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WARNING: If you are not old enough to view/buy pornographic material where you currently live, it's your own damn fault if your mommy catches you jacking off instead of learning Math.

Featuring: Trish Stratus(WWE), Mickie James(TNA, WWE), Magnus (TNA).

After The Video Shoot: Somebody's Gonna Fuck
A WWE/TNA erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

In October of 2012, inside The Red Rooster bar in Nashville, Tennessee, filming has wrapped up for the latest music video for the song "Somebody's Gonna Pay" by Mickie James. Now, with filming completed and the bar cleared of crew and extras, said currently gorgeous and perfectly curved TNA Knockout has a smile on her face, her hair still stylishly done up as she's dressed in a sparkling white short dress with a belt what nicely hugs to her juicy hips and large breasts. As she leans against the bar, with her is a fellow former WWE Diva in the now retired and brunette Trish Stratus, also in the same clothing she wore for her role in the music video with black pants that fit perfectly to her sexy ass, a short jacket and a black, low cut top that show off a sexy amount of cleavage from her well rounded tits.

"...I know what you mean! It has been way too long!" Mickie says with a smile and a nod. "But with all this music stuff I'm doing, you being up North with the yoga studio, and besides the fact we're not in the same company any more, it's just a little harder to get together."

"Well sure, we can't just crash together in a hotel room like we used to... Or with a hunky Superstar or two..." Trish adds with a knowing smirk that makes her friend grin back. "Speaking of which... This British guy you're with right now... Is he still up to your standards like I remember?" She asks, teasing the fellow former Diva.

"Well if you mean handsome, charming, and with a sense of humor then sure!" James replies before she leans in closer. "But being a total stud and hung? Trust me, he measures up... No, he beats a good many guys from back in the WWE."

Hearing this makes Stratus raise an eyebrow. "Glowing report? Must be packing at least... You think he'd be up for hooking up with us both just like we used to?"

"Oh come on Trish, what guy, especially in wrestling, would turn you down?? And knowing Nick and how good he is, and trust me he's good, he'd be up for giving it to us both!" She replies with a nod. "I think I'd be worried about him if he'd turned that kind of offer down... But aren't you, you know, married?" Now it's James' turn to tease her friend with a smirk.

"Happily married... But how times did you and I screw around, and each other, with guys and gals who were and still are married. It's not like poster boy Cena was any kind of faithful with the pussy he got..." Stratus says before the two women share a laugh.

At that moment the sound of a door opening and someone entering grabs their attention, and who they see makes them both start to grin as they exchange winks. Heading towards them is the man who had a leading role in the music video, another TNA roster member and Mickie's current boyfriend in the English hunk Nick Aldis, better known as Magnus. He's dressed in the same clothes from the bar scene of a nicely fitting long sleeved shirt which shows off his muscular upper body and pants to match.

"Hey there Trish, and hello there love..." He greets Stratus and then his girlfriend, giving Mickie a kiss on the lips before wrapping his arm around her with a smile on his handsome face. "Just double checked... They aren't going to close up for another hour or so since filming went so well... So we can either just hang out here or we can head off somewhere..."

"So we've got time to kill?" Mickie quickly cuts in with a smile of her own, moving a hand up around his neck before she casts a glance towards her friend who smirks back. "That's perfect Nick, because me and Trish here have an idea that I bet you're gonna love..."

"Well as long as it doesn't involve retakes of you doing your best Jeff Jarrett impression, I'm sure I'd be up for it." He chuckles, referring to the scene in the music video where James smashes a guitar across his head.

"Well Nick, you know that me and Mickie are really good friends..." Trish says with a playful tone in her voice, smiling as she steps towards them both. "And we used to do everything together as I'm sure she's mentioned to you before..." She adds, surprising him by sliding her hand up his chest to the unbuttoned top of his shirt.

"Uh... No, actually, I don't think she has..." The slightly stunned Magnus says, just as his woman begins to slide her hands over his arm.

"Well I better tell you quickly that me and Trish... We did lots of things together..." Mickie explains with a seductive smile and a brief lick of her lips. "And I don't mean girly shopping... We fucked together."

"Better than that Nick, we fucked each other, and the men we shared... But it's been a while since we've hooked up, I mean, met up and had some real fun..." Stratus explains before she boldly slips down to her knees in front of him, making him more surprised at her actions. "So, let's cut to the chase... Mickie back in the day only banged the studs with the biggest dicks who could go all night, just like me... Think you can match up and fuck our brains out?"

