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All Aboard The Molly Go Round
by Lady Jackyl

Molly stood in a room in the back of the arena with a bunch of the other
wrestlers, waiting for RAW to start. She smiled her cute, dippy smile,
blinking sweetly and staring off into space absently, twirling a pigtail
around her finger. Spike Dudley was talking to her, droning on and on, but
she wasn't really listening to him.

Blah blah blah...she thought. Blah blah blah...what is wrong with this guy?

Keeping her cornpone demeanor and sweet innocent fašade going, she looked
around the room. Hmmm...eenie, meenie, miney mo-which one of you guys will I
blow? She almost giggled, but held it in check, forcing herself to continue
looking sweet.

Undertaker? Nah...he was married, and besides, he had too many tattoos. She
liked her men relatively artwork-free. Hunter? Nah...nose was too big. Regal?
She shuddered.

Then her eyes fell upon two very delicious brothers standing near the far
wall talking to each other. Matt and Jeff-the studly Hardy Boyz. They were
wearing their new neon green T-shirts, the sleeves cut off and the sides
ripped open, showing off tasty glimpses of their chests and stomachs. They
also wore their baggy black jeans, which Molly had always thought were
blasphemous-to have asses that nice and hide them was nearly a sin.

As though he could sense her staring at him, Matt turned his head and looked
in her direction. He didn't look at her immediately-he glanced around the
room, then his eyes finally fell on her.

She stared back at him, smiling sweetly and blinking cutely.

He leaned over and whispered something to Jeff, then Jeff looked over at her
as well. After saying something else to his brother, Matt looked over at her
again and made an obscene gesture with his tongue, wiggling it at her.

Bingo! She nearly squealed she was so happy.

"I gotta go get ready for my match, Spike..." she smiled her cheery smile at
him. "I talk to ya after the show, ok?"

Spike nodded, gazing at her, obviously smitten. She could almost see the
hearts swirling around his head.

She skipped off to her dressing room, putting an extra swing in her hips and
humming to herself, hoping the Hardys were watching.

* * *

Molly was still humming, bouncing around her dressing room in a pair of
silky pink panties and a pink lace bra. Her perky blond pigtails brushed
her shoulders, flopping around as she tilted her head from side to side,
considering which outfit to wear tonight. Hmmmmm...such a hard decision
for a girl to make.

There was a knock on the door, and she grinned mischievously.

"Who is it?" She called brightly, wondering if she needed to reach for her

"It's Matt and Jeff..." came Matt's thick, rich, sexily accented voice.

"Just a moment!" She called, sweet and sing-songy. Instead of pulling her
robe on, she went over to the mirror and plucked her nipples into perky
little buds through her bra, making them stand out. When she was satisfied
that they showed enough, she pranced over to the door and opened it.

Matt and Jeff both blinked when they saw her, then gave each other a knowing
look, before turning their gaze back to her, eyes smoldering.

"What can I do ya boys for?" She said brightly, one hand on the door and
the other on her hip, head tilted to the side cutely.

"Oh, you don't gotta give us nothing to do us..." Matt said, snickering

"Nice panties..." Jeff commented, his eyes sweeping her.

"Thanks!" She said. "I like 'em too-silk feels so much better than cotton.
M'only gripe is when my pussy gets wet it soaks through my pants a lot easier
with silk."

Matt and Jeff were both still for a moment, then they looked at each other
again and grinned hugely.

"Ya boys wanna come in?" She stepped back, still smiling sweetly.

They nearly broke their necks getting in the door, and she shut it behind
them. They just kind of stood there, looking at each other and at her, as
though they didn't know what to do next.

"Well come on now!" She put her hands on her hips, tilting her head and
making her pigtails bounce. "Get yer pants off and show me your cocks!"

They looked at each other again, then they both started laughing.

"Ok..." Matt grinned. "If you're gonna make it that easy..."

They did as she said-removing their shoes first. Jeff had on big clunky boots
with thick heels, and Matt had his ring boots on. Apparently Jeff didn't like
changing into his until the last moment.

