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Against The Odds
by Formerly Ty

Part 1

Many WWF superstars (overall women), you have to wonder why they are so
beautiful and stay in WWF even thought they have no wrestlng skills. This is
a story about how Divas keep their jobs in the wrestling industry. Against
all Odds:Part one of a big series showcases two women in the WWF that have
to stay alive while having sex with the whole WWF roster. Heres how it all
started in 2000 when Terri and Lita had to go against all odds to keep their
job while getting a big push, if you know what I mean.

April 21, 2000. The day of WWF Raw, Trish went into Vince McMahons office,
only to find him and Lita kissing on the desk just about to take their
clothes off. Trish knocked on the door as Vince and Lita scuffled to get
their clothes on. "Come in" says Vince. "Hello" says Lita as she leaves the
room unnoticable as Trish wondered just what happened and why Vince. She had
a idea in her mind why but didn't want to think about it anymore.

"Hello Mr. McMahon....I just wanted to ask you about how am i going to be
utilized in the future?" asked Trish. "Well it all depends on you're
performance" says Vince with a grin on his face thinking about Lita. "Ok but
if there is anything i can do just tell me" says Trish. "Well there is one
thing...come here" says Vince as Trish curiously walks over behind his desk
to see a bulge in his pants. "Turn around" says Vince, he see's her tight
ass and gets real hard as Trish wonders what will happen.

He massages her as she tries to get away but he pulls her back as she
can't resist his smooth old rich fingers rubbing against her shoulders. "You
know....i can give you a big push if you just do what every other Diva
superstar has done in the WWF,such as Moolah, Rena and so on" says Vince.
"Well, what do you mean by that?" Trish says curiously as Vince moves his
hands down to her waist. "I mean do what i say, you have to do anything i
say just for a couple of months" says Vince.

"What do you want me to do now" says Trish. "I want you to be my toy" says
Vince. "Well if i only had to do that, why didn't you say so" says Trish
enthusiastically. Trish turns around and begins to kiss the boss on the neck
and grab his old ass. "Yeah that will definetly give you a push" says Vance
seriously. Vince grabs Trish's ass like he wanted to in the first place when
she came in the room. Trish then starts to nibble on his ear as Vince unzips
her purple leather skirt.

"Is that an expensive blouse?" asks Vince. "Only if you want it to be"
responds Trish. Vince rips her blouse off revealing two nice firms jugs
inside a silk cotton, white bra. Trish then moves to the boss's lips and
softly kisses them as he moves his tongue inside her saliva. "mmmmmm yea"
says Vince as he picks her up and drops her on his desk before he vastly
swooshes everything off his desk. Trish lays back and Vince takes off his
clothes except his boxers.

"Take me away and taste me" says Trish horny as hell. Vince pushes her
thong to the side and smells the sweet soap that has been in the bathtub
earlier. Trish removes her bra and throws it across the room. Outside Vince's
office Lita forgot to tell Vince to meet her later. Since she had no other
way to contact him, sh made her way towards the office. "ooooooo yeaaaa munch
me" moans Trish. Lita hears this and doesn't want to interfere but she gets
so horny that she can't resist.

"Mr. Vince...oh shit im sorry" says Lita acting shocked. "Amy, if you
wanna keep you're job you better not tell no one about this, now leave the
room or join us" says Vince angrily because she didn't knock. Lita had the
urge to join but didn't want to because she is homophobic and didn't want
any part. But she didn't resist temptation "I think i'll join" says Lita.
"Well get over her and suck my dick" says Vince. Lita walks slowly over to
Vince and taks his cock out of his boxers and jerks slowly. Vince licks both
sides of Trish's pussy lips and begins the journey inside her.

Vince take his tongue and flicks faster than a car at the Daytona 500.
"OHHHH YEAAAA BOSS,AT ME" screams Trish in her low voice. Lita teases Vince
stick as she forgets the cock and lick the area between his cock and ass.
"Ohhh Amy, stop it and suck me" moans Vince. Lita makes her way towards his
hairy balls and sucks the hair follicles out of them. "OHH SHIT STOP THAT
BABY" screams Vince in great pleasure. Vince flicks faster as Lita wraps her
soft lips around his lightning rod slowly. "FLICK ME TO DEATH VINCE!!!!"
screams Trish as Vince tickles her hole faster.

"I'm gonna blast off" says Trish as Vince moves back and lets Lita suck
him off. Trish fingers herself and climaxes into the air about 2 feet.
"OHHHHH YESSSS" she moans. Vince fucks Lita faster in the mouth. Trish gets
up and joins Lita. Lita didn't think about Trish just that big cucumber in
her mouth and let Trish take a shot at his cock. "oooohhhh yessss Trish"
moans Vince. Lita sucks on his meatballs as Trish sucks his carrot top and
before he releases they stop and Lita takes off her clothes except her thong.

She lays on the desk and spreads her legs open. "Eat the shit out of me"
says Lita. Vince smells the area around her thong and carresses her thighs.
Trish removes Lita's bra and takes a look at her hard nips before she starts
to suck them. "Drink my milk slut" says Lita. Vince moves Lita's thong to the
side and kisses her pussy softly getting her even harder and begging for him
to eat her smoothly shaved clit. Vince takes a sip of her juices "oooo no
baby suck my pussy" begs Lita. Vince Sticks her tongue far up inside her
uterus and she screams loud as her voice bounces of the sound-proof doors and
windows,"AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH". Trish kisses Lita and puts her pussy into Lita's

Lita licks Trish curiously and begins to like it. Vince flicks inside Lita
and fucks her with is tongue. "OHHHH SHITT..YEAA EAT MY PUSSY" screams Lita
and Trish monotonously. Trish flicks as Lita eats her pussy faster. "I'M
CUMMMMMMMING!!!!!" screams Lita as she sells her lemonade to Vince's mouth.
"ooooohhhh yeaaaa suck my juices" says Lita. All three get off the desk and
Trish gets back on sticking her ass in the air. "Take you're cock on a
jouney" says Trish. Vince gets up on the desk and spanks her ass with his
cock. He slowly moves his broomstick inside her tight pussy.

Lita gets up on the table and puts her pussy into Trish's face and Trish
gladly takes it into her mouth. "OOOOHH" moans Lita. Vince starts to pound
her blackhole as she screams in extasy. "OOOOH YEA MR. MCMAHON FUCK MY TIGHT
PUSSY" screams Trish. Vince gets off inside her hole and Lita gives her some
useful medicine for her mouth. "ooooh yea drink my pepsi" says Lita referring
to her orgasm that she blew into Trishes mouth as Trish gobbles it into her
mouth. "OOOOHHHHHH VINCE" screams Trish. "OOOOOOHHHH TRISH!!" screams Vince
as he punds her swollen pussy that couldn't take it anymore so she cummed on
his carrot. "I'M GONNA CUM LADIES!!!" screams Vince. They both get off the
desk and Vince jerks his cock into their mouths and kisses them as they
swallow it down.

They were cum drenched as they put their clothes back on. "So am i gonna
get my push?" asks Trish ironically. "You'll get it soon" says Vince. "I'll
tell you what, both of you ladies have to be my toy, by the end of the year
you will have to have sex with the whole WWF roster and you will get you're
push along the way" says Vince as they put on their clothes. "Now go, get
out, and do not tell anyone about this" says Vince. Out of the office, Trish
and Lita wondered what will they do. "Hey let's go along with it" says Trish.
"Okay" agree's Lita. "We can probaly start off with the Hardyz" says Trish.
"Then we can go to T&A" says Lita. "Okay, lets go" they both say.

Part 2

"Where is you're room?" asked Trish.

"Over here," said Lita as they turned the corner.

They came into a quiet room to find Matt listening to his CD player and
Jeff Hardy in the shower. Matt didn't see them.

"Wanna join Jeff?" said Lita.

"Hell yeah!" said Trish.

"Who's there?" said Matt.

Trish had taken off all her clothes and so did Lita. They joined Jeff in
the shower but he didn't see them.

"Guess who?" said Trish as she put her soft hand over his eyes.

"Don't tell me...Amy," said Jeff.

"Half right," said Trish as Jeff turned around and saw them both naked.
Trish with her nicely shaved pussy and firm big tits. Lita with her big tits
and pierced pussy.

"Damn it's like that," said Jeff excited.

"You damn right it's like that," said Lita.

Now Lita and Trish came closer to Jeff's side and rubbedhim down and felt
his shriveled cock.

"We can help you get it up," said Trish.

They both moved down to their knees on the shower floor with hot steaming
water against their huge tits.

Now Lita started to jerk Jeff off and he moaned.

"mmmmmm..thats right, get me hard," said Jeff.

Trish helped Lita wrapping her lips around Jeff's sweet cock and begged
for him to fuck her in the mouth.

"Ooooohhhhhh Jeff fuck my mouth," moaned Trish.

Trish and Lita started to suck on his balls and pubic hair as he pulled
their hair.

"Damn thats some good girls,suck me harder," said Jeff.

Lita started to suck his enlarged cock from the jerking as the steam got
her choked up. Trish and Lita sucked both sides of his cock as water stream
down on them.

"Stop sluts, I'm gonna cum," moaned Jeff.

Now Trish and Lita standed up and Jeff got on his knees. Trish and Lita
rub their tits together as Jeff goes down on Lita and begins to flick her
pussy. He then switches to Trish and tastes her sweet pussy.

"oooooohhh yeaaaa Jeff," moaned both girls. All this while Matt was
listening to his CD player blasting in his ear.

Jeff grabbed Trish's ass and puled her into his face and started munching
away. "OOHHHHHHH SHIT JEFF!!" screamed Trish as she cummed on his face. The
cum drained down the shower before he had a chance to swallow.

Now Jeff started eating away on Lita and gave her the eating she will
never forget. He tore away at her clit, he bit it, spit on it, beat it with
his fingers. He then started fingering her, but Jeff had an idea, he tried
to fist Lita's small pussy. He slowly pushed his big fist into Lita's petite
cunt as she screamed with Trish holding her.

cummed right after Jeff got his fist in all the way. Her juices to, went away
with the flowing of the water.

Now it was on, Jeff stood up and put Lita and Trish against the shower
wall. He turned them around and started slapping their ass till it turned
pink. "oh oho hohoho oho," cried Trish and Lita. Now Jeff turned towards Lita
and jerked his cock alive and penetrated her wet pussy, it wasn't that hard
since he just stuck his fist inside her.


Jeff pounded Lita's pussy harder,harder. Now he took his cock out and
fucked her anus. "ooohhhh jeffffff thats right baby," moaned Lita. Now Jeff
was about to cum and took his cock out. He stuffed it inside Trish's pussy
and and she wanted more.

"You want more slut, how about this bitch," said Jeff.

"Jeff pump me harder baby!!!!" screamed Trish.

Jeff fucked her pussy till she cummed. Now he wanted to ram her tight ass.
"Jeff please don't fuck my ass," begged Trish. He ignored her and fucked the
shit out of her.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh Jeffffffffff yeaaaaaa," screamed Trish.

He fucked her a new asshole. "OHHH SHIT IM CUMMING!!" moaned Jeff. He
jerked his cock into Both divas mouths as they swallowed it gently and
thanked Jeff.

Trish and Lita left the shower and didn't put a towel on. They wanted
Matt. Trish walked seductively over to Matt as did Lita.

"Hey ladies" said Matt curiously. Trish stuck her ass in his face and Lita
rubbed his chest. He started to eat her wet butt and Lita took his clothes

"Oooojhhhhhh matt oui oui," moaned Trish.

Trish was getting her butthole eating, not her pussy. Now Matt wanted to
try something, he made a fist and tried to stick it in her big pussy. It went
through with some trouble and he was inside her, he fucked her in and out
with his balled up fist.

was fully naked. He made Trish cum. "oooohhhhh yessssss," screamed Trish as
she squirted in his face. Lita licked off the cum as Trish sat on his cock
with her ass. Now it was all fucking.

"OHHHHHH YEAAAA NICEEEE COCK," said Trish. Lita got on her knees. The cock
was right near Trish's pussy. Now Lita started to suck Matt's cock as she did
many times before, but she ate pussy at the same time.

"Mmmmmmmmmm......ohhhhh shit," moaned Trish and Matt. as Lita sucked them
both.Lita deepthroated him all the way down. "holyyyy shit, i didn't know
you could swallow that whole" said Matt shocked. Now he was beginning to cum
and told Lita to stop. Trish now sat on his cock literally inside her ass.

As she rode Matt's cock, Lita ate her pussy. "OHHHHHHH YESSSSSS AMY SUCK
MY PUSSY!!" screamed Trish. "OHHHHHH YESSSS RIDE MY STICK!!!" moaned Matt.
Trish rode his cock so hard that he came in about 10 minutes. "ohhhhhhhhh
shit I'm cumming" said Matt. Trish quickly got off him and got on her knees
with Lita as they jerked his cock waiting for cum.

Suddenly he squirted on their tits and in their mouths. They struggled for
cum that was in the air as they gobbled it down.

"Ohhhhhhhh thanks for that session," said Trish.

"No problem," responded Matt.

Trish and Lita left the room after taking a bath and put their clothes on.

"So Trish, where to next?" asked Lita.

"I don't know," said Trish.

Part 3

Trish and Lita did not know who to fuck to keep their job. When all of a
sudden, Chris Jericho walked right past them.

"Hello, ladies," said Chris.

"Hey, Chris," said both ladies seductively.

Chris Jericho looked at them weirdly and went on his way.

"Let's get him," both ladies planned. They followed him to his dressing

He didn't know they were in his room and sat and watched a couple minutes
of T.V.

"I don't wanna go, you go first," said Trish. They were deciding who
should seduce him first. They were afraid the fact that he would turn them
down because of his wife.

Soon Lita came out and Chris Jericho was shocked.

"What the hell are you doing in here?" asked Jericho.

"Well, we were wondering--" said Lita.

"We?" said Chris.

"Come out, Trish," said Lita.

"I can't beleive you were spying on me," said Chris angrily.

"We weren't spying, we just wanted to..."

"Wanted to what?" demanded Chris. Trish went over to Chris and took off
his silk shirt.

"Oh, you wanted me to fuck you?" said Chris. He sat down on the steel
chair and Trish seducted him. Now Lita had taken off his spandex pants and
now he had nothing on and was hard as hell.

"Suck my dick sluts" said Chris.

Now Trish had gotten on her knees with her clothes still on as Lita had
taken off her clothes and just had on a bra and thong.

Trish waited for Lita to get on her knees as she rubbed his hard cock. It
was about 8 inches and now Lita started to suck on Chris's balls. "oohhhh
yeaaaaa sluttt," moaned Chris.

Trish had wrapped her lips around his left ball as Lita was on his right.
"OOOH MY GOODNESS" moaned Chris.

Now Lita had wrapped her Latin lips around his big cock and started to
penetrate her own mouth with his sausage. "ooooohhhh, Amy" moaned Chris. Lita
sucked his cock harder and harder. "ooohhhh yeaaaa stop baby give it to
Trish," demanded Chris.

Now Lita refused to give it away and Trish pushed her away and now Trish
wrapped her lips around the tip of his cock as he moaned in extasy. Lita now
wanted revenge and came up behind Trish and stripped her skirt and shirt off.

Lita started to finger Trish and squeeze her breasts. "oooohhh Amy pop my
cherry bitch" moaned Trish. Trish deepthroated Chris,all 8 inches and swirled
her huge tongue around. "Ooooohhhhhh, yessssss! I'mmmmmm cummming" screamed
Chris as Trish jerked his cock in her mouth. Chris blew his load into her
mouth as she swallowed it whole.

"Oooohhhh Lita fuck me with you're finger!!!" screamed Trish as she burst
onto Lita's fingers. Lita took her finger out and she fed Trish her own cum
as she did Chris.

Now Trish and Chris got up. Lita got on the chair and stuck her ass in the
air. Now Chris stuck his fat cock inside her pussy as she moaned. Trish was
under Lita and started to munch down on her clit.

"Oooohhhhhhhh yessssss Trish!!!!!!" screamed Lita.

Chris fucked her pussy harder and faster. Shre told him to stop but he
didn't. He then took his cock out of her loose pussy and stuck it into her
tight ass.

"OOHHHHHH CHRISSSS YEAAAAA!!!!" screamed Lita. Her ass was so tight he
couldn't take it anymore as she gushed on his cock he took his cock out of
her ass and started to jerk into Trish and Lita's mouth.

"Ohhhhhh yeaaaaa taste that sluts" moaned Chris.

The session was over. Lita and Trish put their clothes on and left.

"Bye, Chris" said the ladies.

"Bye ladies" said Chris.

The ladies left and it was late at night 1:00 i the morning and they
wanted someone to come home with them.

Part 4

Trish and Lita wanted someone to go home with them. But who? Team R.E.C.K
walked right past them going out on the town with casual wear on jeans,shirts

"Hey ladies, wanna come with us on the town?" asked Kurt.

"Sure" both said. "But we're gonna take you someplace special since we
were here before" said Trish.

"Okay" agreed all four guys. "Come with us to the limo" said Edge.

They all got in the limosine. Rhyno in the back,Kurt Angle,Christian and
Edge in the front with the driver since Trish and Lita asked them to go

"Driver go!" yelled Rhyno in the back. Now they were halfway to the
restaurant when Lita put up the window between front and back.

"Hey, Rhyno, how big is you're stick?" asked Trish quickly.

"I don't know,wanna find out?" said Rhyno.

Suddenly,Trish put her warm hands down Rhyno's jeans. He instantly got

He took his jeans off revealed a huge 9 incher.

"We got a big one!!" said Trish with a grin. Lita quickly came over and
started to suck on his cock as Trish rubbed his chest and kissed him.

"Yeah Amy" moaned Rhyno. Lita was excited that he knew her name because
they never talked that much. She knew he wanted her. Lita started to jerk his
rock hard dick and sucked faster and faster as Trish came back down to his
cock and helped Lita suck his hard cock.

"Thats right slut" moaned Rhyno. Lita was getting more horny,he slapped
her ass. "Stop sluts" said Rhyno as he was about to cum. They got up and took
off their clothes. Now Trish was eager to sit on his fat cock and so she did.
"Ohhhh yea" moaned Rhyno as he didn't want them up front to hear but they
knew what was going on.

Trish rode his cock as Lita came up behind her and licked the area the was
being rode on by Trish. "oohhhhh Amy" moaned Trish. Now Lita wanted to stand
up and let Rhyno eat her so she opened the ceiling window and put her head
out with her tits hanging out. "OOOHHHHHH YESSSS" screamed Lita into the air
as Rhyno ate her smooth pussy.

Trish rode faster like a bullrider on Rhyno. "I'm cumming!!" screamed
Lita. Everybody in the street looked at her in amazement as she was cumming
into Rhyno's face. They recognized her and ran after the car to her
screaming. "Oohhhh yessss" moaned Lita as she came back into the car.

Now Trish was riding faster as Lita sucked her huge nipples. "IM
CUMMING!!!" blurted out Rhyno. He came all over Trish ass and Lita's fingers.
Now they were done as they were almost at the restaurant. They put their
clothes on and loked at each other strangely till the limo stopped.

They all got out and went into the restaurant. "What would you like?"
asked the waiter.

"I would like some cock right now" thought Trish and Lita in their minds
as they were playing footsie with Christian. "You know what, order us
anything, we are gonna go to the bathroom and freshen up okay" said Trish as
she looked at Christian and winked her eye. They got up and snuck into the
mens bathroom.

Christian came into the bathroom and went into one of the stalls'. He had
no idea where Trish and Lita were. "Right here" said Lita. Through the hole
in the stall wall was Lita's right eye. "Stick you're cock through the hole."
said Trish. He took off his pants and shoved his limp cock into the hole.
Lita and Trish laughed. "Didn't you get hard at the table?" asked Trish.

"I did but when you left, i started to go down" said Christian. Then Trish
wanted to get him hard so she started to jerk his cock with her gentle hands.
He got hard within a minute and the ladies started to suck his 7 inch cock.
"Oohhhh yeaaaa baby" moaned Christian. Lita started to suck on his balls that
he squeezed through the hole.

"Yeah Amy,suck my balls" moaned Christian. Somebody came into the room and
heard him moan but didn't pay no attention. Now he was about to cum and took
his cock back inside the hole. "Fuck me" said Lita. He stuck his refreshed
cock back into the hole only to go inside Lita's ass. "YEAAAAH BABY!!"
screamed Lita. "ooohhh you're sooo tight baby" moaned Christian.

He pounded the stall. Mostly men that came in on them were curious why the
stall was moving but they left instead. "yeaaaahhhh christian fuck my
ass!!!!" yelled Lita as she ate on Trishs' pussy which she lifted her skirt
up up. "oooohhhh yesssss Amy" moaned Trish as Lita flicked away at here clit.
Trish cummed on Lita's mouth without warning and now Christian was releasing
his juices onto Lita's ass and it dripped down her legs. "yeaaahhh baby"
moaned Christian.

Lita and Trish put their clothes on and went into the ladies room to
refresh. Christian came out zipping his pants. "Hey buddy,where's the girls?"
asked Kurt.

"I don't know" said Christian. "Whats wrong with you, why you acting
weird?" said Edge.

"Okay, heres the thing, the girls came onto me so we just fucked in the
bathroom" said Christian.

"They are sluts but im gonna fuck them tonite" said Kurt. "They fucked me
in the limo" said Rhyno. "for real,we heard you" said Edge. Now Lita and
Trish came out of the bathroom laughing. They finished their meals and talked
for a couple of minutes as Trish and Lita played footsie with Edge.

"Whaddya say we go to the carnival?" asked Lita.

"Thats great!" said Kurt like a little baby.

At the carnival, Trish, Lita and Edge went on the roller coaster which
surprisedly holds three at once. Edge pushed their skirts up and played with
their clits. When they got off the ride they went into one of those dirty as
port-o-potties. "Not here" said Trish. "But this is the only place" said

Trish agreed and they went in. It surprisedly was type big and not a mess
if you know what i mean. They all took off their clothes and Edge sat on the
toilet which he put alot of tissue on. Lita and Trish got on their knees and
wrapped their lips around his 8 inch cock. "ooohhhh yeaaaaaa sluts" moaned
Edge. Trish deepthroated his huge cock "damn Trish" said Edge. Now Lita
deepthroated her small mouth on his cock. "Thats right baby suck me" they
sucked him good as he was almost about to cum all over the potty.

Now Trish sat on his big cock and started to ride him. "oohhhhhh
yeaaasssss baby" screamed Edge as Lita licked Trishs' pussy. "ooohhhhh
yessssss Amy" moaned Trish as Trish rode his huge cock. "yeaaaahhh
slutsss" moaned Edge. He couldn't wait any longer and started to help Trish
by jumpimg up and down pounding her pussy. "ooooohhhhhhhh yessssssssss"
screamed Trish as she cummed on his cock.

"I'm cumming baby" said Edge. They got off of him and jerked his cock
sucking until he blasted into Lita's mouth. "oooohhhh yeassss taste thats
sluts" moaned Edge. They put their clothes on and when they came out the
rest of the team was waiting for them. "There you are,lets leave" said Kurt.
They all came to the HOtel (get it) and went to their rooms. Trish and Lita,
who were fingering each other realized that they didn't get Kurt yet. They
came to his room and knocked. "Hey Kurt we were wondering if we could stay
with you since we were horny?" Kurt was excited and agreed.

Trish came up to Kurt and rubbed on him. Lita took off his clothes and
they went to the balcony. Kurt sat on the chair naked. Trish and Lita took
off their clothes and started to suck on his baby cock (6 inches) for a man
his age. "oohhhh yessssss sluts suck my dick" moaned Kurt.

They sucked his cock real fast as he was about to cum. "Stop sluts,let me
fuck you're pussy" said Kurt. Lita instantly volunteered and sat on his cock.
"Thats right Amy" said Kurt. Lita sat on his cock and started to ride it as
Trish put her tits in his face and he sucked her hard nipples. "ooohhhh
yessss kurt suck my nips" moaned Trish.

Lita started to ride him faster and faster as Trish released her milk into
his mouth. "Got Milk?" said Trish. "OOHHHH YESSSSSS KURT" screamed Lita as he
came inside her, luckily he had on rubber. He took out the condom and fed
Lita and Trish his cum.

"Now i want you, Trish" said Kurt in a baby voice.

Trish took Kurt by his hands and guided him towards the bedroom as Lita
layed tired next to them fingering herself. Trish put her ass in the air.
Kurt stuck his cock inside her loose pussy and started to fuck faster and

"OHHHHHHHH KURT THATS RIGHT BABY!!!!" screamed Trish. He soon took his
cock out of her pussy and stuck it in her tight ass wanting more pressure.

Kurt fucked her ass so hard she almost pissed on the bed. "IM CUMMING" said
Kurt from the pressure on his cock. He came in Trishs' ass but luckily he
had on a condom. He took his cock out and poured the cum from his condom all
over Lita's chest. Trish licked it off and kissed Lita. "mmmmmmmm" moaned
Lita. They all layed tired on the bed and fell asleep.

Part 5

The girls left the hotel to go to the house show that they were doing.
Today they had a triple threat match with Chyna for the WWF Womens
championship. Before their match, they were walking past the Big Show's room
and looked at each ohter.

Trish knocked on the door and Big Show opened it to his surprise he saw
two horny ladies looking at him seductively.

"Hey ladies I was just getting ready for my match what makes you come
here?" asked Show.

"Paul we just anted to tell you how horny we get when we watch you
wrestle," said Trish grabbing his cock over of his wrestling attire.

"Whoa, I never knew, why didn't you tell me?" said Show.

"Well we wanted the element of surprise to be added so we thought you and
us could get to know each other more" said Lita.

"Well come in," said Show. The ladies came in and rubbed onto the side of
the Show.

Show rubbed their asses. "Hey ladies whaddya say you remove you're clothes
and we can get to know each other really well," said Show.

"Sure," said Trish. Trish removed Lita's clothes slowly while receiving an
ass rubbing by Show. Now Lita removed Trishs' clothes.

Both women were naked as Show looked at them in amazement.

"Come here ladies," said Show.

Trish rubbed his cock as Lita took off his wrestling attire. "Thats right
Lita," said Show.

Now all three were naked. Show forced Trish on her knees grabbing her
hair. "oouch thats hurts..I like it baby," said Trish. Trish jerked his cock
slowly as he picked Lita up and fingered her pussy with his huge fingers.

"Ohhhhhh yesssss, Paul," moaned Lita.

Trish jerked his cock while sucking hard on it.

"Oooohhhh you doing good, Trish," moaned Show.

Now Show lifted Lita upside down and she wrapped her Latin lips around his
cock as Trish sucked on his balls.

"Oooohhhh yesss sluts suck me" moaned Show.

Now Show was eating her pussy with his hurricane tongue as she laid upside
down sucking on his pacifier.

"Oooohhhhh Paul eat my pussy!!!" moaned Lita.

Show almost dropped Lita as she and Trish were giving him a major blowjob
that he stumbled. That seemed the only way to get him off his feet.

"Oooohhhhhh suck mmy cock sluts," moaned Show as he drooled on her pussy.

"Oohhhhhh yes yes yes yes yessss!!!!" screamed Lita as she flowed into
Show's mouth.

Now Show put Lita down and Trish got off his dick.

Show picked Lita up and he stuck his cock inside her pussy as she wrapped
her legs and arms around him. Trish was also picked up and put on Shows
shoulder with her pussy in his face.

"Eat my pussy, Paul," said Trish.

Lita now bounced up and down on the Show as he put a tornado on her pussy.

"Oooohhh yessss, Paul" screamed both women in pleasure.

