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Featuring: "Future Legend" Alissa Flash, Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley

Alissa Flash - Fucking Legend
A TNA erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

Backstage at an July 16th edition TNA Impact in Orlando, Florida, the fast
paced, talented tag team known as the Motor City Machine Guns are having a
big laugh at the expense of the masked man Suicide, watching a replay of him
losing the X Division Championship to Homicide on a monitor.

"That guy had what was coming to him..." Alex Shelley states, still dressed
in the T-shirt and jeans he was seen in earlier.

"Yeah, and thanks to us giving him the beating of his lifetime, Homicide was
able to steal our title from him." Chris Sabin says, still clad in his ring
attire from the match. "But it's no big deal, we can take that guy out no
problem since he doesn't have his big LAX muscleman backing him up."

"That's obvious. All we need to do is finally unmask that fraud Suicide and
then we'll find out who the hell that guy is." Alex adds, before his
attention is drawn to someone storming down the corridor towards where they
are. "And who the hell is that chick?" He asks, nudging his tag team partner
to look in the direction he is.

The woman in question is one of the latest additions to the TNA Knockouts,
the "Future Legend" Alissa Flash, who came up just short in her debut against
Sarita but made a big impression anyway. The powerful, bitchy female is clad
in her figure hugging yellow gear she wore earlier which hugs to her nicely
sized chest and her well rounded thighs and ass, along with the black boots
and knee pads. She's clearly not happy with the loss, a look of anger on her
beautiful face as she heads along, but spotting the X Division stars staring
at him makes her slow down and glare at them.

"What the hell are you looking at?" She demands as she stops in front of
them, placing his hands on her hips.

"Something pretty fine if you ask me..." Alex says, not even attempting to
hide the fact he's checking out her stunning, athletic body.

"Hey, can you blame us for wanting to meet with another new Knockout?" Sabin
says as he takes a different approach than his partner. "You know us I bet.
Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley, the greatest tag team in TNA history - the Motor
City Machine Guns. And who might you be?"

She smirks, slightly raising an eyebrow at the pair. "I'm Alissa Flash, the
Future Legend, and you'd better get used to me because I'm going to be in TNA
for a long, long time to come."

Alex chuckles a little. "Future Legend huh? Big words for a new chick. You
might be lucky to even show up again here in a few months."

She narrows her eyes, glaring at him. "You should watch your mouth, I'm not
in the mood for any jokes."

"Alex is right you know..." Sabin says, checking Flash out as well but not
doing it as blatantly. "There's been a lot of girls who thought they could
cut it here and now they're not around." He nudges his friend. "Remember that
hippie chick Daizee Haze? One night and hasn't been seen here again."

Shelley laughs. "I remember we double teamed after her match then ditched her
right after. Come to think about it, looking at you Flash, for some reason
you remind me of that Cheerleader chick..."

"Listen you little perverts!" Alissa snaps. "I'm better than any Knockout on
the roster, head and shoulders above the rest. I can out wrestle them, I can
out fight them, and I can do anything better than anyone you could name,
past, present or future."

"Oh really?" Shelley smirks. "Well how about we see about how good you really
are, and I don't mean in a wrestling match."

She raises and eyebrow, folding her arms over her nicely sized chest. "I'm

* * *

A few minutes later, in the private locker room of the Motor City Machine
Guns, the beautiful, arrogant and currently bottomless newcomer Alissa Flash
is slowly dropping herself down to her knees, legs spread apart enough to
allow her to lower her pussy down onto the handsome face of the naked Chris
Sabin, hovering just an inch above him. He moves his hands up, taking a hold
of her thighs for grip as he moves his head upward, brushing his tongue over
the entrance to her snatch in one long lick from the bottom upward, followed
by a little lash around the top as he rubs her sides. She moans slightly,
adjusting her position slightly which makes her snatch rub against Sabin's
face for a few moments, in turn making his tongue briefly dip inside her hot
hole. He moves his head along with her to keep his mouth on her pussy,
planting a couple of kisses onto her before slowly dragging his tongue around
the sides of her tight, beginning to dampen snatch and makes them both moan
just slightly.