She watched them closely as they undid their pants and wiggled them off. Matt
seemed a little self-conscious, but Jeff was laid back and cool as usual.
Jeff had leopard-print boxers on and Matt had black ones-both pairs were a
little tented out.

"Mmm...I think I got me some big ones here by the looks of things!" Molly
giggled. "Off with 'em boys, so I can see 'em!"

Jeff took his off immediately, holding his shirt up so she could check him
out. His pubic hair was shaved in a swirly pattern around the base of his
cock, his balls covered in a light golden fuzz. His cock was semi-hard,
flushed a darker color than his body and nice and thick. Molly inspected it
closely and pronounced it a good eight inches, at least.

Matt was a little more reluctant to take his off, but he did, holding his
shirt up as well. His pubic hair wasn't shaved and it was much thicker-a
mass of dark curls around his cock, very pretty in how natural it was. His
cock was also semi-erect, and looked like it was a little longer than
Jeff's-it was enticingly thick too. A nice long, thick shaft, flushed a
deep red color, the head a little darker.

Molly squealed happily. "I think I'm gonna suck on this here one first!" She
said gleefully. "That is, if you don't mind!"

Matt's eyes went wide, then he grinned. "Uh...nah...I don't mind at all..."

Molly grabbed his hands and drug him over to the little couch in her dressing
room, then shoved him down on it with a hefty push. He gasped and looked up
at her in surprise, landing on his ass with his legs sprawled.

Molly giggled and got on her knees in front of him, enjoying the nice hard
feeling of the thin carpet and the concrete floor beneath it against her
knees. She was no soft city-girl with delicate knees, that was for sure.
She leaned over Matt, watching his cock stiffen more, taking a deep breath
of his manly musky scent and licking her lips. She wiggled her ample
silk-clad behind a little and giggled, looking over her shoulder at Jeff.

"Whatcha doin' back there, Mr. Jeff? Ya gonna eat out my pretty pussy while
I suck your brother off?"

Jeff blinked, watching the scene for a moment, then grinned and nodded. He
came over behind her, getting on his knees as well, his hands cupping her
ass and squeezing it a little. She giggled in delight, wiggling against his
hands and leaning forward more, her little pink tongue coming out to trace
the length of Matt's long, thick cock.

Matt moaned low in his throat and spread his legs a little more, watching
her intently, his shirt bunched up around his chest.

She giggled and licked some more, feeling Jeff's hands exploring her. He
tugged her little pink panties aside and his fingers traced her slit, so
delicately that it almost tickled.

"Mmm...stick your finger in there and make it wet..." she directed him,
then went back to Matt's cock, swirling her tongue around the thickening
head in generous circles.

She could feel Jeff's cock, now much harder, rubbing against her ass, and
she wiggled against it. He continued massaging her pussy a little, then he
wiggled a finger into it. She was already somewhat wet, and she grew even
wetter, feeling him in there like that.

"Oooh sure got nice fingers Mr. Jeff!" She said. Then she slid
her mouth down over Matt's cock, taking it about half way because that's
all she could fit. She loved the way it stretched her jaws and made her gag
a little, the salty skin delicious and silky-smooth. She moaned happily
around it, and Matt moaned too.

Jeff fingered her a little, then slid it out and worked two of them back
into her, stretching her a little. She squealed in delight, wiggling and
sucking on Matt's cock avidly.

"Mmm..." Matt reached down and tangled his fingers in her pretty blond
hair. "Is her pussy nice and wet, Jeff?"

"Oh yeah..." Jeff's voice was a little breathy. "She's fuckin' tight,

Matt moaned again, and Molly kept sucking, bobbing her head up and down and
taking a little more with each try. With one hand, she reached up and started
playing with Matt's hot, heavy balls, rolling them between her fingers and
giving them little squeezes. Her other hand she slid down in her panties and
found her clit with, rubbing it in little circles as she enjoyed Jeff's
fingers working in and out of her.