Lita stopped bouncing and he started to lift her up and down faster and
faster with his hands on her ass.

"Ohhhhhh shit, Paul, take me away baby!!!" yelled Lita.

"Thats right, eat my pussy baby" said Trish.

Show ate her pussy and made it wide with his huge tongue. "OHHHHHH
YESSSS!!!!!" screamed Trish.

"FUCK SLUTS, IM CUMMING!!!" both women got off Show and got on their heels
as he jerked his cock into their mouths.

"Ohhhhhh yeaaa" moaned Show as he had massive orgasm all over Trish and
Lita's face and tits. They kissed each other with a face full of cum and
rubbed his cum all over their tummies.

Later in the House Show Chyna retained her title and Lita and Trish left
the arena in despair.

Part 6

Trish and Lita get a call from Mr. McMahon.

"Hello ladies, I just wanted to tell you that you will be going to Jamaica
this week for a photo shoot good luck." said McMahon.

"Well, I guess we gotta go get ready," said Lita.

"Not yet," said Trish as Stephanie and Tori walked past Trish and Lita by
Big Show's room.

"Where are you ladies going?" asked Trish.

"We were just gonna go play a game of cards that Tori suggested, care to
join?" asked Steph.

"N-No thank you," said Lita. Trish elbowed Lita. "You know what we have
time before we leave lets play," said Lita excitedly.

"Follow us towards my dressing room," said Tori. They all walked towards
her room and ame in to see two luxury couches,a table and a bed.

"Wow! nice room Steph," said Trish.

"Thanks,my father ordered it specially for me," said Steph. Now they all
sat at the table.

"Who wants to start?" Tori asked excitedly as she shuffled the cards!?!

"This was your idea, Tori," said Steph nerviously, I think you should lead
it off, don't you girls?" both Trish and Lita nodded their heads in unison
and while waiting for Tori to finish shuffling the erotic game cards!!!

"Okay" said Tori, "I'll go first but you all have to promise to play at
least one round, agreed?"

The other girls glanced back and forth between each other before Lita
replied, "Agreed, we'll draw at least one card, after that we'll see how it
goes!!!" after Tori finished shuffling the cards, Trish cut the deck and all
eyes' turned to Tori in anticipation of her draw!!!

Tori licked her lips nervously as she lifted the top card and gingerly
turned it over to read. It said: "You're lucky, all you have to do is show
you're pussy!!!"

The other girls whooped and hollered as Tori stod up and indefiantly
pulled down her black tights and panties and showing off her blonde-haired
pussy while exclaiming to the group, "You can laugh all you want, but now its
your turn," as she slid the deck over in front of Lita!!!

Lita chuckled uncertainly,and with a great deal of treipdation, drew a
card and it said: "Nice girls don't, but you do, the girl to your right sucks
your nipple!!!" Lita stared at the card for several seconds before turning
to Trish who said "Now wait a minute this is supposed to be her turn, not
mine, I won't do it, I won't!!!"

"Come on Trish you agreed," offered Steph, "and besides, it doesn't say
how long to have to suck it, make it a quickie!!!"

"Oh, nuts," Trish replied before leaning over and giving Lita's nipple a
quick nibble, "now are you satisfied"

"Perfectly," Tori replied sweetly, "just perfectly."

"Two down and two to go," Lita said as she put her tits back into her
orange see-thru tube top. "Whose turn is it now?" said Lita.

"I guess it's mine," repplied Steph drumming her fingers on the top card.
"Well, here goes," as she turned over a card that read: "Only for a minute,
expose it and finger it!!!"

"Holy shit!" Steph muttered under her breath, "This is getting serious
isn't it?"

"Yes it is," Tori replied, now lets see some action daddy's little

"I'll time her," Lita offered hile checking the sweep hand on her watch.

"Tell me when," a red faced Stephanie pulled her leather skirt up over her
hips. And with aquick tug pulled down her dirty panties and without looking
any other girl in the eyes, started fingering her full lipped pussy until
Lita called time!!! Everyone was quiet as Steph pulled up her dirty panties,
but soon everyone was looking at Trish, as the sexual tension in the room
became palpable.

Trish leaned over and turned over her card, everyone leaning in close to
see what is said, Trish read softly: "No fingers in the pie this time, but
strip you must till time goes by!!!"

"Well at least you don't have to finger it," Tori said while Trish slowly
removed every stitch of her clothing, "That's something anyway right?"

"Yeah, right," said Trish as her nipples stiffened in the air-conditioned
room. "I'm real lucky that way."

All four girls paused for a moment not sure if they should continue. But
before anyone could say another word, Tori flipped over her second card and
gasped, "OH MY GOD, LOOK AT THIS!!!"

"What's it say?" Lita asked while turning her head to read the back of the
card. It said: "Find a candle, blow it out, stick it in you 'til it makes you

"Holy shit!!" Lita stammered, "Y-you've gotta fuck youself with a candle".

"I'll find a candle," Trish said as she ran naked into another room, "just
make youself comfortable."

"Thanks alot," said Tori flatly while removing her clothing, "You're a big

The big breasted girl returned to the bedroom and asked, "Which one, I
brought two."

"You're crazy if you think I'm gonna use the red one," Tori said as she
eyed the eight inch thick bruiser.

"Give me the white one," Trish handed Tori the the long, thin taper as
everyone sat at the foot of the bed and watched as Tori slid it easily into
her dripping cunt!!!

"Oh, my!" sighed Tori as eight inches of wax worked its way home "T-that
feels really nice, mmmmmmmmm, nice!!!"

"Wow, I've never seen anything like this before have you guys?" Lita
whispered as Trish and Steph both shook their heads from side to side without
taking their eyes off Tori's dripping pussy!!! Tori had slipped into another
world totally oblivious as everyone around her, and in a matter of minutes
she was ramming the candle in and out of her pussy until she was bucking her
hips forward to meet every stroke!!!

Trish's hand had slipped to her crotch, and almost absentmindedly she
diddled her own clit in rhythm with Tori's stroking, that is until Tori
arched her back as an orgasm rolled through her like a hot knife through

It wasn't until Tori's orasm had subsided that Lita and Stephanie noticed
that the naked Trish wa sin the midst of a climax herself, but it was egually
as hard as Tori's and left the poor girl slumped face first on the bed
gasping for breath!!!

With Tori and Trish too exhausted to move, Lita and Steph returned to the
game where Lita drew a card that read: "Roses are red, violets are blue,
stick your tongue in her, the girl next to you"

"Oh, my," Steph whispered while removing her dirty panties, "I've never
done anything like this before, and I have to admit that I'm pretty nervous."

"Your nervous," Lita replied "All you have to do is lay back and relax,
I'm the one that has to put her mouth in your hairy pussy," but after giving
Steph a wink, Lita let her tongue slid into the dense forest of pubic hair as
Lita searched for Steph's clit!!!

"Ohhhhhhhhh," Steph sighed, "T-that feels wonderful, oh oh, that's it,
right there, oh yess, ohhhhhh, you do my clit so good!!!"

Trish slid up on the bed next to Tori and the two of them nestled together
while watching Lita suck Steph's needy pussy!!!

"Suck her off, Amy!!" Tori offered as Trish leaned down and took one of
Tori's nipples into her mouth "Ohhhhhhhhh yeah suck the little bitch off!!!"

It was amazing to watch,but Steph was actually getting turned on from
having Lita's tongue inside her sexual organ. Lita showed no resistance when
Tori and Trish, hopped off the bed and pulled off her orange thong, leaving
her ass and pussy exposed and ready for action.

With an evil look on her face, Tori picked up the thick red candle, and
without warning, rammed it into Lita's drooling pussy doggy-style!!! Trish
winced at the ferocity of Tori's attack on Lita's cunt,but the xtreme slut
that Lita is, she merely shoved her ass backwards, trying to induce Tori
into fucking her harder!!!

"JESUS!!!" Trish moaned softly, "Just look at her, she's sucking Steph
and getting fucked by that monster candle, oh god, i'm gonna have to finger
myself again."

And soon,all four women were moaning as orasms began building steadily in
their bulging cunts!!! Steph was the first to go as Lita's tongue bored in
harder on her distended clit, driving her over the edge of climax hill!!!

Lita's pussy futilely tried gripping the massive invader,but it was
beyond hopeless task as her pussy was being stretched beyond the limits of
credulity, only to find itself erupting into a series of viscious orgasms
that left it pulverized into submission!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trish's finger was now a blur flying in and out of her burning pussy, and
as her own climax approached,she leaned over and started planting little wet
kisses all over Lita's smooth Latin ass while the fat red candle still
protruded obscenely from her brutally fucked pussy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Are you getting close?" Tori's asked while cupping Trishs' soft breasts,
"I just found out today that I love watching a woman masturbate, and you are
one hot fucking slut!!!!" said Tori. This was not new to her, but Trish
discovered that she loved hearing Tori talk so slutty was even more of a

"How does this feel?" Tori whispered while twinsting her hard nipples,
"Does this make you want to cum slut?" beads of sweat had broken out on
Trish's forehead, and she stammered her answer, "I-it feels great,and I can't
help it but I'm fucking cumming, ohhhhhhhh, I'm over the edge!!!!"

No one said a word for a long while until Steph whispered, "Now that is
one heck of a game ladies!!!"

"Yeah!" Tori replied, "but we gotta figure out how to get past the second

Part 7

Lita was riding her John Player Norton. Trish, as usual was riding her
LeMans. The big Guzzi throbbed between her legs as they swept through the
turns one after another.

"The Goose has a stiff suspension; there's something very sexy about the
way the firm seats fits between my thighs, how the bike bucks over big bumps.
It's almost like riding a man" said Trish.

Needless to say, by the time they reached the coast highway, Trish was
ready to lure Lita off into the beach grass and have her way with Lita. But
when they pulled off at one of their favorite overlooks,what should they spy
but a gorgeous red and silver Ducati, and next to it,dressed in tight jeans
and denim vest, their favorite riders. Undertaker.

They both liked him, but whenever they had talked it had been before a
meeting with Mr. McMahon or a match. Today, Undertaker was alone, with no
plans. After chatting a few minutes, Lita and Trish had came to the same
conclusion, for Lita invited him to their picnic. There was something about
Undertaker, he seemed to ooze sensuality,and everytime Trish and Undertaker's
eyes met, Trish got a big jolt of sexual energy.

The same seemed to be happening with Lita. When Trish complained of a sore
neck, Undertaker gave her a neck and shoulder rub that was slow,so deep, so
excruciatingly sensual, Trish wanted to rip off his clothes right there.

By the time they finished their meal,Lita and Trish were decided. Locking
her eyes' with Trish, Lita picked up Trishs' hands and began kissing her
fingers one by one. Slowly Trish drew Lita into her arms until their lips
met. Then they turned to Undertaker who was watching avidly.

"Mark," Trish began. "We think you should come back to our hotel with us.
We can show you our room...and our see." Trish explained as
Undertaker's evil eyes rested on Lita, then on Trish.

"We have lots of fun together, but we haven't had a man in -- how long

"Couple of days" Lita insisted. "We like men who are serious about their
pleasures --a nd like to take their time with them. Are you like that, Mark?
Because if--IF you are, we'd VERY much like to takre yo back to our hotel

Undertaker spits out his chewing tobacco, "Let's go".

At the hotel,t hey stripped down their leather skirts and tube tops and
warmed up with a cup of hot tea a piece. Then Trish and Lita led Undertaker
into their room. Trish put her arms around Undertaker and began to kiss him.

They kissred while Undertaker undressed, then Trish pushed him down on
the bed and lay on top of him,naked skin on hot,naked skin and while Trish's
mouth and her naked thighs against his erection distracted him, Lita captured
his arms and legs and tied him to the bed with his equalizer(his chain). He
didn't realize he was caught until Lita tightened the chain and Trish rolled
off him.

"Don't worry," Lita told him. "It's just that, well, the trouble with men
is that they're just not patient. And we want to take you slo-o-owly." Lita
leaned down and kissed his mouth, nibbled his earlobe, then knelt between his
spread legs and began, with excruciating slowness, to lick and then suck his
balls. Undertaker groaned and rolled his eyes back like in the darkness

Trish layed back and enjoyed as Lita tormented him. Trish had some idea of
what was coming next, and watching Undertaker thrash an strain against his
bonds, as Lita brought him close, ran closer to orgasm was getting Trish hot.
Just before Undertaker was ready to cum,Lita pulled away from him, leaving
his sexual organ purple with lust and visibly pulsating.

"See what I mean, you're getting impatient," Undertaker groaned. Lita
crawled over him and wraped Trish in an octopus-like embrace.

"Now it's your turn," Lita said. Those incredibly talented lips' brushed
Trish's hairline,her eyelids and at last, her mouth. While Lita's fingers
teased her things apart, Trish began French-kissing Lita, her lush breasts a
warmth. Trish wanted to bury herself in. Trish stroked Lita's nipple with one
hand while the other found Lita's pussy which was dripping wet with

As Trish caressed the hot,velvety softness between her labia, Lita began
to moan aloud,thrusting her crotch against the heel of Trishs' hand. Trish
was all set to go down all Lita when she slipped from her arms,laid her
head-to-foot with Undertaker so he could watch a much of the action as
possible, and began to lick Lita's hot dripping pussy.

A fierce heat began to grow deep inside Trish it became nearly unbearable
as it spread to her hands and feet,her breasts',even her throat. As Trish's
tongue lashed Lita's supersensitive clit she felt her finger slid around the
opening of Lita's vagina,then slip within. A bottomless well seemed to open
inside Trish. As Trish brought Lita to the brink of orgasm and over Trish was
dimly aware that Undertaker was going nearly as wild as she was,but Trish,
caught in wave after wave of searing, almost unendurable pleasure and
couldn't pay much attention. Lita barely let Trish catch he breath before
bringing her off again.

Another sweet agony shook Trish. She was starting in on round three when
Trish took mercy on poor Undertaker and insisted that Lita make Undertaker
lick her pussy for a while. Meanwhile, Trish lay down between his leg and
began licking his balls as Lita had done earlier. Undertaker was excited and
he loved Lita's pussy. Lita loved too, Undertaker's tongue as she kept
rubbing her clit over his mouth,groaning,sweat,sheening the muscles of her

Trish ached to be two places at once: How she envied Undertaker as he
tasted Lita's delicious snatch,especially when Lita's skin took on the dark
flush that let Trish know she was close to cumming. It wasn't long before
Trish saw he long red hair fly back as her body was wracked by spasm after
spasm of delicious orgasm.

Meanwhile,Trish was getting off on Undertaker's balls and cock. While
Trish's saliva-slicked hand stroked Undertaker's throbbing erection, she
first took one ball, and then the other inside her mouth,teasing them,
pulling gently. Pretty soon Undertaker got so hot Trish had to stop. She was
just in time to see Lita going off again. As Trish shifted her legs slightly,
she could feel the juice squishing around in her pussy.

Trish took the head,then the strong shaft,into her mouth, bt it wasn't
enough. Lita had collapsed by Undertaker's head. Trish positioned herself
over Undertaker and slowly sheathed his erect and throbbing member in her
tight, hungry cunt. That must've been just what he wanted, because he
shuddered and rolled his eyes back in his head. Trish was in heaven. As
Undertaker strained against his bonds to thrust himself deeper into Trish,
she could feel the sweet sensation building towards another orgasm.

"Do you want to cum Mark?" Trish panted,speeding up her tempo.

"Yes!" Undertaker grated.

"So bad you can almost taste it?" said Trish.

"OH GOD,PLEASE!" Trish leaned closer to Undertaker slamming her hips
against his pelvis. As she thrusted and eager tongue between his lips, she
could feel her body begin to shudder. Suddenly her back arched as Trish
began to cum, another incredibly intense orgasm, and as Trish did, Undertaker
screamed and began to shoot wads of hot jizz on her pussy, bucking and
straining. Trish looked as if she had never seen a man cum like that, and
the wild throbbings of his cock made Trishs' own orgasm go on and on.

Finally,spent, Trish collapsed on top of Undertaker. His arms came around
Trish as Lita loosed his chain,then she joined Trish and Undertaker a moment
later.The three of them intertwined,fell alseep among the tangled covers,
happy and for the moment -- exhausted.

Part 8

In the hotel, Trish and Lita left the Undertaker and took a shower
together. They left while he was asleep and headed for the airport. When
getting on the plane there were alot of familiar faces, including Chyna,
Tori, Terri and Jacqueline and Stephanie McMahon.

"What's Steph doing here?" said Trish.

"I don't know lets just get on the plane and get some sleep" said Lita.

After a rather uneventful trip filled with boring conversation and sleep,
the divas arrived at the hotel where they were given a couple of days to
shop for swimsuits. After they completed shopping for the next day. Terri
suggested they all go out to dinner together. Terri's suggestion was taken
and the divas arranged to meet in the lobby at 6:30. Retiring to her room,
Terri again began to fantasize about the possibilities of engaging in a
little fun with her traveling companions.

To say the least they were all quite attractive and young. Lita nice
firm tits and red hair with smooth lips, and Trish, the voluptuous vixen
what can you say about her? Chyna, biggest tits in the wrestling industry.
Just thinking about spending an evening of sucking any of them got Terri's
nipples hard. Terri finished her shower.

Terri went down to the lobby and still had to wait another half hour for
her dinner companions to join her. After a delicious dinner at one of the
local restaurants, "What do you say we go back to the hotel for drinks and
see what type of entertainment they had in the lounge" suggested Terri.

"Sure" the ladies all agreed.

"I would love it if they had dancing" said Trish. They went straight to
the lounge and found that indeed there was dancing, in fact they had a live
band and quite a crowd had gathered. They managed to get a table and drinks
in short order and settled in to small talk about the shoot the next day.

"Would you like to get together with me and the ladies and put your hard
nipples to good use?" Trish asked Terri. Terri was taken back a little by
her offer but managed to tell "I'm ready for anything".

As Trish and Terri walked back to the table, Terri could tell that Lita
and Chyna were looking at her breasts' which had her hard nipples bulging out
the front of her top. Once they were in the elevator and the doors had closed
Lita moved to Terri placing her hand on her right breast and rubbed it.
Terri reached out and pulled Trish and Chyna to her squeezing Trish's firm
ass while fondling Chyna's big tits. Lita reached out and began to rub
Trish's tits. They entered Trish's room and quickly moved to the king-size
bed and proceeded to fondle and rub each other. Terri wanted the privilege
of stripping the ladies and suggested that she strip each one in turn as
the others watched.

They all agreed and Trish was chosen to go first. Trish and Terri moved
to the foot of the bed as Chyna and Lita relaxed and fondled each others
tits and cunts watching Terri strip Trish. Terri first removed Trish's tube
top exposing her tits which were bra-less and firm with erect pink nipples.

Moving her right hand up between Trish's legs, found she also had no
panties on and proceeded to force two fingers up her already sopping slit
and rub her clit while sucking on her firm tits and nibbling on those erect
pink nipples. Moving down, Terri next removed Trish's leather skirt exposing
her full blond bush spreading her legs so Lita and Chyna could see her
pussy filled with Terri's fingers.

Bending down, Terri ate Trish's pussy licking her now erect clit until
Trish came. Removing the garter belt and nylons she wore,Terri moved her to
her side and rubbed her tight anus and ate her pussy until she came again. A
gentle tapping on Terri's shoulder told her it was time to move to the next
girl and she looked up to see Chyna looking into her eyes. Trish moved back
towards the head of the bed as Terri drew Chyna to her and began to fondle
her big tits. Terri could see they were all going to get into the act as she
looked back toward Trish and Lita, Terri watched as Lita reached down
between Trish's legs and inserted three of her slim fingers into Trish's
sopping cunt.

Moving quickly, Terri removed Chyna's dress exposing her big tits held
only by her nippless bra and a black garter belt and nylons framing her dark
full bush. Moving her hand down between Cyna's legs, Terri forced three
fingers into Chyna's sopping slit and began to massage her clit with her
thumb. Terri then reached back and undid Chyna's bra letting her full tits
free as she sucked and licked her nipples. Terri could tell Chyna was close
to cumming as her breath was coming in short gasps and decided to make her
cum with her mouth. Moving down, Terri spread Chyna's legs further and licked
her cunt and clit removing one finger from her cunt and pushing it up her
squirming asshole. This was all Chyna could take, and she came hard, pushing
and grinding her sweet slit into Terri's face. As Chyna came down from her
climax, Terri licked her tight anus giving her a nice rim job. Stopping only
when she heard Lita's voice pleading with her for her turn.

By now, Terri was worked up to a frenzy and there was a large, wet,
precum stain on her tight pants. Terri watched as Chyna and Trish snuggled up
in the bed with each others fingers up their cunts and each squeezing the
others tits. Pulling Lita up, Terri lifted her orange tube-top over her
head exposing her bra-less tits and her stiff nipples taking her right tit in
her mouth Terri began to suck it as she bit her nipple and pushed her hand
up under Lita's skirt. Running her hand up between Lita's legs, Terri found
she too had worn no panties and had only nylons on under her skirt. Reaching
her pussy, Terri found she was nicely shaved and her smooth hairless cunt
lips were wet with pussy juice. Terri slowly removed Lita's skirt exposing
her shaved pink pussy and set to work finger fucking her slippery slit as
Terri ate and licked her clit and twisted her long erect nipples. This action
brought Lita to a crushing climax.

As she was lying there regaining her breath,Terri slowly stripped off
Lita's nylons and tongued her asshole getting her ready for the girls turn
to strip herself. Terri could see Chyna and Trish were having a good time
as they were both still probing each others cunts and had added a finger up
each others assholes while they sucked and bit at each others tits finally
bringing each other to climax at the same time. Looking Terri's way, Chyna
and Trish licked their lips and started to approach Terri. In no time all
three ladies were on Terri stripping off her cloths and getting her ready for
a hot time. Trish had move around and was ramming her fingers up Terri's
asshole as she rubbed her hard nippled tits against Terri's back.

Lita, a little left out at first had moved under Chyna and began licking
and sucking Terri's clit as she finger fucked Chyna's cunt. This was too
much for Terri to stand and she began to shoot a massive orgasm down Chyna's
throat. After taking her first shot deep in her throat, Chyna pulled back
off Terri's pussy and directed her second stream directly into Lita's waiting
mouth. Chyna then took Terri's third spurt in her mouth and pinched off the
flow of cum until Donna's head appeared between Terri's legs and then stuffed
her pussy deep into Trish's mouth as she shot again.

Trish continued to suck Terri's pussy until she had milked the rest of her
load and swallowed it all.

"Wow,that was great," said Trish. "We should come to Jamaica often."

The divas fell asleep waiting for tomorrow when they had to shoot photos.

Part 9

It was one of those hot summer days where heat and sun drove people to the
beaches, Trish was one of them, seeking coolness in the fresh salty wind that
blew threw her blonde hair.

"Wow, what a nice view!" Trish said. There were four people on the beach;
Jacqueline, Trish, Lita and Debra.

"Yeah, almost makes you wanna have sex on the beach," said Debra openly.

"What's that supposed to mean?" asked Trish.

"Nothing," said Debra glaring at Trish's eyes.

"I'm going in the water," said Jacqueline.

"Good idea, I'll join you," said Lita enthusiastically. Both ladies went
into the cool water wearing their skimpy bikini's. Lita went underwater and
took off everything.

"Hey, Jackie, take it off!" yelled Lita across the water. Jackie went
underwater and took off her bikini set and came back up.

"Look at this," said Jackie as she flipped backwards in the water. Lita
saw her ebony cunt and almost drowned.

"Check this out" said Lita. Lita jumped up and down to Jackie's suspense.

"Nice tits, Amy," said Jackie.

"You're not so bad yourself" responded Lita.

Over in the sand, Trish worked on doing Debra. "So what did you mean by
having sex on the beach," asked Trish.

"Nothing,hey can you rub this lotion on my back?" asked Debra. Trish
wanted more than that but she waited and Debra turned around and took off her
bikini and lay on her stomach in the beach chair. Trish poured almost half of
the miniature bottle on her hand and started staring at Debra's great ass.

"So how's Steve?" asked Trish as she rubbed her soft hands all over
Debra's back and down to her ass.

"I suppose you're asking how good he is in bed?" said Debra, "Well, he's
okay, once we added a woman to our relationship and he performed better than

"Who was she?" asked Trish.

"Rena," said Debra. Trish started to rub between the crevaces of Debra's
buttocks as Debra tried to move away.

"What was that!" screamed Debra.

"Nothing" said Trish.

In the water, Lita got wet thinking about Jackie's chocolate cunt and
eating it. Jacqueline did a couple more backflips for Lita. Now Lita went
underwater and grabbed a dead crab, "Where are you Amy" screamed Jacqueline.

Lita swam across the water and closer to Jackie's pussy. Lita brushed up
against her pussy as Jackie thought it was a jellyfish and tried to brush it
away but to find out it was too heavy to be a jellyfish.

Lita started to rub her pussy and push Jackie's ebony lips apart and put
a crab finger inside her pussy. "OHHHHHHHHHHH GODDDDDDDDDD" screamed Jackie.
Now Lita started to eat Jackie's pussy and carressed it while sucking the
unlimited salty water out of her black pussy. "Yeaaahhh thatss good," moaned
Jackie bucking her hips almost falling into the water.

Now Lita swam around Jackie and floated up to her asshole. Lita stuck the
crab finger all up unside her dark shithole and started to rip it apart.
"OHHHHHHHH SHITTTTTTT HELLLPPPPP MEEEE!!!!" screamed Jackie. Now Lita wanted
more and went under Jackie's legs with the crab finger still inside her tight
ass. Lita started to munch on Jackie's blackhole leaving it salty. Lita could
taste the salty pussy in her mouth and started to finger it.

Jackie couldn't take no more from the dead sea animal's finger and cummed
in the salty water, "I guess you can call it cum water now." Jackie looked
down in the water and found out that it was Lita that was eating her apart.
Lita came back up gaspig for air. She started to suck on her hard salty
nipples that were raging with milk. Jackie picked up the crab and pinched
Lita's nipples with each of them and went down under.

Now Jackie started to lick on Lita's pussy against the water's current
slowly and started to put her fist into Lita. Jackie's ebony fist punctured
Lita's latin pussy as she screamed for help to get the crab fingers of her
nipples. Now her nipples were bleeding and her pussy was getting bigger and
bigger the longer Jackie kept her fist inside. Lita started to cum on
Jackie's fist and bursted in the open sea.


"You like that you latin slut!" yelled Jackie in her manly voices. Both
ladies now swan back to shore and went under the boardwalk to get shade.

Over on the sand, Debra was finished getting a tan. "Hey, Debbie, wanna
play in the sand?" asked Trish.

"Sure" said Debra. Debra started to turn around and layed on her back in
the sand. Trish started to pour sand over Debra's naked tanned body as she
wondered what was going on.

"I know this game" said Debra. Trish started to pour more sand over
Debra's body. After a few minutes,Debra was unable to get up from the sand
that was all over her body.

"What are we gonna do now?" said Debra.

"What are we gonna do now?" mocked Trish.

"Trish get me outta her" said Debra.

"Not until you tell me what you meant by sex on the beach, matter fact, I
wanted Steve before you and you took him,now you're gonna get your's bitch!"

Trish stared to take off her bikini and went down Debra's mouth. "You
gotta pay bitch,eat my pussy!" demanded Trish.

"Trish noooo!!" screamed Debra although Lita and Jackie couldn't hear her.
Trish sat her blonde-haired pussy on Debra's face and sat all the way down
making Debra eat the shit out of her clit. First off, Debra wasn' feeling
Trish, but she thought about her and her husband fucking Rena and eating her
tight pussy and started to eat on Trish's pussy.

