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Celebs: AJ Lee

Codes: MMF, rape, oral, anal, ws, drunk

Summary: AJ Lee gets drunk at a restaurant in the middle of nowhere after a taping.

After The Show
by TheBigLove126

"Keep 'em coming!" AJ Lee yelled in a slurred voice at the bartender.

"I think six is enough," he said as he took another empty bottle of Budweiser from the small-framed woman.

"Maybe this will change your mind," she said as she slammed a fifty dollar bill down on the bar.

The man looked at the money and smiled. "Another beer it is."

AJ had just finished performing at a Smackdown taping a few miles away at the Allstate Center in Chicago. It had been a tough day for her and it had nothing to do with wrestling. About an hour before the show started, she received a text message from her boyfriend that filled her with red hot rage and anger.

* * *

"Hey baby, I'm on my way to see you!" he texted.

"I'll be another two hours, and then we can meet up," she responded.

"Come on Sara, I only have so much time before AJ gets done with her shit,"

AJ froze as she read the message proving that her boyfriend was cheating on her. She did not know how to react to this news in a calm way.

"This is AJ you fucking prick!" she texted.

Before he could respond, AJ tossed her iPhone hard against the concrete wall of the women's locker room; smashing it into hundreds of pieces. She sat down in a chair, buried her head in her hands and erupted in a waterfall of tears. Luckily she was alone and was able to get out what she needed to get out before anyone walked in. She quickly composed herself, changed her shirt (which was coated in tears) and headed out towards the ring with Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston for their six person tag match.

Once the match and the tapings were finished, AJ quickly packed her stuff and headed out of the arena. Usually she traveled with Ziggler and Langston, but they had to stay to film segments for the website and let her leave on her own. She drove her rental car out of the city and drove around the outskirts, struggling to drive through her tears. Eventually, she found a small restaurant in the middle of nowhere and stopped in for a small amount of food and a large amount of beer.

* * *

"You will never cheat on me Budweiser," she whispered as she chugged the contents of the brown bottle. "You won't fuck a girl named Sara." She put her hand on the neck of the bottle and slowly ran her hand up and down it. "Well, maybe you will but I'll forgive you. Give me another one!" she yelled.

The bartender gave AJ her eighth beer in the two hours she had been there. Luckily, she had eaten something before starting the alcohol intake or else she would be close to death by now. Eight beers in such a short amount of time for a woman weighing in at 115 pounds are very dangerous but neither person cared. AJ was enjoying herself and the man was enjoying watching her talk to inanimate objects.

"I need to piss!" she yelled out.

"Bathroom is back there," he said, pointing to the back of the bar.

AJ stood up and slowly stumbled her way to the back of the bar. She made it about halfway before she tripped and fell to the ground. The man quickly got to her and tried to lift her up but froze when a certain smell filled the air.

"Oopsy!" she said before laughing at the fact that she had pissed in her jeans.

The man looked down and saw a dark spot covering the crotch of her jeans while she laughed hysterically. He slowly lay her down before grabbing roll of paper towels and placing them next to her.

"You're embarrassing yourself. Clean up your pants,"

"I'm too fucking hammered, can't you do it?" she asked.

"I'm not cleaning you up, you are a grown woman," he responded.

"Fine!" she said as she unzipped her jeans and struggled to pull them down. "Help!"

The man sighed and went back to her, roughly pulling the wet jeans off and tossing them aside. AJ closed her eyes and started to fall asleep before he shook her back into consciousness. She slowly sat up and looked down at her lower body, wet and covered only with a soaked white pair of panties. She saw her unshaven crotch through the fabric and instantly became infuriated.

"Where are my pants!?" she screamed.

"You just pulled them off," he said.

"Bullshit, you're trying to rape me!" she yelled as she attempted to get back on her feet.

"You're going to hurt yourself."

He grabbed her arm and tried to help her to her feet but she started to fight him off. In defense, he grabbed her arms and pushed her away. They fell to the ground and he ended up on top of her with her hands pinned to the ground as another man entered the restaurant.

