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All Hail King Booker
by Darren Henderson

"Awww man, I'm tired like a mother fucker after my tough bout against Jimmy
Rave!" said a tired Booker T. Booker just defeated new WWE Superstar, Jimmy
Rave in what fans called a "classic". Booker was pleased with the news and
wanted to celebrate like a King only would. He went to his private locker
room and took a seat, whilst panting for air.

"Baby, we did it!", said his wife Sharmell. "We defeated that no good
pedophile Rave!"

Booker had a confused look on his face. "No good pedophile? What the hell
have you been taking Sharmell?" replyed an angry Booker. Sharmell was
confused and wanted to know why Booker snapped at her like that. "Because
you silly bitch, you said "we". You wasn't the one who got the fucking
three count!" Sharmell was close to tears. Booker looked disgusted at
Sharmell to the verge of almost hitting her. But he thought otherwise.

"Baby, how can I make up for this?" said a tearful Sharmell.

Booker angrerly replied "You can start by pulling down my trunks, you tart."

Sharmell pulled down Booker's trunks to reveal a tree trunk of a penis. "What
now?" said Sharmell.

"What the fuck do you think? I want you to put your lipstick around my
dipstick, you dig that?" Sharmell gripped the 14 inch penis around her hands
and started to gulp on that massive willy. "Arrrrr, you're not sucking fast
enough. How the fuck can I transform the sausage to a totem pole with you not
putting the effort in?" Sharmell was apologetic and started sucking Booker's
shaft. "Can you deep throat? You managed to deep throat our TV remote, so you
must be able to deep throat my cock." Sharmell attempted to deep throat, but
Booker's penis was just too large. Booker was understandably pissed off to
the max.

"Fuck sake you stupid woman," Booker raged. "Here, why don't you bow down
and kiss the ring!" Sharmell thought he was on about his wedding ring, but
she was wrong. "You absolute idiot, I was talking about my starfish. Jesus

Sharmell was shocked. "B-b-but Booker, that's your anus! I can't be sticking
my lips up your backside!"

Booker pulled her hair and said "If you fucking don't, I will shoot on you!
You will get no cum for supper either." So Sharmell crawled to Booker's
asscheeks, and started licking Booker's rectum. "Oooooh yeah. They don't call
me the King Of The Ring for nothing! You're the Queen all right, the QUEEN OF
THE RING-PIECE" Booker laughed. Sharmell was really angry at the treatment
that Booker was dishing out, so she stuck her fingers up his hole. "WHAT THE
FUCK HAVE YOU INSERTED IN MY ASS!?!" a shocked Booker cried.

"My fingers!" said a vengeful Sharmell. Sharmell kept fucking Booker's ass
with her fingers. "Tap out to the pain right now Booker!" laughed Sharmell.

Booker wasn't having any of it, and did a reverse go behind on her and
grabbed her by the waist and unleashed a wonderful German Suplex on her. She
landed on Hardcore Holly and Jamie Noble's bags though, so she was okay.

"Now, you absolute bitch. It's time for me to dig...MY COCK IN YOUR ASS!"
Booker took his trunks off from his ankles and pulled Sharmell's pants off.
"Christ woman, when was the last time you shaved?" said a disgusted Booker.

"I guess you don't want to be fucking a hairy pussy now, eh?" smiled

Booker was so disgusted that he vomited all over his erect penis. "Lick it
up!" said Booker. Sharmell resisted, but Booker warned her again. "In the
words of the demon gods Kiss, LICK IT UP! LICK IT UP! WOAAAAH WOAAAAH

Sharmell couldn't resist the wonderful singing tones of her husband, and
licked the vomit off his cock. "Your japs eye has a bit of carrot inside it,"
giggled Sharmell.

"Well? What you waiting for, you slut. Eat it off there now!" Sharmell rolled
her eyes and put her tounge inside his japs eye and got the bit of carrot
off. "El oh el, how did that taste?" said an anxious Booker.

"It tastes all cummy," said a revolted Sharmell.

"Speaking of cum mate..." Booker prematurely let off some cum all over
Sharmell's top.

"Fucking hell Booker, that top cost me $400. You gonna pay for a new one?"

Booker replied with "Pay for this!" and smacked Sharmell's face with his
massive tool. Sharmell was holding her face in pain as Booker's willy was
just too much for her. Booker then said "You know what I want to do? I want
to do some DIY."

"DIY!?!" replied a confused Sharmell.