Debra started to bite on Trish's pussy, "Eeeeeeeeekk," squealed Trish by
Debra chomping down and biting her pubic hairs off her pussy. Debra got sand
in her mouth and started to spit it on Trish's pussy and ate it back. Trish
couldn't take it anymore and started releasing on Debra's face and all over
her hair.

"Ohhhhhh yeaaaaah thats a good slut," moaned Trish.

Now wanted more and started to dig a hole in the sand near Debra's pussy,
she needed help. "LITAAAAA...JACKIEEEE!!!" she screamed. They instantly came
over naked.

"Help me dig this hole near her pussy" said Trish. They started to dig
away and soon found her hairy pussy full of small sand crabs that didn't bite
bite looked nasty. So they brushed them apart and revealed a pussy that was
full of sand. Trish started to brush the sand apart and started fingering her

"PLEASE NO TRISH NOOOO!!!!!" screamed Debra,but no one was on the deserted
beach,the photographers were gone and only sea gulls flew over head watching
this spectacle.

Now Lita and Jackie started to dig out the sand near Debra's huge tits and
so they did. They started to suck her sandy nipples and she fed them milk.

"PLEASEEE STOP SLUTS!!" screamed Debra again. Now Trish started to put
three fingers inside of her pussy and ate at the same time.

Lita sat on Debra's face and mashed her pussy aginst that Stone Cold mouth
and Debra couldn't resist no more and started munching on Lita's latin clit.

"Ohhhhhh yeaaaaaa, bitch," moaned Lita. Trish ate more and more and Jackie
started to rub on Lita's and Debra's tits.

"Oohhhhhh noooooooooooo bitch pleasssseeeee!!!!" screamed Debra as she
cummed on the sand and Trish's mouth.

"Mmmmmmmmmm...what a good girl" said Trish.

Lita couldn't take the brushing of Debra's tongue and sharp teeth that
tore her pussy and came on Debra.

"OHGGGGGGGGGODDDD!!!" gagged Lita cumming on Debra's mouth and hair again.
The ladies were finished with Debra and each other and dug Debra out. Debra
slapped all three women.

"Don't ever fuck me without my consent, that's right my consent!!!!"

The day was finished as the sun went down and the ladies went back to the
hotel and this was the last day of Divas in Hedonism and Jackie and Lita got

Part 10

"Hey Nora, what are you doing here?" asked Trish.

"Just working out to get in shape so I can take photos like you two,"
said Molly. They get inside a cab.

"To the airport, driver," said Lita. During the ride, Trish put her hand
on Molly's lap to find out that Molly took her hand and fingered herself
through her pants.

"Mmmmm...yeah. Trish you're alright" said Molly.

The ladies get to the airport and go through the necessary procedures to
privide their's and others safety. Now they get on the airplane and put their
luggage in the conpartment above. Molly walked past Trish while she was
putting her luggage up and started to finger her asshole.

"Meet me in the bathroom," said Molly. Trish smiled and thought it was too
easy. She took a strap-on out of her bag that she hadn't used during the trip
so she thought this was the time. Molly walked past Lita now and started to
grab her breast in front of everyone. Though they didn't care cause they were
sluts too and started to get hard nipples.

Lita thought that she was gonna laugh when Molly grabbed her tits. Molly
walked into the small bathroom to see Trish with a strap-on on her though she
was not naked. They kissed in passion and Molly closed the door.

"I want you so bad inside me," begged Molly.

"Well, bitch, you're gonna get your wish," said Trish as she stripped off
Molly's clothes and turned her around with force. Trish started to finger
Molly as sucking on her miniature tits.

"YEAH BITCH SUCK MY TITS" moaned Molly. Trish got down on her knees to the
dirty floor and started to eat Molly's asshole.

"Ohhhhh yeaaaahh your so good to me, slut," moaned Molly. Molly took the
tissue holder and took off the tissue making a nice spiky dildo and started
to stick it in her pussy.

"Ohhhhhhh eat my ass" said Molly. Trish turned Molly around and started
to help her puncture her pussy with a tissue holder.

"YEAHH FUCK IT BABY!!" screamed Molly. Now Trish got up and started to
butt fuck Molly with her strap-on even though her clothes were still on.
Trish peddled faster into Molly and throttled her tits.

"Yeaahhh you nasty little slut take this" said Trish. Moly held onto the
wall gaining leverage as she came onto Trish's gucci pants.

"YOU BITCH!!!! AMY GET IN HER NOW!!!" screamed Trish mad ass hell. Lita
came into the small bathroom.

"FUCK THIS BITCH UP NOW!!!" demanded Trish. Lita took her clothes off and
took the tissue holder from Molly and fucked herself and fucked Molly with
each end and Molly started to eat Trish while Lita took the strap-on and butt
fucked Molly leaving her a mess.

Molly started to shit on the dildo as Lita pumped harder and harder into
the shit filled hole as Molly ate Trish's pussy. Molly took some of the shit
that fell from her ass and mushed it onto Trish's pussy leaving it smooth
and dark.

"Take that shit off now, bitch," demanded Trish. She grabbed Molly's face
and forced Molly to eat her own shit.

"Mmmmmmmmm eat that shit" moaned Trish. While eating Trish, Molly releived
herself onto Lita's strap-on dildo as Lita pounded her dirty ass harder and
faster until it turned red,then blue.

"Ohhhhhhhh oh oho ho please stop," begged Molly as Lita was fucking the
shit out of her,Lita's back was aching and stared to fuck faster almost
breaking her back. Molly's ass was sore and started to shit again.

"Ohhhhhhhh godddddd," moaned Molly as she came on the floor and dildo.

"What a slut we got here, Amy," said Trish.

"DAMN IM CUMMING," said Trish. She came onto a shit filled mouth and Molly
ate the shit mixed with Trish's juices. Lita started rub Molly's shit all
over Molly's body.

Molly layed on the floor on her stomach since her ass was sore. She was
dazed as she had shit on her mouth and tits. Lita wanted more and sat on her
shitty mouth.

"Damn thats cold" said Lita. Molly started to chomp down on the shitty
pussy and ate Lita's pussy faster than Trish. Lita couldn't take the shitty
mouth and came on Molly's mouth.

"OHHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSS SLUT!!!!" screamed Lita. She left the room and
winked to Trish that Molly was done for. They arrived at their new
destination for RAW, New York. Trish and Lita had to wash themself off before
touring New York.

Part 11

"Whassup ladies" said Tazz.

"Nothing Peter, we were just wondering where you live?" asked Lita.

"Right over there," Tazz points to an abandoned building with a dirty

"Damn, thats where you lived growing up?" said Trish in disgust.

"Yeah, you gotta prob' with that ma?" said Tazz in slang.

"Take us over there," said Lita.

"Why?" said Tazz.

"Because there are rapists in New York baby, and I'm not risking
getting AIDS," said Lita.

"Whatever" said Tazz. He walked them over to the alleyway with a dirty
matress near a garbage dump. A couple rats came out as Tazz kicked the

"AHHHHHH!!" screamed Trish and Lita hysterically.

"Ha ha ha ladies are funny," said Tazz.

"That wasn't funny asshole" said Trish as she slapped him.

"Mmmm, feisty little hoe," said Tazz.

"Excuse me, what you say I was?" said Trish.

"Nothing, just that you ladies are very beautiful and why did you come
to this place out of every other clean place in New York?" asked Tazz.

"We came for one reason only...tell him, Amy" said Trish. Lita came over
to Tazz and unbuttoned his baggy Southpole jeans and reached inside and felt

"So you hoes wanna do somethin or what?" said Tazz.

"I like rough guys like you baby" said Lita.

"You like rough guys, eh?" said Tazz,"I'll show you rough."

Tazz took Lita over to the dirty matress and threw her on it. A couple of
rats came out and scrambled before leaving. Lita spread her latin legs out
and said, "Tomo chocha!" (eat my pussy). Tazz ripped her tight red leather
pants off and tingled her pussy with his goatee.

"Mmmmmmm yeaaaahh" moaned Lita. Now Trish started to lay down on the
matress hesitantly and spread her legs out, she had a skirt no with no
panties and Tazz started to finger them both.

"Ohhhhhh shit Peter!!" moaned both women. Tazz now ripped their clothes
off and they were all fully naked in the dirty alleyway which was occupied by
rats. Trish spread her legs and told Tazz to her rough. He inserted his Thug
Life cock inside Trish as Lita licked his crusty ass.

"Ohhhhhhh shittttt you feel good baby" moaned Tazz. Trish wanted a thug in
her and she got it badly. It felt like she was being raped and fucked by
twenty rats whiskers. Her pussy was tingling with 13 inches of thug.

"Ohhhhhhh yessssssss" moaned Trish. She couldn't take it Tazz was cumming
and took his cock out and didn't jerk cause he wanted Lita's ass. Trish blew
her load on the matress as a rat came over and sniffed it. Now Tazz put his
thug inside Lita's asshole and he was fucking her doggy-style to the rhythm
of Jay-Z in the background "I'm a hustler baby, I just want you to know, it
ain't where I been, but where I'm 'bout to go."

"OHHHHHHH DAMN UR TIGHT SLUT!!" monaed Tazz. Now Lita was being fucked
hard as she looked a rat dead in the face. Her pussy was exploding with metal
ass Tazz poked her out with his .45.

"Ohhhhhh godddddd I'm cumming!!!!!" screamed Lita. No one around listened
to her because it was a everyday thing. Tazz kept fucking her ass out and
started to poke further and further into her gaping hole. Now her asshole
looked like a golf hole. It went in smooth and came out smooth. So Tazz
wanted more tightness and he took his cock out and started to fuck Lita in
her pussy.

"AYYYYYY PAPI!!!!" screamed Lita. Tazz couldn't take her tight hole and
came inside her. There was just enough bust left to jerk it into their mouths
as Lita swallowed and Trish spit into the sewer.

Now they were finished and Tazz promised to take them on a tour of New
York before RAW and took them to a local shop so they could get some new
clothes since he ripped them off. They are now onto the Statue of Liberty as
Tazz drops them off.

Part 12

"Bye, ladies" said Tazz.

"Bye, Peter," both women said. They went inside the bar. Across the room
they could see two familar faces, Bradshaw and Farooq. They walk over to the

"Hello, we thought we'd find you here," said Trish.

"Hey bartender, round for the ladies," said Farooq in a slurred voice.

"Thanks," said Trish. The ladies drunk some Budweiser.

"What is this?" said Trish. "Bartender, give us some scotch." The
bartender slid over two cups of scotch. The ladies gulped it down as APA
whooped and yelled.

"Another round" said Trish. They sprayed it fast in the back of her

Both men were getting hard as they thought of their cum splashing against
her tonsils.

"WHOOOPPPPP," said Bradshaw. The owner of the bar came over.

"I'm gonna have to ask you to leave or be quiet," said the owner which was
surprisedly Mic Foley.

"Are you kidding man?" said Farooq.

"YEAHHHHH!!!" said Foley. "Are you going somewhere with these ladies?"
Foley didn't notice it was Trish and Lita because they were slouched over
the bar from the drinks.

"YEAAAAAHHHH!!!" said Bradshaw.

"Then you know what, I have a room upstairs if you wanna use it," said

"Okay let's go, Farooq," said Bradshaw. Bradshaw grabbed Lita as Farooq
grabbed Trish. Going upstairs they almost fell down. Trish bumped her head
but was too drunk too notice.

"Where you going with my girlfriend?" shouted a nerdy guy downstairs up to

"Let's solve this now," said the guy.

"Let me handle this twerk," said Farooq. He came downstairs and looked the
man dead in his eyes, ripped off his shirt...and kissed him. The whole bar

"What the hell are you doing," said the guy. Farooq turned around.

"What out!" said Bradshaw from upstairs as the guy hit Farooq over the
head with a bottle full of cogniac. Farooq didn't feel the effect as he hit
the guy dead between his eyes as the guy fell down. The whole bar erupted as
the guys friends jumped on Farooq.

Bradshaw dropped Lita and came downstairs and beat the living hell out of
these weaklings, he was mad because he had to wait and get pussy. The fight
was over as 10 guys lay on the floor running out of the bar holding various
parts of their body.

APA went back upstairs and took their ladies. Went into a room where
barrels of wine and beer were,wrong room but they didn't care. They lay the
ladies on beer cases stacked like a bed.

"Hey Farooq, lets really hurt these bitches," said Bradshaw.

"What do you mean?" said Farooq. Bradshaw took out a bottle of Budweiser
and started to untwist it and pour it all over Lita as she woke up.

"I see what you mean" said Farooq. He took some Alize and poured it all
over Trish as she woke up also. Both ladies spread their legs.

"Give it to me bitch!" said Trish.

"Me too" said Lita. Farooq took off his shirt and started to take off
Trish's clothes. Trish is completely naked as Farooq gets on the stacked up
beer cases and starts to look at her pussy weird,he caresses her breasts and
sucks on them.

Bradshaw rips off Lita's new clothes and rubs her latin tits. He takes
off her thong. Rubs her pussy and moves back up to her tits and licks her
nice ,smooth erogenous zone. Farooq does the same to Trish sucking and biting
her hard nipples.

"Ohhhhh yeaaaahhhh!!" moaned Trish and Lita at the same time. Bradshaw
moved down to Lita's clit and spits on it.

"Suck my pussy bitch...ohhhh...tomar chocha," demanded Lita. Bradshaw
runned his fingers up and down before taking his tongue and running it up and
down her clit faster every turn.

"YEAAAAAHHHH OHHHHH!!!" screamed Lita. Farooq stopped sucking Trish's
nipples and had an idea,he took a bottle cap remover and places it on her
hard nipples. It fitted right in and he twisted and turned it making her hurt
real hard,she tried to fight it off but couldn't it was rough sex she was
having, even rougher than Tazz.

Bradshaw took his tongue all the way inside and deepthroated Lita's pussy.
She tried to take it but she couldn't. Bradshaw took a beer bottle,took the
top and put it inside her hole.

"OHHHHHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOO PLEASEEEE!!!!!" screamed Lita as he pushed it all
the way in. He was getting harder and wanted to poke her out like a pokemon.
Bradshaw fucked her with the,out,in,out,in,out the rhythm that he
was fucking her with the budweiser bottle.

Lita couldn't take the 40 ounce inside her anymore and came inside the
bottle. Trish snatched it from Bradshaw's hand while getting her nipples
twisted and hurt. She drunk Lita's juices.

" should...sell...this.." said Trish gasping for air while
getting hurt. Farooq stopped and got on top of Trish. He pentrated her tight

"Ohhhhh baby" moaned Trish. Bradshaw turned Lita around and grabbed her
thighs. He fucked her ass doggy-style ass she begged for more.

"OHHHHHH YESSSSS!!!" screamed Trish getting her clit pounded out. Lita was
getting her butt loosened by Bradshaw.

"Brad....ohhhhhh yesss" moaned Lita. Bradshaw cxouldn't hold himself on
the stacks of beer cases. The cases fell,they were okay,but during the fall
Bradshaw stuck his manhood all the way inside Lita but couldn't get it out.
aHe stared slow pounding,then it loosened up and started to fuck her harder
than before. You could see her ass jiggling as he fucked it faster and

"I....m.....c..uuuummm...iiinnngg," panted Bradshaw for air. He took out
his rod and jekred into the air onto top of Lita's ass and all over the
fallen beer cases. He rubbed his cock over her ass picking it up. She turned
around and started to suck and swallow the cum off his cock.

"I....FEEL YOU BABY!!" screamed Trish getting her pussy pounded by a huge
black cock. It bulged inside her, almost cumming,Farooq took it out. Trish
sucked his black cock,looking like a fish swimming, she sucked Farooq out,
drying him up.

"IT'S CUMMING!!!!" yelled Farooq. Lita came over to help Trish as Bradshaw
lay exhausted. They jerked Farooq's cock until he busted into their eyes.

"Ohhhhhhh yessssss," said both ladies. They kissed and swallowed his load.

They got dressed up and left the room messed up. Lita and Trish left,
heading for the Garden. Mic came in to see the room.

"What the hell!" said Mic "Who did this?."

"Trish and Amy," said Bradshaw.

"I'm gonna get their asses," said Foley running out.

Bradshaw and Farooq piled them back up.

Part 13

"Hey, Trish let's get that bitch Lilian, she announced my name wrong,"
said Lita.

"For real?" asked Trish, "She's gonna get her ass tore up now." They went
ringside where Lilian practiced a little singing after every event. The
arena was empty, except for the cleaning guys, which left early.

"Hey Lilian, come her" said Lita. She slapped her in the face hard.
Lilian tried to go after Lita, but Trish held her back.

"You're gonna get fucked up now bitch, my name is Lita, not Lightah." said
Lita walking around the ring.

"I'm sorry, Amy" said Lilian.

"Sorry...too late now," said Lita "Trish, go get the thing we were talking
about." Trish went outside the ring and went under it, taking out various
weapons until she got a kendo stick out.

"No, please help!!!" screamed Lilian. Trish came in the ring. Lita took
off her top and stuffed it into Lilian's mouth.

"Taste that, bitch," said Lita "All you have to do is's not
what you think." Trish threw the kendo stick down and went back outside and
picked up the stair's. She came in the ring, and dropped the stair's now she
went back outside and got the other part of the stair's.

She stacked them up. Lita got off of Lilian and threw her on the ring

"Now you're gonna get it bitch" Lita started to rip off Lilian's blouse
and tight pants. She kissed her and licked her mole as Lilian resisted, but
Trish held her.

"That was good,now take off her bra Trish." She took off her bra and she
was completly naked in the ring. Now Lita took her clothes off.

"I know what i have in mind," said Lita. She took her thong off. Now she
went to hold Lilian, she ran out the ring. Lita nad Lilian ran after each
other naked until Lilian knew she wasn't gonna get away and stopped at the
commentary table.

"Bitch, where you think you're going?" said Lita. In the ring Trish took
off her skirt and undergarments. She came outside near the table. Lita took
a chair, sat Lilian on it. She then got on her knees and took a good look at
her nice pussy.

"This one looks good," said Lita. She started to finger as Trish went back
inside and came out with the kendo stick and stairs. Lita started to finger
Lilian's pussy trying to resist but to no avail. Trish went under the ring
and got a chain. She tied Lilian's arms and legs to the chair.

"Please, don't please. HELP ME!!!" screamed Lilian, but it echoed
throughout the arena and no one heard.

"Shut up, slut!!" said Trish as she slapped Lilian. Lita fingered her
pussy making her moan and grunt. Lilian's thigh's bucked as Lita tasted with
her hurricane tongue.

"OHHHHHHH YESSSSSS BITCH!!!" screamed Lilian. Trish stood nearby with the
Kendo stick in her hand ready for Lita to ask for it. Trish couldn't look no
more,she wanted action too. She came over and went on the commentary table
and put her pussy into Lilian's face. Lilian,mad as hell,started to bite
Trish's pussy almost cutting it.

"OHHHHH YESSSSSS SLUT!!!" screamed Trish. Lilian didn't wat to cum.

"I'm not gonna cum," said Lilian. Lita got up and got the Kendo stick.
She took it and circled Lilian's clit.

"NO PLEAAAASE NOOOOOOOO!!!!" yelled Lilian. Lita stuck the stick inside
as far as it could go. Lilian felt the stick all in her uterus like a baby.
Lita got on the stairs and started to jam Lilian's pussy faster and faster.

"OHHHHH YESSSS EAT MY PUSSSY," screamed Trish. Lilian chewed on Trish's
blonde pubic hair,giving her a shave with her teeth. Lilian liked it and
thought she would say Lita's name wrong again.

"What's my name, bitch?" asked Lita.

"OHHHHHHHH, LITA!!!!!" screamed Lilian.

"That's....right...bitch" said Lita every time she jammed Lilian's pussy.
Trish went under the pressure and released onto Lilian's face.

"Mmmmmmmmmm," moaned Lilian and Trish. Lita fucked Lilian with her
stick, but Lilian couldn't take the massive tool inside her anymore and
unloaded onto the edge of the stick.

Lita hit Lilian on top of the head with the stick as Trish slapped her.
They both left and went backstage leaving her tied up. Later a janitor would
come and free her, I don't know what they did.

Backstage Lita and Trish ran into Mic Foley.

"Hey ladies come here now!!!" yelled Foley across the hall. The ladies ran
as he followed them.

Part 14

It was after 11:00,the divas and Mic Foley were possibly the only people
in the arena. They ran half naked around the halls away from Foley as he
just walked like Jason. He was really mad,with evil eyes.

"Litaaaaaaa!!!! Trish!!!!!" yelled Mic. He saw them run just around the
corner. Trish and Lita were caught, they ran into a dead end, with only a
soda vending machine and a door to someone's locker room which was locked.

Foley came around the corner to see a dead-end, but he didn't see the
ladies. They were hidden. "Trisssshhhhhh!!!!! Litaaa!!!!" yelled Foley
looking for them. He inspected them door and BAM! the divas hit him over the
head with a broom-stick. He was unconcious.

"Now you got us, what you gonna do?" teased Trish. Foley got up and
pinned Lita and Trish against the vending machine.

"You bitches are nothing but sluts, messing with Lillian,p ick on someone
bigger than you," said Foley. The divas struggled from Foley.

"We just wanted to have fun," said Lita.

"OH REALLY," said Foley "well lets have some fun then sluts. Soon the
divas started to tease Foley, kissing each other as he got rock hard. Soon
he turned Trish around wanting her badly.

"Fuck me for all mankind," begged Trish. Foley did as she said pulling
her skirt up and revealing that she had no panties. He whipped his cock out
and started to butt-fuck her.

"OHHHHHHH YESSSSSS BABY!!!!" screamed Trish. While doing this, Lita took
her clothes off and paid for a soda. She poured it all over her naked body
and as Mic stopped fucking Trish and gazed at Lita's body art. He came over
to her and got on his knee's.

"Eat my chocha" said Lita. Foley stared to eat her latin clit. He didn't
make her cum so he knew the exact thing to do. He took out his mandible claw
and put it inside Lita's pussy slowly.

"Owwwwwwww" screamed Lita. She soon submitted and came on his claw as he
licked it off. Now they wanted to return the favor, they got on they're knees
and started to fondle his cock.

"Suck my cock sluts!" said Foley. They did so and sucked on his blue balls
which hadn't got none in years. "Ohhhhhh, yesssss!" moaned Foley. He was
getting ready to release when he picked Lita up and leaned her against the
vending machine, pounding out her ass. He fucked her hard. Now he took it out
and put on Mr. Socko on his cock.

He slowly poked her ass making it bigger and huger. Her hole was big as
she screamed in agony. Foley didn't want to cum but the thought of Lita
cumming onto his claw came into his mind. He couldn't hold it and exploded
inside the sock, luckily none of it secreted into her uterus.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh yeaaaa" moaned Foley. He took it out and fed the divas his
cum-filled socked.

"Ladies, that was definetly fun, but I gotta go and you have to come by
the bar or else I'm gonna have to tell Vince what you did. Have a nice
day!!!!" said Foley as the ladies sucked their teeth and Lita put her clothes

The divas went back to the hotel and didn't have time for anymore sex
today. So they'll fuck tomorrow.

Part 15

Trish rode the subway from Long Island to Manhattan. It usually gets very
crowded in the morning, with too many people jamming into the subway cars.
It isn't unusual for someone to brush up against someone's breasts or ass.
Sometimes they linger, sometimes they squeeze, sometimes they rub. There is
no point getting angry. To be honest, Trish found it exciting, a complete
stranger touching her in public.

At the token booth that morning, a worker was handing out a flyer. It
said that due to some emergency work, there would likely be delays today in
the tunnel. It was possible that the train might be stopped for a half an
hour, maybe more. Sorry for the inconvenience, blah, blah, blah.... Trish
almost turned around and went back to the hotel. Who needs the aggravation
Trish thought. Then, she remembered she didn't have any sick time or
vacation due. She decided she had to go in.

Reluctantly Trish paid her fare and went down to the platform to wait for
the train. It was spring and she was dressed for the mild weather. She wore
a button down sweater top, and a skirt that stopped just above her knees, it
was a little chilly. Trish wore a sexy bra, skimpy panties that ties at my
hips, stockings and a garter belt.

On the platform, Trish waited for the train. The platform was only a
little more crowded than usual, maybe the flyer exaggerated Trish hoped. The
train arrived fairly quickly. It was crowded. Trish stayed on the train for
fifteen stops. The doors closed and she hoped for the best. She grabbed onto
a pole, took out her book and began to read.

For the first three or four stops, the train moved at normal speed.
Unfortunately, it got jammed packed. The people around Trish had their backs
to her, she was in a little shelter formed by their bodies. The train slowed
down and crawled along between stations, stopping intermittently. It was
during one of these short stops that Trish felt a hand resting lightly on her
ass. Fingers were gently pressing against the skirt covering her ass. She
knew she should do something to stop him, but she figured it was harmless,
and after not having sex for a couple of hours, she was horny. It was Al

The palm of his hand pressed slightly harder against Trish's ass. He
pushed Trish's ass back a little into his hand, signally her awareness of
and consent to his actions. At that point,the train again started to move
slowly and Trish's molester squeezed her ass cheek firmly. Al began to move
his hand over Trish's skirt covered ass knowingly. She felt Al outline the
edge of her panties and the straps of her garter belt. Trish's cunt began
to get hot and moist.

Al's hand drifted lower as the train pulled into a station. Al followed
Trish's garter strap down to the tops of her stockings. Al's hand squeezed
Trish's leg. The train was so packed that nobody new got on. As the train
left the station, Trish felt the back of her skirt rising as Al lifted it up.
Trish wondered how far Al thought he could go feeling her up on a crowded
subway train with people all around them. Trish felt the cream dripping from
her cunt into her panties as Al's hand reached under her lifted skirt and
touched her stocking covered leg. Al's actions became more urgent. Trish had
long since put her book away and was concentrating on Al's hand. It rose to
the top of her stockings, Al's fingers pressing into Trish's bare skin just
below her ass. The train came to a stop again as Al's hand was back on
Trish's ass, this time under Trish's skirt resting firmly on her panties.

While Al's one hand roamed freely over Trish's panty covered ass, rubbing,
squeezing and probing,his other hand reached for her free hand near him and
took it to his crotch. Al pressed Trish's hand into his cock. It was hard
under his pants. Al moved Trish's hand up and down over his prick. When he
let go, Trish continued rubbing his prick on her own. Al's other hand pulled
Trish's panties down slightly, and his fingers were under her panties. Trish
came with a shutter.

As Al squeezed Trish's ass flesh, his other hand slipped under her sweater
in the front and explored her belly button and her stomach and it made its
way upward towards Trish's breasts. The train began to move again as Al's one
hand dipped into the crack of Trish's ass and fingered her asshole while his
other hand cupped her right tit. Al played with Trish's nipple through her
bra, making it hard and erect.

As Al got bolder, so did Trish. She moved her hand from his prick and
located his fly. Trish pulled Al's zipper down and put her hand inside his
pants. Al wasn't wearing any underwear. Trish found his cock and ran her
fingers and nails teasingly along his bare cock flesh. By this time, Al's
one hand had pushed Trish's bra cups aside and he had a finger well up her

Trish took Al's cock out of his pants. She surveyed its length with her
hand. She figured it to be about 8 inches. It was so thick she could barely
get her hand fully around it. As the train crawled along, Al's hand left
Trish's breasts and dropped to the front of her skirt. Al hiked her skirt up
and ran his fingers along her inner thighs. Trish's cum flowed from her pussy
as Al rested his hand on the front of her panties and rubbed her cunt slit.
Al moved to the top of Trish's panties and dipped his hand inside. Al's
fingers moved through Trish's pubic hair as they searched knowingly for her
cunt hole. Trish continued to jerk her subway lover off as he placed his
finger inside her cunt. Trish was being finger fucked from both sides, her
cunt and her ass.