"What the fuck?" he said. "Jeremy, what the fuck are you doing?"

"Jeremy is trying to rape me!" AJ yelled out.

"I'm not, she got so drunk that she pissed herself and took her wet pants off. She thinks I'm raping her because she is a drunken psycho," Jeremy explained.

"How drunk is she?" the man asked.

"Eight beers in about two hours."

"And she's still breathing?"

AJ screeched loudly before Jeremy slammed his hand over her mouth. "I wish I could shut this cunt up."

"Cunt?" she said, muffled.

"Why don't you just rape her?" the man said.

Both people looked over at him. "What if more people come in?"

"I'll flip the sign to 'closed' and we can take her to the kitchen," he explained as he turned the lights off.

AJ was thrashing wildly on the ground as she saw a smile come to Jeremy's face.

"I like the way you think Greg," he said. "Pour a big shot of whiskey; I'll pour it down this cunt's mouth. That should finally knock her out."

Even with the amount that she had drunk, AJ was fully in control of herself now and she knew that the men were serious. Greg brought over the drink and held it over her mouth. Jeremy let go of her but she kept her lips closed. He reached behind her and pinched her pussy with his fingernails through her panties, causing her to shriek. While her mouth was open, Greg poured the double shot of whiskey down her throat and covered her mouth until she swallowed.

"Let's get her to the back," Jeremy said.

They men carried her, kicking and screaming, into the kitchen and dropped her on the ground. She tried to crawl away but the alcohol was starting to take over her again. She could not figure out which way to crawl and ended up just spinning in a circle. The men laughed at her as they started undressing. She looked back and, through her beer goggles, saw two flesh colored blobs approaching her.

AJ screamed as she felt a cold hand rip her panties down and exposing the pussy that they had seen through the panties in full. Greg grabbed a bit of her pubic hair and yanked on it hard until a small hair ball was left in his hand. AJ tried to focus as she saw a hand come close to her face. He shoved the hair ball down her throat and made sure that she ingested her piss-covered pubes before flipping her over.

"Look at that ass, nice and firm," Jeremy said as he pinched it hard before slapping it.

"Please...let me...let me go," she slurringly said before slowly slipping into unconsciousness.

Greg yanked another ball of pubic hair out, bringing her back awake.

"You ain't getting out of this that easy. You are going to be awake when we rape you," he said before, once again, forcing her to eat her own pubes. "I don't know about you Jer but I'm ready to let her know what eight inches in the back feels like."

"I get her first; you didn't have to watch her piss herself."

"Fair enough."

"You can have the ass, I want that cunt."

Jeremy flipped her back on her back and tore her shirt open, exposing her tiny pink nipples. He roughly tugged at each nipple before pushing his cock against her still wet pussy. She still tried to wiggle out from under him but too far under the influence to do anything. She froze as she felt his six inch cock slowly inching inside of her. She closed her eyes and whimpered as reality set in. She was going to get raped and she could do nothing about it.

As Jeremy got all of his cock inside her, he grabbed her by the throat and softly choked her before instantly starting to thrust in and out as hard as he possibly could. Her eyes went wide and she stared into his as she felt his cock going at a rapid pace. She could not believe how hard he was fucking her. While the outside of her pussy was wet with urine, the inside was dry as a bone and the small amount of spit he put on himself was not enough to eliminate the severe pain she felt in her crotch. She could feel the nerves inside her pussy being burned from the lack of friction.

For over five minutes, Jeremy kept his pace up and never slowed down. Greg stepped over AJ's head and started rubbing his balls against her forehead while she cried for mercy. She was disgusted as she felt his smooth, sweaty sack moving all over her face until he was ready to violate her. He positioned himself and started violently fucking the young woman's mouth. She tried to scream but could not do it. She could do nothing but lie there while her mouth and pussy were painfully being abused.

AJ had some relief as her pussy adjusted to the insertion and moistened up. While she was still in pain, her body was producing a lot of juices and tried to make it more enjoyable for her. Unfortunately, nothing her body could have done would make the vicious assault any good.

