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All Alone On A Night Like This
by PreciousJessica

Velvet Sky was all alone in her hotel room as she was using her toy she had gotten herself as a reward for not talking to her Ex for so long as she just started to think about him she was getting wet and turned on remembering the things he used to do to her as she started to thrust the toy in and out of her tight pink pussy whimpering out as she started to move the toy harder and faster inside of her.


She turned the vibration on as she felt the buzzing tingle at her pussy as she thrusted in and out faster and harder as she moaned his name picturing it was him thrusting his thick cock deep into her tight pink pussy as she closed her eyes focused on her movement with the toy feeling her pussy lips twitching against the toy with each thrust she was getting closer and closer to climaxing.

"Fu...Fu...Fuck I'm cuming..."

Soon Velvet started to cum nice and hard on the toy feeling her juices fall against her hand as she slowly pulled the toy out of her she licked and sucked on the toy cleaning it of her juices picturing in her head it was him she was sucking off when they was done fucking.

"God sometimes I wish he'd fucking call or show up and fucking get me off."

She still had the toy inside of her buzzing into her pussy just teasing herself now as she bit her bottom lip as she started to play with her breast with her free hand as she would lift her breast up sucking and licking on her nipples taking turns just picturing it was him doing it instead as she used the toy to start moving in and out of her again working it nice and hard as she felt herself tense up from how horny she was that she could rate this feeling if she had too.

"Fuck I need him I need a fucking cock inside of me."

She knew he couldn't do it but fuck did she want to call him hear him have him get her off but she was fighting that as she moved the toy in and out pushing it deeper into her pussy whimpering out with each thrust as she was getting closer but she fought back to urge to cum.

"Fuck such a fucking whore thinking of him fucking me."

She continued to thrust the toy in and out as she screamed and moaned out for him each thrust getting harder as she felt that orgasam hit cumming so hard she was panting from how intense the orgasam was she just had in that short time but she was still horny as nothing was easing the feeling she was having. Velvet needed to figure out what to do and noone she had been with compared to him either as she whimpered out as she took her fingers as she started to rub against her clit as the toy was still inside vibrating and buzzing deep into her pussy as she brushed and teased her clit with her fingers.

"Fuck Fuck Im such a little fucking cunt."

Still using her fingers against her clit she was thinking of how his tongue would feel inside of her as she did this crying for him when biting her lip as she started to thrust the toy inside of her again all these pictures running in her head as Velvet knew she had screwed up ever letting him go but there was nothing she could do now.

"God I need to stop being so fucking horny."

She couldn't help it she knew she couldn't as she moaned and whimpered as she wiggled the vibrating toy deep inside of her as she closed her eyes just remembering all the little things he did to get her to cum hard as she soon gasped still needing to cum as she soon cummed but still not hard enough to please her like she needed.

Velvet soon wondered if she tried something if that would help still rubbing her clit she took the toy out of her pussy sitting up onto all fours as she soon moved the toy to where it would slide into her tight asshole as she started to thrust the toy in and out she would rub her clit with her fingers brushing them as she slowly slide her fingers into her pussy as the toy was in her ass thrusting into both her holes as she moaned out.

"Mmmm fuck yes just still not as good."

Velvet continued to work both her holes seeing if the horniness would ease up and still nothing yet as she screamed and moaned as she never relized how tight her holes was till now when fucking herself as she closed her eyes again when moving against her fingers and toy as she started to cum so hard she collapsed on the bed but still nothing as Velvet was about to throw a fit as the scene faded out.

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