Al pulled his finger out of Trish's ass hole and ran his hand inside of
her panties around her hips. Al located one of the bows that held Trish's
panties to her body. As Al continued to finger Trish's cunt, he untied the
bow, then moved to her other hip and untied the second bow. Al slid Trish's
panties off, removing them from under her skirt. The hand in Trish's cunt
was now totally free. Al's slow finger fucking became more rapid. Trish had
her third orgasm of her morning commute. Al brought his other hand to Trish's
back and slipped it under her sweater. Al moved it up to her bra strap and
undid her bra. Al Snow was undressing Trish on a crowded subway car with
people all around them, and she was more than letting him, she was giving
him a hand job. Al moved his hand from Trish's back, around her, and again
fondled her bare breasts.

The train entered another station. As they explored each others bodies,
the train sat for several minutes before slowly leaving the station. Just
outside the station, the conductor announced over the loudspeaker.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, the area of the emergency track work is just ahead.
We have been informed that the workers just started to remove a piece of bad
track. It will take a half an hour to 45 minutes. Had we known this before we
left the station, we would have stayed there. The train is too crowded for
the motorman to get to the back of the train to bring it back to the station,
so we'll have to stay here. We're sorry for this inconvenience but ask your
understanding of this emergency situation."

Others groaned and cursed. Trish's molester took his hands from her cunt
and tits and moved them to her hips. Al turned Trish to face him. Trish's
panties were in Al's shirt pocket. This little spic had Trish so hot she
would do anything for him.

Al bunched Trish's skirt up at her hips and pressed his cock against her
cunt. Al's hands moved to Trish's ass cheeks. Trish guided his cock over her
pussy, and slipped his hard, dark skinned prick into Trish's cunt hole. Trish
had an orgasm as Al pushed deep into her pussy. His hands on her ass guided
her fucking motion up and down his cock. Al briefly moved his hand from
Trish's ass and took her panties from his pocket and put them in his mouth.
Al sucked Trish's cum from her panties as he fucked her. As Al thrusted in
and out of Trish's cunt, he unbuttoned the top of her sweater and exposed her
erect nipples. Al took Trish's panties from his mouth and put them back in
his shirt pocket. Al lowered his head to Trish's breasts and sucked a nipple
into his mouth. Trish came again. Al ran his tongue over her nipple, then
lightly chewed and sucked at it. All the while he fucked Trish and squeezed
her bare ass. Trish felt his thrusts become more urgent and knew he would
come soon. Trish flexed her cunt muscles around his prick desperately trying
to milk his cum from his long, hard cock. Al grabbed Trish's ass cheeks hard
and pushed into her as far as his prick could go. Trish felt his cock pulsate
as he filled her blonde pussy with his cum. Seconds later Trish came once

After Al pulled out of Trish, he wiped his cum and her cunt juices from
his cock onto Trish's panties. He then put Trish's panties to her cunt and
soaked as much of his cum and her cunt juices into them as he could. Al
brought Trish's panties to her face and Trish accepted them into her mouth.
Trish sucked his cum from her panties. The conductor got on the loudspeaker
and said it would be about another 20 minutes before the train moved. As
Trish sucked on my panties, Al was fingering Trish's cunt and lubricating her
asshole with my pussy juices. When Trish's asshole was wet enough Al finger
fucked it while he continued to play with her cunt. Al's hands moved to
Trish's hips and he turned her around, her back to him. Al wanted to fuck
Trish in the ass on this subway train. Trish was overcome with sexual need
and as Al spread her ass cheeks Trish reached for his prick and guided his
cockhead to her asshole. Trish sucked harder on her panties as Al pulled her
hips back and slid his prick into her ass. Al slowly worked his cock up
Trish's asshole. At first, it hurt as his large prick filled Trish's tight
rear hole. Trish began to move her ass along his prick on her own. Al's
hands left Trish's hips, one returned to her exposed breasts, the other again
lifted the front of her skirt and fingered her cunt. As Al's finger touched
Trish's clit, she came in his hand.

Al fucked Trish's ass and fingered her cunt and tits for several minutes.
Al's hands returned to Trish's hips and he moved Trish hard along his ass
fucking prick. Trish felt Al tense and seconds latter, his cum was spurting
into her asshole. Al held Trish close as he shot his second load of the
morning. Al did not pull out of Trish's asshole. Instead, he rocked slowly
back and forth and played with Trish's breasts with both of his hands. One
hand moved to Trish's face and he took her panties from her mouth.

"Ladies and Gentlemen," The conductor announced over the loudspeaker, "we
have just been informed that in order to complete repairs, they must shut the
power in the third rail off. This means the train cars will go dark. They
expect this will last 10 to 15 minutes. Please remain calm, there is no

A minute latter, the lights in the train went out. Al was still in Trish's
ass. He pulled his cock out and, his hands on her hips again, turned Trish
around to face him. In the dark Trish couldn't see him. She felt his lips
touch hers as he kissed her opened mouth. Al's tongue passed Trish's lips as
it found hers. Al kissed Trish passionately for a minute or so, then, he
moved his hands from Trish's hips to her shoulders and pushed down firmly.
Trish came again as she realized Al wanted her to blow him. Trish's mind was
in a daze as she slowly dropped to her knees. She felt his cock along her
cheek. Trish moved her mouth to it and took his semi-erect prick between her
lips. She ran her tongue over his cockhead as she sucked more of his prick
into her mouth. Trish tasted the remains of Al's cum as well as the flavor of
her asshole. Al's prick stiffen under the workings of Trish's mouth and lips.
Trish was able to take the entire shaft down her throat she moved her head
back and forth along his hard cock. She heard Al unsnap a fastener, then
felt his pants dropping against her cheek. Trish reached up and touched Al's
balls. Al took Trish's head in his hands and guided her cocksucking
movements. Trish continued to suck his cock from head to root.

Trish flicked her tongue all along his shaft. Trish next time my lips were
at Al's cockhead, she moved her mouth to the underside of Al's prick and
licked down to the root. When Trish got there she sucked one of Al's balls
into her mouth. She worked on his balls for a short time. Trish felt Al move.
He turned around and his ass was in Trish's face. At this point, Trish would
do anything. Trish spread his ass cheeks and searched for his ass hole with
her tongue. When Trish found it, she licked, kissed and sucked at Al's tight
asshole. Trish made her tongue as rigid as possible and probed as far into
Al's asshole with it as she could. The thought of kissing Al's ass was enough
to make Trish come again.

As Trish sucked his asshole she encircled his cock with her hand and
jerked him off. When Al had had enough of Trish's ass sucking, he turned
once more and Trish's lips returned to his cock. This time, Al held her head
steady and fucked into her mouth. His cock pistoned in and out of Trish's
mouth rapidly. She used her tongue on his shaft as best she could. Al
suddenly buried Trish's face in his pubic hair, his cock down her throat and
shot his load of warm sticky cum into Trish's mouth. Trish licked up every
drop she could.

Al held Trrish's head and kept his cock in her mouth. Trish felt his prick
go limp between her lips. Al wouldn't let Trish get up. She was afraid the
lights would come on and someone might turn around and see her on her knees,
Trish's sweater and bra opened, her breasts exposed and Al's cock in her
mouth. Still Al held Trish there. Suddenly, Trish felt liquid flowing from
Al's limp prick . Al was pissing in her mouth. Trish tried to yell stop but
his cock filled her mouth and muffled her protest. Trish had no choice but
to try and swallow as much of his piss as she could.

As his piss filled Trish's mouth he began to withdraw his cock. Trish
couldn't swallow fast enough and piss overflowed her mouth onto her chin and
down her neck. Still pissing, Al pulled out of her mouth and aimed his cock
at her head. Al pissed all over her face and her hair. The piss flow then
moved down to her neck and chest. Trish doesn't know why, but she knelt in
front of Al obediently as he pissed on her. Trish's only movement was to lift
her breasts so they would get completely covered with his warm piss. Al gave
Trish her panties to hold open so he could piss on them also. When Al was
finished, Trish moved her tongue to his cockhead and licked it clean.

With his hands, Al motioned me to stand up. When she did, Al lifted her
skirt with one hand and took her panties in the other. By some actions Al
did, Trish knew he wanted her to put her panties, now soaked with his urine,
back on. Trish re-tied the bows and slipped her panties on. Al's piss seeped
into her cunt. She re-hooked her bra and buttoned her sweater as Al let go
of her skirt. Trish heard some cursing noises and people yelling `where are
you going' and `what's that smell'. The lights came on a little while later.
Al Snow was gone. There was piss on Trish's face and clothes. The train
started to move. As it was now past the bad section of track it travelled at
normal speed. People kept commenting on the smell. Fortunately, their backs
were to Trish and they didn't realize it was her. At the next stop, Trish got
off the train. She couldn't go to work looking the way she did. Trish got the
first train back to the hotel. As she was going against rush hour now, it was
almost empty and she got a seat. As Trish sat thinking of what happened the
last hour, someone sat down next to her. It was Al.....

Part 16

Lita looked at Regal in a weird way on the way to the Garden. Regal put
his hand on her lap. Lita knew what he wanted. Lita pulled out Regal's cock
while he was driving. Then Lita saw a park-like setting with lots of trees.

"Pull over there" said Lita. Regal pulled over and they got out and
trudged in the rain until they came across a pavillion.

"There was a beautiful place to fuck. No one would see us" said Lita.
Regal took Lita's raincoat off and was he suprised to find nothing on
underneath. Lita took all Regal's clothes off while he just watched and
looked at her. Lita took his cock (stiff) and hungrily licked and sucked.

"Ohhhh yeaaa, Amy" moaned Regal. Lita ran her tongue around his member.
Regal's cock was jabbing the back of Lita's throat. She was cupping Regal's
balls with her other hand. Lita love's to suck cocks. Lita sucked until the
cum starts to ooze out, then she licked that too.

"Fuck me!", Regal said. But Lita made him wait.

Lita said to Regal, "I'm going to suck that cock off, until you almost

So, Lita went to work, manipulating Regal's balls, exciting him even more.
She was determined to give Regal the wildest fuck he ever got.

Lita laid down and pulled Regal on top of her. As Lita licked and kissed
Regal's ear, she held his hands so he couldn't do any thing to her yet. Then
Lita's hot tongue reached down Regal's throat as he rolled Lita over. As
Lita's hand found Regal's throbbing cock, he kissed her neck and ears. With
Lita's hand so close to her twat, she put my finger in her own twat and
lightly rubbed it almost to a climax. Lita's wet, scented finger then went
into Regal's mouth. Regal loved the taste. As Regal reached up to squeeze
Lita's tits, she took his huge cock in her hand and guided it into her wet

"Ohhhhhh yessss baby!!" moaned Lita. Of course, she was not going to let
him cum yet. Lita climbed off Regal and turned to see his huge cock staring
at her face. Regal grabbed Lita's latin ass cheeks and pulled her toward his
waiting mouth. Lita's bare pussy was being licked and kissed.

"Oohhhhh yessss papi eat me" moaned Lita. Lita's smooth, hairless cunt
was already wet before Regal licked it. His tongue was expertly licking the
inside of Lita's hole. Regal's tongue lightly flicked at Lita's clit, which
was protruding from her arousal. Lita pushed her hips up so Regal could go
inside deeper. Regal's tongue darted in and out of Lita's love hole. Regal
hadn't shaved in a few days, so the stubble of his beard stimulated her too.

Without any hair down there, Regal gave Lita a tongue-fucking more eagerly
than he ever had before. With his mouth on Lita's cunt she felt sensations
flooding her as she had never felt before. Lita's entire body shook all over
as she came to a wave of climax after climax.

"OHHHHHHHH SHITTTTTTT" screamed Lita. She wanted Regal to enjoy it longer
so she didn't stop licking him. Lita leaned over and started to lick his
waiting prick. As Lita sucked up and down on Regal's cock, she rubbed his
balls sensually. Naked and hot, Lita kept her hands on Regal's swollen cock
while she sucked and shoved his cock down in my throat.

"OHHHH YESSS SUCK IT" moaned Regal. With Lita's experienced tongue, she
touched the tip of his cock and lightly touched the slit with her fingers.
Lita's wet fingers then slowly slid down to her twat again. Lita took Regal's
balls into her mouth and sucked on them very gently. Lita wanted him to shoot
his hot, white cum into her pussy. Luckily she took her pill.

Slowly, Lita lowered herself onto Regal's huge, throbbing prick. She could
feel it throbbing inside her, ready to burst forth with its flood. Lita just
held it tightly in her pussy for awhile, then slowly began moving up and
down. She'd quicken her pace for a few strokes, then return to the more
leisurely pace. Lita's own passions began mounting again as she continued to
caress Regal's cock with her bare pussy. Suddenly, Regal rolled Lita over
onto her back and began thrusting vigorously.

"OHHHHHHHH SHIT FUCK ME BITCH!!" yelled Regal in the pouring rain. Lita
threw her legs up around Regal's shoulders as he pumped his growing member
into her.

"Oooo! Fuck me hard, lover," Lita said. "Pump that huge cock into me!
Ooooo! Ahhhh! Ohhhhhh!" As Lita peaked over the edge of another orgasm, she
could feel Regal's hot, thick stream bursting into her loins! Lita dug her
nails into his back and pulled his body tighter towards her with her legs as
they both climaxed together.

They got up from the pavillion and ran towards the car. They made their
way towards the car and left for the Garden. Lita smiled at Regal the whole

Part 17

"Hey, ladies" said Buh Buh.

"Hey, boyz" said Lita.

"Wanna join us outside, we're gonna practice a TLC match?" asked Spike.

"Sure, I love it when i see ya'll climbing ladders and going through
tables," said Trish. "We'll come out later."

Later, they go out to the ring and see the Dudley Boyz practicing for a
TLC match. About two tables are out and a couple of chairs. The ladders are
ringside. The Dudleyz haven't even started.

"Hey boys, what happened?" yelled Trish coming out with Lita down the

"We were wating for you" said Buh Buh. Lita and Trish came in the ring.
Trish smiled at Buh Buh and so did Lita. Ray knew what they wanted.

"I know you sluts have been going around the WWF locker room fucking
everybody and now you're gonna get a piece of us now" said Ray. Trish and
Lita tried to run out of the ring and D'von and Spike surrounded them.

"Where you think you're going?" said Spike. Trish and Lita realized they
couldn't run. So they gave into the Dudleyz. They came back into the ring.

"Stay here" said Buh Buh. The Dudleyz went outside and threw ladders and
tables inside the ring. Trish and Lita thought they were gonna go through a
table. But what they didn't know was that the Dudleyz wanted to fuck them

Trish went outside and stripped for the Dudleyz. Lita set up a ladder.
When Trish was done stripping,the Boyz were hard as hell. She was fully
naked. Spike and D'von went inside the ring. Trish sat her naked ass on the
cold stairs.

"Come and take me away Buh Buh" begged Trish. Ray spread her legs apart
and started to carress her thighs. He slowly moved his lips towards her pussy
and started to lick it. He took his tongue and flicked her real fast.

"Ohhhhh yessss faster baby" moaned Trish. Inside the ring, Lita was
stripped of her clothes by Spike and D'von. She tried to escape up the ladder
naked. D'von climbed the other side of the ladder and started to finger her
pussy while climbimg up the ladder.

"Ohhhhhh yessss" moaned Lita high up above. Spike set up another ladder
next to Lita's ladder and climbed up. He started to finger her tight ass as
she kept climbimg. Now they were all the way at the top. Lita sat on the
ladder now. D'von started to muff his face inside her pussy.

"Ohhhhhh eat my clit" moaned Lita. D'von took his black tongue and
fucked her latin clit with it. Litas couldn't take it anymore and did a
hurrinacanrana on D-von. He flew over the ladder and onto the ring floor as
Lita hung on to the ladder. Spike picked up Lita and started to finger fuck
her from the other side of the ladder. Lita couldn't take the pressure of
Spike's finger and came all down the ladder.

"Ohhhhhh baby" moaned Lita. She kicked Spike's ladder as he fell off onto
the ropes. Although both ladders were still up. All of a sudden, E+C ran down
the ramp as to help the ladies, but they climbed up each of the ladder's and
took Lita down. Buh Buh took out his cock and forced it into Trish's mouth.

"Ohhhh yea suck it bitch" said Ray. She sucked the shit out of his cock
making him cum inside her mouth. Ray was mad and started to hit Trish ubtil
the Hardyz came out and fucked up the naked Buh Buh Ray. They layed him out
and turned to Trish.

"Hey boys,Lita's up there" said Trish. The Hardys gazed at Trish rubbing
her pussy and came towars her.

"Let me help you with that" said Jeff. They took out their cocks and Trish
started to jerk them. She put them into her mouth and chewed on them.

"Ahhhhhh bitch stop that" said Jeff. They started to fuck Trish in her
mouth almost choking her to death. In the ring Lita was escorted down the
ladder. E&C went to get a table. They set it up and layed Lita on it. Lita
lay on her back as Edge shoved his cock inside her mouth,Christian started
to eat her ass.

"Ohhhhh baby eat me" yelled Lita. Trish stopped sucking on the Hardyz cock
and went inside the ring and kicked E+C in the balls. They were hurt as Lita
and Trish grabbed two chairs and did the con-chair to on their balls.

Benoit and Jericho came to the ring with the Hardyz. They looked at the
ladies covering their selves up. The Chris' took Lita and escorted her up the
ladder. Hardys took Trish and put her on the table. Lita was layed across the
top of both ladders and Jericho started to fuck her asshole.

"Ohhhhhhhh babyyyyy fuck me harder baby" screamed Lita. Down on the table,
Matt lay on his back as Trish sat on his cock,Jeff came from behind and stuck
his cock inside her ass.

"FUCKK RIDE ME SLUT" said Matt. Trish stared to jump up and down on top of
Matt and Jeff's cock. She was swollen. Lita was getting fucked also in her
ass as she was sucking Benoit off on top of the ladder. She sucked Benoit's
massive tool as Jericho dug her ass out.

Lita couldn't take it anymore as she came. The thought of Lita cumming
made Benoit so horny and he cummed in her mouth as she swallowed it. Jericho
took his rod out and jerked it onto her latin ass,cumming on it and rubbing
it all over her tits.

Trish was so wet and the Hardyz came inside her. "OHHHHHHHHH
YESSSSSSS!!!!!!" screamed Trish. They kept fucking her,you could see the
white cream cumming out of her ass and clit. She stuck her finger up her
clit and stuck it into her mouth.

"Mmmmmmmm yessss" moaned the superstars. Lita ran down the ladder and
left Jericho and Benoit up there. She shook the ladders as they flew off with
their cocks in the air and fell outside the ring.

Then Lita hit the Hardyz with a chair as her and Trish escaped the wrath
of a carreer threatening match. Bodies were all over the ring and ringside.
Lita and Trish went backstage to their locker rooms and cleaned up. All of a
sudden, Kane came to the door.

Part 18

"What the hell are you doing here?" screams Trish at Kane.

"Glen, GET OUT!!!!" yelled Lita. Kane wouldn't budge.

Under his voice Kane said "You..know what...i want." Trish and Lita
looked at each other and got the idea.

"You want us baby" said Trish as she slid off her robe "come and get

Kane came over to Trish and took his glove hand and palmed her tits.

"Ohhhh, you like them tits do you?, well suck on them now!!!" demanded
Trish. Kane took his mask off and started to kiss her huge tits. He took
one nipple at a time while fingering her pussy,all while standing up. Lita
wanted his big red machine and she got on her knees and took his tights off.

"Baby let me suck you," said Trish. Kane let go and forced Trish to her
knee's. Lita started to lick his cockhead as he forced both ladies down
on him. Kane lifted Lita up-side down over his shoulders in a 69 position
(like a piledriver). Kane took his DDS mouth and started to Yankem (her pubic

"OHHHHHHH BABY" screamed Lita. Trish now sucked on his red machine as
did Lita up-side down. They sucked his balls until he almost fell down on
his knees. Kane stuck his tongue deeper inside Lita's slit. She secreted
until she couldn't take his massive hurricane tongue and she blew her juices
into his mouth.

"OHHHHHH YEAAAHH EAT MY CLIT!!!!" screamed Lita as she came on the 'Big
Red Machine.' Kane was starting to cum. But Trish stopped for a few seconds
letting it build up. Kane wanted her to stop but he just kept forcing her
upon it,bobbing for balls.

"ohhhhhhh yessss" moaned Kane. He let Lita down and put his mask back
on. He stopped and picked Trish up.

"" said Kane as he picked Trish up and put his big
red machine inside her tight asshole.

"ohhhhhh yessss fuck me Glen" said Trish. Kane lifted her ashole up and
down as she begged for mercy. She wanted more,jiggling her ass muscles
against his cock. Kane was in extasy as he wanted to cum inside her but
he just held on. Trish's hair was all over her face,sweaty and in lust,
Trish was tired.

"Lita....come get fucked" said Kane as she walked over seductively,her
tits wiggling. She slowly turned around and put her ass in the air.

"Fuck me you big stud" said Lita. Kane took his long john and inserted
it into her loose clit. A short gasp was let out as he fucked her slowly.
He fucked harder and harder,turning her pussy red.

Kane couldn't take it anymore and he shoved it inside faster and faster.
He wanted to release but his instinct wanted to last longer. Lita was leaning
against the wall as she was being pounded.

"ohhhhhh yessss" moaned Lita. Kane couldn't hold it anymore and took
his cock out. He jerked into the air as Trish and Lita came over.

"OHHHHHH DAMN" moaned Kane loudly as he came on both women's mouth. They
swallowed his salty cum and took it into their stomach. Kane was done with
these sluts and left the room.

"What a big rod" said Trish. Lita nodded with her. Thewy decided before
they leave,they would give a couple of blowjobs to some superstars. Any
stars. They went out into the hallway and are really surprised to see their

"Whassup ladies" said Trish's and Lita's destiny.

Part 19

"Hello, guys!" said Trish.

"Whassup, my biznitches!" said Scotty.

"What?....anyway, we were just leaving, good to see you're friends again,"
said Trish.

"Fo sho, Kishi is my main man," said Scotty.

"Too bad what happened to Brian, huh?" said Lita.

"I don't wanna talk about it," said Scotty and Rikishi in unison.

"How is you're injury coming?" asked Trish.

"Its coming great!" said Scotty "Wanna see the scar that I got from
surgery?" suggested Scotty.

"If its nasty I don't wanna see it," said Lita.

"Not nasty" said Scotty. He pulls down his pants and shows his scar on
his upper-left thigh.

"Awwww...poor baby," said Trish, "Let me kiss you're boo-boo,"

"Kiss it mah" said Scotty. Trish lifts his boxers up and kisses his
pubic hair instead.

"That's not what I was looking for trick, but let's get dirty!!" says
Scotty excitedly.

"Yeah suck him off bitch," said Rikishi, "Come here and give me some of
that Trick Stratus."

"Let me take care of you baby" said Lita. She takes off Rikishi's robe
and reveals his 2 ton ass with a thong on.

"Ohhh give me a stink dick baby," begged Lita. She took her clothes
off, teasing Kishi. Finally, he got hard and took everything off. Lita was
fully nude waiting for his stick-dick.

"Trish give me some good head mah," said Scotty. Trish took her voluptous
lips and started to suck his too hotty cock.

"Ohhhh, baby, suck that shi,t" moaned Scotty. Just then came Rikishi's
friend, Haku.


"Ifmffih...ddnnnfgdsytwmshg" said Rikishi. So Haku took off his rob and
pulled Lita to her knees. Rikishi stuck his stink cock inside her mouth.

"Mmmmmmmm suck my stink cock, Amy," moaned Rikishi. Haku started to feel
on Lita's tits with his taped fingers.

"I want you too, Haku," said Lita. Soon Lita had two huge foreign cocks
inside her Latin mouth.

"Yeah you hot latin slut, suck our dicks off" said Rikishi with sweat
pouring down his blonde hair as it dripped on Lita's forehead. Haku kept
pushing his fro back force-feeding Lita his cock.

"Mmmmmm what a long booboo" moaned Scotty.

"I learned this from Lita" said Trish. Now all three men did not want
to cum so they took their cocks out of the ladies mouths and forced them
to lay on the cold cement floor on their backs.

"Eat me alive!!" said Lita. Haku did a headbutt with his tongue, hurting
her pussy badly.

"OHGODDDDDDD STOPIT!!!!" screamed Lita. Haku wanted to be inside her
instead of eating her. He took his hairy cock and shoved it all down her
clit, begging for more pubic hair inside her.

Trish was now lying against a wall in a stink-face position. Rikishi
slapped his ass and backed it up slowly,Trish started to lick his pimple
covered ass, sticking her tongue inside and out for a couple of minutes,
she gave him a great colon cleansing.

Scotty now moved Rikishi out of the way and Trish sat on his hot cock.
They both moaned as the friction of their gonads came together.

"OOOOHHHHHH yessss slut" moaned both of them. Rikishi went right behind
Trish and stuck his fat cock inside of her ass.

"OHHHHHH WHAT A FAT COCK!!!!" screamed Trish. Rikishi forced his fat
cock all the way inside her tight ass.

Haku was starting to pre-cum into Lita's clit. He smelled an orgasm
coming, fortunately it wasn't him, Lita squirted all on his hairy cock, it
was sticky but Haku just kept pounding her slit as he took his sticky
icky out and jerked onto her shithole.

"OHHHHHHHHHH," moaned Haku aloud. Rikishi kept pumping, pumping into
Trish faster as she rode Scotty. Trish was being invaded by a fat slob
and she loved his fat organ inside so much,she was about to cry.

"Cry, bitch, cry," said Rikishi pulling her blonde hair back. She shed a
tear as Scotty came inside her. Rikishi couldn't take her tight shithole
around his blimpie and he squirted his mayonaise on her backside.

"OHHHHHHHHHH, YESSSSSS, CUMMMMMM," screamed Rikishi as he released his
built-up juices that had been inside him for years. Lita quickly hurried
over slipping over his cock sucking everything like a ho is supposed to.

"We really got dirty," said Scotty with female juices all over his cock.
Everyone was covered with the opposite juices or their own.

"I need to take a shower," said Trish with sticky juices all over her
blonde hair and backside.

"Me, too," said Lita. The ladies left before Rikishi told them that Mr.
McMahon wanted to see them in his office.

Part 20

"I'm very glad to have such talent as you two," said a voice that
sounded like Vince, "What a great addition you are to our roster, but now
you have to get the initiation"

"What's that?" said another voice.

"Stay here ladies," said Vince. He opened the door. Lita and Trish
tried to run away.

"What are you ladies doing?" said Vince.

"You wanted to see us?" said Trish.

"Ah, yes, you two are in luck" said Vince "I happen to have two young
ladies just added to the roster. I would like you to make the initiation

"Who are they?" said Lita as she tried to peak in the room.

"Don't worry, just go in the room and make them comfortable," said
Vince "I gotta go. Make sure you give them a good one, too." Vince left down
the hall.

"Lets go," said Trish straightening her tight skirt out. They went
inside the room and found two young ladies.

"Hello. My name is Torrie Wilson."

"Hi. Just call me Ms. Hancock."

"Hello, I'm Trish, and this is Lita," they all shook hands feeling
electricity between them.

"We are here to make the initiation," said Lita.

"I'm sorry, I don't do that" said Torrie.