Jeremy pulled out of her and slapped her hard on the crotch. Greg got up as well and they flipped her over. In her drunken state, she had forgotten that Greg talked about putting 'eight inches in the back'. While Jeremy sat on her upper back and rubbed his cock against the back of her head, she felt Greg spread her legs and push his wet cock against her bone-dry asshole.

Greg, with some work and a lot of spit, eventually fit all eight inches inside of her as she cried and screamed. Jeremy wrapped his cock in her long, black hair and was furiously jerking off. The force repeatedly caused her to hit her head against the tile floor. It was not enough to seriously hurt her but it was enough to make her cry even harder.

Greg grabbed onto her tight ass with a vise grip and thrusted as hard as Jeremy had earlier. This was the first time that AJ had ever had a real cock inside of her ass and, to no surprise, hated every second of it. The pain she felt in her pussy and mouth was nothing compared to the pain she felt as her ass was being ripped apart.

"Bitch is bleeding!" Greg shouted out.

"Nice!" Jeremy responded.

Jeremy removed his cock from her hair and sat next to her so her face facing his cock at eye level. He grabbed her hair and lifted her up in time to coat her face in his thick, creamy cum. She closed her eyes as she felt the warm batter spray all over her. She wanted to close her mouth but the pain of her ass rape kept it wide open; causing her to catch a lot of it in. Once he shot his last shot, he pulled her head closer and forced her to suck every last bit form him. She moaned in disgust as the slimy, salty substance ran from the tip of her tongue all the way down to the pit of her stomach.

"Her ass is so fucking tight!" Greg yelled out. "I don't know how much longer I can hold on."

"Start fucking her pussy. We should try and get this cunt pregnant. What a better way to humiliate her."

AJ had a horrified look on her drunken face. She was not on the pill and was at the perfect time in her cycle to get pregnant. She tried to plead with the men but Jeremy kept his withering cock inside her mouth.

Greg lifted her up into a doggy-style position and stuck his cock up her pussy. It only took a few seconds before he pulled her hips against his and shot what felt like gallons of cum deep into her womb. She closed her eyes again and cried hard as she felt his warm cum spreading throughout her lower body.

Greg collapsed onto the floor in exhaustion, pulling out and leaving a thick string of cum connecting her pussy to the tip of his cock. Jeremy finally pulled his cock out of her mouth and relaxed on the floor. AJ curled up into a ball and sobbed for a few seconds before the alcohol finally overtook her and knocked her out.

After a few minutes, the men cleaned up and dressed before leaving AJ in the kitchen. After a few hours, they returned with clothes for the girl and dragged her back to the dining room. They sat her at a table and waited for her to wake up.

Several hours later, AJ woke up very hung over with the men staring at her. Even with how drunk she had been, she instantly remembered everything that had happened.

"Sleep well, slut?" Jeremy asked.

AJ looked at them with anger in her eyes and stood up. She grabbed her clothes and stormed into the bathroom. The men followed her in and corned her against a stall.

"You aren't going to tell anyone what happened last night, right?" Greg said in a threatening tone. She slowly shook her head. "Good."

"Before you go, I think you owe us a little something," Jeremy said.

"What?" she asked.

"I got your urine all over me trying to pick your drunk ass up. I think it's only fair that you get some urine on you as well," he said as he pulled his pants down.

AJ tried to escape but was pushed to the ground by Greg. Before she could stand up, she saw two golden streams rain down on her face. She closed her eyes and mouth and groaned as the smelly water covered her naked body. She sat there and waited seemingly forever for their bladders to empty. Eventually, they stopped and her torture was over.

"Clean up, get dressed and get the fuck out of here," Greg said as the men pulled their pants up and left.

AJ stayed in place and cried for a few minutes before she cleaned herself off and got dressed. She exited the bathroom about a half an hour later and kept her eyes to the floor as she reached the door.

"In nine months, tell my baby I said 'hi'," Greg shouted out. AJ ignored him and walked back to her car.

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