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All Hail Queen Sharmell
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

At the arena in Dallas, TX where the WWE is holding Saturday Night's Main
Event on July 15, 2006, The World Heavyweight Champion, Rey Mysterio is
entering his locker room after his team consisting of himself, Bobby Lashley
and Batista defeated King Booker, Finlay and Mark Henry in an epic six man
tag. After he closes the door behind him, Rey lays his World Heavyweight
Championship Belt on a table. "Man I showed Booker not to under estimate me
for the Bash..." Rey says to himself as he takes off his blue luchador mask
and lays it on top of his championship. As Rey bends down to pick up his
travel bag to get his travel clothes, he can hear a commotion out in the
hallway, but he doesn't go to investigate.

Suddenly Rey Mysterio's locker room door swings open and walks in the wife
of King Booker, the delightful Queen Sharmell; dressed in long black gown,
black silk gloves, and silver tinted tiara on top of her black, flowing
curly locks of hair. Queen Sharmell right away approaches the WWE World
Heavyweight Champion as she lets his locker room door closes on its own
"Just what do you think you're doing to MY MAN!" Sharmell says as she cocks
her head towards Rey, placing her hands on her hips with a royal attitude.

Rey turns around and looks at Sharmell as if she was insane, "Hey, this is
my locker room, what's the deal of you barging in here?" Rey asks as he's a
bit surprised of Sharmell just walking into his locker room.

The vivacious Queen Sharmell press her lips together as she looks directly
at Rey, slightly towering over the small World Heavyweight Champion "You
listen to me! How dare you, 619 a man of royalty...MY MAN...Kiiiiiing

Rey laughs a little, "A 619 is going to be last thing Booker T is going to
have to worry about... cause at The Great American Bash... he'll be getting
a 619, the West Coast Pop and a Drop of the Dime..." Rey replies to Sharmell
as he mentions three of his trademark maneuvers he uses to defeat his
opponents in the ring.

Queen Sharmell shakes her head and points at him "That's King Booker, to
you!" Sharmell snaps as she folds her arms "In fact Rey, you should MY MAN
and I with a little respect!"

Rey shakes his head as he tries not to laugh at Sharmell's comments, "Hey
I've known Booker T for years... ain't no way I'm going to call him King..."
Rey says, "And he gets the respect he shows others... and that's none."

"Oh Really! Well Rey...I think its time you bow down to royalty!" Queen
Sharmell says with a snap in her voice.

Rey raises an eyebrow, "Sharmell... I'm not going to bow down to anyone...
pretending to be royalty," Rey says as he looks up and down at Sharmell, then
he stands on his tip toes as if to look Sharmell right in the eye to make his
point clear.

Queen Sharmell laughs as she puts both of her silk black gloved hands up
"Don't make me're just a mere peasant.." Queen Sharmell pauses
and presses her lips "And now you better bow down to the Queen!" Sharmell
takes a moment to look Rey's muscular body up and down, nodding her head
"Remove your clothing...peasant."

Rey looks down at his blue wrestling pants and looks at Sharmell, "Excuse me?
You want me to take off my pants?" Rey asks as Sharmell's command has caught
him off guard.

Sharmell nods her head as she keeps are arms folded "You heard me...peasant!"
Queen Sharmell replies as she snaps her fingers "Hurry up..."

Rey smirks, "All right... but I ain't wearing nothing underneath them..."
Rey replies as he takes off his blue wrestling tights by lowering them from
his waist to his ankles. The World Heavyweight Champion steps out of them,
and now he's completely naked, giving Sharmell an eyeful of his small but
muscular chest, rock hard abs, powerful legs and his incredibly thick
twelve-inch shaft.

Queen Sharmell presses her lips together and nods her head "Sit down,
peasant!" The devious Queen Sharmell commands as she points over towards the
wooden bench in Rey's locker room.

Once more, Rey Mysterio tries not to laugh at Queen Sharmell's arrogance and
demands, but he does what she orders, "You're pretty pushy..." Rey says as he
walks over to the wooden bench and sits down on it. He leans back a bit and
rests his back against wall.