"You're gonna have to do it if you wanna be in the WWF," said Trish.
She came closer to Torrie, rubbing her genitalia between her tight levi

"Hey, I'm up for it," said Hancock voluntarily. Lita went up to
Hancock and put her hand up her skirt feeling Hancocks tight pantyhose.
Lita felt the smoth clit that had been shaven.

"Nice pussy" said Lita. She now took off Hancock's clothes slowly
as they kissed and Hancock leaned up against Mr. McMahon's desk.

"Mmmm. That looks good. I guess I'll try it" said Torrie as she
grabbed Trish's ass and smiled at her.

"You want it now don't you" said Trish as she kissed Torrie's sweet
lips and grabbed her tight ass.

"Lets get dirty," said Lita.

"What?" said Trish.

"Scotty taught me it...anyway lets get down to the initiation," said
Lita. She took off Hancocks pantyhose kissing her oiled up legs. Hancock
biting her nails with her glasses on. Lita slowly took off her leather
pants and tube-top for Hancock. She only had a thong on.

"Nice thong," said Hancock. She went behind Lita and rubbed her
tattoed tits. Hancock started to pinch Lita's nipples.

"OHHHH just eat me baby," said Lita. Hancock slowly got on her knees
and kissed Lita's sweet ass. Hancock moved Lita's thong aside and smelled
the fresh new pussy to her. She slowly but progressively flicked her
tongue against Lita's clitoris.

"OOHHHHHH YESSSS," screamed Lita. Hancock stuck her tongue closer
inside Lita's clit. Trish took her and Torrie's clothes off while Lita
and Hancock were tasting each other. Trish then pushed Torrie up on Mr.
McMahon's desk and slowly licked Torrie up and down till she reached her
nice smooth slit and placed her lips on each side,french kissing Torrie's
sweet pussy.

"Look who i brung back!!" said Vince entering the room with Billy

"You really know how to throw a party," said Billy.

"Well, go ahead join," said Vince. Billy went over to Trish chomping
down on Torrie's pussy. Billy took his pants off and went up behind Trish,
fucking her tight clit.

"OOHHHHHH BILLY FUCK HER HARD," said Torrie. Billy poked her pussy
faster and harder. Vince was getting real hard and wanted in the action.
He whipped out his old vein-covered cock and starting jerking.

"Come over here," said Ms. Hancock. Vince came over to the backside
of Lita and Hancock took his cock and forced it into Lita's tight ass.

"Ohhhhhh, papi fuck me!" said Lita sweating all over her red hair.
Vince used the desk for leverage and started to fuck Lita's ass. Now
Hancock went in front of Lita on her knees and finished what she started.
Hancock gave Lita a nice orgasm. Lita came all over her blouse.

"OHHHHHH YOU FEEL GOOD," moaned Billy giving it to Trish
doggy-style inside her clit. Trish made Torrie explode with pleasure for
her first lesbian experience in the WWF.

"I'm cumming!" said Vince. Hancock and Lita got on their knees
waiting for their cum bath. Vince rained on their faces and inside their
mouths. They lay on the floor pleasuring theirselves.

"OGHODDDDDD FUCK ME!!!!!" screamed Trish. Billy couldn't take it
and exploded inside Trish giving her an orgasm at the same time.

"OGGGGGGGGODDDD YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!" moaned Trish cumming all over
Torrie while being pumped with man juices.

It was over,the initiation was over. Ms. Hancock, Torrie Wilson and
Billy Kidman are now officially part of the gang. Trish and Lita leave
the room.

"They were great," said Torrie and Hancock.

"They nowhere near done, they have to go through the whole roster,"
said Vince, "Maybe you ladies will have to do the same someday." They
looked at Vince and wiped their lips.

"What nice ladies," said Lita.

"What sweet pussy," said Trish. They both laughed wondering who would
they fuck next.

Part 21

Lita and Trish wanted to go home. They were very tired. It was about
11:00PM. They walked to Lita's car and before they drove off someone knocked
on the window.

"Hey, Amy," said Eddie.

"What is it Eddie, I'm tired and i wanna get some sleep before we leave
tomorrow," said Lita.

"I was wondering if you would like to go on a date tomorrow?" asked Eddie.
Lita would do anything to get to a bed and she agreed.

"Fine, I'll meet you at the hotel tomorrow," said Eddie.

"You are so beautiful," said Eddie.

"Awwww, thanks baby, but I gotta go," said Lita. Lita and Trish drove off
to their hotel. They got a good nights sleep. Lita woke up the next morning
not knowing she had a date. She decided to leave Trish and go out to a small
park she knew that she would have time to herself.

She hopped in her car and drove towards Central Park in her ordinary
clothes. Lita got out of her car and locked it before she shut the door. Lita
took the stuff out of the trunk after opening it. Carrying a blanket and a
good book with her as she stumbled through the dense woods. She finally
reached a clearing and gasped at the sight. Acres of green tall grass lay
before her. Smiling, she skipped to the spot where she thought was safe to
settle down.

After laying the blanket down, Lita laid on her stomach and started to
read the book. The sun shone on her, making her a little hot. She sat up and
took her shirt off then laid it down beside her. She resumed back to reading.
Deeply engrossed in her book, she didn't see a shadow fall on her.

She jumped when she felt a hand touch her shoulder stiffling a scream. She
stared into the person's face in bewilderment. She sat up and covered her
chest, since she was clad in a sexy bra. The person moved and she saw his

Sighing with relief as he spoke, "Did I startle you? I'm sorry, but we had
a date," said Eddie.

"Yeah, we did. I forgot. How did you know that I was going to be here?"
Lita asked.

Eddie shrugged. "I always came here when I needed the time alone. I didn't
know that you did too," Lita motioned for Eddie to sit down. He sat down by

"So, well, what are you doing here without your shirt?" said Eddie.

"I was hot. So, I thought I'd take it off since no one would see me. I
sure as hell didn't expect anybody. I thought I was the only one who knew
this place," Eddie chuckled. She smiled. His eyes kept on looking at her
breasts. Lita blushed.

"You're beautiful, you know that?" said Eddie.

"Yeah, you told me that remember" She looked away.

"Oh, did I?" He looked puzzled. Hurt flashed in Lita's eyes.

"Yes. Last night." said Lita. His forehead wrinkled as he tried to

Eddie gazed into Lita's eyes. She lowered her eyes, avoiding eye contact.
Her chin was lifted by his hand, forcing her to look at him. She blushed. He
smiled then kissed her gently. She moved back, afraid of what was going to
happen if Matt found out.

Eddie nodded in understanding. "I guess I better get lost. You look like
you need time alone."

Lita laid a hand on Eddie's thigh. "Don't go," Eddie arched his eyebrow.
Then he covered Lita's hand with his.

"Are you sure? Seeing you without your shirt is tempting me. It's like
you're playing with fire, sitting there like that," said Eddie.

Lita sighed then moved forward to Eddie. Delicately kissing him, Lita
rubbed his thigh. Eddie held back, unsure. She darted her tongue into his,
invading his barrier. Eddie responded with a passionate favor. His hands
found his way around her and pulled her toward him. Lita moaned in relief.
Eddie laid back, still kissing her passionately. He let his hand roam around
Lita's body, feeling her and setting her on fire with his touch. Latino

Lita ripped Eddie's shirt, popping the buttons off. Then yanked it off.
Eddie chuckled into her mouth. He felt her hands slide toward his torso to
his manhood. That was when he became hard. Eddie moved away, panting. Lita
looked at Eddie, lustily. They ripped their clothes off and made a small pile
of clothes. Naked, they lay on the blanket, caressing and kissing. Eddie
fingered Lita's wet clitoris as she fondled his rigid shaft.

Lita moaned, "Oh, god. I can't wait any longer..." Eddie moved Lita's legs
until they rested on his shoulders. Shifting into position, he gazed at her
body. Then he thrust his hard penis into her dripping clitoris. He kept
moving back and forth, with Lita arching her hips to meet his in rhythm. They
held back as long as they could then they climaxed. She convulsed as he
squirted his juices in her. Then he rested on top of her as she moved her
legs off of his shoulders to the blanket. Lita felt Eddie go semi-soft inside
her and smiled.

"You were great," Lita complied.

"Thanks, So were you," said Eddie.

Lita blushed then laughed. "Guess we are going to go on like it never
happened," Eddie looked at Lita. She looked back at him. She became nervous.

Eddie smiled "We could do it again when the mood strikes us, like today."
said Lita.

"Sure..." Lita faltered for a second. "That'd be nice" They stared at each
other, lost into their thoughts. Then Lita added, "Next time, phone me" Lita
manuvered out of Eddie's embrace, letting his dick slide out. She got dressed
in front of him.

"Where are you going?" Eddie asked.

Lita gazed over to him and said, "Home."

"Home?!?" said Eddie exasperated.

"Yeah, Thanks for the lesson. Give me a call and we see what we can do..."
Lita bit her mouth, regretting on what she said. Then opened her mouth to say
something else but clamped it shut and turned around. Lita picked her book
up, saying "Keep the blanket and return it to me later."

With that she walked away. Eddie looked after her, sighing. What did I do
wrong, he wondered. I was sure that she liked me. Must be something I did.
Lita got in the car, slammed the door and burst into tears.

"Damn it! Why am I doing this?!? He's screwing my life up! I gotta do
something about it..." said Lita thinking about McMahon. An idea struck her
as she hit her fist against the steering wheel.

"Oh, boy" Then Lita smiled that smile which could freeze the meanest

Part 22

"Hey, Andrew," said Trish surprisedly "Come in."

"I came here because I just came into town with a limited amount of money.
I couldn't afford a room so I found out you were the only people left in
town. I was wondering if i could stay here for the day. I'm so tired," asked

"Andrew, of course. You're my friend, anything for friends. I'm still
sleepy so go ahead and use Amy's bed right next door," said Trish.

"Okay. Thanks, Trish" said Test as he kissed Trish on the cheeks and went
to his bed. But Trish was still tired. So she thought she'd get more sleep
since she didn't have to work today. Trish couldn't sleep. It might have been
the heat or it might have been Test's snoring coming from the bedroom next to

You see, Trish had this itch. It was a very aggravating itch, and it made
her restless. It was located in a very special place, high up between her
thighs. It was a very deep itch, and would require very deep scratching. Of
course, Trish could scratch it herself, as she had done on several occasions
before, but her restlessness was reenforced by the sound of gentle snores
from the room next to hers. It would be oh so much better to have somebody
scratch it for her.

Trish lay in the empty, dark room lonely, and horny as hell. Trish tossed
and turned on top of the covers in the stifling heat, clad only in panties
and a long T-shirt. Her mind tossed and turned even more violently, tormented
by her aching need for a man and the maddening closeness of one. And the fear
of disrupting a fine friendship.

The need won. Trish sat up on and slowly pulled her T-shirt off. Her
nipples were fully erect and incredibly sensitive. The cotton fabric of the
T-shirt felt like sandpaper against them. She got up and pulled her panties
off, which joined the shirt in a pile at the foot of the bed. Completely
nude, Trish felt curiously free. The warm, stifling air in the room seemed to
caress her sensuously, exciting her all the more. Squaring her shoulders and
biting her lip, she gathered up all her courage and started for Test's
bedroom door.

She opened the door to Test's room slowly, careful of the squeaky hinge
at the bottom. She peered in. Sunlight spilled across the bed from the open
window at the far end of the room. It was cooler here, but still quite warm.
Test lay on his back, a sheet rumpled around his hips. He had stopped
snoring, his breathing deep and regular, as he deeply slept.

Trish crossed the room to his bedside, horrendously aware of her
nakedness, and feeling more than a little foolish. Trish knelt by Test's bed
and placed a gentle hand on his arm. Softly she whispered his name into his
ear. No response. Dead to the world, as usual. Not that she could blame him.
She ran a hand along his arm, feeling the muscles there. Her gaze traveled to
the sheet. A sudden, mischevious thought occured to Trish, one that she
wouldn't have even considered in the rational light of day.

Trish grabbed the sheet by one corner, and slowly pulled it down. As she
suspected, he wasn't wearing shorts. She gazed in silent wonder at his penis,
laying to one side in its black, curly tuft of pubic hair. It was... sizable,
as she has always suspected from the everpresent bulge he sported when he
came to the hotel room. Hung, to put it crudely. Even before Trish thought of
it, she reached out to touch it.

She fondled it gently, feeling its limp weight. Test remained oblivious,
fortunately. If he awoke right now, he'd explode, Trish thought. Then she
banished that thought to the back of her mind, where it belonged. And then
all thoughts dissapeared momentarily as Test's penis began to stiffen in her
hand. She jerked back and watched in silent amazement as it grew, slowly,
jerkily straightening from its curved position to lay flat and hard against
his belly, pulsing slightly.

Wow,Trish thought, gazing upon the magnificent sight. She listened to
Test's breathing for a long moment until she convinced herself Test was still
asleep. It was as if her need had somehow affected Test even in his sleep.
Test was hard all right, hard as a rock. Almost absently Trish ran her thumb
along the smooth, silky shaft and she wondered what it must be like to carry
all of one's equipment on the outside. With such easy access, no wonder men
were so horny all the time.

Trish was certain she would be. Test had a magnificent cock, easily larger
and heavier than Trish's old boyfriend's. If Test denied this to Trish, she
would probably never be able to sleep again. After all, It was perfectly all
right for friends to have sex if they wanted to. And oh God, how she wanted

A low quiet moan escaped Test's lips, startling Trish out of her reverie.
Test's hips shifted slightly, then lay to rest again. Every instinct screamed
for Trish to get out, but she was rooted to the spot. No way could she leave
now. If she wanted any sleep tonight, she would have to finish what she
started. If Test woke up, so be it. Trish was sure Test wouldn't object too
strenuously now. Trish hoped.

Trish shifted her grip on Test's cock lower down and leaned across his
hips, bringing her face closer. Trish stared at it for a moment and then
stuck her tongue out, touching the tip gently. Trish knew from past
experience with other men that a teasing touch would jolt him, and
probably awaken him as well. So she swirled her tongue around the head of his
cock, keeping full contact. She heard him moan again and then sigh. Around
and around she swirled her tongue, feeling the roughness on top of the head,
and the smoothness below.

Trish ran it slowly along the smooth hardness of the shaft, down almost to
the base then back again. Trish could feel slight movement beneath her, as
Test's hips began to move up and down in slow rhythm. Trish ran her free hand
down her own stomach, to the mass of her pube, and placed a finger up against
the swollen knob of her clitoris, slowly stroking it. At the same time, she
plunged Test's cock into her mouth as deep as it would go.

It filled Trish's mouth completely, with a fair portion of its length left
to go. Her other hand cupped Test's balls, and she could feel them tighten as
she pulled the cock out of her mouth, sucking gently. Again and again Trish
plunged it in, and now she could feel definite movement beneath her as his
hips began slowly pumping. Trish heard Test's breathing grow rapid, though
Test was still wrapped deep within his dreams.

The itch, prodded by her manual stimulation, quickly grew into a tingling
then into a fire. Waves of sheer pleasure radiated from her groin and washed
over all parts of her body. Trish's nipples were electric, and she had to
suppress a gasp whenever they rubbed against the bed or his body. Test's
rapid breathing became low moans, and his hips moved more violently as Trush
suddenly detected a slight salty taste in her mouth. It won't be long now,
she thought deleriously to herself, giving in to the raw, primal sensations
flooding her body.

Test's subconcious moans became gasps and she felt his balls clench in
her hand. Test's hips raised and locked as a long, half-stifled groan escaped
him. A fraction of a second later a huge amount of fluid shot into Trish's
mouth, which she swallowed immediately. At the same time the fire in her
crotch roared and exploded once, twice, three times in a rapid succession
that would have left her gasping for breath had her mouth not already been

Trish was very glad she was already kneeling, as all strength had left
her legs. Slowly, Test's body relaxed as Trish drew back and leaned against
the bed, shivering almost uncontrollably. Trish was drenched in sweat. It
was very rarely she came twice like that, and three times was almost
unthinkable. Trish's whole body tingled and she knew her muscles would ache
tomorrow. Small price to pay for such an incredible experience.

Trish looked up, fully expecting Test to be looking back at her, but to
her total astonishment, the big dummy was still asleep! Trish's anger was
quickly smothered by bubbling laughter, which she quickly stifled. It would
be a shame to wake him now. Test's breathing had returned to its previous
monotonous regularity, and his erection was just beginning to fade.

Trish leaned over one last time and gently kissed it just below the head.
Then she pulled the sheet back over his hips like she found it. Trish's legs
were still wobbly and it took three tries to stand up. Her heart jackhammered
in her chest and she suddenly felt very, very tired. At the door she turned
and looked back, seeing him still framed in the sunlight. Just before she
left the room she heard looked at Test. He was awake. The whole time he was

"Come here slut" said Test. Trish jumped on the bed and they started to
kiss. Instantly,he got a full erection again.

"Baby, I want you inside me," begged Trish. She got on her knees and sat
on his fully erect cock.

"Ohhhh yessss," moaned Test as she sat all the way down. Soon she bounced
up and down on his cock riding it like a pony. She could feel his cock
pounding against her uterus wall as she jumped up and down,using her muscles
like an expert.

"I'm cumming, baby. Get off," said Test. Trish got off slowly and started
to jerk his cock in her face. She jerked it into her mouth. Soon he came into
her mouth and accidently came in her eyes.

"Ohhhhhh, yesssss!" moaned Test and she sucked him again and layed
exhausted. Trish went back into her room and put her T-shirt and panties.
She went back to sleep.

Part 23

They made they're way to their rooms when all of a sudden Val Venis,
Goodfather and Bull held them from behind. The two divas struggled to get
away from them but to no avail. They RTC members escorted Trish and Lita to
their locker rooms in an unorderly fashion.

When they made they're way there,Trish and Lita were kicked to the ground
on there knees. Before their eyes were the leaders of the RTC, Ivory and
Stevie Richards. Richards paced back and forth mad as hell.

"What do you want?" cried Lita. Ivory slapped her in the face.

"Leave her alone, bitch!!" said Trish. Ivory slapped her too. The divas
couldn't do anything being held by Val and Bull. Stevie stopped and looked at
the divas in disgust.

"Why are you doing this?" said Steven in a deep, evil voice.

"Doing what?" said Trish.

"Don't act like you don't know what he's talking about you fucking
sluts!!!!" said Ivory.

"I'm sorry we don't follow you," said Lita.

"Oh you don't, let me demonstrate to you," said Ivory. She took Goodfather
and pulled down his pants. She also took her long skirt off and all her
undergarments. Both were completely naked. Ivory got on her knees and started
to suck on Goodfather's fattie giving him a nice bj.

"Yeah you fucking, bitch. Suck me," moaned GF. The cheeks of Ivory started
to move in as she sucked him off harder and harder.

"Okay, we know what you're talking about!!!" screamed Lita.

Ivory started to stop and loved GF's black dick in her mouth. She didn't
want to stop so she kept on blowing him.

"Ivory!!! Stop this now!!!" demanded Stevie.

She didn't stop. He went over to pull her away, but Goodfather pushed him

"What the fuck is you're problem?" said Stevie.

"I now know what I've been missing. And I love it," said Goodfather as
Ivory blew him faster.

"Okay, let me see what I've been missing," said Stevie. He grabbed the
back of Trish's head, pulled his pants down to his ankles and shoved his cock
in her mouth.

"Ohhhhh this feels great. I know how you feel Goodfather," moaned Steven
"Bull, Val...get a piece of this," said Steven.

Val, already having a piece of Trish already, pulled down his white pants
and shoved his cock inside Lita's mouth. Bull did the same. Lita had two
cocks in her face so she decided to suck on Val's first.

"Ohhhhhh, Amy suck my penis," moaned Val. She took th whole dick in her
mouth,deepthroating Val. She now took his cock out and sucked on Bull's, he
was bigger than Val so she took it in her mouth half-way and jerked the rest.

Goodfather was ready to blow his load,but he didn't want to so he told
Ivory to get off him. Goodfather sat down resting for a while. Ivory went
over to Trish and Stevie. The two divas were on their knees giving it to
Stevie for his own good. Each lady sucked on his balls and pubes.

"Thats right Ivory,i never knew you had it in you," moaned Steven low.

Ivory started to suck his big rod as Trish licked his scrotum. Steven was
in full pleasure getting licked by Trish's lips under his spot. Trish stopped
Licking and got up. She slowly removed her expensive clothing down to her
nude self.

"Stop it baby, I'm gonna cum!" said Steven.

He backed away and sat next to Goodfather. They sat till their cock
shriveled up and started to jerk their own cocks slowly. Trish was laid on
the cold floor waiting for something to be inside her. Ivory got on top of
Trish and licked her all the way down slowly. Ivory released her hair so it
would tickle every part of Trish's body. She slowly moved down sucking on
Trish's big tits.

"Huhhhhhhh," moaned Trish getting her nipples sucked.

Lita was sucking on both Bull and Val's cocks,but soon they were exhausted
and about to cum. So they backed away and sat next to Steven and Goodfather.
Lita looked at Ivory moving slowly to Trish's clit and wanted to join. She
took her garments off and walked behind Ivory with her ass in the air.

"Eat me you slut" demanded Ivory wiggling her ass.

"EAT HER!!!EAT HER!!!EAT HER!!!" chanted Val, Steven, Bull and Godfather.

Lita got on her knees and grabbed the soft buttocks of Ivory. She moved
closer to Ivory's moist slit. She sunk her lips and tastred Ivory's juices.

"Ohhhhhh baby, suck it!" moaned Ivory.

It was a domino effect, Lita eating Ivory, Ivory eating Trish. In a matter
of time,Lita sunk her teeth into Ivory's pussy like a vampire. There was no
blood but there was juices. Ivory came not 1,2,3, but 4 times onto ther
floor. Het pussy was very sensitive and she came on the floor.

"Ohhhhhhhhh, yesssssss, AMYYYY!!!!!!!!" screamed Ivory.

Lita went over to help Ivory eat Trish's clit. They both started to stick
their toingues inside Trish's wet pussy.

"Ohhhhhh, yessss slutts!" moaned Trish loudly.

Goodfather was ready, he got up and went behind Lita. Stuck his fattie
slowly inside her latin pussy. She moaned as he stuffed his black dick inside
her clit. He slowly pounded her pussy as she stuck her tongue inside Trish's
clit. Goodfather started to fuck faster as her tits went against the cold
floor. Lita stopped eating Trish and let Ivory do the work. Ivory gave up,
her tongue wasn't worth it to make Trish cum.

"Cum here, baby," motioned Trish to Bull and Steven. She sat Bull on the
cold floor on his back. She sat on his cock slowly. It was kinda shriveled up
but it went up quick when it touched her clit. She slowly slid the cock
inside her pussy as she moaned. It was inside. Now she laid on his stomach
and motioned for Steven to come behind her. He spanked her ass with his cock.
Then he stuck his dick inside her tight ass.

Trish took Bull's cock out before he could pound her clit and stuck it
inside her ass. Her ass was being double penetrated. They fucked her slow
at first. Steven spit on her ass and rubbed it on her butthole. It was
now getting softer as Trish started to ride them faster. It proggressed
faster and faster. Trish though she was about to piss as Steven fucked
her faster and faster.

screamed Trish getting her anus fucked. She was getting a new asshole.

Lita was getting her pussy fucked. Ivory was next to Lita. Val got up and
went behind Lita instead of Ivory. He pushed Goodfather to the side a little.
He stuck his cock inside her clit also. Lita felt two dicks inside her. It
felt like like a big ass cucumber in her pussy. They fucked her faster while
Ivory and Lita tongue kissed each other.

"I'M CUMMING!!!" screamed Steven. He took his cock out and spurted onto
Trish's backside "Ohhhhhhh yessss" he moaned. Steven now lay on his back.
Trish now hasd the oppurtunity to ride even faster on Bull's cock. She was
riding a bull.

"Get off me slut!" said Bull. Trish got off him and started to jerk his
cock into her mouth. He squirted his load in her mouth. She spit it back out
and didn't swallow. Lita was in extasy getting her clit pounded by two cocks.

Soon Trish came over and kissed Ivory and Lita with a mouth full of cum.
Speaking of cum,Goodfather was ready,he took his dick out and jerked it onto
the backside of Lita.

"Ohh, yessss! Eat that sluts!" moaned Goodfather.

"I'M CUMMMING BABY" said Val. He cummed inside Lita. and kept fucking her
tight pussy. He soon loosened it up with his load. Trish and Lita were done
with them. They tried to leave but Steven ordered Bull and Val to hold them.
Val wouldn't do it.

"Val do it NOW!!!!" yelled Steven.

"No!!!!!" said Val back.

"Goodfather, Bull...beat the living hell out of him!!!!" screamed
Steven. So they started to fight, in the NUDE!!!! Trish and Lita snuck out
with their clothes and ran towards their room naked. Soon a knock came at
their door. It was Ivory.

"What happened?" asked Lita.

"We broke up" cried Ivory. She cried on Trish's shoulders.

"Would it be okay if I join ya'll?" asked Ivory.

"I don't know, you would have to ask Vince," said Trish.

"Lets put out clothes on and ask him," said Lita. They put their clothes
on and made their way towards Vince's office. They knocked on it and the door
opened up.

"Hello," said Trish "where is Vince?"

Part 24

"Hey, where's Vince?" asks Trish. As they step in the office.

"He's not here," said Shane McMahon. Trish and Lita move closer to Shane,
but Bossman comes from behind Shane and pushes them off.

"What the fuck is you're problem?" yells Trish at Bossman.

"I'm his guard, now move away from him," demanded Bossman. He pounds the
police stick against his palm. Trish and Lita move away, Ivory does too.

"Ohhhhh, I see that yu have a stick for me" said Trish seductively. She
moved towards Bossman and rubs his crotch. She takes the stick away from him
and rubs it all down her body, "you want this stick..come and get it baby."

Bossman made an attempt to get his stick but Trish put it down her tight
skirt "You were looking for this?" said Trish after reaching down her skirt
removing her panties. She threw it on the floor and stuck it against her
clit. Lita moved towards Shane but Bossman pushed Trish and put handcuffs on
Lita and handcuffed her to Ivory.

He also handcuffed Trish to the chair that was implanted to the ground. He
did the same to Lita. Lita and Trish sat on the chair as Ivory stood up.

"You little sluts want my dick here it is," said Bossman. He whipped his
cock out and started jerking it, "Shane you want some of this?"

"Yeah," replied Shane. He took out his cock and moved towards Lita, "Here,
Amy." He stuck his dick in her mouth and ripped her clothes which she had
just put on. She started to suck on his weapon.

"Ohhhh amy suck me harder" moaned Shane. Bossman took his stick back from
Trish. He slowly went behind the chair and stuck the stick in her clit.

"Ohhhhh yessss" moaned Trish. Slowly fucking her with his stick, he stuck
his dick in her mouth. Ivory was horny watching them get sucked and asked
Bossman for the keys. He passed the keys to her. She got out, Trish and Lita
had one free hand. Now Trish started to fuck hersewlf with the stick. Ivory
came over to suck Shane with Lita.

Bossman was about to release his load so he got away from Trish and went
around the chair. Trish was loving the stick in her clit, "Ohhhhh Bossman
help me fuck me now!!!!" demanded Trish. Bossman stuck his cock inside Trish,
diuble penetrating with his stick and his cock. Trish and Bossman thusted at
the same time,fucking her wet pussy.

"Ohhhhhh yessssss," screamed Trish. Ivory was sucking off Shane with Lita
and he released his load on their face.

