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All In A Days Work - Scene 1
by Alex Rizzo

Vince McMahon, owner of WAE (World Adult Entertainment), had just walked
into his conference room. He looked at his stars. He had some of the most
beautiful women working for him in the world's largest adult entertainment
company, including his daughter. He looked out at his stars as he stood at
the podeum. "Ladies and gentlemen of WAE, we will be shooting a new film
starting tomorrow" Vince stated getting a small applause out of his
employees. "The swordsmen I'll need in this film are as follows, your part
will be given to you tomorrow on the set. Jamie Noble, Matt Hardy, Jeff
Hardy, Shannon Moore, Hurricane, X-Pac, Edge, Chavo Guerrero, and Raven."
golf clap from those mentioned "As for the divas, Trish Stratus, Lita, Stacy
Keibler, Torrie Wilson, Nidia, Molly, Dawn Marie, and the star of our new
film, none other than my little girl, Stephanie McMahon. Thank you, shooting
starts tomorrow." With that Vince left the room and a small dispute broke out
among the divas.

"I can't believe I was passed up for the starring role." Trish complained to
her friends Torrie and Stacy.

"I know, I mean we all know she got the part because she slept with Vince."

Trish and Torrie shot an odd stare at the dumbass as all the rest are piling
out of the conference room.

Day One of Shooting, First Sex Scene, Scene 6: Molly Holly and Chavo Guerrero

The crew was shooting this scene at the McMahon estate. The director Jerry
"The King" Lawler, was with the two involved in this scene, Molly and Chavo.
Molly was dressed in a tennis outfit and Chavo was dressed in a t-shirt and

"Okay Molly," King started, "You take Chavo into your room. You start with
oral on him and then you strip. He does oral on you and then he takes off the
rest of his clothes. Positions are as follows. Missionary, cowgirl, reverse
cowgirl, and Chavo, when you get too hot, and you feel it coming soon, try to
hold out and do anal. And when you seriously can't hold back any longer, pull
out and let it loose."

"Hey Jerry," Molly interrupted, "Okay for anal, should I stay in reverse
cowgirl or should we go doggy? Also, where should he cum?"

"Um, well, it's your ass so it's up to you. And, I really wanted to go for a
facial just because it would look great on camera. I know you don't like it
so just bear with me on it, okay?" he answered "Any other questions?"

"Yeah," Chavo spoke up, "How come I always got to play a landscaper, a pool
boy, or some vato. Can you please put in a good word to get me better parts?"
Chavo complained.

"Listen Chavo, if your job never required it, do you think you would have
one shot in a million with a girl like Molly, or with Lita, or with any other
girl you were able to work with? I didn't think so. Your not getting
nominated for an Academy Award for the work you do here pal. Truth is your
hung like a bull and not a bad lookin' kid. Just fuck her and get paid. Stop
complaining, understand?" Jerry said.

"I got ya," Chavo replied.

"Good, okay, places everyone, places."

The cast and crew get into position.

"Rolling, and action!" Jerry yelled.

Molly led Chavo into the bedroom.

"Here you go Enrique. You look tired, just lay down."

"Thanks," Chavo said, "Landscaping is really tough work, and I'm so lonly, I
have no one to go home to. All I have is this"

"Really, that's too bad." Molly replied, "Maybe I could help you feel


"Yeah, just lay back on the bed."

Chavo lays on the bed and Molly crawls between his legs. Molly unzips Chavo's
pants and pulls out his cock. She eyes the sizable member and puts it in her
mouth. She starts to suck on the huge dick. Molly works her pretty mouth up
and down the shaft as Chavo reaches for her ass and pulls up her skirt. Chavo
feels around and no undies. He rubs her tight asshole and massages her tan
pussy lips. Molly is making loud slurping and sucking sounds with her mouth
that could barely fit around Guerrero's girth. Chavo lays back and watches
the cutie suck his dick. She pops the slobber coated member out of her mouth
and gives the shaft one last, long, paint brush lick.