She finally popped her mouth off of Matt with a big wet slurp, licking her
lips. "You can take my panties off if you wanna, Mr. Jeff!"

Jeff slipped his wet fingers out of her with a soft laugh, and she helped
him wiggle her panties down and get them off, one leg at a time. Then she
happily spread them nice and wide for him and went back to working on Matt.

She licked up and down the length of his cock, licking around the head and
tasting the delicious pre-cum that was leaking from it. She went lower and
nuzzled his balls, licking them and sucking each one into her mouth, making
little slurping sounds. Matt continued to moan low in his throat, toying
with her hair.

She felt Jeff moving around behind her, and then the feel of his hot tongue
parting her pussy lips and pushing into her. She squealed in delight and
pushed back on it, liking the way he licked her. She reached down and
parted herself with her fingers for him, helping him get at her clit.
"Mmm..." she licked happily around the base of Matt's cock. "Your brother
is real good at eatin' pussy..."

"So am I..." he said, his voice husky. "Want me to show you?"

She nodded eagerly. "Maybe you can both eat it at the same time! That'd be
nice, havin' two tongues working on my pussy!"

Matt grinned and nodded, and Jeff sat up, moving away from her. Molly got
to her feet and reached behind her back, undoing her bra and wiggling it
off, grinning at both of them. "Ya like my titties?"

She squeezed the two large, firm globes in her hands, her pretty pink nipples
erect. Jeff got to his feet as well, slipping his hand around one and leaning
over, sucking the nipple into his mouth. She giggled as he sucked and licked,
nibbling a little too, his hard cock brushing against her belly and leaving a
sticky trail on her skin.

"I take that as a 'yes ma'am!'"

Matt stood, his cock bobbing in front of him, and gently tugged at her arm,
having her sit down on the couch. She had other ideas though, slipping up
onto the back of it and sitting with her back against the wall, legs spread
wide and invitingly. "Figure it'll make things a little easier on ya!"

Matt and Jeff looked at each other, grinning lustfully. Then they slipped
their shirts up and off, tossing them aside. Molly admired their naked beauty
as they crawled onto the couch, Matt between her legs and Jeff off to the

"You're sexy as hell, Molly..." Jeff whispered. Molly grinned at him.

"Make sure you lick it real good boys..." she said, wiggling a little and
plucking at her pert nipples. "If you make me come real good, I'll let you
stick your big old cocks in it..."

Matt looked up at her with a devilish smirk, then gripped her buttocks with
his big hands, tilting her up to his mouth. While he wiggled his tongue into
her slick tunnel, Jeff leaned over and swirled his around her clit. There
was just enough room for both of them to fit.

She squealed happily, wiggling around to get the most contact with their hot,
eager tongues, playing with her nipples and their hair while they serviced
her. Matt fucked her with his tongue, using his thumbs to spread her wide and
get in deep, and Jeff continued that delightful strumming on her clit. She
could see he was stroking himself too, and eagerly watched his slick cock
sliding back and forth through his hand.

"Uh huh!" She cried in joy. "Oooo yeah boys! Go to town!"

Matt replaced his probing tongue with his finger, working it into her deep
and then fucking her good and hard with it. She squirmed, thrusting against
it, making it a little hard for Jeff to keep licking her, but she couldn't
help it. It just felt soooo good. Matt took turns with Jeff licking at her
hard, throbbing little clit while he continued finger-fucking her. She gave
a squeal of delight when Matt slipped his gooey finger out of her and slid
it lower, finding her back door and lubing it with her own juices.

"Oh yeah Matt..." she encouraged him, trying to spread her legs even further.
"Right in my tight little gonna put your cock up there later?"

Matt moaned, licking and nipping at her thigh while Jeff worked on her pussy.
"You want it in there?"

"I sure do..." she wiggled, tangling her fingers in Jeff's hair.

"Then that's what you'll get..."