Standing in front of her, Alex Shelley is also completely naked, and he's
gripping his cock by the base so he can lightly smack it into her cheek to
get her attention. Flash looks up with a bitchy glare that would send most
men running for their lives, but the cocky tag team specialist just does it
again, smirking at the look on her face. With a grunt she reaches up and
grabs his tool in her hand, instantly squeezing it tightly which makes him
groan from her impressive strength. Still holding on tightly, she starts to
jerk him off forcefully, big movements across his long, thick length from the
base all the way up to the top and back down in a quick motion. Perhaps
realizing that pissing off the sexy and strong Knockout isn't a good idea, he
puts his hands on his sides, looking down as she jerks him off at an already
pretty fast pace that along with her tight grip on his shaft causes him to
moan and slightly lick his lips.

Seeing his reaction she smirks confidently, giving his dick another big,
almost cruel squeeze to make a groan escape from him, before releasing just a
bit and move her head downward towards him. Opening her mouth to take inch
buy inch of his meaty cock inside, she starts to suck him off smoothly and
slowly, working over half of his length with ease. Her firm lips are securely
pressed down against his dick, sadistically dragging along his manhood as she
teases him with her oral skills, seductive slurping sounds coming from her as
she takes him deep inside her pleasantly wet mouth. Not content with this,
she uses a hand to hold the rest of his shaft, slightly twisting her hand
around like she was turning a door knob to further punish the Motor City stud
for his attitude.

Underneath, the other half of the Machine Guns is properly eating her out
now, his face right into her so his tongue can be pushed as deep as he can
reach into her sweet pussy to reach as many areas as possible. His well
trained tongue is lapping away at her folds, hitting the right spots as it
slides from side to side and around in a circling motion, switching methods
in order to increase her excitement and also her wetness. It seems to be
working as she's closed her eyes and is rocking her hips slightly back and
forth, grinding her snatch against his face which makes him moan. Pulling
his head slightly back, he darts his tongue in and out of her hole sharply,
starting to taste her as juices begin to flow, a very enjoyable flavour that
along with her starting to get louder groans only encourages him to work even
more on her.

The Future Legend of TNA is starting to bob her head along the thick, hard
shaft of the former X Division Champion, moaning around his tool from the
oral pleasure she's getting from his tag team partner. She moving her dark
haired head quickly back and forth, with almost all of Shelley's dick now
contained in her warm, wet mouth which is leaving his manhood with a
pleasurable covering of her own salvia. He moans with a grin, enjoying the
excellent blowjob from the extremely self confident addition to the Knockouts
roster. Looking up and seeing the look, she narrows her eyes before slightly
pressing her teeth against his cock which makes him gasp and groan as she
sadistically drags her teeth over him until she reaches the top. Here she
goes back to only using her mouth and firm lips, twisting her head around
slowly from side to side for a moment before dropping down to suck him once
again, easily taking almost all of him into her.

Sabin has moved his hands up so he can squeeze her ass checks as he dines on
her snatch, lapping up the juices forming in her now wet and still tight
hole, sipping it all down greedily with only a slight drip missing and
trickling down his chin. She's still grinding her pussy against his face,
impressively moving against him while sucking off the other man and never
missing a beat in doing either sexual task. He moans up into her, turned on
by her taste and her moans, excitement also clear by her hard nipples poking
through against her tight yellow top. His tongue is almost working feverishly
like he was licking up an ice cream cone, determined to give her an
"induction" to TNA she won't soon forget.

"Fuck!" Alex exclaimed as she goes practically balls deep onto him, her nose
nearly touching his crotch as she goes right down onto him. "Alright, you've
got some skills honey, I'll admit that."

Alissa raises her head off of him, smirking up at him. "Sounds like you were
admitting defeat..." She moans slightly, stopping her hip movements as the
other man is licking around her entrance of her snatch. "What's the matter?
Afraid you were going to explode in me?"

"Hell no! Chris, get out from there, I'm going to show this wannabe now real
talent fucks."

Sabin laughs as he lowers his head from her, sliding himself out from his
position. "You can thank me later for warming her up for you..."

Flash sits up on her knees for a moment, reaching around herself to unclip
her top, taking it off to leave her stunning, tanned body completely naked
with her full, round tits in full view. She leans forward, getting into the
doggy style position and looking back over her shoulder as she watches
Shelley get into position behind her. Admiring her juicy-looking ass for a
moment, he lines up his shaft with her wet pussy before pushing himself
inside and instantly he moans at the feel of her tightness surrounding his
tool, and despite her comments she's enjoying this as well, moaning as she
closes her eyes. He starts to get to work, pulling his hips back until half
of his manhood is still inside her before he pushes right forward, smacking
his waist into her butt cheeks that makes an erotic sound echo around the
locker room. The motion already gets into full swing, a steady pace of him
moving in and out of her as he bangs her from behind.