Although stunned by this brazen offer from the stunning brunette and seeing the lusty look on his girlfriend's face, feeling his cock hardening in his pants having made its own decision, there is really only one sensible answer that he can give them both. "...Let's bloody get on with it then ladies!" He says with a smile on his rugged, handsome face that's soon returned with grins from the two beauties who don't plan on taking this away from the bar setting they're currently in.

Taking off her stylish jacket, the legendary former WWE Diva smirks playfully up at Magnus, her hands sliding up his thighs before moving to undo his belt, causing him to grin again as she wastes no time in pulling down his pants and boxers in one motion, and she soon sees that her friend hasn't "lowered" her standards as her eyes widen with lust. "Nice catch Mickie... Now lets see if he can handle some Stratusfaction..." Trish says, her hand moving onto his already thick and lengthy tool as she strokes him, but soon brings her brunette-haired head in so she can flick her tongue out around his bell end, occasionally brushing her lips against the tip to make sure he gets rock hard, and all the while gazing up with desire as she jerks off and teases her best friend's boyfriend.

"Like she said, Trish and me and have a lot in common you know..." Mickie says, sliding her hands over his shoulders to rub them as she presses her sexily curved body up against his, smiling as she plants a couple of kisses along his neck and watches as her former rival on WWE television opens her mouth and takes his dick inside to make him moan. "We just love to share a hot, hung stud..." She adds, whispering into his ear as he groans in pleasure, his gaze glued down to Stratus as she starts to rock her head up and down on his meaty shaft, feeling how warm and damp her oral hole is as she smoothly moves along his size with impressive pace considering his thickness.

"Mmmmm... I can see that..." The former UK Gladiator says almost in awe of the fact that he's getting sucked off by the iconic and gorgeous retired wrestler while his own just as hot girlfriend is next to him teasing as Mickie grinds her frame lightly against his, and responding his arm soon goes around her so he can squeeze her juicy ass, causing her to groan with a smile. "Bloody Hell, that's something else Trish..." He can't help but watch as Stratus raises and lowers her head swiftly along his rod, already applying a layer of saliva onto him in the process, and she now has both hands on his muscular waist so she can let her mouth and pouty lips so all the work on pleasuring his member as she takes him deeper inside.

The record setting former WWE Women's Champion smirks around his long English cock as she sucks him, playfully raising an eyebrow before the busty Canadian beauty uses her tongue to drag across the underside of his tool as she slowly lifts up to the head, where she shows her skill by turning her head from side to side, grinding her lips around his dick in the process. "Mmmmm... Mmmmm..." Trish's moans are muffled by his man meat as she resumes sucking him, again showing she's no novice to this sexual act even with someone of his vast size as she lowers her head right down onto him, only gagging for a moment when she deep throats him and makes him groan out in delight from the motion.

"Hope you're not saying that Trish is doing a better job on you than I am Nick..." James teases, giving his toned ass a spank as she flicks her tongue against the side of his neck, getting turned on by watching her good friend giving her man a red hot blowjob while she moves herself up against him and pushes her booty out against his groping hand. The current TNA Knockout bites down on her bottom lip, watching as Trish manages to deep throat all of the current TNA wrestler's dick time and time again with greedy deep motions that wouldn't be expected from a woman happily married to another man but it seems she's looking to make full use of this sinful opportunity as she sucks away on this fat cock.

"Mmmmm... Ahhhh... Wouldn't even dream of it love..." Magnus states with a moan, finally able to tear his eyes away from the beautiful face bobbing up and down on his manhood so he can turn and then lock lips with his girlfriend who gleefully moans into it, forcefully pushing her tongue into his so the two of them can make out even while he's getting blown by another woman at the same time. Eyes close as the two swap spit and exchange moans, their tongues wrestling around one another while his hand
still firmly squeezes her thick ass through her clothing, and he's moaning into James' mouth thanks to the pleasure he's getting from being sucked off with better than pornstar quality skills by the third woman involved in this sexual encounter.

"Mmmmm..." Lifting her head off, Trish takes a moment to catch her breath from the lustful way she'd been sucking that thick cock before she stands up, catching both of the other two's attention when she eagerly pulls her top up and over her head. "Mickie, babe? Care to help me out of this?" She
playfully smirks at her good friend, motioning towards her black bra encased tits.

"You bet Trish!" Is the answer from Mickie who moves over, friskily moving around her fellow former WWE Diva in order to slide her hands up her sides, making Trish moan before James all too easily undoes her bra and pulls it away, releasing those perfectly rounded and sized breasts.