"Ohhhhhhh yessssss sluts eat it now," said Shane. They kissed each other
with cum filled mouths. They sucked it down their esophagus till it was gone.
Shane was still horny and told Ivory to get on top of Lita. Shane went up
behind Ivory, slowly sticking his cock inside her ass.

"Yeaaaaa!" moaned Lita getting her ass fucked. Lita started to suck on
Ivory's nipples. Shane fucked her faster with every minute. Bossman fucked
faster with his patrol stick inside her clit. Trish unloaded in the stick and
on his clothes.

"Oihhhhhhhh yessssss! Fuck meeeee!!!!!" screamed Trish reaching climax.

Bossman was about to cum and took out his cock. He also took out his
stick. He jerked his cock onto the stick releasing his load "ohhhhh yessssss"
he moaned squirting onto the stick.

Shane was ready to go too. He took out his cock and jerked onto Ivory's
ass. He blew his load, it reached the back of Ivory's neck, Lita scrapped her
neck and licked her fingers, even gave some to Ivory. Ivory got up and went
over to the stick. Trish and Ivory wrapped their lips around each side of the
stick cleaning up Bossman's load. They sucked it out like a cock.

"Ivory, we still didn't ask Vince," said Lita. They put their clothes on
and left the room.

"I'll go look for Vince while you two go find someone else okay?" said

They split up and went their ways.

Part 25

"Hey ladies, did you know puppies have nipples?" joked Perry.

"Umm..hi Perry we were just gona leave, so we'll be on our way" said

"Ohhhh....woodies!!!" said Perry excitedly. Trish brushed up on Perry
showing her very hard nipples.

"Stop it!!!" complained Perry. He soon sat down on the steps and crawled
into a fetal position.

"What's wrong, I thought you liked woodies" said Trish. The thought of
that stupid word coming from her mouth disgusted her.

"I do but yours has little monsters coming out of them," said Perry.

"Oh...those are just nipples, wanna see?" said Trish.

"Okay" said Perry. Trish slowly removed her top and revealed her huge

"Hmmmm, they're alright...can i touch it?" said Perry.

"Sure," said Trish. He slowly moved his hand towards her nipples, pinching
them and then he moved his bald head down to suck on them. He was sucking on
them like a baby!!! As soon as this happened,Lita took off her clothes and
sat on the cold steps right next to Perry. She rubbed his thigh and whipped
out his cock.

"What are you doing to my pee-pee??!!!!" said Saturn.

"I'm just sucking on you're pee-pee like you are sucking on you're on her
woodies" said Lita. Perry approved of this and started to suck on Trish's
breasts again. Lita wrapped her cherry red lipstick lips on his cock.

"Ohhhhh that feels good" said Perry. Trish got up and helped Lita suck his
cock. Trish wrapped her lips around his balls and threw her dirty blonde hair
on her naked back. She soon moved up and started to lick his big cock. Trish
and Lita were sucking his cock.

Lita got up and went up the stairs right behind Perry. She stood up spreading
her legs. Perry soon saw this.

"We gotta get you to a hospital,you have a hole in you're body" said
Perry. He picked her up and ran her down the hall naked leaving Trish behind.
Trish soon caught up with Perry and explained it to him.

"Okay" said Perry. They came back to the staircase and Lita spread her
legs laying on the steps. Perry put his pee-pee in her hole slowly. She
moaned with extasy as Trish waited her turn.

He startd to fuck her faster and harder giving her welts from leaning on
the stairs. He did push-ups while fucking her gaping hole. He soon felt
something about to release. Trish soon told him to stop. She now went up
against the staircase and spread her legs. He slowly penetrated her pussy and
fucked it.

"OHhhhhhhhhh yesss" screamed Trish getting her clit fucked. Perry fucked
her gaping hole till he was gonna explode. He took out his cock and exploded
on her back.

"What's this funny stuff?" asked Perry. He took a swipe of his own cum off
Trish's back and tasted it before the ladies could warn him. The ladies put
their clothes on and left Perry alone naked. He wandered around the hall
naked until someone told him to put on his clothes.

Part 26

Trish and Lita were thinking of each other walking down the hall. They
havn't sucked each other in a long time. So they went inside a bathroom and
started making out. Switching over to Ivory,Dean Malenko walked past her.

"Dean, do you know where Vince is?" said Ivory.

"No, I'm the way, where is Amy?" said Dean.

"Oh, she should be down the hall to the left with Trish" said Ivory. They
parted their ways. Dean walked down the hall not knowing that Trish and Lita
were in the bathroom. He suddenly heard a strange sound. It was a girl
moaning. He looked in the direction of room it was coming from but he
couldn't hear anybody. Dean decided to investigate and moved closer. As he
reached the room the moaning grew more and more intense.

Thinking someone was injured, Dean followed the sound to the bathroom. The
sound was coming from inside. Dean noticed a thong on the floor under the
stall door. He looked under the door. Dean was in shock! Instead of an
injured woman he saw Trish and Lita in a 69 position. Trish was ramming a
vibrator in and out of Lita. Dean couldn't pull himself away from this sight.

As Trish and Lita continued to lap and suck and fuck each other Dean's
cock grew bigger and bigger until he felt he would explode and draw attention
to the bathroom. Suddenly Trish and Lita began to come time and time again.
Dean screamed as he lost his grip and fell to the ground and onto the floor.
He was cut in several places from the bushes and he knew they had heard him.

Dean attempted to run but his hard dick, cut arms and twisted ankle made
it very dificult to go anywhere. The door flew open and both girls were
yelling at Dean. Trish noticed the blood on Dean's arm as he again tripped
and fell.

"Stay where you are or i'll call the cops!!" said Trish. Dean didn't
argue. As Trish approached Dean he felt like he was about to be shot. Trish
helped Dean to his feet and into the her locker room.

"Sit here on the couch, don't move!!" said Trish. Lita stood behind Dean
with a baseball bat just waiting for the chance to strike. As Trish cleaned
his wounds and taped his ankles Dean did his best to explain what had

"I won't call Vince if you don't tell nobody about this" said Trish.

"Okay, I won't" agreed Dean. But still Trish wasn't finished with Dean.
Since he had interrupted them at a very inoportune time he would just have to
make it up to them. With that, Trish walked into the bath room and retuned
with the vibrator. She handed it to Dean and asked if I knew how to use it.
Dean was just a stuttering fool at that point. Trish slid off her robe and
sat on the table in front of the couch.

Trish slowly opened her thighs to expose a pussy lightly covered with hair
and dripping wet. They turned on the vibrator and instead of inserting it
into Trish's wonderful love canal, Dean slid it ever so gently back and forth
over her clit. He would allow the very tip of the vibrator to rest on her
clit for only a second only to continue the stroking. Lita had put down the
bat and was also naked now and standing next to Dean.

Lita reached up grabbing the Trish's head and brought their lips together.
Lita was slowly stroking the Trish's breast, pulling on her nipples to insure
they were as hard as they could be. With one hand Dean controlled the
vibrator and with the other he began to massage Lita's vagina allowing a
finger or two to carress her insides. Dean was now pumping both girls as fast
and expertly as he knew how. Trish with a toy, Lita with his toy player.

"Ohhhh yesss" moaned Trish and Lita. They were moaning so load Dean
thought he knew security could hear, but at this point who cared. It was hard
to keep things going with them both bucking wildly on Dean's hands. Finally
after what he would have sworn was an hour they both started to shudder and
come at the same instance. The room, his hands and shirt filled with scent
and the juices of their love making.

After they had put their robes back on, leaving Dean sitting there with a
raging hardon and his mouth wide open, they reminded Dean not to tell any
about this one. Dean was try to stammer about him and his aching dick but
they said this was the first part of his punishment.

Trish now sat on his raging cock and moaned softly. Lita got on her knees
and started to suck and lick Trish's pussy and Dean's cock. Trish started to
ride his cock faster and faster. She wanted more and more with every

Dean felt her wetness and tasted some of it. Lita stuffed her face inside
their love-making. Dean knew he was gonna cum. So he pushed Trish off him.
She really wanted him to blow his load inside her clit. Now Lita wanted her
turn. She sat on his cock which was getting sore from Trish's riding. She
moaned in full pleasure as he fucked her latin clit.

"Ohhhhhhh I'm cumming baby" moaned Dean as he couldn't last long because
of Trish's fucking. He didn't want to take out his cpock so he just busted
right inside Lita's clit.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh yessss fuck me," screamed Lita. She kept riding his cock as
the white stuff came out of her soft clit. Trish and Lita soon stopped
fucking and got away from Dean. Soon Perry came in the room.

"Monkeys wear lingerie and dance around," said Perry. Trish and Lita ran
out of the room as he ran after them. Soon he stopped running and gave up.

"You're welcome!!!" he screamed across the hall.

Part 27

"Whoo weee!! Look at you. Where you going?" said Trish.

"I was wondering if you and Amy would like to come to a dinner party that
X-Pac invited us to," said Ivory.

"Wel,l who's gonna be there?" asked Lita.

"Albert, Justin, and Sean," said Ivory.

"Well sure. Where is it?" said Trish.

"At my house," said Ivory.

"Well lets go!!" said Lita.

They all left in the limo to Ivory's house where X-Factor was waiting
outside dressed in their casual way. A surprise too, Raven was there too with
Tori. They enjoyed a delicious meal after which the men headed for the den
while the women cleaned up.

"We should go jump them right now," Trish dared. All at once, they stopped
and stared at one another. They were horny and desperate and a devilish gleam
sparkled in their eyes as the idea took root.

Sneeking up the back stairs to Ivory's bedroom, they soon were rifling
through the dresser in search of the hottest, skimpiest, sexiest lingerie
she owned. Thankfully all of them are about the same size, except for Trish
who's big tits overshadow the rest of their medium-size tits. They giggled
nervously, excited by the surprise they were about to spring on the
unsuspecting males lounging downstairs. Lita snatched up a favorite of
Ivory's, a soft peach lace teddy with a pair of white seamed stockings and
4" white pumps.

It went perfectly with Lita's flaming red hair and long, shapely legs.
Trish found an oldie but goodie, a teal colored 2-piece bra and crotchless
panty set. Of course her boobs spilled out over the top, leaving very little
to the imagination, but it looked fabulous against her dark tan. Tori, the
devil that she is, chose the silky red kimono, with a red bra and "G" string.
She also found a pair of red thigh-highs and heels to match. Ivory picked out
the black see-through cat suit, and her 6" heels.

They all primped a little, touching up their hair and make-up, making sure
that the men wouldn't be able to resist them -- not this time! After a last
glance in the mirror, they giggled and tip-toed down the steps. Tori was the
first one to enter the den. When she sauntered in, all conversation
immediately stopped. X-Pac's jaw practically hit the floor as the other guys
looked questioningly back and forth from him to Tori, trying to figure out
just what in the hell was going on. They had a hunch when Trish waltzed in
with her voluptuous cleavage straining the binds of the snug-fitting bra.

Raven let out a low whistle while Albert, sputtered and practically choked
on his beer. Tori and Trish continued to walk around the room, giving all the
men a good look at their sexy bodies. Lita joined the parade next, every male
head turning to gaze at her strikingly tall, slim figure. Raven, whistled
again, this time sitting forward in his chair to hide the hard-on tenting his
pants. Ivory was the last one to join the party, standing vampishly in the
doorway, poised for action. The other ladies were strutting and flaunting
their bodies, giving the men more than an eyeful of their fleshy curves.

Playing the seductive cat, Ivory slithered across the room, straight
towards Raven and his boner. Ivory heard Justin's shocked voice exclaim,
"Beka!" but Ivory simply peered over her shoulder and winked at him. Any
further objections were smothered by Trish's huge melons as she leaned in
close to his face and taunted him. Tori stopped in front of Albert and
removed the sash from her robe. With one foot perched on his knee, she slid
the silky strip between her thighs, coating it with her scent before wrapping
it around his neck. Lita made her move on X-Pac, turning her back to him and
bending over to expose the full lusciousness of her ass framed by the garter

X-Pac reached out to touch her but she stepped away, just out of his

"Ahh, ahh, ahh!" she scolded.

They weren't about to let the guys get off so easily. They were the
frustrated partners, and this was their revenge. They would have to deal with
their ever-hardening cocks a bit longer while they watched them. The aroma
of hot pussies filled the room, as they each danced and pranced around. The
shocked expressions on the men's faces were soon replaced with unmasked lust.
The men knew the divas were getting to them, but they weren't ready to do
anything about it just yet.

Trish moved her tantalizing body away from Justin and stepped up onto the
coffee table. She began twisting and grinding like an experienced stage
dancer. She was more than into her role of seductress and the rest of us
cheered her on, saying, "Yeah, honey, show 'em what you've got. Make them so
stiff they can't walk!" She rubbed her hands over her thighs, squatting and
bending to show her coated pink lips at the center of her hot crotch.

When Trish pulled her knees open and ran her finger through her slit,
Ivory thought the men would lose it. She stretched her arm out and grazed
Raven's upper lip with her finger, smearing her pussy juice across his face.
She dipped her finger into her pussy then tongued it, making loud sucking
noises and moaning with enjoyment. Ivory couldn't stand it. She walked over
to the table and lightly stroked her ass, running her hands up her back then
down around her waist. Ivory squeezed and kneaded Trish's flesh, showing the
others what they were missing.

Ivory stood next to Trish on the table and placed a hand on each of her
globes and spread them apart. Then Ivory grabbed hold of Trish's panties and
pulled them up tight against her slit. X-Pac stood up and lunged toward
Trish's ass, but before he could touch her, Ivory stopped him with a 6" spike
placed firmly against his chest and pushed him back onto the couch.

"Sit back and wait your turn." Tori and Lita gathered around the table and
joined Ivory in stroking Trish's well-shaped form. Lita reached up and tugged
one strap of Trish's bra off her shoulder, then ran her fingers along the
outline of the cup. Trish squirmed from the intimate touch and Lita proceeded
to lower the other strap. To the amazement of the audience, Lita continued
unfastening Trish's bra, freeing her huge breasts and massaging them
tenderly, kneading her nipples between her fingertips.

Tori moved in to play with Trish's hot, wet cunt, pulling the panties
aside to twist and stroke her clit. Tori and Ivory each hooked a finger under
the waistband of the panties and slowly pulled them down, slipping them
around her heels then tossed them at Raven. Together, the three of them
lowered Trish onto her back on the table- Tori and Lita each taking a leg,
pressing her knees back into her pillowy mounds, while Ivory grabbed a nearby
beer bottle and plunged it deeply into Trish's pussy.

"OHHHHHH YESSSS!" Trish howled her pleasure.

Albert was so worked up from watching Trish being turned-on by three women
that his engorged cock jutted out above his waistband. Albert grabbed Tori by
her tiny little frame and tossed her roughly onto the sofa, diving hungrily
between her legs and tearing the red G-string off with his teeth. Albert ran
his tongue across her moisten lips, indulging in her sweetness. He released
his raging hard-on and moved into position with his knees pressed firmly
against her ears. He stroked her pussy and rosy ass bud as she took his 9"
stick deep down her throat.

Albert pumped wildly, delighting in the feel of her teeth grazing along
his shaft, her mouth milking the cum boiling in his balls until he filled
her, gagging her with his huge load. Tori continued sucking and licking his
cock until he was hard once again. He moved around to face her, pushed her
legs back over her head, exposing her ass. Already wet from his face fuck,
Albert penetrated her bud. Ignoring her cries of protest, he plunged
relentlessly until his entire cock was encased in her hot, smoldering rectum.

"Ohhhh mmmmmmm" She squirmed with the pain/ pleasure sensations racing
through her body, but he didn't stop. He fucked her mercilessly and soon her
tight ass gripped him as a huge orgasmic wave crashed over her and her juices
poured from her lips.

Albert jumped at Tori, grabbing and pulling her with him to the floor. He
positioned her steamy cunt over his face then probed her folds, biting and
sucking her clit until she yelled out "Fuck me!" Albert flipped her over
onto all fours and entered her from the rear. Burying his cock in one swift
stroke, he squeezed and stroked her lovely ass, gripping her hips and
slamming forcefully into her cunt, his balls slapping against her skin. He
reached around and pulled on her nipples, sending her over the edge. Her body
was rocking - tits swinging, head swaying as grunts and moans escaped from
her with every thrust. Her tongue slid over her own lips hinting at the
animalistic hunger trapped inside her.

Raven flung Ivory aside and grabbed the beer-bottle dildo away from her
and plunged into Trish's sweet meat. Her body slipped in the puddle of cum
already drenching the table, and Raven grabbed hold of Trish to keep her from
sliding away. He slurped and lapped at the flow while he continued to boff
her with the bottle. When he pulled the cum-filled bottle from her pussy, he
put it to his lips and tipped it back...drinking in her sensual juices. He
climbed over her and straddled her head with his balls hanging over her
mouth. He coated his fingers with the cum pooling on the tabletop, and
massaged a trail through the valley of her breasts. He then slid his cock
between them pointing towards her flat belly.

She reached up and dug her nails into the flesh of Raven's ass and spread
his cheeks apart, swirling her fingertip around his asshole. She gobbled both
of his balls into her mouth at the same time, tonguing and sucking the
swollen nutsacks until she heard him gasp, and she crammed her finger deep
into his ass.

"Ohhhhhh yessssss im cumming!!!!" Raven roared as his cum exploded over
her belly, shooting hot streams into Trish's dewy blonde mound.

Ivory landed on X-Pac's lap and he scooped her up, rubbing his hands over
her lace-covered legs and ass until he found the secret opening in her
crotch. He pulled the neck down to expose her nipple, sucked it roughly into
his mouth while he plunged her pussy with his fingers, working Ivory into a

"Ummm oh yea" Ivory squirmed and pushed against X-pac's invading digits
until his entire fist was stuffed into her snatch. He twisted and pumped
against Ivory's inner walls leaving her gasping for breath. Ivory had barely
recovered from that when X-pac began to smack her ass repeatedly, causing her
pussy to twitch with each blow.

Ivory was shocked by her own reaction when she screamed out, "Harder,
Harder!!" X-pac eagerly obliged her request by stripping her naked and
bending her over the arm of the chair. Ivory saw him loosening his belt then
he held it menacingly in front of her face, telling her in a low voice, "Now
you're gonna get it." Ivory's pussy went wild! Dripping and throbbing from
sheer anticipation. She was afraid, but excited too. She hadn't been spanked
since she Chyna did it and this promised a new, intriguing twist. X-Pac
started with light strokes which led to much harder ones - each time she'd
clench her cheeks to ward off the sting.

It wasn't long before Ivory was on fire, hunching her clit against the
chair, trying to find the release she craved. Ivory could feel the heat
radiating from her skin. X-Pac got off seeing the red welts forming on her
ass and thighs and she heard him grunt as he squeezed and stroked his hard
cock, jerking himself off and spewing his hot cream over her butt.

While Justin and Lita were still going at it, Raven made his way over to
them and started stroking his cock until it became rock hard. Raven then slid
his dick into Lita's mouth as she was being fucked deeper and harder than she
had ever felt.

Lita was being sucked and fucked, something she had always dreamed about,
but thought it would never come true. She was in heaven in her mind. Lita got
off immediately, but Justin was a master at control, saved his load until the
best possible moment. He fucked Lita repeatedly, refraining from losing his
spunk. Justin has fabulous control, sometimes too fabulous, but in any case,
he was drilling Lita mercilessly, sending her off on multiple orgasmic waves
of delight.

"OHHHH YESSS FUCK ME HARDER" screamed Lita. Justin was riding her for all
he was worth. Ivory knew Justin has always had a secret wish to be a part of
such an orgy, and all the sounds and smells engulfing the room must've had a
powerful effect on him. Lita's pants and groans of pleasure built and she
thrashed her fiery red main wildly. Though her pussy had been getting the
pounding of a lifetime, her mouth was unfilled. When Ivory slumped to the
floor with her ass still blazing, she saw the wild lust burning in Lita's
eyes as she gazed longingly at Ivory's chest.

Ivory wiggled her way closer to Lita and keeping her ass high in the air
to receive Justin's drilling, Lita lowered her face and hungrily devoured
Ivory's nipple. She sucked and pulled with such force that it drew Ivory off
the floor. Lita's slurps and Ivory's moans captured the attention of everyone
in the room and when Justin saw her sucking Ivory's tit, he lost all control.
He rammed his cock hard into Lita's sopping pussy and Ivory heard his
familiar gutteral rumbling that always accompanies his release. Ivory knew
the instant his huge, hot load began jetting into Lita's pussy, because she
bit down hard on her nipple and twisted it between her teeth. Ivory gasped
and felt a trail of her own cum drip from her pussy.

They were all drained and lay motionless for a while - the only sounds
audible were those of rapid breathing and a few giggles.

Part 28

They come to the Chinese restaurant and Trish asks the Chinese lady behind
the counter for some Egg Foo Yung and some pork fried rice. Lita asked for
fried wonton and french fries. They sit at the bench waiting for their food.
Then all of a sudden,the ladies see three familar faces coming towards them,
it is Tajiri, Taka and Funaki.

"Genki?" said Tajiri bowing down.

"What?" said Trish confused.

"He says 'whats up?'," said Taka.

"Oh, I'm fine," said Trish.

"Busu!" said Tajiri looking at Lita. All three laughed.

"Whats so funny?" said Lita.

"He said 'Bitch! Ugly girl," said Taka. Lita took this personal and hit
Tajiri in the face.

"Teme-yarukika," said Tajiri.

"He said 'are you trying to piss him off?'" said Taka.

"Nanda aitsu," said Tajiri.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" said Taka translating Tajiri.

"We are getting food, do you want some?" said Trish.

"Why do you assume we eat just Chinese food, you are racist!!!" said Taka.

"No, no, we just ask if you want to eat. We'll buy for you," said Lita.

"INDEED!!" said Taka.

They ordered their food and decided to stay at the restaurant. Trish
decided to explore the restaurant and played at the small arcade. She was
playing the game while Tajiri came over and pinched her ass.

"Geisha, suck me now!" said Tajiri.

"What?" said Trish. She assumed that Tajiri didn't know what he was
talking about but since she had to fuck every superstar, she decided to
fuck him too. So she turned around and got on her knees. She pulled his
raging hard cock out of his pants and began by licking the tip. Across the
restaurant, Taka and Funaki saw this too and instantly got hard. They turned
towards Lita and said they want that too.

Lita obeyed them, and like the Geisha she is,she got up on the table
filled with already digested food and began to strip. Now she was fully nude
on the food filled table. She now sat on her back facing the tag-team duo.
They began to slob on Lita's tits and red hot lips. Now Tajiri was getting
his Onimusha sword slobbered all over by Trish. Trish almost made him release
his tea til' he begged her to stop.

"Fuck my geisha! Clit now!" said Trish.

"Urusai yo!" said Tajiri. Taka yelled across the room and told Trish that
Tajiri said to 'shut up'. She love's it when a man took charge of her. Trish
backed up against the arcade spreading her blonde legs. Tajiri took his silky
smooth cock and penetrated it between her little chop-stick legs.

"Ohhhh, yessss!" moaned Trish. Taka got up and went to the other side of
the table,he picked up some chop-sticks and decided to eat Lita's clit with
them. He stuck them inside clit slowly,then he took them back out and fed it
to Lita herself. Funaki fed Lita his cock in her mouth while Taka fucked her
with his chop sticks. Taka kept penetrating his little chop sticks inside her
clit,fucking her clit badly until she came on both sticks.

"Ohhhhhh, yesssss! Fucking eat me bitch!" screamed Lita.

Tajiri was pounding Trish onto the arcade while she moaned and groaned
with his sword inside her clit. Now Taka and Funaki decided to give Lita
their cocks,so they both double-pentrated her red pussy. She moaned in great
pleasure,wanting their little cocks inside her more and more. Taka and Funaki
pentrated her clit more and more stretching it beyond space.

"ORINAMA SHIKITA!!!!!" gagged Tajiri screaming as he cummed on the arcade
instead of Trish lovely ass. He then kissed her ass,wondering what it would
be like to sleep on it. Taka and Funaki were about to explode inside Lita. So
they did and they had a major orgasm,exploding inside her and on her face.

"Ahhhhhhhh yesssss" moaned both partners. The lady at the counter screamed
in Japanese for them to get out or she'll call the police.Taka and Funaki ran
away rom the restaurant naked. Tajiri stayed behind with Trish and Lita to
put their clothes on and take out the rest of the food. Tajiri decided to
leave on his own.

"Acchi ikeyo!" screamed the Chinese restaurant owner.

"Baibai!!" said Tajiri.

"Yeah, yeah, crouching tiger: hidden dragon to you too," yelled back

Part 29

After a couple of minutes,Lita got a call from Ivory on her cell phone.
Ivory told Lita that they were planning to go on houseboat trip with a couple of
stars and if they wanna come. Trish and Lita agreed. They were all at the
hotel, waiting for everyone, Jerry had his truck filled with everybody's
packages. Ivory and Tori couldn't make it cause Vince assigned them. They
decided to go along without them. Two girls and four guys on a houseboat,
wonder whats gonna happen, wondered Trish.

"Well, it looks like it is just going to be you and Amy, and us four
guys," said Jerry Lynn.

"Well at least for now," Trish replied, almost expecting more problems to
occur with their crew. They were ready to go. Their crew consisted of Trish,
Lita, Essa Rios, D'Lo Brown, Gangrel and Jerry Lynn . As they piled into the
truck, Trish let Gangrel sit up front with Jerry, to keep him company for
the long ride ahead, since Trish was known to fall asleep quite often. In the
middle row sat Lita, Trish and D'lo. And Essa was in the back. About half way
there, they pulled over to get gas, and a few of them repositioned

Trish and Lita were taking a few shots as the excitement for the week was
becoming overwhelming. About an hour back onto the road, Jerry noticed
giggling in the back-seat of the truck. When he turned and looked he saw Lita
and Trish both fondling D'lo on his crotch, trying to make him hard, they
said. Jerry could tell right then that the week was going to be a wild one.

The next morning, they arrived, got on the boat and idled out to the lake.
It was not long before the drinks were flowing, and the sun was piercing
their skin like a sharp knife. Trish and Lita had been below and came atop
wearing bikinis and carrying beer for the guys. They sat near Jerry and
relaxed, taking in the majesty of the lake. A few hours later, they reached
a good buzz, and a great place to anchor up. Trish was ready to take the jet
boat out and do some skiing. D'lo volunteered to take the boat out, as Jerry
was in the mood to just sit back and relax. D'lo, Trish, Gangrel, And Essa
all loaded up into the jet boat, and sped off.

"You want something to eat?" Lita yelled.

"OK" Jerry replied. A few minutes later Lita came up carrying a sandwich
and another cold beer.

"Oh, thanks Amy," Jerry said.

"You know, I think that I should take off my top and get these things
tanned, what do you think?" Lita said.

"Fine with me," Jerry said. Seconds later, Lita was lying out with her
top off and her bikini bottoms on.

"Nice view," Jerry said as he looked out into the mountains and the red
rock cliffs.

"Oh thanks," Lita laughed. About a half hour later, the ski-boat returned
with Trish. Jerry met her on the side of the boat, and helped her aboard.

When she saw Lita laying there with her top off, she said: "Oh hey, that
sure looks more comfortable than this top." And Trish pulled hers off.

"Wow," Jerry said and just laughed to himself. With that Lita sat up on
with her elbows behind her while she laid on her back and asked Trish to lay
next to her. Well, it was not long before both of the girls had a circle of
attention around them, and Jerry knew that they were loving it. Even with
their sunglasses on, it was obvious that they were all admiring the lovely
breasts that were available to them.