Molly hops off the bed and starts to shake her ass at Chavo. She lifts up
her skirt to show him her smooth bare ass and then bends over to show him her
fabulous cunt. She takes off her polo and bra and reveals her large natural
tits to Chavo. She crawls back onto the bed next to Chavo and spreads her
legs. Guerrero lowers his head inbetween her legs and starts to eat her out.
Chavo licks her pussy lips and then inserts his middle finger inside of her.
Chavo flicks his tongue across her clit as he works his middle finger in and
out of her cunt at a blinding speed. Molly lets out sighs and moans as Chavo
manually and orally gratifies Ms. Holly. Guerrero continues to munch her clit
and work his finger inside of her.

Guerrero takes a few long licks to her cunt before he stops and takes off the
rest of his clothes. Molly stays spread eagle on the bed and Chavo lowers
himself on top of her. He eases his large dick into her tight pussy. Chavo
starts out slow, but quickly picks up the pace. Chavo pounds his meat into
Molly Holly's glorious pussy, the tiny space being stretched to its capasity
by the thick latino cock. Molly stares at Chavo and lets out little moans as
she practically feels her uterus being breached. Chavo slows his pace and
uses long, slow, deep thrusts into Molly. Her sighs and moans sound like
music to Chavo. Her pulls his cock out of the gaping twat and watches as it
contracts back to its petite natural state.

Chavo lays back on the bed and Molly straddles him. She eases herself back
onto his dick with a little less effort and starts to ride him. Her body is
quickly becoming used to being stretched out. She bounces her cute ass on
his lap and works her pussy up and down on his cock. Molly slowly starts to
bounce faster. Picking up her pace until she rides herself into exhaustion.
Chavo sucks on her nipples as he thrusts up into her. Molly lifts one of her
own tits to her mouth and starts to lick her own nipples.

Chavo tires out and Molly eases herself all the way down on Chavo's dick and
starts to grind on his crotch. Molly gets off of Chavo and squats down on his
dick facing away from him. Molly puts her arms behind him for support and
Guerrero holds his cock steady as Molly slides it back into her cunt. Molly
bucks her hips back to take his dick in her deep. She bucks wildly on his
cock, probing her slick pussy hard and fast. Chavo slides his hands from her
waist to her tits. He squeezes the firm mounds as she rides him. Chavo starts
to hump her as she rides him. Molly is in a state of euphoric pleasure from
the penetration.

Chavo is the only one working now. He fucks the girl until he starts to feel
a tingling sensation. He pulls out of her, and she goes on all fours. Chavo
positions himself behind her and pokes the head of his dick into her tight
ass. Chavo presses harder and gets that much in. He starts to do baby thrusts
into her ass, sliding more and more in little by little. Molly feels her
rectum get stretched even more so than her pussy moments ago. She relaxes her
anal muscles as the deep penetration begins.

Chavo gets all that he can in and then starts to steadily work his cock in
and out of her ass. Chavo is moments from cumming, but wants to hold out a
little longer to continue to enjoy her rear love tunnel. Chavo looks down at
his dick stretching out Molly's asshole. Knowing he doesn't have much left
in him, he works the last of his energy into tearing her ass up.

Without warning Chavo started to fuck Molly's ass with reckless abandon.
Pounding his cock in and out of her like a jackhammer. Molly passivly takes
the abuse and waits for the money shot. Chavo somehow starts to hump faster
until he pulls out and starts to jerk off. Molly opens her mouth and looks
up at Chavo as semen flows out of his dick like a hose and gets all over her
face. She licks her lips clean and grabs Chavo's cock and milks the last of
his cum onto her toung. She swallows the little that got in her mouth and
smiles at Guerrero. She gives the head one last lick and then "CUT!" comes
from Jerry Lawler in the director's chair.

The fluff girl Jackie Gayda hands Molly a towel to wipe the sperm off of her
face. Chavo gives Molly a quick hug and Lawler comes up to the two.

"Okay, beautiful. All the cameramen said they got good shots and the whole
scene is a good length. Okay, great. Next we'll film the dialouge before for
this scene, okay?"

"Okay," Chavo spit out.

"Fine with me," Molly agreed.

"Okay, great. You two get dressed and meet me in the garden."

"Okay Jerry," both said as they got dressed and the crew started to move the
equipment outside.

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