Not to be left out, the other former X Division Champion has ditched his
clothing and now moves himself in front of her, his own equally long and
thick cock fully hard now hanging free and pointing right at her beautiful
face. He gets her attention by moving his hand through her long, dark hair
which makes her look ahead and seeing the dick right there she narrows her
eyes, opening her mouth to make a threat but the opportunity isn't going to
be passed up. Chris pushes forward, sliding his manhood right into her mouth
of the rookie Knockout who groans as she closes her eyes, feeling his whole
length enter her until his balls are touching her chin. She closes her
mouth around him, putting her lips against his dick but before she can start
to suck him he holds her head in place with his hand, moving his hips back
and forth to move his cock in and out of her mouth.

The gorgeous female grappler who earlier tonight made her official Impact
debut is now being fucked in both ends, just over twenty inches of thick man
meat plowing into her pussy and mouth courtesy of the talented tag team
called the Motor City Machine Guns. She moans as she feels their shafts
smoothly enter and leave her athletic, curvy body, letting herself just be
used by the cocky wrestlers like this for the moment at least, enjoying
taking it from behind and in the front, it all making her feel very naughty
and dirty. Despite losing her match, she's feeling like a big winner here
as she's getting pumped on her hands and knees by two handsome TNA stars
she's only just met.

Shelley is giving it all he can, pumping his dick quickly and deep into her
wet passage which is still very tight despite his huge size. His hands grip
her sides as he plunges his whole length sharply in and out of her, his balls
slapping against her checks as his crotch smacks against her ass. He's
confident that he has to be giving her the best fuck she's ever had, from the
moans he's hearing come from her but he's doing the same as well, having not
experienced a fine pussy like hers in a very long time. Screwing the sexy new
Knockout doggy style is good enough, but double teaming her with his partner
makes it even hotter and confirms to him that they're going to show her who's
in charge around here.

At the other end, said tag partner has a handful of her long hair, keeping
her head in place as he thrusts his cock completely into her damp mouth. He
moans as he can feel the bell end of his cock touch the back of her mouth
when he pushes forward, just as his nuts smack into her chin with a slight
force thanks to his steady, quick movements back and forth. She's moaning
around his shaft, which is now coated with her saliva that's also slipping
past her lips to trickle down her chin and then transfer onto his balls when
they touch her. She's handling this face fucking very well, not even gagging
once and unfazed by the speed and force of his thrusts deep into her oral
hole. Both men are clearly loving this locker room threesome, pumping in and
out of the newest addition to the Knockouts roster like it's all too natural
to them.

But not to just stay like this and take but not give back, Alissa starts to
take matters into her own hands. She starts to rock her body back and forth
between the tag team partners, slamming her ass back against the thrusts of
Alex to meet his cock to send it even deeper into her, before pushing her
head right forward to completely take the shaft of Chris inside her mouth.
The rocking motion has her moaning around the thick dick in her mouth, her
tits swaying in time as she gives herself and both of the hung, good looking
stars of TNA's X Division even more pleasure from this lustful encounter. Her
stunning, curvaceous body is now lightly covered with sweat as she feels the
effects of the fucking she's taking and now giving back, looking sexy as her
smooth skin shines under the locker room lights.

She's not alone in feeling the effects, as Alex is having to use plenty of
energy and effort to keep up with her pace now, his hips pushing forward to
meet her ass as he sends his cock balls deep into her tight, wet pussy. His
hands roam over her hips, squeezing her butt cheeks as he pumps in and out
rapidly of the attractive latest addition to the female roster who's pushing
back with even more force than he's using to fuck her. Sweat is starting to
form over his muscular body as well as he works all of his thick manhood deep
into the arrogant but talented female wrestler. The smack of skin meeting
skin rings out loudly, turning them all on even more along with their moans,
and even at the very fast past the thrusting is going at it looks like
there's no stopping them. It suits Shelley fine as he doesn't want to leave
her snatch, enjoying his dick being covered completely in her pussy juices
and likewise she's got no complaints to the shaft pounding her tightness.