About 20 minutes later, Trish stated that she was afraid that her breasts
were going to burn in the intense sun. Lita again sat up and reached in her
bag for some sunscreen. So there they were, 4 guys on a houseboat, about to
watch Lita rub lotion on Trish's very lovely breasts. As Lita dumped the cool
lotion onto the middle of Trish's breasts, Trish glanced up to see if the men
were all watching. When she traced her hand across Trish's tits, Lita looked
around while raising her eyebrows, in a teasing way. Trish let out a gasp, as
the cool lotion was spread across her chest, and arched her back, pointing
her erect nipples to the front of the boat.

"WOW," was all Jerry could say. Essa jumped up and went to get some more
beer for the crew, and another shot for the girls. When he returned, Jerry
reached over the girls and grabbed the beer from Essa and Trish reached up to
check and see if her and Lita's little show had made Jerry hard.

"Oh you liked that little show did you?" Trish asked.

"What do you think" Jerry replied. With that Lita sat up and reached over
to Essa and did the same.

"Wow, Essa," Lita said, "are you OK?"

"Si, I'm OK, I could be better," Essa said.

"Here is your shot girls." With that Essa placed the glasses into their

"Lisa, lets do body shots," Lita said. She placed the shot glass between
her tits and squeezed them together. Trish poured some salt on Lita's neck,
and put a lime in Lita's mouth.

"OK, here goes," Trish said. Trish ran her tongue along Lita's neck and
licked up the salt, tracing it to her breasts, retrieved the shot in her
mouth, tilted her head back and swallowed, took the glass form her mouth, and
gave Lita a nice long kiss to get to the lime.

"All right," they all said as they applauded the scene before them.

"OK Amy, Your turn," Trish said. Lita repeated the scene, except she kept
kissing Trish for about two hot minutes. While this was going on, Jerry could
not help but notice the uneasiness of the guys, as their hardons were aching
in their swimsuits. As the girls broke their kiss, and turned to the guys,
Trish smiled at Jerry and told him to sit down. As he sat down Trish pulled
down his shorts unveiling his hardon. She immediately grabbed hold of it and
started to stroke it back and forth.

Lita sat on the other side and watched for a minute as Jerry relaxed and
let Trish add some oil to her hand. Jerry closed his eyes and took in all the
wonderful feelings that he was experiencing. The sun, the beer, and his slut
stroking his cock.

"Mmmm" moaned Jerry. When he opened my eyes, Lita had D'lo's long cock in
her hand and was doing the same to him. Essa and Gangrel were watching and
waiting. Lita told Gangrel to take out his cock and to stroke it. Essa was
already there. Jerry watched as Trish turned around to look at all the cocks
being stroked around her. She then turned back and practically attacked
Jerry's cock with her mouth.

This went on for about 5 minutes as Lita took turns stroking Essa's,
Gangrel's, and D'lo's hard cocks, while Trish was busy slurping on Jerry's.
Jerry watched as Trish reached between her legs and pulled her bathing suit
bottoms to the side. She stood up and turned around. In one quick motion
Jerry was deep in her pussy. He glanced over at Lita who had one cock in her
mouth and one in each hand, doing her best with what she was working with.
Trish looked back at Jerry, and reached out slowly to take D'lo's cock from
Lita's hand, and started stroking him off.

The next thing Jerry knew D'lo had hold of Trish's face and was shoving
his cock down her throat, while she rode Jerry's cock up and down. Lita lay
back on her back and D'lo quickly pulled out of Trish's hungry mouth and
positioned himself between Lita's legs. Essa moved over and stuck his hard
cock into Trish's open mouth, and picked up where D'lo had left off. What a
sight! Trish was sucking cock while she rode Jerry's oiled-up dick. To the
left, Lita was on her back, D'lo thrusting in and out of her while she
stroked Gangrel's cock off into her mouth.

"Ohhhhhh yessssss!" That was all Jerry could stand and he shot off into
Trish's tight pussy. As Jerry softened, Trish slid off of him, and kept
working on Essa's dick. She then laid back next to Lita on her back and told
Essa to fuck her. Essa guided himself inside of Trish. Jerry sat back and
watched the looks on the guys' faces as they took their turns sticking their
cocks into Trish's tight pussy, knowing how good she feels. The best for
Jerry was when Lita got up and came over to suck his cock while he watched
Trish ride D'lo's big black cock, which had to be at least 8", and work the
other two guys alternately with her hand and mouth.

Several times Jerry watched as members of his crew for the weekend, pulled
their cocks out of Trish's hot mouth and cunt to shoot their hot cum on her
lovely face and body. Jerry came in Lita's mouth while he watched Trish
waiting open mouth while D'lo and Essa stroked their cocks in front of
Trish's face. At the same time, Trish somehow found a way to keep the motion
on Gangrel's cock.

When they were all tired out, they jumped into the water and swam for a
while, laughing as they had four more days of fun ahead of them. Later that
night, after dinner. Trish went down under to get some more beers for the
crew. When she did not return, Jerry looked through the window to see her
head bobbing up and down on Essa's prick. About 10 minutes later Essa was up
top, and Trish was still down below. Jerry looked again, and she was in the
same position, with D'lo's stiff dick in her mouth.

"Damn," Jerry said, who is next?

With that Gangrel said, "Me." He went down below. Jerry turned his head
and watched through the window with Lita as Gangrel walked up behind Trish
and pulled her skirt up over her ass and fingered her pussy. She only turned
and smiled, and arched her back, to make the entrance easier to him. Lita
reached over and started stroking Jerry's cock as he watched Trish suck and
fuck through the window. Lita lowered her head over Jerry's cock just in time
as he came with great ferocity.

The next morning it was pretty quiet at first, and then the girls stated
that they would no longer be wearing any bathing suits for the rest of the
trip, as they had seen everything anyhow.

"Fine with me," Jerry said. The rest of the trip was wonderful, everything
that guys would dream about in a vacation. Two girls laying out nude. Lots of
cold beer, a great location, and all you had to do to get laid was walk up
and fuck one of the girls. At one time, Jerry remembered D'lo walking up to
Trish and Lita in the afternoon with some cold beers, and rubbing oil on
their backs. He continued down their naked bottoms, and was soon oiling up
the girls hot pussies. Jerry watched as they both started to gyrate under his
hands while the excitement grew.

Both girls took turns sucking his cock, and fucking him while feasting on
each other. D'lo jerked off onto both their tongues while they tried to get
at his cock. On the way to the hotel. Trish again sat in the back, between
Essa and Gangrel. Lita sat up front with Jerry. About an hour into the ride
home. Jerry watched as Trish slid onto the floor between the seats and sucked
Essa and Gangrel off. Jerry adjusted the mirror and watched her mouth stretch
around their hard tools.

Lita noticed Jerry's hard cock and stroked it while asking him, "You like
watching her don't you? You like watching her suck cock and get fucked don't

At that, Trish got up on her side in the back-seat, and Gangrel got in the
spoon position behind her. Essa shoved his cock down her throat as Gangrel
pushed back into her hot pussy.

"Oh yessss. Fuck me, fuck my hot pussy" Trish said as Gangrel pushed in
and out of her.

Lita asked Jerry again, "That turns you on doesn't it?"

"Yes," Jerry said as she stroked his cock. Jerry tried to focus on the
road as he drove down the road. He looked down, he was only doing 35. Damn,
he pushed the pedal back down as he watched Trish sucking hard on Essa's
cock, faster and faster. Essa's body stiffened and Jerry watched Trish's
mouth and cheeks fill up with his cum.

"Oh look at her sucking that dick, you like that huh, look at Gangrel
fucking her pussy" said Lita. Essa climbed into the back seat in the very
back, and D'lo moved into the action.

"Here comes another dick for Trish," Lita whispered in Jerry's ear as she
stroked his cock slowly, almost knowing that he was going to cum at any
minute. Trish flipped over and started to suck on Gangrel's slippery cock
while D'lo pushed into her pussy. Almost instantly, Gangrel filled her mouth
with another load of cum, and again she swallowed it down.

"Oh look at how good she is at sucking cock," Lita said.

"Oh all that cum in her mouth, what a good little cocksucker," Lita said
while rubbing Jerry's balls in a circular motion.

"Oh your balls are so tight, do you want to cum?" said Lita.

"Oh yes," Jerry cried to her. Again, trying to keep from driving off the
road. Jerry watched as Trish reached into her bag, and pulled out some
Vaseline. She pulled D'lo's fat cock from her and sat up.

"D'lo, I want you to fuck me in the ass," Trish said.

"What?" Jerry cried.

"I can't even fuck you in the ass," Jerry said.

"Yes Jerry, but D'lo's cock is not as fat as yours, and I want to see if
I can do it" Trish reached into her day bag, and spread a towel out on the
seat. Gangrel and Essa had moved into the back seat, the very back of the
Suburban and were watching Trish spread Vaseline on D'lo's cock.

"OK D'lo, go slowly, I may never want to do this again. You're lucky,"
Trish said. Lita was looking into the back seat as D'lo sat there, his pole
all greased up and pointing into the air. Trish, was stretching her legs over
his body. D'lo was sitting in the middle of the second row, just one foot
from Jerry. Jerry could see Trish hovering over him, ducking down not to hit
her head on the roof, while positioning herself over him. She was going to do
it while she was on top, that way she could control the depth.

Lita leaned over and kissed Jerry's neck, and felt the head of his cock
for cum. Jerry looked into the adjusted mirror for the action and saw D'lo's
black cock throbbing below. Trish lowered herself to him. Her leg blocked
Jerry's view but he felt her hand on his seat.

"Oh oh oh oh," Trish said,

"You can do it, relax Trish," D'lo said "Oh ohhhhhhhh"

After about 4 minutes of that D'lo said: "Oh God you did it" Lita leaned
over and sucked Jerry's neck again. Jerry watched as Trish leaned back onto
D'lo, his balls and cock disappearing into her ass. Lita stroked Jerry's cock
faster and faster.

"Oh his cock is deep into her ass. Oh look at that," Lita said to Jerry.
Jerry looked into the mirror and watched as Trish teased her clit while
riding D'lo slowly up and down.

"Oh oh oh oh, I'm coming," Trish said. After her body stopped shaking, she
pulled D'lo out of her ass, and used her towel to clean his cock. She turned
and started to jack him off. Again Lita stroked Jerry's cock and told him
what his nasty little girl was doing behind him.

"Oh she has her mouth open over his cock. She is stroking it with one hand
and playing with his balls with the other. She is waiting for him to cum with
her mouth open, oh he is going to cum all over her face, she wants it too,"
Lita said.

Jerry heard D'lo moan and the familiar sound of a slippery cock being
stroked behind him.

"Oh she has cum all over her face," Lita said. That was all Jerry could
take, Lita looked at his cock and stared as he groaned and shot stream after
stream of cum into the air and onto Lita's waiting mouth.

The trip was over as the sluts were dropped off at the hotel.

Part 30

She stepped into the shower. As she stepped under the spray to rinse her
hair, she suddenly felt Steve Blackman's hands on her shoulders.

"Mmmm", she mumbled, and leaned back against his strong chest, as his
hands rubbed along her shoulders and down her arms. Trish could feel Steve's
hardness agains her buttocks, and wiggled against it playfully as his hands
roamed up her sides, finally encircling her and moving up to her breasts.
Blackman playfully tickled the edges and the undersides, but eventually his
fingers found their way to her nipples, which had gotten hard almost at his
first touch. Steve squeezed Trish's nipples as his lips found her neck, and
he nibbled his way up to her earlobe, biting it rather hard, and she jumped.

Trish turned around then, and their lips met. Steve pushed his tongue
inside her mouth, his arms encircling her, and she reached down to touch his
maleness. She took it in her hand, caressing it gently, rubbing the shaft and
moving a finger down to caress the his testicles. He arched his back, pushing
himself against her belly as his erection grew.

She knelt down and planted a kiss on the tip. He moaned, and ran his
fingers through her hair as the water of the shower rained down around her,
and she took his penis into her mouth. She could taste the saltiness of it,
and she ran her tongue around the head, feeling his flavor in the whole of
her mouth before she started to suck on him. Her right hand encircled his
shaft, and she began to rhythmically stroke him in time with the action of
her mouth.

Trish could feel his excitement grow, as the water ran down her face, and
she took more of him into her mouth. She moved her hand back to caress his
testicles and drew almost his complete shaft into her throat. She generated
as much suction as she could, and started to use her mouth to move him in and
out, taking his entire length into her throat on the deep stroke.
Rhythmically she stroked, faster and faster, and finally with a groan, he
reached orgasm. She took him out of her mouth then, and let the water of the
shower run across his penis to clean it.

Steve pulled Trish up from her knees and smiling, lifted her in his arms
and carried her from the shower. He took a large, fluffy bath towel and began
to dry her shoulders and worked down to her back, then putting his arms
around her to dry her breasts and stomach. Kneeling, he toweled off her legs
and feet, and as she stood ran a teasing finger up the inside of her leg,
almost to her sex. Trish trembled a little at the sensation, and even more as
his finger began to trace the inside of her thigh.

He moved his fingers up to gently brush the folds of skin around her
vulva, massaging and kneading the tender flesh, and sending shock waves
through her body with every motion. Her legs began trembling, and he pulled
her down next to him. Trish lay on her back. He knelt between her legs and
lightly licked the inside of her thigh.

"Ohhhhh" Trish moaned, and spread her legs more widely as he licked higher
onto her vulva, teasing it gently for a second before retreating and licking
at her other thigh. She reached her hands down to his hair, and gently
stroked his head and caressed the muscles of his neck as he blew gently on
her clit. He took it into his mouth and sucked on it gently, causing her to
gasp. Then he pulled back and began to use his tongue in earnest, sometimes
quickly, other times slower, moving it vertically or making slow, lazy
circles around her clit.

Blackman worked a quick finger inside of her and penetrated deeply, and
moved it in and out in the rhythm of his tongue moving against her clitoris.

"Oohhhhhh yessss steve" Trish moaned at the feelings he was inducing in
her body, and as they intensified she orgasmed, writhing, on the floor.

Steve looked up at Trish and smiled, and then crawled up her body to lie
on top of her. She put her arms around him and luxuriated in his maleness,
his smell and the texture of his body on top of her. Soon she could feel him
becoming hard again, and she parted her legs to let him enter. He slid in
smoothly, and they lay motionless for a moment, enjoying the sensation of her
vaginal walls around him. Eventually he started to thrust himself
rhythmically into her, moving his hips against hers, and she rose up to meet
him on each deep thrust.

Trish put her arms around his back, caressing his strong muscles and his
buttocks, pulling him even more deeply inside of her. His mouth found hers,
not gently, and they savagely kissed, his tongue forcing itself into her
mouth in time with his strokes. He groaned, and she could feel him starting
to spasm inside of her. The sensation brought her to her own orgasm, and they
came together, shuddering.

He stayed inside of her as they lay together in the afterglow, enjoying
the sensations of each others' body, their arms around each other, until,
smiling, she pushed him off of her, giving him one last kiss, to return to
the shower that he had so rudely interrupted... -- middle of the shower.

Part 31

"Wow.....umm, so what's the problem?" asked Crash.

"Come in," said Lita. Crash came in and sat down on the bed. Lita
unexpectedly served him some lemonade.

"It's hot in here," said Lita. She took off the straps of her bra and the
bra fell off. Crash gasped and dropped the drink. Lita slowly moved her hand
across Crash's thigh and then up to his rising cock. She looked at Crash and
he gave her the nod. She moved her head down and unzipped his jeans. Out
popped his cock. Lita looked at it surprised and started to suck slowly
around the edges.

Lita then began to suck his big rod. She deep throated his cock faster
and faster,almost choking on it,gasping for breath. Hardcore Holly searched
for Crash and heard where he was. The door opened and Hardcore walked into
the hotel room where Lita and had just given Crash a blowjob. The room in
which Lita had just tasted the salty creamy flavor of Crash's hot load of
cum as it went past her tongue as she sucked his cock. The load was more than
she had expected and some found its way out of her mouth at the corners of
her lips.

Hardcore didn't look very upset. Lita was startled and concerned about
the situation, but just remained quiet with her head resting on Crash's
chest that was still heaving from the immense climax he just had. As
Hardcore slowly closed the door the rooms appearance changed from what Lita
remembered when she had first arrived. The light flickered, not from lamps,
but from candles placed around the room. She had not looked at the room
carefully when she entered earlier, and noticed the items she now saw around
the room were not ones she had brought.

Lita also noticed Crash and Hardcore were not showing any apparent concern
with the fact that she and Crash had just made mouth love, a drop of Crash's
cum was still on her lip from sucking his cock as if there were no tomorrow.

Hardcore and Crash both started to move slowly to either side of the bed. Not
a word was said and as Lita started to ask what was going on, she saw them
both gently place their fingers over her mouth for silence. She was naked in
front of the Holly's. And neither one was upset.

Crash knelt down, reached out and took Lita's left arm gently pulling it
to the top of the bed. Hardcore did the same with the right. At the same time
they both produced a silken cord and gently but firmly tied her arms apart.
Again they placed their finger on her lips so as to prevent her from
speaking. Next they moved down Lita's body, touching and kissing along the
way. Not coming into contact with specific locations resulted in a palpable
tease that aroused all in the room.

Another silken cord was produced by both and Lita's ankles were also tied.
Crash was standing naked with an erection that stood straight from his body.
Hardcore started to undress and soon he was showing his arousal as well. They
walked to the top of the bed and both gently and longingly kissed Lita on
each side of her mouth before they placed the blindfold over her eyes. Unable
to see what was happening, Lita had to rely on her other senses to identify
her lovers. Remembering the taste and smell of Crash's hard cock and sweet
body made her snicker.

But then Lita heard a sound that was familiar to all: the sound of the
shower. She smelled the hot steam and, by listening she was able to tell they
had both taken the time to re-bathe. When they came out, they were using the
same cologne. She felt tension on the cord binding her arms and legs; she was
being pulled up off the bed and, surprisingly enough, it was not
uncomfortable to be in the air as she was. She then felt the hot breath of
two excited men on both sides of her buttocks. Their tongues were licking her
as if she were a mirror: as one licked the cheek and came closer to the
neither hole the other also did the same.

The Holly's appeared to have planned out every move as a pair of ice
skaters do. The movement and the timing of their hands gently tracing the
outer edges of Lita's heaving breasts and the licking of their tongues on
her inner thighs caused her to moan and pull towards them. They both licked
and sucked on the lips covering and protecting her clitoris. This in itself
was enough to make her want to scream out loud and wake all the visitors in
the hotel. The rhythm they had as they sucked her pussy had her pulse racing
and was bringing her to a climax. But as Lita edged closer to the brink they
both stopped licking and began to lightly blow on her clit.

It was almost disappointing: they had not allowed her to finish her
climax. But they both seemed to know exactly what they were doing. Lita felt
them move the cords and found herself on her side. Hardcore was using his
strong fingers to take some of the juices she had provided by her excitement
and gently lubricated her nether entrance. Lita had made love this way before
but knew it could be uncomfortable if not done patiently. Another hand began
to assist in the relaxing and lubricating of her near virginal muscles.

The extremely gentle treatment of her bottom made Lita squirm with
anticipation. She wondered who would take her from behind and who would watch
and how it would feel being so prepared to accept a hard burning cock. Her
moaning turned into request for more attention.

"Oh,please fuck my ass and my clit mothafuckas!!!!" Lita asked and begged.
As her request slipped out of her mouth, she felt two hands gently spread the
cheeks of her bottom apart. A hard flaming cock started the pleasurable
journey inside. Lita was greatly surprised to feel little, if any, of the
pains she had remembered. She felt only the fullness of her bowels as the
cock slowly reached its limit along with hair from around the base of the
cock and balls tickling the insides of her mounds.

Then Lita felt attention toward her wet dripping pussy. It was the hot wet
kiss and the tongue of Hardcore. Because of the excitement and team-work, she
was unable to figure out still which was which.

Crash stopped and changed position. She felt his cock placed at the entrance
of her canal. It was a hot wet tormented region anxiously awaiting the
forceful intrusion of a hard male cock. Toys would not fill this cavity
correctly; dildos, vibrators or anything else would not do the job a man's
cock would do.

With a cock in both of her lower entrances she felt them touch each other
through the thin walls of skin between her pussy and bowels. She had never
had such a feeling before. Her pussy gushed with juice as if a water hose had
been on inside.

The smell of sex was in the air. She could smell the aroma of the pussy
juice on the faces of both of her lovers. The smell of their sweat mixed with
hers as they all stroked their way to a climax the likes of which none had
ever experienced.

Lita thought to herself that the only way this could be any better would
be for her to be able to taste the cum in her mouth as all three climaxed
together. But that would not happen this time as both of their hard burning
cocks were violently pumping into their separates holes of enjoyment. Raising
her temperature to a boiling point, they did not appear to intend to stop.
Lita felt her entrances both to be filled and stretched to a limit as never
before. Her body was out of control trying to keep the pace and timing as
they all reached the top.

As they all started to loose control and as she began to feel the blasting
hot loads of cum filling her every inner crevice, she began to shake her head
and lick her lips. She found that drop of cum from Crash's cock and, having
the taste of cum in her mouth and the feeling of cum filling her body, she
also began to climax. Her climax caused her leg and body to vibrate
uncontrollably. Her head thrashed about as never before and her heart pounded
as if it were going to burst from her chest.

"Ohhhhhhhhuhhhhhhhhh!!!!YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!" Lita screamed at the top of her
voice and caused the windows to vibrate in their frames as she passed out.
Lita awoke and sat up, confused. She looked around at the hotel room and the
coffee table that was knocked over. She felt then the wetness between her
thighs and the tenderness all over her body. It was afternoon and the room
was brightly lit. As she tried to get up she found her legs were very weak
and that she had to hold the chair to stand.

Lita was still tied up to the bed and the Holly's left. She screamed, but
no one would listen. She decided she would have to wait for Trish.

Part 32

"Open it!!" yelled Lita. In came Billy Gunn.

" I interrupting something?" said Billy curiously. He instantly
got a boner when he saw Lita with her legs spread and tied up.

"No, no, come and untie me please" said Lita. Billy agreed and went over
to untie Lita. He looked at her body that was fucked just a couple of minutes
ago. He wondered what she felt like. He soon moved back.

"What are you doing?" asked Lita. Billy unzipped his pants and out flung
his long cock that instantly got hard when he came into the room. He saw the
reaction on Lita's face. She didn't want this, she wanted to be untied and
get dress to go with her friend Trish. Billy was hard as hell. He started to
feel on Lita's naked body. He started to caress her tits as she moved back.

"Please don't!" begged Lita. But Billy ignored, hypnotized by her Latin
body. He then started to kiss her arms and legs. She moved her hips with her
clit mudscles to direct his attention to her soft moist slit. She didn't mean
it, but she couldn't control him so she thought she would give him her hot
body. Billy then moved his face down to her clit. She slowly moved her thighs
apart and let him enter his hurricane tongue inside her moist clit.

"Ohhhh!" Lita moaned softly as Billy entered her. He moved his tongue
aroung her uterus, licking her juices up. Lita tried not to show any emotion
but she continued bucking her hips. She wanted to help him inside her with
her hands but she was tied to the bed. She moved her legs left and right
while he moved his tongue around inside her. She wanted more and she screamed
for more. Billy gave her more, he stuck his pinky finger inside her clit. She
begged for more and more so he inserted his index finger, then middle, then
thumb. Lita was being invaded with Billy's fingers.

All of a sudden, Trish came inside the door. But not alone,she wanted more
dick to come home to,so she brought one of the talented black cock's. She
brought K-Kwik with her. They saw Billy invading Lita. Trish didn't hesitate
and started to remove her clothes, Kwik did the same. Now everybody was naked.
Trish lay on her back,that's when she noticed her friend was tied to the bed.
She removed the restraints from Lita's wrist which was now sore. Lita tried
to help Billy,but her wrist was too sore.

Kwik started to eat Trish like Billy did Lita. He stuck his black
hurricane tongue inside her clit. He wasn't a pussy eating pro,so he took
out his cock after 2 minutes of tasting her blonde-haired clit. She got on
the edge of thew bed while he stood up. She slowly jerked his cock in her
face. She then inserted it inside her small mouth. It was a big cock for her.
She now knew that black dicks were way bigger than white dicks. She now
bobbed her head like she would for apples. She gave Kwik the oral pleasure
of his life. Her dirty blonde hair moved in front of her face, she was
sweating so it dripped on his black juicy cock.

Billy kept fucking Lita with his fibgers and tongue. She couldn't take him
anymore and exploded in his face. She was excited and wanted more inside of
her. Trish stopped sucking on Kwik's cock as he felt he was gonna explode.
Trish realized she had a strap-on so she got it out of her bag. Billy didn't
like gettting his cock sucked so they skiped that part of the plan. Lita then
received the strap-on from Trish.

"I want you and you inside of me now" said Trish. Billy lay on his back as
Trish sat on top of him. Lita came up from behind and stuck her fake cock
inside Trish's tight butthole. Billy stuck his real cock inside Trish's
smooth wet pussy. She moaned low as she was getting double penetrated by a
fake cock and real one. Kwik came behind Lita and stuck his black cock inside
her hot latin ass. Now both ladies were being satisfied . The men started to
pound Trish and Lita. A black cock was stuck inside Lita's ass.

"OHHHHHH FUCK ME SLUT!!!!" screamed Trish at Lita to pound her ass. Lita
began slowly. As Kwik pounded her hot ass faster,Lita smashed Trish's ass
faster and faster. Trish's ass was becoming looser and looser. She was being
violated and like it. Lita fucked her tight ass harder and harder. Trish rode
Billy's cock faster and faster. Billy couldn't take it anymore and blew his
warm load inside Trish's wet slit.

Kwik was becoming looser and looser. He began to lose conscience as he
blew his load in Lita's tight ass. Luckily both ladies took their pills as
they knew they were gonna get pounded out later,and they did. Trish couldn't
take the fake cock inside her ass,she began to loosen her muscles and release
her juices onto Billy's stomach.

The divas knew they were almost done with the whole roster and escorted
Billy and Kwik out the room as they planned the final days ahead. The ladies
took a shower together as they wondered how they would get three of the
biggest stars in wrestling to pound them out so they can keep their jobs.
Triple H,Austin and the Rock. They were all married to great women that
wouldn't tolerate their husbands fucking two of the nastiest sluts in the
WWF. But they knew Stephanie and Debra from past experience so they knew they
would get Austin and Hunter without no problem. But what about the invisible

Part 33

Trish and Lita were told they wouldn't be able to come into his room.
So they decided to steal a couple of nurses suits. It was very tight to
both ladies,a white skirt with cleavage filled holes for Trish's humongous
breasts. Lita's skinny legs couldn't fit right so she decided to take the
pants. They were instantly noticed,but as nurses. Every single person
noticed the cleavage of Trish and Lita's red hair. They saw them make their
way towards Hunter's room.

Outside his room was a sign that said do not disturb. They heard voices
coming out of the room that sounded like someone moaning. The ladies were
not patient so they busted in as nurses would. Inside the room they saw a
skirt just like Trish's, next to the skirt lay some high heels with a bra
and a shirt just like Trish's. The ladies looked up and they saw it, Hunter
getting fucked by his cute-looking nurse. They were wet instantly, but they
didn't want that nurse in the room with them. Triple H finally saw the
ladies staring at him.

He threw the nurse off him. Her naked body on the floor as Trish and
Lita scared her out of the room. But right after she put her clothes back
on. Hunter's hard erection went down after a couple of minutes while the
ladies looked at it. Trish stood on the left side of his bed as Lita stood
on the opposite side. Hunter was naked under the thin sheets that his whore
nurse provided for him.