"Did I fucking stutter? I want to kick the brown door in and paint it white
on the way out. You dig that?" Booker smiled. Sharmell was willing to help
along with this DIY. So Booker, already lubed up with slubber and vomit,
inserted his massive tool inside the anal passage of Sharmell. "Awwwww my
ass hurts!" cried Sharmell.

"Shut the fuck up and accept the length, you hoe", replied Booker. Booker was
really getting stuck in on Sharmell so badly, that Sharmell was starting to
bleed from her ass. A tearful Sharmell begged Booker to stop, but Booker
wasn't having any of it. "Look you cow, there is two things you can do about
it and that's nothing and like it!"

Hearing this in the next room, Paul Burchill enters the room.

"AHAHAHAHAHAHA, it's like my mate Alex Shane is here," laughed Burchill.

Booker looked at Burchill like he's the most stupidest man alive. Booker
released his large tool from the anus of Sharmell and walked over to Paul.
"Mate, you can't walk over to me all naked," informed Burchill.

"I can do whatever the fuck I want cause I'm the King Of The Ring! You feel
me?" Booker told.

Burchill just laughed until Booker meet him with a right hand. Burchill came
right back with a punch to Booker's jaw and yelled "COCK KICK!" and went to
do an Ax-Kick on Booker, but Booker moved and Burchill got his foot stuck in
between Booker's erect penis and his pelvis. "Fuck fuck fuckity fuck!" yelled

Sharmell went over and said "I've always had a foot fetish."

Burchill and Booker just starred at Sharmell like a complete spastic.
"Sharmell, the King commands you to finish the job. Jerk my cock until I cum,
then I can get flaccid and his boot will no longer be stuck."

Sharmell gripped his mighty penis and started to wankit off. But Booker
couldn't cum. Having Burchill there was just not helping.

Luck would be on Booker's side though as Fit Finlay came in with a videotape.
"What the heck is happening here?" said a confused Finlay.

"Long story," replied all three.

"Maybe this will get you in the mood for sex," Finlay put the video tape in
the VHS Machine and it was a sex tape of Michael Cole and English Soccer
Player, Gary Neville, spitroasting a British Porn star named "Busty

"Fucking hell lads, it's only Gary Neville innit?" laughed Burchill.

Booker was fixated on Busty Tuffnell and all the sudden, all white spunk flew
over the place, even on Finlay's face.

ON ME FACE PAL?" said an angry Finlay. Finlay did a really stiff clothesline
on Booker and Booker did an awesome back bump on the locker, taking Burchill
with him. Finlay then grabbed a pen knife and proceeded to saw Booker's large
cock. "In my country, this is called chopping a tree down. Me and Roy Keane
used to do this all the time back in 1995."

Sharmell was screaming and Burchill was close to blacking out. Finlay
eventually cut off Booker's penis and blood went flying everywhere. Booker
passed out and Burchill was now free.


Finlay responded by cutting Burchill's windpipe.

Sharmell was cowering in the corner, all frightened and scared. Finlay just
did a sick smile towards her. "Now me lady, I guess you can say, your husband
"CUMS BLOOD~!~!~!~" then from out of nowhere, Cannibal Corpse perform their
hit "I Cum Blood". It was a great set from the lads, but they were not done

"Do you take requests?" asked Finlay to the "Corpsegrinder" George Fisher.

"YEEEESSSSSS" growled Fisher.

Then Finlay whispered something to Fisher's ear and then Fisher informed the
whole band that the song that they will be playing will be apt.

Finlay got his knife out again and walked towards Sharmell. "Now you silly
bitch, this will hurt...A WHOLE LOT!" and stabbed Sharmell in her cunt with
the knife. "Hit it boys", said Finlay.

Cannibal Corpse then performed "Fucked With A Knife" from The Bleeding album.

As Finlay thrusted Sharmell's pussy with the knife, all the sudden, Theodore
Long enters the room. "What in the blue blazes is going on here?" demanded

Cannibal Corpse stop their song. Finlay stops stabbing Sharmell in the cunt
and walks over to Long. "I'm fucking her with a knife! You want the same
treatment, Teddy?" answered Finlay.

"No, but I know who would" replied Long.

All the sudden, Chris Benoit's theme music hits and Benoit enters the room.
"I want a match right here, right now!" demanded Benoit.

Then in a shocking twist of fate, Samoa Joe from TNA and RoH fame enters the
room. "I demand you make this a triple threat NOW", Joe said to Long.

Booker woke up from his blackout and decided to make some hilarious
commentary on this whole deal, even when his cock was in severe pain.

Benoit, Joe and Finlay then have a 26 hour match in the locker room whilst
Cannibal Corpse are playing all their hits whilst Booker T is commentating
on the whole thing.


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