Queen Sharmell slowly approaches Rey Mysterio "Now, lets get one thing bow down to royalty." Queen Sharmell says as she lowers
herself down onto her knees in between Rey's legs. Queen Sharmell lifts
her silver tiara off of her head and sets it down on the wooden bench
next to Rey "And I'm gonna show you, what happens when you bow down to
myself and King Booker!" Sharmell says as the vivacious queen gently
grips Rey's cock with both of her hands and pulls his cock close her to
mouth. As Queen Sharmell begins to gently stroke Rey's cock with her
hands, she leans her head down and presses her tongue against the head
of Rey's cock and begins to circle her tongue around the surface of his
cock head.

"Ohhh shit..." Rey moans softly as he licks his lips. He relaxes on the
bench, laying both of his hands flat on the smooth surface of the wooden
bench, "Ok... so... this is a good incentive..." Rey says with a smile as
he looks down at the Queen of the WWE. Queen Sharmell begins to gently
tap her tongue against the head of Rey's cock as she circles his tongue
around, before dropping her tongue down his shaft. As Sharmell strokes
the lower portions of Rey's shaft with her hands she works her royal
tongue against the sides of Rey's shaft, below the head of his cock. Rey
swallows a bit and licks his lips continuously as watches Queen Sharmell
bathe his cock with her saliva, "Ahhh... mmmmm.... you've got some Royal
talents..." Rey moans as tilts his head back when Sharmell squeezes the
lower portions of his large cock with her glove covered hands.

Queen Sharmell closes her eyes as she gently works her tongue back Rey's
cock, coating his cock with her warm saliva. Once Sharmell reaches the head
of Rey's cock once again, she opens her mouth and lowers her head down on
his cock. The royal beauty, Queen Sharmell, gently wraps her lips around his
shaft and begins to slowly bob her head on the cock of the World Heavyweight
Champion. "Mmmmm.... ohhhhh fuck...." Rey groans with pleasure as he feels
Queen Sharmell's warm, moist mouth moving back and forth along his fat long
Mexican dick. Out of instinct, the World Heavyweight Champion places his
lift hand on top of the Queen's head.

Sharmell begins to swiftly bob her head on his cock as she works her
vivacious, royal tongue around the shaft of Rey Mysterio, splashing his cock
with her saliva as sucks steadily on his cock. "Uhhhhh....mmm.... fuck... you
sure... now how to get a man to want to bow down..." Rey moans as he praises
the way Sharmell attacks his cock with her splendid mouth and skilled tongue.
The World Heavyweight Champion can feel The Queen's saliva slide down his
meaty cock whenever she moves her head upward on his cock.

Queen Sharmell slowly opens her eyes as she lifts her head off of Rey's cock
as his cock drips of her wet saliva. Sharmell slowly stands up and folds her
arms "Stand up!" Queen Sharmell says in a commanding tone as she looks down
at Rey Mysterio.

Rey smirks, "All right Queen..." Rey says as he stands up from the wooden
bench. His thick hard cock sticks straight out and points at Sharmell as her
saliva continues to drip from his shaft.

Queen Sharmell presses her lips together "Remove my garments, peasant! And be
careful with them!"

"Fine with me... always wanted to see what a Queen looks without her clothes
on..." Rey laughs a bit, still finding humor in the situation as he steps
around behind her. Rey finds the zipper in the middle of her back and slowly
unzips Sharmell's long black gown. As more and more of Sharmell's lovely
black skin becomes exposed, Rey pushes the top portion of the Queen's gown
down so that it falls down to her feet. Rey doesn't let the black gown
crumple at her feet, "You better step out of it.... or you're going to ruin
it yourself..." Rey says with a smirk on his handsome face.

"I didn't say you could talk, peasant.." Sharmell snaps back, looking over
her shoulder before the vivacious queen steps out of her long, black gown.

Rey laughs as he picks up Sharmell's gown from the floor, "You could learn to
be a bit humble you know..." Rey says as he carefully folds Sharmell's gown
once and lays it on top of the wooden bench right next to her tiara.

Queen Sharmell folds her arms and presses her lips together as she watches
Rey. Sharmell shakes her head "You still have more work to do."