"Safe to say you two ladies have done this a couple times before, haven't you?" Magnus guesses, watching as Mickie now moves down and lowers Stratus' pants, showing a matching pair of panties.
"Mmmm... We might have done..." Trish locks eyes with Magnus, giving him a seductive glare with a
bite of her bottom lip. Meanwhile, Mickie slides her hands up and then pulls the last of her underwear down, revealing Trish's neatly shaved but already wet looking pussy.

"But we haven't done this in far too long... So you better not disappoint either of us here!" James says as a threat but the grin on her face shows she doesn't think that will be a problem. "Now come on Trish, I let you give my hunk a taste of that Stratusfaction... Now it's my turn!" She
adds, showing her energetic side as she hops up onto the top of the bar that her music video had been filmed in earlier on.

"With pleasure..." Trish says with a grin, moving over and not even letting Mickie start undressing as she pushes up the bottom of her form-fitting dress, gripping her panties and pulling them all the way down her legs to show off her nicely shaven snatch. "You ready to give me a "British Invasion"?" Stratus asks with a coy smirk as she glances back at the approaching Magnus.

"Too fucking right I am love..." Magnus answers, lifting his top up and off, unveiling his muscular and desirable upper body as he comes close to the two stunning, perfectly curved females.

The two former rivals in the WWE soon show how close they are outside the ring as Trish Stratus bends over forwards and begins to tease Mickie James' pussy with kisses from her pouty, full lips across Mickie's snatch, causing the still clothed beauty to moan just from this as she keeps her legs spread apart. "Mmmm... Oooooh you little tease Trish!" James giggles with a groan as she feels the slight flick of tongue against the outer folds as Trish works her way around her snatch, knowing exactly how to treat her best friend right as she looks up, giving the fellow former WWE Women's Champion a wink before pressing her lips right onto Mickie's pussy to make her moan out.

Soon though it's the woman voted Diva of the Decade who also has to moan as behind her the TNA hunk Mangus has pushed his long and coated with her own saliva cock into her snatch, sliding his inches into her noticeably damp and very tight pussy and the sensations from the first penetration alone are making him groan with a handsome smile. He's far from a one-shot wonder though so with a grip of her toned, tanned waist he starts to pump his man meat back and forth into her snatch, building up the motion and letting her adjust to his size with a plan of fitting as much, if not all, of his inches into her before this is all said and done.

"Mmmmm! Mmmmm..." The stunner from Toronto, Ontario, Canada moans into the pussy of the Montpelier, Virginia-born beauty, her hands moving up to grip the juicy thighs of her best friend as she starts to really work her tongue against the pussy she's keeping pressed against her one-of-a-kind facial features. At the same time she's now pushing her curvacious body back to meet the thrusts she's getting from behind, having no problem with getting fucked by another woman's man even though she herself is married to someone else. Instead she's focusing on the multitasking here - eating out her best friend by sliding her tongue up and down against her snatch, and pushing her ass back sharply so the dick she's taking from the Docking, Norfolk, England stud from behind can go in nice and deep.

"Ahhhh! Oh yeah Trish! Mmmmm... Have you been sneaking off and finding some other pussy to lick while I've been away?" Mickie jokes with a smile and a moan, leaning back on the bar top and resting a hand on the top of Trish's brunette-haired head, working her pussy up to slightly grind it against the other woman's mouth and lips, gazing down and seeing how Stratus' face is right up against her snatch and feeling her tongue moving around hungrily inside her dampening pussy. "Mmmm... Oh fuck! Fuck I've
missed that tongue Trish..." James moans again with a gasp as the other ex-WWE Diva swiftly lashes her tongue from side-to-side for a moment before going back to the steady, savoring circular motion all around Mickie's folds, making sure she can taste all of the forming juices that she can as the two stunningly curved women gaze with lust into each other's eyes to show how much they've missed having this kind of fun with each other.

"What was that about... Ahhhh... Suggesting someone else was doing something better... Mmmm... That your current partner was?" Magnus says with a smirk of his own. The steady thrusts continue from behind as the former Oblivion on the UK television show Gladiators works his hips swiftly forward and then back, smacking into the sexily rounded backside of Stratus as he goes in balls deep with each forward thrust, stuffing her tight Canadian pussy full of his fat English cock with force as he quickly repeats the motion over and over again.

"Mmmmm... Mmmmm!" Even though he knows how much these stunning women are enjoying each other, it's only motivation to make sure he isn't ignored and from the way he's pounding into the snatch being eagerly pushed back against him he's easily doing that, causing Trish to moan into the pussy she's eating out and keep on moving her body back to meet his pumps.