Back at the other end, Sabin now has both hands on her head, slightly
grabbing her hair as he pumps his meaty cock right into her well trained
mouth, the wetness of it making him moan loudly as she easily handles the
hard, fast thrusts into her. As he moves back and forth, she bobs her head
along to match his movements, aided by her rocking her whole body back
against the other half of the Machine Guns. To add to the sensation she's
pressing her firm lips right down against his dick, slightly flicking her
tongue up onto the underside of the length as it smoothly slides in and out
of her. His cock is now dripping with her own saliva, proof of how well she's
handled the face fucking she's taken from the multi-time former X Division
Champion. All this makes him groan as he too has sweat covering his well
defined upper body, and she is moaning all around his cock as well, never
lifting her head up for a moment during this double teaming she's receiving.

"Hey man, tag out..." Chris says, slightly reluctantly pulling his cock out
of her mouth before running the head of it over her lips for a moment. She
groans, looking up with seductive smirk at him as she keeps pushing back
against his tag team partner.

"What's the matter boys?" She mocks as she feels Shelley pulling out of her.
"You finally understand why I'm the Future Legend?"

"Legend my ass!" Alex snaps, not taking kindly to having his sexual ability
mocked. "We're the current greatest tag team going!" He adds, spanking her
ass with a hard smack of his head which makes her narrow her eyes at him.

"Easy there Alex..." Sabin says with a laugh as he starts to lay down on the
locker room floor. "Hop on sweet cheeks and show us what you've got."

With a bitchy glare, Flash stands up and goes right over to him, lowering
herself right down onto her knees above his crotch, using a hand to position
his shaft coated in her own saliva in place so she can slide inch by inch of
completely into her tight, soaking pussy. With no problem she fit it all
inside which makes him groan as he feels the tightness surrounding his tool
and her skin touching his. Before he can start to do anything, she starts to
bounce on his cock in this cowgirl position, moving her hips up and down and
in turn raising and lowering her hot, smoothly shaven pussy on his thick
cock. She leans slightly forward as she rides him, her hands resting on the
floor at his sides for support as her well rounded, more than ample chest
slightly hangs downward. He moans, his hands moving up onto her thighs to
hold her as she moves, and likewise she's moaning as his manhood fills her
snatch up pleasurably when she drops right down.

But her steady bounces come to a stop when Shelley approaches her from
behind, pushing her forward by the shoulders that makes her groan and look
back with a less than happy look on her pretty face. He just smirks, his
hands spreading her perfectly rounded butt cheeks apart before he slides his
shaft up in between them for a moment. Lining it up, he thrusts forward with
only her own pussy juices that coat his dick being the lubricant as he starts
to fuck her extremely tight ass, which makes her groan and close her eyes as
she feels herself being slowly stretched open to accommodate the long, thick
dick entering her. He grunts, her back passage feeling even tighter than her
pussy was, but he's still able to work his entire length into her so he
starts to pump into her plump behind with steady movements back and forth,
his crotch meeting her checks each time he goes forward.

Alissa Flash is moaning loudly now as she gets double penetrated by the
talented combination of X Division stars, her nicely tight and very wet pussy
filled with the very impressive dick of Chris Sabin, while her asshole is
behind pounded by the similarly long and thick cock of Alex Shelley. Eyes
closed and mouth slightly open she rocks her hips back and forth between both
men, grinding her snatch down against Sabin's crotch and also slightly
pushing her behind back against Shelley's pumping tool. She slightly grits
her teeth when she feels a pair of hands move from around her and onto her
tits to squeeze them, knowing they belong to stud who's fucking her ass
deeply and quickly. She gives him a devilish glare with narrowed, head turned
to look over her shoulder, but showing his cocky attitude he just leans
forward and kisses her on the lips. She moans, giving in to the lust and
kissing back forcefully, surprising him with her tongue entering his mouth as
they start to swap spit while all the time both men keep thrusting into her
and she carries on rocking between them.