Rey licks his lips, "Oh I think I know what my 'work' is..." Rey says as
he again stands behind Sharmell and unsnaps the clasp of her black bra. He
reaches around in front of her and peels it from her elegant ebony body.
Once her bra is removed, Rey steps in front of the Queen, kneels down and
lowers her black silk panties. Realizing he's on his knees as he lowers her
panties, Rey laughs and looks up at her, "You got me to bow before you..."

Queen Sharmell points back over to the wooden bench "Lay down, peasant!"
Sharmell commands the World Heavyweight Champion.

Rey smirks, "You don't have to yell..." Rey says as he lays down on the
wooden bench, laying on his back. He puts his hands behind his head and licks
his lips as he looks at Queen Sharmell's beautiful dark skinned body.

Queen Sharmell approaches the wooden bench that Rey is laying on, she places
her left black gloved hand on top of Rey's muscular chest as she straddles
herself above his cock. Gently, the vivacious Queen lowers herself down on
Rey's thick, Mexican cock "Ohhhhhhh..." Queen Sharmell moves as she now
places both of her gloved hands firmly on the muscular chest of Rey Mysterio.

"Ohhhh fuck..." Rey arches his back a bit as he feels Queen Sharmell's
pussy tighten on his large fat Hispanic dick. Out of instinct, The World
Heavyweight Champion places his hands on Sharmell's smooth legs.

Queen Sharmell tosses her black hair back as she starts to slowly rock back
and forth on Rey's cock as she gradually bounces quickly on his stiff prick
"Ohhh...All hail the Queen!" Sharmell moans as she starts to ride Rey's cock
at a quicker pace.

Rey licks his lips as he slides his hands back and forth over Sharmell's
ebony thighs as he closes his eyes. "Awww hell...." Rey groans as he begins
thrusting his cock up into the Queen's tight pussy. The greatest underdog
champion steadily bucks his hips to drive his dick sharper into her tight
cunt. Queen Sharmell closes her eyes and tilts her head back, moaning, as
she bounces quicker on Rey's cock, causing the beautiful Queen to slam down
harder on Rey's cock upon each impact. Rey sits up a bit on the bench so
he's able to reach behind the Queen to place his hands on both of her round
perfect ass. Rey pulls Queen Sharmell forward on his cock whenever she rocks

Queen Sharmell gently grits her teeth as she slams down powerfully on Rey's
cock, sending his cock deep into her warm and royal pussy "Ohhhhh...Rey!"
The Queen shrieks.

With his hands on Sharmell's ass cheeks, the World Heavyweight Champion Rey
Mysterio pulls himself up into a full sitting position. "Queens always like
to be on top..." Rey says with a groan before his lowers his head to circle
his tongue around the stiff nipples of Queen Sharmell's royal tits. Rey
gives each of her ebony tits equal treatment as the Queen of the WWE
lustfully rides his Hispanic rod.

"Mmmm ohhhh Rey...bow down to the Queen! BOW DOWNNNN!" Sharmell moans as
she rocks back and forth on his cock as she bounces quicker and rougher on
his cock.

Rey lifts his head from Sharmell's beautiful tits and locks eyes with her,
"You want me to bow down.... I'm not even... warmed up..." Rey says with a
grin as he slides his hands from Sharmell's ass cheeks to her hips to make
her stop bouncing on his cock.

Queen Sharmell licks her lips as she slows down on his cock and gradually
lifts herself off of his cock. Sharmell stands up and points down to the
floor "On your knees!" The vivacious Queen Sharmell commands.

Rey smirks and licks his lips, "All right..." Rey gets off the bench and
kneels down on the floor of the locker room. He looks at Queen Sharmell with
a smirk on his face. Queen Sharmell holds her head high as if her status is
higher of that of the World Heavyweight Champion, Rey Mysterio. Sharmell then
kneels down in front of Rey and bends over onto her knees, in classic doggy
style position.