"What did you do that for, Steph is gonna be mad when I tell her this,"
said Trish.

"Please no!! Don't tell her, please!!!" begged Hunter "I'll do anything,
anything!!!" he looked into the nurses seductive eyes.

"Anything?" said Trish. She put her index finger in her mouth and sucked
on it till it came out her mouth. Triple H knew she was sending him a sexual
message. Trish leaned over the bed showing her cleavage. Lita leaned over
too,showing less cleavage as she could,but Hunter could see her thong coming
out from behind,it matched well just with her pants, a white thong.

"What should we do?" whispered Trish into Lita's ears softly.

"Let's give him an ultimatum,we'll do anything or we tell Stephanie what
he did" said Trish. So they backed up and Trish motioned to Lita. She took
off her pants to show her white thong. Triple H looked very surprise as he
saw that nice round tight ass. Hunter got hard rapidly and really wanted to
fuck her ass.

"We have an ultimatum,we'll do anything we want to you,and you'll let us
do it or we will tell Steph what you did...sound good" said Trish.

"Sounds great!!" said Hunter. Trish was wet and swiftly took her panties
off from under her skirt. Hunter got even harder and pre-cummed. Trish saw
the boner Hunter got from under the thin sheets and knew he wanted to be
inside both ladies. The ladies wanted to tease him first. So they slowly
stripped for him. Lita took off her shirt, bra. She stuck her ass out in
front of Hunter and he sumissioned and went on a rampage, started to spank
her ass.

"Stop it!!" screamed Trish. Lita liked it and she warned off Trish. Lita
had a nice sturdy hand on her ass that went back and forth,hitting her ass
till it turned purple and then blue. Her ass was sore,she fell on the floor
and nursed her sore ass. Lita could barely sit on her ass. Trish was naked
when Triple H was finished,she stripped from everythig except for her
stethascope and high heeled shoes.

"I need to take you're temperature" said Trish subdued. She pulled her
hand back and forth up his naked thighs and took off the sheets revealing
his big boner. She took the stethascope and put it towards his hard cock.
She felt and heard the pulsating beat. She now went to the front of the
bed,got up on bed and put the stethascope to his penis once again. Trish
wrapped her hands around his pulsating cock tissue.

"Trish suck me now baby" said Hunter. Trish teased him more,she took off
her scope and brushed her hair back. She then masked his cock with her lips
and swallowed his manhood. Trish was visibly wet and very horny, she was with
one of the biggest heels in wrestling. She bobbed her head up and down on his
cock. His cock was wet with her saliva. Trish wrapped her lips around his
hairy,sweaty balls and sucked on each of them.

He felt he was gonna explode,but he knew he could hold it,he held out with
Steph's tight clit,so he could hold out with Trish's thin lips. She sucked
dick like she was starving for it,bobbing her head for both of his apples.
Lita's ass was still sore,but she got up and went onto the bed. But she went
on the opposite side of Trish and sat her clit on Hunter's face. She leaned
over and assisted Trish in sucking Hunter's balls. She wrapped her latin lips
around his cock as Trish sucked his balls.

The room fell silent. All you could hear was the sucking sounds on
Hunter's balls. The door opened and in came the wife of Triple H, Stephanie
McMahon-Helmsley. Nobody saw her as she put the do not disturb sign on the
door and walked over to Hunter's side of the bed. Then they saw her, but
didn't want to stop,so they kept sucking Hunter off. Steph raised her hand as
to smack Triple H in the face,but she re-directed to Lita's sore ass and
started to spank it.

...this....slut!!!!" said Steph with every spanking she gave Lita. Lita's
clit was getting beaten badly and she wanted to give up,but all of a sudden,
in came Ivory. They hadn't seen her in a long time. Steph stopped spanking
Lita and supported the ladies in sucking Hunter's cock. Steph pushed Lita's
mouth aside and started to suck him off rapidly.Ivory started to spank Trish
vastly and really hard. Hunter was gonna explode. He pushed all three ladies
off his cock and told Trish to get on his cock and ride. Lita's pussy was
still in his face.

"Ohhhhhh eat my clit!!" moaned Lita. He forced his tongue inside her clit
and made her wet herself,her juices was about to flow out of him. Steph
wanted payback. She took off her leather pants,her blouse and her dirty
underwear, she came up behind Lita and put her strap-on cock on. She slowly
pentrated Lita's tight ass. Lita was feeling great. Ivory helped Lita to take
on Steph, so as Steph fucked Lita, Ivory spanked Steph's tight butt.

"Ohhhhhh yessssss......ride meeeeee!!!!" yelled Hunter. Trish rode him
like she was at a rodeo. Steph fucked Lita's tight ass while her husband went
on a rampage on Lita's clit that tasted like salsa. Lita's was gonna explode,
as was Trish,Steph and Hunter. Steph came first as Ivory spanked her ass, it
was very sore,she came on her husbands face and fell back,luckily Ivory
caught her. Ivor looked at Steph's body and wanted Steph to fuck her ass like
Lita's. Steph didn't dissapoint and riped off those stupid RTC clothes. Ivory
wad totally naked and wet as a matter of fact.

"Ohhhhhhhh yessssssss" moaned Trish as she came on Hunter's bulging cock.
She kept riding him though as he was gonna explode. Lita couldn't take
Hunter's tongue anymore and detonated on his face like his wife Stephanie

"Ohhhhhh yesssss it's cumming!!!!" screamed Lita. Steph was still breaking
Ivory's back. She tore her basck up and fucked Ivory faster and harder with
that look on her face. Ivory couldn't take the beating anymore and came on
herself and Steph'd dildo. Hunter was ready to come,but not before Trish gave
him a couple more ride's.

"I'M CUMMMMMMINGGGG!!!!" screamed Hunter. Every lady got up and went
towards his cock,Trish got off him. They spat on it and helped him jerk it
off, they licked his balls. But he started to squirt on Trish's face, Lita's
eyes,Steph's tits and and Ivory's mouth. All the ladies were satisfied and
Triple H was definetly satisfied. They swallowed his load and kissed each
other like they did before.

"We gotta go,but nice meeting you" said Trish.

"Listen,no hard feelings about fucking my husband" said Stephanie to
Trish. Trish winked as all three ladies put their nurse clothes.

"Ladies,thanks for visiting. That was the best get well present I've had
so far" said Hunter.

"You gonna have you're best tonight if you shut up asshole,i told you not
to cheat on me!!!" said Steph as she sucked on her tits. Trish wrapped her
arms around Stephanie before she lef t and told her that it was almost over.

"By the way,my father wants to see you in Connecticut" said Steph. The
three ladies left as Steph tried to clean up the room. She couldn't do it,
so she called the nurse into the room. It was the same nurse that was about
to fuck Hunter before. Hunter knew he was gonna get more pussy tonight. So
the nurse helped Steph clean up the cum filled bed sheets. Steph started to
feel up on the nurse but the nurse left before she could do anything.

"Its time for make-up sex bitch..but not now,later" said Stephanie.
Hunter was excited and Steph left the room. She followed The ladies to her
father's office in Connecticut. The ladies wondered what Vince wanted as
they boarded the limo to the airport on the private plane. They made it to
the office's.

Part 34

"Come in," said Vince. He got up from his desk as soon as he saw the
divas and hugged them.

"You wanted to see us?" said Trish.

"Uh, yeah. But alone," said Vince. He looked behind the ladies and saw
his little girl Steph.

"Steph, I don't want you to be involved in this, so it would be nice of
you to leave," said Vince nicely.

"I know what you're doing, and I think it's great daddy that you're
giving them some TV time," said Steph. She hugged her father and left with
that dirty look on her face.

"Well, now that that's done, let's get down to business shall we," said

"Oh, we shall big daddy," said Trish. She ran her finger up and down his
armani suit. Vince got a nice rise out of her nicely pedicured finger. Soon
she landed on his genitalia area. She squeezed it and Vince loved it. Ivory
came over to him and started to kiss him, as did Lita. Just before they were
gonna get on their knees, in comes Stone Cold Steve Austin.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" said Austin angrily. He hugged
Vince and grabbed his ass. Vince looked at him weirdly.

"I need to have a talk with these ladies," said Austin, "Alone!" Vince
left his own office and put his ear to the door. But he soon left. Stone
Cold talked a heavy load onto the ladies. They sat down as he explained what
Vince is to him.

"He's my man," said Austin, "He helped me win this belt and I love that
man....and you're not gonna take him away from me," said Austin. He went on
a rampage and stripped the ladies clothes off. They were all naked except
for thongs and bra's. Austin gazed at Trish's voluptuous body and Lita's
latin tight ass. He stared at Ivory's nice sized tits.

"Now I know what Vince see's in ya think ole Stone Cold
Steve Austin doesn't know what you're doing well unh unh, it just ain't that
way," said Austin, "I know you've been going around fucking every WWF
superstar to keep you're jobs cause Vince told me...he said you're nothing
but whores and deserve to be fucked in every way possible"

Steve wanted to show the girls what would happen if they messed with his
man Vince. He took Trish out of her chair and started to grope her. Trish
loved it, she laughed. Austin was mad she wasn't resisting, so he started to
spank her ass, but right before he ripped her panties off. He put Trish over
his knee and started spanking her tight butt. Trish loved it and begged
Austin to stop.

"Yeah, you want me to stop,if you want me to stop scream my name," said

Ivory and Lita were wet. They started to pinch their nipples and
masturbate. They were feeling great. So was Trish,though she didn't show it.
Austin took his belt and really started to spank her.

"STEVE!!!!!!!STEVE!!!!STEVE!!!" cried out Trish. Trish was feeling he
orgasm build up. He spanked her ass even harder. Lita and Ivory couldn't take
the teasing anymore,they helped Austin spank Trish's ass. Trish's ass was
sore and red ass hell. Her mouth was watering,she wanted something in her
mouth. Austin stopped spanking as did Lita and Ivory. She was sore. So Austin
whipped out his dick from his spandex wrestling attire and was really hard.

He was even harder than he usually was with his wife. He was highly
aroused by the spanking he gave Trish and wanted his cock to be spanked. The
ladies gave it back to him and slowly sucked on every inch of his genitalia.
Trish started to swallow his huge cock,Lita swallowed one of his balls as he
leaned against Vince's desk. Ivory swallowed Austin's other ball.

As they sucked on his testes,he grabbed Trish by the back of her head and
forced her onto his bulging cock that was just about to explode,Trish's mouth
was sticky with pre-cum and her own spit. She loved giving blow job's
especially to the biggest star's in wwf right before a match. She bobbed her
head faster and faster. The ladies now switched,Lita switched with Trish. She
wrapped her latin lips around his cock and started bobbing and weaving on his
pubic hair in her face.

"Ohhhhhhh Amy!!!!" moaned Austin. Trish loved sucking on the balls, as
did Ivory, but she wanted a piece of his cock. So they switched again, Lita
switched with Ivory. Ivory started to suck and sucked faster than the other
ladies. She sucked like he was a pro. But she was interrupted as Austin's
wife Debra came in. She wad not mad,as a matter of fact she loved seeing her
husband pleasured.

"Ohhh Steve, why didn't you invite me," Debra said retardidly. She looked
confused. But she knew what Austin loved. She went in her bag and took out a
strap-on cock. She took off her short skirt and undergarments. Austin gazed
at the strap-on and pushed Ivory off his cock. He was ready for it. Trish got
on all fours and started to wiggle her ass.

"Come and get it, Steve," said Debra. She was fully naked. She took her
dildo and went over to her husband. Steve jerked his cock dry from his
pre-cum and started to penetrate Trish's clit. Lita went and sat on Trish's
back facing Austin,Ivory went under Trish in a 69 position. All five people
were in position for a great orgy. Austin started to fuck Trish's behind as
Ivory started to eat her pussy. Trish ate Ivory's pussy. Lita went over to
Debra and went behind her,she rubbed Debra's huge puppies and they started to
tongue kiss each other.

"Ohhhh fuck me Debbie," moaned Austin. Debra started to fuck her husband
just like he liked it. She started to pound his ass out like he was pounding
out Trish. She loved fucking her husband,she was the man of the house. She
pounded faster and faster and Austin loved every minute and inch of that fake
dick inside him. Trish loved Austin's cock as well. Her ass was being
pounded. Austin's wet balls bounced against her clitoris as she moaned in

"Ohhhhhhh yessss Steve.....Ivory!!!!" screamed Trish. She then started to
muff Ivory. She felt Ivory was about to release her orgasm. Ivory felt Trish
too. Lita started to bite on Debra's nipples and big breasts. Austin's ass
was red. His wife was breaking his back and he loved it. Trish's ass was sore
from the spanking but she took it. Austin started to spank her with every
pound he gave to her. His balls pounding against Ivory's mouth and Trish's

"OHHHHHHHHYESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!" screamed Trish as she came on Austin and
Ivory. She released her juices. Austin was gonna explode that was it. His
wife was fucking him,Ivory was sucking him and he was pounding Trish's ass.
Soon Ivory squirted into Trish's soft face and Trish swallowed it down.

"I'M CUMMMMMMING!!!!!!!" screamed Austin. He took his cock out but Debra
was still inside him. He jerked and jerked until he came on Trish's backside.
Ivory and Lita starved for cum and shared it with each other as they licked
Trish's backside.

"," moaned Austin. Debra fucked his ass
harder,Trish,Lita and Ivory helped Debra and started to finger pop Austin's
ass. They were protruding his ass and he loved it,but it was time to stop as
his man Vince came in and scared them away. Vince took the strap-on and Debra
off him. The divas left and did their damage,but Vince wanted payback.

"Those sluts!!!!!! They're gonna get it when I see them again......and I
will..see them again," said Vince. He picked up Austin and helped him get
dressed as his wife ran out.

Now the easy part was over for the three divas. They fucked every single
star in the WWF. Except for The Rock. How were they gonna get ahold of him.
They wondered as they walked down the hallway and out of the WWF offices.

Part 35

"Come in," said Vince. The divas came in to see the whole McMahon family.
Linda,Stephanie, and Shane stood behind their father's desk waitin for him to
say something.

"Come in and sit down," said Vince. They sat down at the two chairs where
they first had sex. Lita remembered her first lesbian experience. Lita looked
at Trish and they smiled. Trish remembered getting her clit eaten by Lita
while getting her ass fucked.

"Congratulations ladies!!!you've finished you're job!!" said Vince "you
have successfully fucked every superstar in the wwf,including three WCW
stars... now we will celebrate."

"Mr. McMahon, wait," said Lita.

"What is it Amy?" replied Vince.

"Well... we sorta didn't finish," said Lita "we haven't fucked the Rock."

"Well we gotta get him before the party," said Vince.

"P-party? Nobody told me about a party," said Lita. As soon as she
finished saying that Stephanie leaned over to whisper in her father's ears.
Lita looked at Steph's hard nipples and loose tits. She could see Steph had
no bra on and was getting wet herself. Lita elbowed Trish to look and she
did, she also got wet but didn't want to show it.

She finished whispering to her father in the ear and walked from behind
the desk and revealed what she was wearing. Purple backless top with tight
black leather pants. You could hear the leather swish and see her hard
nipples come out from her top as she walked from behind the desk to come
behind Lita and start to massage her.

"Amy, Amy, Amy... I've been in you're position and i know how hard Dwayne
is to get but once you get him and all the wwf superstars, you have respect
and a party!!" said Steph as she rubbed Lita's strong shoulders.

"She has been through it and she has done it," said Shane. Linda couldn't
take it anymore and slapped her husband. She left in disgust as Steph
continued rubbing Lita's arms.

"Amy, Trish... we gotta have help to lay Dwayne," said Steph. She stopped
rubbing Lita's shoulders and sat on the edge of her father's desk. "And i
know just who to get help from."

"Daddy, is the limo outside?" said Steph.

"Yes baby, what for?" said Vince.

"Is the private plane ready?" said Steph.

"Yes, but why you wanna know?" said Vince curiously.

"For help," said Stephanie "you and Shane just have Dwayne back here by
the time we come back and have a party setup... You two,come with me."
Stephanie left the room with the divas out to the limo and then on their
way to the private plane.

"What's she gonna do?" said Shane.

"Something great, something unexpected... she's been here before and she
knows what to do," said Vince. Soon Howard Finkel came to the office.

"Hey Howard, I want you to have this office setup as a party when we come
back," said Vince "Shane let's go."

"Where we going?" asked Shane.

"We're going to the set of...THE SCORPION KING!!!!!!" said Vince. They
both left as Howard had some help setting up the office as a party
atmosphere. The three divas made their way to the Philips Arena in Georgia.
They then made their way to the women's lockeroom.

"Listen up ladies!!!" yelled out Stephanie. The women came out of the
shower in their towels. "These ladies need help... and what do we do when
others divas need help?"

"Help them," said everyone monotonously. "That's right. So they need help
getting Dwayne laid, so whoevers with me get dressed and get on the plane,"
ordered Steph. Fearing they would get fired,the divas came. Debra came out
first wearing a red skirt suit. Terri, a flashy pink miniskirt with a white
t-shirt that said playboy on it.

Ivory, tight blue jeans and white t-shirt. Ms. Hancock,her usual high,
short, short skirt showing off her beautiful long legs. Torrie Wilson went
almost with nothing wearing tight blue jean shorts and a bikini top. Molly
Holly wore her wrestling attire, blue overalls. Tori came out wearing a wet
t-shirt with nothing else. Jacqueline just wore nothing.

"Where's Chyna?" said Steph.

"Didn't you hear? She got fired," said Debra.

"Well, we have to get her," said Steph. She knew Chyna's number and
started to dial her number when Chyna walked in the lockeroom.

"Don't mind me I'm just getting my stuff," said Chyna.

"Joanie,thank god you're here," said Steph "we need you to come with us to
lay Dwayne."

"Steph, I don't know" said Chyna.

"Come on, I'll ask my father to negotiate another contract for you,"
begged Steph.

"Okay, I'll do it," said Chyna. The divas left now on their airplane. They
made it back to the Connecticut offices in no time. Making their way towards
the McMahon office. They didn't need to knock that Finkel opened the door for
them. Trish flashed her tits to Finkel to get him to leave and he left

"Where's Dwayne?" asked Stephanie to her father.

"Oh, he'll be here any minute so I need you to strip down to you're
lingerie," said Vince.

"What about me daddy?" asked Steph as all the divas stripped bare naked
except for thongs and bras, Tori, Debra and Chyna weren't wearing any
undergarments so they striped bare showing their hard nipples.

"You my darling," said Vince "can strip bare anytime you want" Steph's
nipples got harder than ever. The room was cold and everyone saw their
nipples turn hard. Shane and Vince were hard as well. But they didn't take
their clothes off. Steph stripped naked since she had no bra or panties on.

"Make yourself comfortable, we have food,toys (I brung that myself),
drinks everything, we have cake and ice cream," said Vince. The divas started
to eat and wait for Rock but he wasn't coming. They waited for hours into the

"I didn't come here to waste time," said Ms. Hancock. She got naked and
went over to get some ice cream(cookies n' cream). She started to pour some
on herself and rubbed it all down. Torrie was getting hard again. She wanted
to establish WCW so she took off her remaining lingerie and went over to
Stacy and grabbed the chocolate syrup. She poured it all over herself and
then some on Stacy. They whisered in each others ears and started to walk
over to Lita and Trish.

"Hey, wanna celebrate?" said Stacy to Trish. Stacy started to dance for
Trish. Trish got excited from Stacy's chocolate syrup covered ass in her face
and grabbed it. She licked the entire syrup off Stacy's ass and wanted some
more. Stephanie was already naked and moved over to get some honey. She was
raw,very raw and sat her raw pussy onto her Chyna's naked lap. Chyna started
to rub down little Stephanie with honey poured all on her.

Steph licked the remaining honey off Chyna's breasts and then got on her
knees as Chyna spread her legs against the cold steel chair. Tori had nothing
on and joined her friend Steph eating Chyna's clit. She poured more honey
onto Chyna's clit. Licking it good, Steph mushed her face all inside Chyna.
Terri got naked and helped Shane strip down bare naked,Molly and Ivory joined
them also. Debra and Jacqueline went to the boss Vince and stripped him bare
wanting his cock inside their mouths. Debra stripped down herself.

Jacqueline was the first to wrap her blackaliscious lips around Vince and
sucked him off fast. She sucked his old wrinkly dick dry until Debra spit on
it and started to suck him off. Jackie sucked on his old hairy balls until he
told them he was finna cum. Molly pushed Shane back on his steel chair and
started to suck fast as Terri pushed her clit into his face forcing him to
suck on it. Ivory wrapped her lips around his balls. She loved his balls
greatly and sucked them both. She forced both testes into her mouth, leaving
saliva on it. She and Molly switched places.

Terri was the first to relieve herself as she came on Shane's face. He
flicked her hairy clit good as she rubbed her nice round melons. Trish
flicked Stacy's clit good forcing Stacy to grab her tits and release her
juices into Trish's mouth. It tasted sweet in Trish's mouth. Lita was getting
tasted by Torrie. She poured some lemon juice onto Lita's pussy. Torrie loved
the Bitter taste of Lita's clit and ate faster. Lita sprayed her lemon juices
soon on Torrie's beautiful face.

"Ohhhhhhh yesssssss," Chyna finally came into Steph's mouth.

"Yessss Joanie!!!" Tori came also as Chyna munched on her cute wet slit.
Just like that,everyone that was getting sucked on came except Shane and
Vince. They wanted to fuck the ladies since Rock wasn't there. But everything
soon changed as the Rock busted into the office.

"Did I come late?" said Rocky.

"Finally, the Rock has come back to fuck us," said Trish seductively. Her
and Lita got up and rubbed their naked bodies against him. He slowly grabbed
their ass and started to kiss them. Stephanie came over to help them. All the
women in the room wanted to fuck him but he had his mind on the three most
beautiful ladies in the room. They all stood naked around the Rock leaving
Shane and Vince their chairs jerking.

"Relax ladies,you'll all get laid from me today" said Rock "from now on
go to Vince and Shane the rest of you. Rock didn't want to sit down. So he
forced the three ladies on their knees and whipped his hard cock out of his
expensive pants. He took his $100 shirt off and showed his bare chest. Lita,
Trish and Steph started to suck him off. Trish wrapped her wet lips around
his juicy cock and sucked on it. Steph and Lita sucked his balls. They really
laid it on Rock,giving him his greatest blowjob.

Tori, Debra, Chyna and Ivory surrounded Vince and rubbed his knees. Tori
then sat on his cock and began to ride him. She loved that old wrinkled cock
inside her ass. Molly, Stacy,Torrie and Jackie surrounded Shane. Stacy loved
being fucked by sons,she loved David and now she will love Shane. She sat her
long legs on his lap spreading them and his cock went smoothly through her
pussy lips into her uterus. Rock then told Trish to get off his dick and give
it to Lita.

Lita started to burst his cock, sucking with her latin lips. Rock was
exploding but told Lita to get off and give it to Steph. The white trash,
dirty panty, raw pussy eating slut gave Rock that look and started to twist
his big black cock into her mouth. She used both her hands to jerk him into
her mouth. She got the cock to bust in her dirty mouth and all over her face.
Rock looked like he was getting beat the hell out of him by another wrestler,
struggling to hold it in but to no avail.

"Ohhhh you slut!!" moaned Rocky. But he wanted to stay in for another
round. Stacy kept riding Shane's big cock until he wanted Torrie's on him.
She sat on his cock which was about to explode as she jumped up and down.
Tori got off Vince's cock and gave Chyna a chance to ride him. She really
rode him. She held his fake muscles as she rode faster and faster causing
him to explode inside her.

Stacy went over to Steph and kissed her cum filled face. She wanted her
hole filled and got on all fours with her ass in the air. Rock got on his
knees and started to puncture her tight ass whih was previously fucked by
Shane. Sweat was glistening from his forehead and running onto her ass.
He fucked her hard and harder. But didn't want to cum so after 5 minutes
he took his cock out and called Lita over. She laid on her back waiting
for her big lover inside her. He jumped on her clit and helped spread her

He fucked her a new clit with his fat cock inside her. He felt she didn't
want it no more and called the slut Stephanie over. She wanted it bad. Shane
couldn't last any longer and stopped fucking Torrie before he came. Vince
came already but his little girl called him over so he responded and helped
Rock. She sat on her brothers cock and loved it. Her father shoved his cock
inside her ass with the Rock. She was double penetrated.

"Ohhhhh Shane....Rocky!!!FUCK ME!!!" Getting her ass reamed she screamed
but her father stuffed her trailor trash mouth as all the ladies looked on
masturbating theirselves. Rock felt his cock rub against Vince but he loved
his daughters spunk and kept banging her ass. But he forgot all about Trish.
He took his cock out leaving Stephanie with her family. A special guest came
inside the room. HBK!!!!!!!

"Hello, ladies don't fall in love with me cause I'll break you're heart.
Stacy quickly ran over to him and started to remove his clothes. She got on
her knees. Torrie helped her sucking him desperatly for his cock. They
gobbled him up within minutes as he almost burst onto their faces. He didn't
want to fuck Stacy and Torrie. He called Molly over and turned her around.
He slowly penetrated her big butt pounding faster and faster ignoring her
moans and screams for help.

Jackie came over and wanted some herself. HBK pushed Molly's beautiful
ass off and Jackie got on her knees and palms with her ass in the air. Rock
was pounding out Trish,she loved his thick,fat cock inside her anus. Three
women were getting it doggy-style. Steph exploded onto her brother and
father. Vince couldn't hold it anymore and took his cock out busting on his
daughters nice ass. Shane also came but inside her,luckily she took her
pills. Rock kept fucking Trish until HBK finished off Jackie and came over.

"Hey man, this is mine," said Rock. HBK looked at the suspects that were
left that hadn't been fucked. Ivory and Debra. So he called them both over.
He wanted the ugly one first so he laid Ivory with her legs spread out and
entered her unusually huge clit. She moaned as he fucked her clit slowly.
Steph didn't have enough so she started to kiss Trish as she got fucked by
Rock. HBK couldn't hold it so he finished off Ivory. He held his orgasm for
Debra, the last one.

She instanlty pushed him to the floor. His cock erect in the air. She sat
on it and rode it severly. HBK couldn't hold it from his previous fuck with
Ivory and exploded after one minute. He was now known as the one minute man.
Rock, Trish and Steph were the last non-exhausted people left. Rock pounded
her harder and harder,he couldn't cum. Steph came over and started to feel
his chest. She then went to were both organs were together.

Licking both organs as the Rock fucked harder. Trish was sweating and it
showed on her hair which was all over the place full of sweat. Steph's hair
was full of dry cum. Vince had deliberatly turned the room temperature up.
Rock felt it,it was cumming faster, faster he took his cock out and exploded
onto Trish's ass and Steph's face once again.

The huge orgy was done. Everyone exhausted from sucking, fucking, getting
fucked. Remains of orgasms left on the carpet from the room and on the
chairs. Everyone laid exhausted as the Rock had to leave for Scorpion King.

"Bye Rocky!!" yelled the ladies. HBK left cause he wasn't exactly invited,
he broke the ladies hearts. Everyone went to take a shower.

"Congratulations ladies!" said Vince "you will get you're push starting
next week."

"Thanks Vince," said both ladies. The McMahon family were the only ones
left as Trish and Lita left.

"That was great," said Steph.

"Sure was," agreed Shane.

"I wonder who will do it next?" said Vince.

"I have something to say," said Steph "don't be mad daddy."

"What is it baby?" said Vince.

"I think I'm pregnant" said Steph. Vince and Shane glared at their slut
sister in disgrace.


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