"Ahhhh! Mmmm... Don't worry honey... As good as my girl Trish is... Mmmm!! Nothing's gonna beat that big dick of yours..." James groans out, licking her lips as she continues to work her pussy right up against the swirling tongue of Trish Stratus between her legs, loving the way her good friend knows how to reach deep into her snatch with that talented, greedy tongue to turn her on and make her wet and there's more pleasure from the moans Trish is releasing into her snatch from the fucking from behind.

"Mmmmm! Eat that pussy Trish!! Mmmm... I can't wait to get a taste of yours again..." Mickie adds with a deep moan of lust as she stares down at the pretty face that's right up against her crotch, feeling the full and pouty lips of the multi-time former WWE Women's Champion rubbing against her
folds as the probing, licking tongue makes the first woman to hold the TNA Knockouts, WWE Divas, and WWE Women's titles groan out without a hint of shame.

Giving Stratus' snatch a couple more deep thrusts, Magnus pulls out and catches her by surprise with a sharp spank to her sexy ass to make her groan. "Well then, how about you do just that then... Give our friend Trish here a once-over with your tongue, and I'll show you what you're missing when I give you a good seeing to..." He says with a handsome, rugged smile.

"Mmmm... Just when I think you can't get hotter Nick... I love the way you think!" Mickie says with a grin, moving her hands down to pull Trish away from her pussy, seeing that her pussy juices are all over the lips of Stratus. "Come on babe... Lay down on the stage over there and let me go "Hardcore Country" on that pussy of yours!"

Raising an eyebrow, Trish smirks as she steps back from the bar. "That's really what you're calling it now?" Stratus teases, turning and moving her hands up to draw Magnus in to a deep kiss, letting him taste his girlfriend off of her own tongue and lips for a long, lusty lip lock before breaking it off with a smile. "Mmmm... Good fuck by the way... You might just be up with WWE standards..." She says playfully, turning to move towards the stage where James and her band performed during the music
video shoot.

"I think I do just fine making sure there's action in TNA..." Magnus responds with a smirk, moving over and soon joined by his girlfriend who has ditched her dress so now her tanned body is on full display with her juicy ass and large tits on full display. "Still... Nice to know the stories I hear about the opposition's locker room aren't all just rumors..."

As Trish Stratus lays on her back on the staging with her ass just resting by the edge, it allows Mick James to bend over forwards much like the position before, but this time the Bail Enforcers movie star catches her good friend by placing her legs over James' shoulders when she moves her
head in, causing the Strangers and Angels singer to grin before placing her mouth right onto the other woman's snatch. Resting up on her elbows, Trish lets out a groan of delight as she feels the first brush of tongue slowly all the way up her pussy as it's clear Mickie isn't looking to toy
around here, getting right to work on eating out the damp snatch that was moments ago getting fucked balls deep by her own boyfriend's meaty dick.

Speaking of said hung hunk, he soon brings himself back into the mix as he slides his shaft with a firm thrust into the tight and very damp pussy of his girlfriend that's currently in the middle of this steamy threesome, and he smiles with a moan as James immediately begins to move herself back
against him even before he starts to give it to her. "Mmmm... Bloody Hell Mickie! Guess I might be able to pick up... Ahhhh! A couple of tricks from Trish... You're soaking back here!" When Magnus does start to move his hips, it has them both moaning as he pumps that thick and long English
cock deep into the snug American snatch, gripping her thick and stunning ass cheeks as he ploughs into her with force and building pace as her body rocks between him and the tasty Canadian pussy she's also dining on.

"Mmmm... I might charge for yoga lessons... But I might teach you something for free Nick..." The iconic former WWE Diva says with a groan, glancing across at the chiseled hunk banging the woman who's currently dining on her pussy expertly before her gaze goes back down to the current TNA Knockout as she sees that pretty face pressed up close to her snatch so that she can feel her lips rubbing against her own lower ones.

"Mmmm... Oh yes Mickie! You think you've missed my tongue?? Mmmm... You eat me out so good!!" Stratus continues the lust-driven encouragement, groaning with pleasure as she feels Mickie's tongue sliding around and moving back and forth as likewise, she clearly knows exactly where to probe and how to get
the other stunning female the most pleasure, further proof these two have been closer that just friends and during several encounters by the looks of things.

Strands of Mickie's stylishly done-up hair are beginning to fall out of place from both the rocking force she's using to meet the incoming thrusts she's taking in her tight and wet pussy from her grappling stud of a boyfriend, but also from the way she's energetically moving her face right
up against the snatch of her long-time friend as she eats her out with skills that a veteran porn star, male or female, would die for.