"Funny... now you're on your knees before me..." Rey says as he places his
left hand on to Queen Sharmell's chocolate colored ass. Rey grips his stiff
fat cock with his right hand and slips it into the Queen's pussy, then lays
his right hand on top of her ass as well. "Are you ready your highness?" Rey
asks with a bit of sarcasm in his voice as he addresses her with mock

Sharmell glances over her shoulder at Rey "Get to work, you peasant!" Queen
Sharmell commands as she backs her ass up against Rey's waist and begins to
grind her pussy against Rey's hard cock that is inside of her warm, royal

Rey licks his lips as he begins thrusting his cock in and out of her pussy
at a steady rate, "Mmmmm.... nothing... like... fucking royalty..." Rey
laughs a bit as he pumps his cock in and out of Sharmell's tight royal
pussy, Rey rubs the Queen's ass with his hands and he lightly squeezes her
ass cheeks as he drills her with his fat large cock. Queen Sharmell tilts
her head back and groans as Rey starts to swiftly deliver hard, stiff
thrusts to her tight, wet pussy. The World Heavyweight Champion makes
Sharmell's body shake and jolt forward after every thrust. "Ahhhh....
mmmm.... you like this peasant's cock?" Rey grunts as he pumps his cock
with every bit of strength his body. Rey continues to rub the Queen's ass
as he fucks her pussy.

Sharmell grits her teeth "Ohhhh...I love your Mexican cock, you peasant....
Ohhhh bow dowwnnnn!" Sharmell groans as she slams herself back against Rey's
cock at a quick, rough rate.

Rey smirks as sweat rolls down his face, "Thought... sooooo...." Rey grunts
as he slams his cock back and forth, in and out of her pussy. He continues
to give Sharmell stiff thrusts as he smacks her royal backside. "I'm not...
ready to bow down yet..." Rey groans.

Sharmell looks over her shoulder back at Rey as the well-hung Hispanic World
Heavyweight Champion quickly darts his cock in and out of her tight pussy.
Sweat drips down the beautiful face of Queen Sharmell "Ohhhh awww peasant
boy...I'm am the Queen!"

Rey licks his lips as drops of sweat fall off of his muscular body, "And I'm
the World... Heavyweight... Champion..." Rey says as he suddenly pulls his
cock out of her tight royal soaking wet pussy. "And I'm going... to bow
down... when I'm... ready..." Rey says as he shoves his long thick Mexican
cock into her tight ebony asshole.

Sharmell grits her teeth as she tilts her head back, feeling his cock enter
her tight ebony asshole "Ohhh you peasant..." Sharmell groans.

Rey reaches underneath Sharmell with his right hand and starts rubbing her
royal pussy with two of his finger as he pumps his cock in and out of her
ass. "Uhhh.... now... this... is how... I respect... Royalty...." Rey grunts
as he fucks both the Queen's ass and her pussy. Sharmell licks her lips as
she starts to cum against Rey's fingers.

Rey grins as he feels Sharmell's warm cum spill onto his fingers. Rey
continues to drive his cock in and out of her asshole as he grits his
teeth. "Ohhhh.... shit... yeah..." Rey grunts as he feels he's going to
cum, "Queen... I'm gonna fucking... fill your royal ass..." Rey says as
he slows down his thrusts to draw out how long he's fucking her.

Sharmell looks back over her shoulder "Ohhh...All Hail...The Queen!"

"Ahhhh.... ohhhh fuck... hail the queen is right..." Rey groans as he starts
to cum inside of Sharmell's black ass. Rey closes his eyes as he sprays the
insides the Queen's royal asshole with his hot spunk. Queen Sharmell slowly
crawls away from Rey's cock as his cock slips out from inside of her asshole.
Sharmell slowly stands up and wipes her forehead with her left gloved hand.

Rey remains on his knees as he looks up at Sharmell, "Now... I bow... to the
queen..." Rey says as he bows his head down a bit, but he has a smirk on his
face when Sharmell turns to look down at him.

Sharmell presses her lips together as she narrows her eyes "Now peasant...get
this straight! MY MAN....KIIIIING BOOOOKER! Is going to be the next WWE World
Heavyweight Champion!"

Rey nods his head, "He has his shot... at the Great American Bash.... I
might... just drop the belt to him for you Queen..."


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