She felt Matt pushing the slick digit into her slowly, and she tried to relax
and let him in. It felt bigger up there than it had in her pussy, and she
pushed down on it, eager to feel him fingering her back there too.

Jeff was panting now, in between licks of her clit, a fine sheen of sweat
having broken out on his skin. His cock looked huge and flushed in his hand,
and he was just squeezing it now, as though trying not to cum.

"You want me to suck on that pretty hard-on of yours?" She cooed at him.
"Stand up, Mr. Jeff..."

Jeff looked a little confused, but got off the couch. She giggled.

"No...I mean on the in front of wanna fuck my face?"

A faint blush came up in Jeff's cheeks, but he nodded.

"I'd like that..."

Getting back on the couch, he stood up on it, and she helped him get
situated, slipping back down onto the cushions and having him stand in front
of her, his hands against the wall. She kept her legs spread and enjoyed
Matt's continued fingering of her ass-he stuck one in her pussy too, and
moved them in and out in turn.

She moaned and licked her lips, reaching up to stroke Jeff's thick, dripping

" lets see what we can do about this..." she slipped her mouth over
it, taking it into her throat, a little easier for her in this position.
Jeff moaned and rested his head against the wall, looking down at her and

She sucked him eagerly, moaning and squealing around his cock as Matt's
fingers worked in her asshole and pussy, his tongue lapping at her clit. She
clutched Jeff's hips and encouraged him to fuck her mouth, and he did, moving
in slow strokes so he didn't choke her. His moans drifting down to her were
like music to her ears.

Matt was working a second slick finger into her ass, and it felt so nice and
full like that. She wiggled against it, squirming as he got it in and went
back to licking her clit, moving his hand gently. She felt her pleasure
building sharply, carrying her toward climax. Popping her mouth off of Jeff's
cock, she started licking his balls, moaning softly.

"Oh yeah..." she whimpered. "Gonna make my pussy come, Matt...keep it up

She slipped a hand under Jeff's balls, cupping them while she sucked on the
thick, fat head of his cock. Her fingers wandered back further, rubbing the
skin behind them, then finding his hole and rubbing it too. He gasped, as
though surprised, his cock throbbing in her mouth. She pulled back and smiled
up at him sweetly.

"Whatsa matter, Mr. Jeff? Ain't you never had nobody do it to you in your ass

He chuckled softly, reaching down to play with her hair. "Yeah, I have."

She licked her lips and winked. "You'll have to let me watch sometime!"

Matt was still working on her pussy, fingering her a little harder now.
She clenched her muscles around him, both back and front, and enjoyed the
sensation it caused. She was getting closer and closer to orgasm, and as he
began to concentrate more intently on her clit, her little squeals and moans
of pleasure grew louder. Jeff reached down and gripped his cock, and she
opened her mouth, letting him rub the head all over her lips.

"Ahhhh..." she gasped, flicking her tongue out and teasing it. "Uh huh....

"She's gonna come, Matt..." Jeff moaned. "So am I..."

Molly reached down and collected some of her abundant juices on her finger
and reached back up, slipping the tip of her slick finger into Jeff's
entrance, her tongue still eagerly swirling around the head of his cock.

"Oh God...Molly!" Jeff gasped. She felt him tightening around her finger, and
she forced it in a little deeper, pulling a ragged moan from him. "Yesss...

She whimpered, drawing close to the edge, her body tensing. Matt's tongue
swirled insistently on her aching clit and she let out a yowl of delight,
squirming against him.

Jeff gasped, and a thick stream of cum hit her face, splattering over her
nose and chin, some getting in her open mouth. Eagerly, she opened her mouth
wider for more, then turned her head to catch it on her face as well. Jeff
shot several more thick spurts of it, and the feel of his hot fluid on her
skin sent her over the edge, her pussy clenching around Matt's finger as her
body was overtaken by a wave of pure delight.

She yowled and twisted against him, her muscles gripping him, both in her
ass and her pussy, her clit throbbing against his tongue. She flooded her
juices over his hand, soaking him, soaking the couch, purring in delight
at the feeling of release, at the feel of Jeff's cum oozing down her face
and dripping from her chin.