"Mmmmm! Mmmmm... Mmmm!" Her moans are muffled by her mouth being right up against the pussy she's moving her tongue in, out, and all around in as she laps up the juices of the woman she once was the obsessed stalker of on WWE television, showing that she has some top notch oral skills that have nothing to do with any kind of singing career as she keeps on drinking down the sweet fluids.

"Oooooh... Oh fuck Mickie!! Feels so good... Mmmm! Eat that pussy!!" The moans continue to pour out of the mouth of the record setting former WWE Women's Champion who's now laying flat on her back, her hands squeezing her own large breasts for added pleasure, acting more like a shameless slut than the talented and beautiful former sports entertainer she is.

"Ahhhh... You better be fucking her... MMMM!! Good Nick... Or I'll be doing worse than... Ahhhh!! Breaking a guitar over you like Mickie did..." She's still able to playfully tease even when groaning out in lust as her pussy continues to be eaten out by the former WWE Women's, WWE Divas, and TNA Knockouts Champion who herself moans into the very snatch she's licking and slurping on as she rocks between Stratus' stunning tanned and curved body and the muscular, desirable one behind her as this hot and steamy threesome continues on.

"Not that I exactly need... Mmmm fuck! More encouragement right now... MMMM!!" The English stud also known as Nick Aldis moans out, giving his perfectly curved girlfriend's ass a firm spank as he keeps on hammering into her tight, American snatch that's left his manhood coated in her juices, his focus very much on banging that snatch with this hard and fast pace that his balls slapping into her tanned skin when he pumps forward and then quickly draws out to repeat the motion. He can't help but glance
across and watch the very woman he's fucking from behind still have her face right up into the Canadian snatch of the third wrestling personality involved in this, hearing the moans from both women to show that they're loving the lesbian action going on and it for sure isn't the first time
they done this with one another from how good they both are at it.

"Mmmm... This is wild... Just like back in a WWE locker room..." Stratus groans with a smile, sitting up as she feels her friend now lifting away from her snatch.

"Hey, things can get hot and wild in TNA... Just usually back in the hotel rooms where there's actual space..." Mickie jokes as she licks her lips clean of Trish's pussy juices, moaning as she takes another thrust from behind before the man involved in this pulls out of her.

"Yeah, there was this one time in our hotel room in Orlando... In fact, has Mickie ever told you about the little nickname that I have for her..." Mangus with a rugged smirk goes to say something but a playful punch to his chest silences him.

"I told you not to mention that Nick!" Mickie says with narrowed eyes, trying to look like she's annoyed but the smirk on her face tells a different story. "For that? You have to really impress my bestie Trish and give her ass the fucking it deserves!"

"...And that's a punishment how exactly?" He says with a chuckle, watching as the two best friends slide their hands over one another as they get into position for the classic sixty-nine.

Indeed, it may be one of the hottest woman-on-woman sixty-nines from a wrestling fan's standpoint as Mickie James is on her back on the performance stage with Trish Stratus on top of her, and the two former WWE Divas go right to work on each other, putting their mouths firmly onto the pussy of the other and soon moaning into those folds as they start to eat each other out. Mickie has her hands onto the curvy backside of her former rival to squeeze those cheeks, while Stratus has her hands roaming across the juicy thighs of the other woman, and both have closed their eyes as they focus on the task at hand, working their tongues into each others pussy to taste and pleasure one another.

"MMMMM!! Mmmmm..." A loud groan is heard from the woman voted the WWE's Diva of the Decade as taking the challenge laid out moments before, the former TNA World Tag Team Champion involved in this has moved up into a kneeling position so he can push his cock into Stratus' tight asshole, groaning himself as he forces his thick inches into her beautifully rounded backside. With a grunt, and thankful of the pussy juices of his girlfriend that's coating his rod, he starts to ease his member back and forth into her ass, causing the woman taking this to jolt forward when he pushes in, her attention more on eating pussy but having no issue getting fucked up the ass at the same time so she just rolls with it.

Looking up, Mickie grins into the snatch she's dining on as he watches her man slowly and forcefully pumping his tool into her best friend's gorgeous ass, making her keep Trish's butt cheeks spread apart as she squeezes them, and this erotic sight encourages her to further go to work on the pussy on her mouth, sliding her tongue right and around with speed and pace. "Mmmmm... Mmmm! MMMM!!" James moans into the snatch she's licking all around in, getting pleasure herself as she's trying to match the pleasure she's getting from the tongue work on her own soaking wet hole from the beauty on top of her as their bodies slide slightly against one another due to her jolting motion as Stratus takes it up the ass while trying to eat some pussy at the same time.

