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Airplane Mode Part 1
by BloodyMondo

Renee Young, and Alexa Bliss were running late on a Tuesday afternoon to go to Smackdown Live that was live in Jacksonville, Florida. But they were in Ontario, Canada. It turns out that the plane tickets Alexa Bliss and Renee Young had were going to make them arrive later than everyone else. Alexa & Renee find their plane seats and are sitting next to each other.

Alexa Bliss: Shit, we're going to be late. But, atleast I won't have to defend my title against that orange haired slut. (Referring to Becky Lynch)

Renee Young: Woah, Becky is cool. You're overreacting Bli *Smack!*

Bliss cuts off Renee Young with a slap that turned her cheek bright red.

Alexa Bliss: How dare you take the side of that Irish skank! I bet she's fucked everyone in the men's and women's locker room! She probably is getting a train ran on her as we speak!

Renee is still is shock from the slap so loud, it was probably heard in the cockpit.. But she seems quite aroused by it

Renee takes her blanket she brought from her home in Canada and relaxes it over herself

Alexa Bliss: Hey, Renee?

Renee Young: Ye yeah Lexi?

Alexa Bliss: Sorry about slapping you, it's just that.. I can't stand that red hair bitch.

Renee Young: That's o okay, I kn know how much you hate her.

Alexa Bliss: Are you okay Renee? You seem kind of speechless?

Alexa Bliss moves the blanket to see that Renee Young has 2 fingers stuffed into her wet pussy.

Renee Young: OMG, LEXI! It's not what it looks like! I'm so sorry, please don't tell anyone!

Alexa Bliss: Sorry? Don't be sorry, we're gonna keep this to ourselves. "Bliss says with an evil smirk"

Alexa places the blanket right back over Renee's legs, while also slipping a hand under the blanket, and starts to finger Renee Young.

Renee Young: Ooh! Alexa, i'm already so fucking wet!

Alexa Bliss: Yeah, we're just gonna keep this alllll to ourself. I don't care who hears you scream. I don't care who sees, i'm going to make you cum hard.

Alexa Bliss says this while adding a finger into the sweet wet twat of Renee Young

Renee Young *says moaning*: Okay! Ahhh fucking hell Lexi!

Alexa Bliss: Shhhhh.

Alexa Bliss continues to finger the beautiful Canadian goddess, until she stops

Renee Young: Why did you stop?! I was about to cum!!

Alexa Bliss: Because, you have a tight little lovebox. As if you don't get fucked in the pussy a lot.

Renee Young *Turns red*: Well..

Alexa Bliss: Wait a minute! You're a virgin aren't you! *Bliss says laughing*

Renee Young: No, that's not it.. it's just that, I like being fucked in, "other" places.

Alexa Bliss *with the same evil smirk she did earlier* Ohhhhh, I see.

Alexa inserts her middle finger into the asshole of Renee Young.

Young: Oh! You do it better than Jonathan! (Referring to Dean Ambrose)

Alexa pushes her middle finger further into the asshole of Renee Young


People start to turn heads on the plane and they hear Renee Young.. But that doesn't stop Renee & Alexa

Alexa Bliss: You like that?!? You like that you fucking slut?!?

Renee Young *moans even more*: Yes! Oh Yes! I love your finger in my fucking asshole. Keep fucking going!

Alexa Bliss speeds up the pace, and Renee Young's insides start to quiver.

Renee Young *crying out*: I'M CUMMING. I'M CUMMING EVERYWHERE!

As Renee says this she squirts her love juices all over the place. Some may have even gotten on the passengers in front of them.

Renee Young *in relief*: Ahh shit, that felt so fucking good! Maybe we should do this again in an open area. Maybe in the middle of the ring?

Alexa Bliss: Damn right. Since we can't do it today, next Smackdown PPV I want you to fuck me in front of everyone! Like there's no tomorrow!

Renee Young: Ummm... Lexi?

Alexa Bliss: Yes Renee?

Renee Young: Next Smackdown PPV is Wrestlemania.. There's gonna be atleast 70,000 people in attendance.

Alexa Bliss *Stands in silence*

Alexa Bliss: Fuck.

*To Be Continued*

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