Jeff went back to rubbing the head of his cock over her lips, panting,
letting her get every last drop. Then he moved from in front of her and
collapsed on the couch next to them, grabbing his shirt from the floor
and wiping the sweat from his face with it.

Molly giggled and scooped some cum off her cheek, then sucked it off her
finger. "Mmmmm...good stuff!"

Matt slipped his fingers out of her carefully and gazed up at her, his eyes
hazy with desire. She smiled back at him, gathering more cum from her face
and licking it off her fingers.

"I'm on the pill," she told him. "And I'm clean. You boys are clean, aren't

Matt nodded, and Jeff, still panting, said that he was. Now was a little late
to ask, but the heat of the moment had gotten to all of them...

"Wanna taste Jeff's cum?" She smiled brightly at Matt. "It tastes good!"

Matt cast a sideways glance at Jeff, who just grinned a little, then he
nodded and slid up, licking her face. He licked it from her cheeks and chin
while she giggled, wriggling beneath him. His cock was rock-hard and dripping
on her tummy.

She reached down and massaged it a little, making him jump.

" wanna get that big thing up in one of my holes, don't you?"

Matt nodded, pulling back from her face. "Yes...I sure as fuck do."

She giggled, nipping at his nose. "How about I sit on your lap with my
back to you so Mr. Jeff can suck on my clitty and maybe lick your balls a
little-then when his thing is all nice and hard again, you can slip it in
my ass and he can fuck my pussy?"

Matt looked like he was going to pass out, but nodded eagerly. Molly got
up, giggling at the big wet spot she had made on the couch, and sat Matt
right down in it. Then she climbed onto him with her back to him, on her
knees, her legs spread wide on either side of his thick, muscled thighs.

"Mmm...I like a nice hard cock up in me right after my pussy just got done
coming..." she said. "Feels so nice and tight..."

Jeff sat and watched them, his cock still semi-hard, fingers gently stroking
it, as though it were still too sensitive to really touch.

Molly situated herself and reached under her, gripping Matt's cock, looking
down to watch as much as she could. She guided the head of it into her slick
opening, then sunk down on it slowly, letting out a little squeal of

" got a nice big, fat cock..." she wiggled around a little.
"Oooo...Matt! So nice..."

Matt moaned loudly, gripping her hips and pushing up into her as deep as he
could get. He was deliciously thick and hard, stretching her and making her
ache a little. It felt delightful with how tight she still was after her

She shifted around a little more, getting up on her feet so she was squatting
with her knees bent, one hand on the arm of the couch and the other on one of
his muscled thighs, and started bouncing.

"Oooooo Matt!" She shrieked. "You like that? You like my pussy bouncing on
your cock?"

"Yes...fuck yes..." Matt was panting and squirming. "Ride it..."

Jeff watched them, slowly stroking himself back to full erectness. That was
the nice thing about young men-they could get it up over and over again in
the same session.

After a few minutes, he slipped off the couch and moved around in front of
them on his knees. Molly leaned back and put the hand that was on Matt's
thigh on the back of the couch, so she was leaning back some, and continued
to bounce, Matt's hips thrusting up against her in rhythm with her movements.

"Hi Mr. Jeff..." she said in between panting and moaning. "Why don't you get
that nice tongue of yours out and lick us good?"

Jeff complied, drawing forward and going to work. He simply stuck his tongue
out and let Molly rub her clit against it as she bounced, little shrieks and
giggles coming from her. She watched intently as he moved down, a little
shyly, and started licking up her juices around the base of Matt's cock, then
lapping at his balls a little. She wasn't quite sure if he had done this
before or not, but he seemed to like it.

"Oh God...oh...oh..." Matt was squirming furiously under the onslaught of
sensations. "Fuck...fuck!"