"Ahhhh! MMMMM!! Ah fuck... Must be something about former WWE Divas... Mmmm... And having a fine arse on them..." The former UK Gladiator Oblivion moans out as he keeps a grip on the tanned waist of the multi-time former WWE Women's Champion in front of him, staring down at her plump, begging to be banged ass cheeks that are being held apart by the woman underneath them both and this allows him full access to thrust away into this tight back passage as he works his inches deep inside her.

"Mmmmm... Ahhhh fucking Hell!! MMMM!!" He moans with shameless pleasure as he pumps that thick booty time and time again, knowing that she's getting eaten out at the same time and that just makes it all the more hotter as he fires off thrust after deep and forceful thrust that would render any normal
woman unable to sit down without pain for several says, but since she can clearly take it and then some he carries on banging her nice and hard.

"MMMMM!! Mmmmm! MMMM!!!" While she may have briefly been a WWE Hardcore Champion, she's showing a completely different kind of hardcore skill set here as the stunning Canadian continues to jolt back and forth while eating out the American stunner underneath her who's returning the favor, and at
the same time groaning at the fat English dick ramming in and out of her tight asshole. Perhaps showing her time away from the ring as an active competitor, Stratus is beginning to sweat as she moan away into the pussy she's greedily lapping away it, splashing the other woman's juices all
over her lips and making it drip down her chin while her own snatch is soaking wet from the superb tongue work she's getting on it.

All while this steamy, shameless sixty-nine between the two former WWE Women's Champions is going on as the two curvy, sexy females eat each other out, the lucky stud involved in this continues to slam his manhood in and out of the made for butt fucking backside of the retired wrestler turned yoga instructor who's ass is now getting filled up with every thick inch of his dick when he goes balls deep with each forward thrust. He's groaning, sweat forming on his forehead but showing his own ability he's keeping up this intense pace, giving this one-of-a-kind ass the kind of stiff and swift treatment it deserves as his muscular waist collides with her booty and causing the erotic slap of skin against skin to ring out all around the bar that had served as the setting for his girlfriend's music video rather than for a threesome between the three desirable and talented sports entertainment personalities.

With drops of sweat dripping from her beautiful face, Trish Stratus can take no more of the combined assault of Magnus's dick fucking her thick ass and of Mickie James eating out her soaking wet pussy, and with her head lifted away to tilt back and let out a deep moan of lust, she starts to cum, further soaking her fellow former Diva's tongue as well as her face as the liquid flows out. "MMMM!!! Ahhhhh... Mmmmm..."

Even though she's happily married to another man, there's no regret at all as Trish smiles and moans, her body still jolting as she takes more deep pumps into her booty from behind, making her ride out her intense orgasm and that's further helped as Mickie laps away at her folds even more to swallow down as much of her juices as she can with greedy moans of her own.

"Oooooh fuck... Mmmm... It has been too long..." Trish sighs with a groan, shifting herself away so she can sit down on the performance stage next to the other two sweating and sexy sports entertainers. "Bad thing about being retired is being out of practice... Don't last as long as I did back in the WWE..." She adds with a smile as her chest heaves as she catches her breath back.

"Well, we've got plenty time to get you back up to scratch..." Mickie starts to say with a grin before she has to groan when she's grabbed from behind and pulled backward.

"Sorry love, but I'm not quite finished with you yet..." Magnus says with a grin, laying back and taking her with him so she's mounted on top of him. "You and Trish have had your fun... Mmmm... Now it's time for mine..."

Despite the sudden move, there's no objections from the wrestler and singer as she eases her juicy, thick ass backward as her boyfriend reaches up to spread those cheeks apart, allowing him to push his cock that's just been in her best friend's back passage now straight up into her just as tight hole, making them both groan as he begins to thrust as she grinds down against the motion. "MMMM!! Oh yeah Nick!! Fuck my ass baby!!" She moans with delight, feeling no discomfort from the invasion as he uses a firm and steady face to start banging her booty while she begins to lightly move up and down on his incoming rod, causing her large and sexily rounded tits to bounce in time with the motion of her tanned, sweating frame as more of her hair starts to become undone from the hairstyle made for her video shoot earlier on.

"Ahhhh! Mmmm... MMMM!!" The moans of the current TNA Knockout suddenly become muffled as she's turned to the side and made to lock lips with the former WWE Diva who uses one hand to bring her into the deep kiss, while her other slides down the riding woman's stomach all the way down to teasingly rub across her damp snatch. "MMMMM!! Mmmmm!!"

