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After Their Workout
by Arcanine878

Beth Phoenix and Natalya Neidhart just got back to the house from a very intense workout. Their clothes were soaked as their bodies were glistening with sweat. They dropped their gym bags and sat on a chair. Natalya quickly took out a water bottle from her bag and gulped it down.

"Thirsty much?" Beth said, laughing.

"Oh shut up Beth. That workout was really tough today. I think I did the most core work I've ever done." Nattie replied, as she put the lid back on the bottle and set it down on the table. Beth grabbed a towel and started to wipe some of the sweat off her head. "I think I'm gonna wash some of the workout clothes. Do you have any clothes you need washed?" Nattie asked.

"Yeah, I have a couple dirty clothes in my bag. I'll bring it to the laundry room." Beth replied, as she grabbed her bag and followed Nattie to the laundry room.

Nattie and Beth began throwing some workout clothes she wore days ago into the wash. "Beth, I've never had a good workout partner like you. Thanks for being here with me." she said, as she began pouring the detergent into the wash.

"Oh Nattie. You know I'm always happy to be working out with you. I gotta keep busy!" Beth said with a smile on her face, as she threw in her last piece of clothing in the wash. "Plus, you're the only person I know who can actually do the whole workout with me."

Nattie was just about to close the washing machine door just as Beth slid her hand under the lid to hold it in place.

"'re forgetting something." Beth said, as she propped the washing machine lid all the way up. Beth took off her wet bra, as her big round tits fell down.

"Beth...I have nothing to wear."

"Oh come on Nattie. It's just us in this house. I'm sure your cat won't tell anyone." Beth said, as she slipped her fingers under Nattie's sport bra and removed it over her head. Her nice and soft tits were exposed in front of Beth.

"Beth, I'm not sure about this." Nattie said. Beth didn't care. Beth started rubbing and squeezing the Canadian girls boobs. They felt nice in Beth's palms. Beth pressed Natalya up against the wall, as they started to make out slowly. Their tits were squeezed together, as Beth held Nattie's waist while they made out. They sucked on each others lips for awhile. Nattie started squeezing Beth's ass to get closer to each other. Beth smirked at Nattie squeezing her ass, and she loved it. Beth grabbed Nattie's right tit and started to suck on it as hard as she can, pumping the nipple up and making it erect. Nattie moaned in pleasure, as Beth moved to the next tit and did the same. She licked the nipple around its perimeter.

"Mmm Nat...your nipples taste amazing.." Beth moaned.

Beth got down on her knees and slid off Natalya's underwear, exposing a tight, pink, hairy pussy. Beth slid her index finger down the hair and inserted it slowly, going in carefully.

"I've waited so long to get my chance to fuck you." Beth said, as she started to gasp at how tight Natalya's pussy was, as she started sliding the finger back and forth slowly, feeling her pussy tighten up and start dripping her pussy water around her finger. Beth slid her finger out and sucked on it, as she turned Nattie around and started to rub her ass cheeks. Beth spread Nattie's ass cheeks away from each other, and began to eat out Nattie's pussy from behind. Beth's warm tongue filled up Nattie's tight hole. Beth ran her tongue up and down Nattie's pussy and felt each wall Nattie had to offer. Nattie moaned in pleasure as she was getting eaten out against the wall. Beth managed to spread Nattie's ass cheeks further as stuck her tongue in deeper while sucking all the pussy juice of of Nattie.

Nattie turned around, and took off Beth's panties, one leg at a time, exposing her nice pink, hairy pussy.

"You have such a nice pussy.." Nattie said, as she got on her knees as she began licking around the pussy lips a couple of times. Nattie then laid on the ground, as Beth got on top of her and put her pussy in Nattie's mouth. Nattie started eating out Beths fantastic hairy pussy, swirling her tongue on the inside. Beth moaned, as she moved her pussy across Nattie's tongue with each moan. She sank her pussy deeper into Nattie's mouth. Nattie held Beth's legs apart as she continued to lick her clit around. Beth spread her pussy lips apart for Nattie and her moans got even louder.

As Nattie continued to eat out Beth, Beth laid across Nattie and the two divas of doom started to 69. All though Beth was moaning a lot more than Nattie, she managed to ignore her body's emotions to get a taste of Nattie's warm pussy again. It soon became a competition of who can eat each other out better. Nattie went a little slower, but got her tongue in Beth's hole deeper, meanwhile Beth moved her tongue around Nattie's clit fast and elegantly. They squeezed eachothers legs to hold each other in place so they don't move too much from their moaning. Beth started to clench her ass cheeks together as Nattie ate her out. Nattie spat on Beth's Pheonix and inserted two fingers in her pussy, and started thrusting it intensely. "I'm gonna fuck this hairy pussy to death." Nattie claimed, as Beth moaned louder and louder, as Nattie was working her best friend to town.

Beth got up and walked over to her bag. "I have a surprise for you Nattie." she said with a wink. She unzipped her bag and took out a black 16" double sided dildo. Nattie looked in awe, and began rubbing her pussy to prepare herself for the dildo. Beth inserted her side of the dildo in her as she laid down close to Nattie. Nattie eagerly placed herself around her side of the dildo, and they began riding it, moving up and down the large dildo at the same time. Both divas tits were bouncing in the air as they went quickly down and popped right back up on the dildo. Nattie dropped her head back as she was in pure pleasure, as Beth was moaning from the massive dildo. They began getting deeper and deeper on the dildo until eventually they almost touched each others hairy pussies. "Ohhh Beth, this dildo is amazing."

"Mmmmm yea Nattie. This dildo will fuck both of us till our orgasms can be heard across the neighborhood." they both moaned.

Both divas took out the dildo from each other and started to scissor. They balanced their pussies on one another and began grinding as hard as they could. Both divas couldn't talk, as they were too busy moaning ever so loudly. They grinded faster and faster until Beth stopped and started squirting on Natalya pussy. Nattie fingered her pussy as she started to cum buckets onto the floor. They both collapsed to the floor, as they were tired from the intense fucking they just had.

"Nattie, I always knew a best friend like you could fuck me the best." Beth said, as she collected some of the cum on her fingers and licked it.

"Yeah, that was one really fantastic session." Nattie said, as she looked over at the washing machine and noticed it hasn't even started up yet.

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