Molly felt him start to throb inside her, then she squealed in surprise as
he jerked up into her hard and slammed her down on him, holding her there as
he flooded into her in hot spurts, trembling and moaning through clenched

She giggled, reaching down to squeeze his balls a little as he emptied them
into her. Jeff looked up at her and grinned, his mouth shimmering with her

"Ya came a little fast, didn't ya Matt?" Molly giggled, milking the last of
it out of him by squeezing her pussy around him.

"I'm sorry..." he panted, finally relaxing as his tremors subsided. "I was
so excited...I didn't mean to..."

She giggled, wiggling on him. "It's ok...I know you got some more in there
for me, don't ya?"

"Uh huh..." he moaned softly at her movement. "Lots more."

Jeff leaned over and licked at her clit some more, which was still a little
sensitive, and around her spread pussy. She knew he was getting a taste of
his brother's cum as it oozed out of her a little, and she smiled in delight,
still giggling.

Jeff sat back and smiled, licking his lips and winking at her.

"You need a little resty before we do more?" She asked Matt.

"Nope..." he caressed her back. "I'm ready for round two when you are." He
moved inside her a little to show her he was still hard.

She grinned and slipped off of him, getting to her feet, then motioning for
him to get up as well. She felt Matt's cum dripping out of her and wetting
her thighs, and she giggled a little, slipping a finger into herself and
getting it nice and wet, then slipping it out and bringing it to her mouth.
She sucked the combination of her juices and Matt's cum off of it, moaning
happily. Then she held her thighs together to keep the rest in. The boys
watched her avidly, grinning.

"So how we gonna do this?" Jeff asked. He got up off the floor, cock bobbing
in front of him.

The couch wasn't big enough for them to lay down on, so Molly directed Matt
to get in her bag. There was a blanket in there that she laid out on the
floor when she was doing stretching exercises. After Matt had laid it out,
she told Jeff to lay down on it.

He did, lying down on his back, cock jutting up from his body. She giggled
and got on top of him, her ass tilted up in the air, looking over her
shoulder at Matt.

He smirked and nodded, getting on his knees behind her. "Don't worry...I'll
give you what you need..."

Molly reached down between her and Jeff, and gripped his firm cock. He gave
a soft gasp, and she stroked it a few times then gave it a little squeeze,
before guiding it up into her wet, stretched opening.

"Oooo..." she wiggled in delight as she slid down on it. "Mmm...feel that?
Feel how my pussy is all creamy with your brother's cum?"

Jeff gasped, eyes fluttering. She sunk all the way down on him and wiggled.

"I'm getting Matt's cum alllll over your big hard pussy sure likes
your nice and hard..."

Jeff moaned, reaching up to cup and squeeze her breasts. Matt remained behind
her, sitting back a little and watching Jeff penetrate her. Finally, she
giggled, looking back at him.

"Gonna slide yours up in my ass and see how it feels?"

"I sure am..." he cupped her ass, then slid his hands up to her hips,
steadying her. She held still, relaxing her muscles and waiting eagerly,
gazing down at Jeff and licking her lips.

"You better talk dirty to me while you fuck my holes, you naughty boys..."
she said. "I wanna hear how tight and hot it feels..."

She felt the head of Matt's cock pressing against her opening, and forced
herself to relax, pushing back against him. He slid in slowly, stretching
her, hurting a little but also feeling incredibly good. She gasped at the
delightful sensations going through her, holding real still until the whole
hot, hard length of his cock was up in her. With both of them filing her,
she felt like she was going to burst. She was stretched and packed tight in
the most wonderful way.

Matt moved a little, and Jeff squirmed, moaning and squeezing her breasts

"Matt!" He gasped. "I can feel your cock..."

"I can feel yours too..." Matt moaned. "Oh God..."

Molly directed them on how to thrust so one was pushing in while the other
was sliding out. It took a minute to get a good rhythm, but once they did,
it felt wonderful and Molly yowled in pleasure, loving every minute of it.

"Come on..." she panted. "Tell me how it feels boys..."