Moans and saliva are being exchanged as Trish and Mickie make out with feverish desire, their tongues slapping against each other while the fingers of the former blond bombshell soon slip their way into the active wrestler's pussy to make her groan as she now has to handle some finger banging at the same time along with the other erotic goings on as this threesome continues on.

"Ahhhh fuck!! MMMM!! I love that bloody arse of yours Mickie..." The former member of the British Invasion stable moans out as he sweats but shows no signs that he plans on stopping, enjoying the tight feeling of his stunning American girlfriend's ass all around this thick English cock too much to even think about holding back as he pumps his tool up into that juicy, begging to be hammered booty. He grits his teeth, having to wipe sweat from his brow for a moment before his hands are clamped back onto that jiggling, thick booty as he slams his cock forcefully up into her with a pornstar-like pace as the slap of skin hitting tanned skin rings out around the bar that the very woman he's fucking up the ass right now had been filming her latest music video in.

"Mmmm... You sure can pick them Mickie... Your boyfriend fucked my ass like a pro..." The husky tones of the multi-time former WWE Women's Champion brush against the neck of the moaning beauty bouncing away on the cock deep in her ass, as Stratus keeps her fingers pumping in and out of her good friend's wet hole as she kisses her way up to her ear. "Ride that fucking cock Mickie... I know how you love big fucking dicks up that hot ass of yours..." Trish whispers into her ear before leaning in to gently bite the earlobe, making her former stalker on WWE television groan in pleasure as she keeps moving her body sharply up and down, grinding her snatch against the fingers sliding rapidly into her in the process as its clear that now she's gotten hers, Trish is making sure she helps Mickie hit her own sexual peak.

"MMMM!!! Ahhhhh! I do!! I love this fucking huge dick tearing my... MMMM!! Big fucking ass up!!" The moans coming from the stunning and curvacious American beauty are loud and shameless as sweat drips from her tanned frame and her big tits bounce almost wildly as she continues to slam her juicy
booty down hard to meet the rapid, stiff thrusts from the fat and lengthy English shaft being sent straight up into her from the likewise moaning hunk beneath her. "Mmmmmm!! Oh fuck!! MMMM!! Fuck me Nick!! Finger me Trish!! Ahhhhh!!" The woman nicknamed Hardcore Country is showing she can do a whole different kind of hardcore as she's going wild with the lust as the skilled fingers of the equally stunning Canadian beside her slide quickly back and forth into her snug and soaking wet snatch to continue the double team on her lower holes, making her moan and gasp for air as she keeps on moving herself upward and then sharply down with a smack onto the cock slamming up into her asshole.

"Mmmm... You gonna cum now Mickie??" Even though she's already hit her peak, the former Tough Enough trainer can't help but get carried away with the lust of the moment, once again kissing and flicking her tongue against the side of her best friend's neck while continuing to work a couple of fingers into her wet pussy, slightly moaning herself as she knows how dirty but sexy this all is. "You gonna cum all over my fingers while your man is banging that ass with that huge fucking dick??" The verbal teasing continues as now Trish moves her other hand up, squeezing and feeling up the fellow former WWE Diva's large, bouncing tits, getting another groan of pleasure out of her as she still manages to keep riding that pistoning dick of her boyfriend's deep inside her back passage even while being swiftly fingered by a woman who's married to another man.

Whether it was the verbal trigger from the other beautiful female, the effects of this intense fucking, or a combination of both, she can hold out no longer against it all and with a deep, loud moan Mickie James starts to orgasm hard on the thrusting fingers of Trish Stratus while Magnus fucks her ass hard and fast from underneath her. "MMMM!! Ahhhhh yes!! Yes!! Aaaaaahhh MMMM!!!" She moans away, her body now just jolting upward with each thrust into her booty that she takes, the hunk under her impressively keeping control despite the increased tightness around his cock as she cums, and her juices are flooding over the fingers of the smirking beauty beside her who keeps pumping but at a gradually slowing down pace in order to ease her good friend over all the waves of pleasure that hit her. The effects of that erotic peak are clear when she has to be helped off of the cock that's been balls deep in her backside so she can sit down and rest of the bar's performance stage, panting for breath as Mickie's formerly done-up and stylish hair is now a wild mess and all over the place, which along with the sweat soaking her body is proof of how well she's been fucked not just by her man but her best friend as well.

"Mmmm..." Trish playfully puts on a show, making sure Magnus is watching as she takes her fingers into her mouth, sucking clean the other woman's juices off of them. "She tastes good you know..." She says with a wink, before looking down with a pleasantly surprised stare at his still hard but throbbing dick. "And he can last... You definitely haven't lost your touch for picking studs..."

