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Ain't Nothing Finer Than Scott Steiner!!!
by Mik

It was the night of December 2nd 2002. Raw was being held in Austin, Texas.
Scott Steiner who had recently signed with the WWE was hoping to pen a deal
with Raw GM Eric Bischoff to appear on his show. However, a plan was about
to come to life. Smackdown GM Stephanie McMahon jumps out of a limo and
walks up to Steiner and pleads with him to join her brand. Steiner seemed

"I don't know Steph, your brand is very impressive, like you, but on Raw I
have business to attend to in Chris Jericho and that bastard boyfriend of
your's Triple H."

Stephanie replied "Well Scott, you sign with me and I swear to you right now
that me and you will get Raw."

Stephanie at this point returned to the limo as Steiner entered the arena
with a weird look on his face.

****Later On****

Raw had been a decent show so far and was made better when Steiner hit the
ring and threw Stevie Richards about like he was a baseball. Steiner left
Richards in the ring and left to the backstage area were he was approached
by Bischoff.

"Steiner, Steiner that was very impressive my friend, I think it's time me
and you discussed this contract."

As Steiner was about to answer, a limo pulled up and out came Stephanie
McMahon with a leather jacket, black top and blue skirt.

"I'm sorry Eric but I think there is a change of plan, you see I can offer
Steiner the one thing you can't so if you wouldn't mind Scott, could you
please get in the car," Steph said.

Steiner took up the offer and got into the limo. Stephanie got in to and told
Bischoff that if he wanted to see the Genetic Freak he would have to watch

Bischoff looked on stunned as the limo drove away.

In the limo Steiner looked at Steph and said, "I hope I've made the right
move here Steph, I better enjoy my time on the Smackdown Brand."

Steph replied, "Oh you will, starting right now."

At that point Steph dived on Steiner and they embraced in a passionate kiss.
Steph rubbed her hands all over Steiner's body while they make out.

Steiner turns Steph over and takes off her leather jacket and top to reveal
her massive tits. He takes one in his mouth and sucks on it making Steph's
nipple red. Steph begins to moan at this and gets a little wet.

Steiner removes Steph's skirt to reveal a blue leather thong. Steph looked
into Steiner's eyes and begged him to take it off. Steiner did so and then
buried his head into Stephs tight wet pussy. Steiner was qucikly eating out
Steph as she lapped up his tongue and was moaning for her life begging him
to carry on eating her out.

After a few minutes Stephanie couldn't take the excitement anymore and came
all over Steiner's face. Steiner licked all the juice up and then looked at

"Steph, it's time that you found out why they call me the Big Bad Booty

Steph smiled and turned over into the doggy style posistion, she begged
Steiner to enter her and he did so. He entered he slowly from behind and
gently thrusted in and out of her arse. Steph loved every moment and was
moaning in ecstasy. Steiner was loving it just as much as Steph and
started to bang her arse harder.

"Aaahhhhh Scott, ooooo fuck my arse harder!"

Steiner took up the offer and blastde her arse all over the place before
shooting his load in her backside.

Both of them lay there breathless and in amazement at there fuckfest. Steiner
was lying slightly dazed and Steph surprised him by getting to her knees and
taking Steiner's semi erect cock in her mouth. She started to lick the head
as the cock got harder and stiffer. It grew to 10 inches and Steph decided
that it was time. She took one big huge breath and then deep throated all 10
inches in one go. Steiner was in heaven as the Billion Dollar Princess bobbed
her head up in down taking in Steiner massive cock. She spat on it to get
some saliva on it and continued to take it in inch by inch. Steiner couldn't
take anymore and blew a huge load into her mouth. She swallowed the full pint
of juice and continued to lick his shaft.

Steiner grabbed Steph and put her on her back, "It's time to find out Steph
that there ain't anything finer than Scott Steiner."

Steph smiled and wrapped her legs around his waist. Steiner placed his cock
inside Steph's warm pussy and started to bang her hard. Steph was loving it
and moaned.

"Aaaahhhhhhh fuck Scott! Fucking screw my wet pussy, you are the genetic

"Steph, I know your Smackdown through and through but I'm taking this pussy

Steiner continued to thrust in and out as Steph took it deep in her wet hole,
her juices flowed and she shot on Steiners cock. He fired one right in her
pussy and Steiner pulled out. Steph licked the little drops of cum off his
cock before sitting back on his dick. She bounced up and down on his hard red
penis, his head was urening purple and he shot another load in her before the
limo stopped.

"Oh Scott, you were amazing, I love your massive cock."

"Well, I am the genetic freak," Steiner replied.

The door opened and Triple H was standing there. The limo had pulled up back
at Raw. Triple H was gutted. "What the fuck is this shit?" said The Game.

"Oh shit! Hi Paul," said Steph.

"Hi Trips!" said Steiner.

Triple H pulled Steiner and Steph out of the limo and hammered the nude
Steiner into the ground. Bischoff crept into the limo and tore up the
Smackdown contract. Steph pulled Steiner away and they got into the limo
still nude. Steph locked the door and opened the window. Bischoff was

"Steiner your no longer on the Smackdown brand coz your not contracted."

Bischoff held up the ripped contract. He told Steiner that he now had
un-finished business with Triple H and he should re-think his decision.

Steiner looked at Steph and said, "Well, I only intended to bang you anyway."

Steiner got dressed, took one lick of Steph's pussy then left the limo and
signed the awaiting contract.

Bischoff got in Steph's face and said, "See Steph, you've just been used
again. You're a little whore and you've just proved that you'll do anything."

Steph looked like she was gonna cry.

"Oh and Steph," Bisch said, "you can now watch Raw to find out that there
ain't nothing finer than Scott Steiner."

Steph cried as the limo pulled away.

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