finally sleeping, she sent all the videos to Dana, who was still in pain, but at ease seeing Charlotte get revenge for her. As a reward, Dana promised to make herself Charlotte's bitch as soon as she's healed up. Both women sent each other good night texts before finally dozing off to sleep.

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