"Tight..." Matt moaned, thrusting up into her. "So fucking tight...and

"And wet..." Jeff added with a gasp. "And I can feel Matt's cock rubbing
against mine inside you..."

"Mmmmm..." she squirmed deliciously. "And you boys are filling me up right
good too..."

As it became more intense, she just held still, letting them work her. They
got going a little faster and she thought she would die from the pleasure.
She reached down and started rubbing her clit, until Matt reached beneath
her and took over, rubbing it in firm circles. She moaned breathily and let
out a little giggle.

"Thank you Matt...that sure feels good..."

After a moment, he let her take over again, and used his hand for something
else...working a finger in with Jeff's cock in her pussy, stretching it even
further. She squealed in delight, loving that even more.

"I'm sure you can get two in there if you try..." she panted. "Go on and
stick another in..."

He did, and it was nearly painful, but so very good too. He kept them on
either side of Jeff's cock, so he was sort of stroking him as he pumped up
into her.

"You think you boys can cum at the same time?" She asked breathily, now
rubbing her clit furiously and feeling another orgasm approaching.

"I don't know..." Matt panted. "I'm so close..."

"Me too..." Jeff gasped.

"Well when one of you feels like you're gonna cum, slow down or stop and
wait for the other ok? I wanna feel you both going off inside me at once!"

A minute later, Jeff slowed down, then came to a stop, shuddering. "Ohh...

"You gonna let it go honey?" Molly purred at him.

"Uh huh..."

"Tell us when you're ready Matt!" Molly grinned, wiggling some more.

"Not long..." he panted. "Just another second..."

A few more strokes into her, and he gasped, gripping her hip with his free
hand. "Oh!"

Jeff resumed his thrusting in earnest, panting, his back arching a second
later as he let out a shriek. Molly squealed in delight as she felt them
simultaneously flood into her in a hot rush, filling both her holes to
overflowing. She moaned at the wonderful mixture of fluids, Matt's running
down into her pussy to collect with Jeff's. Squealing, she brought herself
off right after them, clenching and squeezing around their still-throbbing
cocks as her pussy spasmed in delightful bursts, her ecstatic moans joining
with theirs.

Matt collapsed against her back, panting and sweaty, and they stayed like
that for a minute, before he slipped his fingers out of her, then his cock.
She slid off of Jeff's cock and rolled off him, laying at his side and
panting, legs wantonly spread, feeling sore and throbbing but unspeakably

With a devilish smile, she dipped her fingers into her sopping wet pussy
and brought them to her mouth, languidly sucking them clean. The mixture of
all three of them was delicious. With an equally evil grin, Matt leaned
over and gave her pussy a long, slow lick, and she giggled in delight.

"You boys done good..." she nodded, smiling at the two naked, sweaty Hardy

"It was our pleasure," Jeff said, still panting a little, and winked at her.
"But we better get the hell out there before we miss our match..."

Molly grinned gleefully, glad she was wrestling late in the show. "I don't
know how I'm gonna wrestle all stretched and sore and good and fucked like
I am!" She giggled.

The Hardys grinned and leaned over, showering her face with kisses.

They cleaned up quickly and left, rushing out to get ready for their match.
Molly took her time, cleaning up slowly, savoring some more of the sweet
mixture they had left in her. She would clean up, but she wasn't going to
shower until after the match-that way Ivory would smell their hot musky sex
scent all over her, and who knew-maybe she just might get turned on enough
to come back to Molly's dressing room with her.

She was all cleaned up, dressed and perfect once more when Crash stopped by
to see if she was ready for their match.

"Sure thing, Cuz!" She bounced out of the room, pigtails bobbing.

"You're so sweet, cousin Molly..." Crash whined. "Oh I hate to see you
hanging around that nasty Spike Dudley! He's going to take away your sweet
innocence, I just know it!"

Molly rolled her eyes and giggled, skipping off down the corridor in front
of him.

"Don't worry Cousin Crash...I know how to handle men!"


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