Underneath her, the handsome wrestler from the Motor City is pumping his hips
upward to sharply send his cock right into her soaking wet and still very
tight snatch, his balls slapping against her ass checks each time he moves
up. His hands have a secure hold of her waist, slightly rubbing them as she
continues to rock between him and his regular tag partner. He moans, feeling
her juices coat his dick and slightly trickle down onto his nuts, very happy
to get a piece of the attractive new Knockout who is certainly impressing him
with how she's able to handle taking it in both lower holes so easily. Her
pussy is one of the best he's had in a long time and she knows how to use it
to perfection, grinding it slightly down onto him to increase the pleasure
which is rapidly building up now by the moment.

The former Paparazzi Productions mastermind is moaning into the mouth of the
sexy female wrestler as they continue to make out, his hands gone back down
to squeeze her ass checks and most of all hold them apart so he can drive his
meaty dick deep into her asshole. Even he's surprised at how easily now her
back passage is handling his cock which is smoothly sliding in balls deep and
back out again with almost no resistance. But the vice-like grip of her ass
makes him moan loudly as he fucks her, causing him to pull his head back and
take in big breaths of air so he can continue using this rapid and sharp pace
of thrusts into the juicy butt of the Future Legend.

The three very talented and attractive wrestlers are now sweating hard as the
effects of this intense, lustful threesome takes it's toll and as much as
they all are enjoying this immensely, it's clear this won't be able to
continue for much longer. She starts to change her movements, lightly
bouncing on the hard cock thrusting into her pussy which makes her ass push
back into the pumping dick that's going deep into her butt. This in turn
makes both men moan even louder than before, grunting as they try to keep up
with the change of pace and answer back by pounding her holes with all their
might, and this in turn makes her let out bigger moans than ever before.

Shelley starts to groan, his cock beginning to throb inside her as he feels
himself getting ready to explode so he slips himself out of her tight back
passage, giving her ass a large spank that makes her groan but she pays him
not attention right now. She starts to quickly bounce on Sabin's cock, riding
him with all her might as she feels herself approaching her own sexual peek,
her ass slapping hard into the thighs of the handsome TNA star who's meeting
her movements with stiff, swift thrusts upward into her damp snatch. As they
continue to wildly fuck, Alex moves around and arrogantly pats the bell end
of his cock against her cheek to get her attention. Too caught up in the
moment to argue, she moves her head around and opens her mouth, taking it
deeply inside and starting to suck him with brisk bobbing movements along his
thickness which makes him moan loudly. Her tongue lashes up and around as she
blows him, almost deep throating his cock with her chin briefly touching his
balls every time her mouth goes right down into his crotch.

It all becomes too much to handle, and Chris Sabin grits his teeth as he
starts to let loose, still pumping hard and quickly as he fires off big loads
of his creamy spunk deeply upward into her still tight and pleasantly wet
pussy. In turn, the sensation of feeling his dick throb and his cum shooting
deep into her sets her off, and Alissa Flash starts to explode, juices
flooding out of her snatch as she rides out her orgasm with the same rapid
movements up and down as she's done for the past few minutes, moaning around
the cock in her mouth while continuing to blow it smoothly and quickly. Now
it's Alex Shelley's turn to finish off, moaning deeply as his own personal
gun fires off it's rounds of thick, warm jizz right into her mouth, causing
her to groan as she swallows it all down with erotically loud gulps, never
slowly down either her movements on Sabin's cock on the bobbing of her head
as she drinks it all up.

Sabin sighs as his spent dick slips out of her soaking pussy, watching as
Flash slightly twists her head around as she sucks the last few drops of cum
out of his partner's dick. "Shit... OK, you might just have what it takes to
make it around here." He grudgingly complements the Knockout who just rode
him like no one else before.

Alissa lets Shelley's now very limp cock fall from her mouth, and wiping a
little cum from her lips she smirks. "I'll do more than that..." She lifts
herself right up to stand, looking at both members of the Motor City Machine
Guns for a moment. "And you two boys weren't half bad yourselves."

Alex folds his arms across his sweat covered chest as he smirks back.
"Naturally, that's what Detroit's finest do. Don't you forget it, little Miss
so called Future Legend."

She gives Shelley a bitchy glare. "You still doubt me? I could kick your ass
right now Shelley!"

Chris stands up quickly, laughing as he steps between them. "How about we
hold that thought, but if we're all so keen to go for round two, how about we
take this back to me and Alex's hotel room?"

Flash starts to smirk. "Oh it's on, because I'm not just Future Legend.
Alissa Flash is a Fucking Legend!"

* * *

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