"You bet I can!" Mickie says as her chest still heaves for breath but she's still got some in her to shift up towards him. "Now come here and lets finish him off, just like old times!"

"Well if this doesn't make my bloody year, let alone day... I don't know what will!" Mangus says, in awe of the high sexual appetites of the two beautiful women as they scoot up close to him on their knees.

Despite his dick having just been deep inside her own ass, Mickie doesn't hesitate to wrap her pouty lips around his member, going ass-to-mouth and savoring the taste of her own back passage with a groan, locking eyes up with her boyfriend as she begins to bob along the top portion of his tool, already flicking her tongue up against his underside to make him moan. At the same time, Trish leans her face in, similarly gazing up with a look of lust as she slides her tongue up and down along the side of the bottom part of his cock before focusing on the base with a swirling motion, dragging around the back as far as she can before whipping back around and repeating the action, also not caring one bit that this dick has come straight from another woman's ass.

"Awwwww... Mmmmm!! Bloody Hell!!" The former Oblivion from the UK Gladiators moans out as he feels his cock throbbing inside of the mouth of his fellow current TNA co-worker as she raises and lowers herself on him with a firm and steady pace, while at the same time the iconic former WWE Diva's tongue works over the base and lower couple of inches, already dabbing saliva onto his manhood. "MMMM!! Ahhhhh! Oh fuck yes Mickie!! Fuck yes Trish!" He groans and gasps for breath, the sight alone of two of pro wrestling's hottest females double teaming his cock with sucks and licks being good enough alone but actually feeling it is blowing his mind, making it all the more impressive that he's able to take this and not instantly bust a nut.

With a groan, the woman voted WWE Diva of the Decade moves her face downward to his ballsack, now slapping her hungry tongue against his nuts as she trails it all the way around and across the left one, showing her skill by tilting her head just right and not interrupting the bobbing motion of the other woman as she moves across to make sure both of his nicely sized balls get a top notch tongue-bath. At the same time the first woman to hold the WWE Women's, WWE Divas, and TNA Knockouts championships is able to move her warm and wet mouth down further on his meaty pole, sucking deeply as she slurps away on his thick inches. She's keeping her lips tightly wrapped around him and showing she can use her talented mouth for more than just the singing she'd done on the very stage this sexual act is being done on earlier on in her music video shoot.

"Ahhhh!! Mmmmm!! Oh fuck!! Here it comes!!" He warns with a groan, and the eyes of both women light up upon hearing this as they soon lift up and away from his shaft with moans of their own, moving up together with saucy grins as they gaze up at the hunk who's been balls deep in both of their pussies and asses during this steamy sexual encounter inside of this hired bar. As he grips his throbbing member and begins to rapidly stroke himself off, it's clear both former WWE Divas are wanting his load across their faces as they touch cheeks and give him one hell of a target, gazing over his
dick as they watch him jerk off and eagerly await the reward after such a long and intense fucking in their tight holes.

With one final, deep groan of pleasure, Magnus finally starts to cum as he shoots thick and warm streams of spunk across both the faces of Trish Stratus and Mickie James as both women close their eyes with smiles, letting his jizz land over their pretty, already covered with sweat facial
features. He continues to stroke, milking himself dry and making sure to aim his dick so that both the Canadian and the American take a healthy dose of his English spunk over their cheeks, lips, and even onto their foreheads and the feeling causing them both to groan with delight. In fact, he shoots out such an impressive amount onto them both that it would seem like a couple of men has blown over them rather than the one stud who's just blasted his own girlfriend and a woman who's happily married to another man.

Finally spent, Magnus lets go of his now limp cock as he draws in breath, a grin on his handsome face as he shakes his head, looking down at the two beautiful faces he just creamed over. "Bloody hell... You two... You two are definitely something else... That was simply amazing!"

"You weren't too bad yourself Nick..." Trish says with a smile as she playfully teases him, even though its clear she loved every minute of this threesome. "But I think that this could have been just beginner's luck... What do you think Mickie? Think we should hook up... I mean, all meet up
again sometime soon?"

Hearing that makes Mickie grin back at her friend, a look made even hotter by all the cum across her face. "Oh, absolutely! It will be just like before... But next time? I'm bringing the bag of toys, and I call dibs on using the "Booty Buster" first!"

"Using the what now?? I think you ladies had better let me in on exactly what you used to get up to..." Magnus says with a smirk.

Both women glance to each other before looking to him as they stand up with lusty smiles on their faces, giving the same response that makes his cock twitch. "...How about we show you instead?"

* * *

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