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All In A Days Work - Scene 2
by Alex Rizzo

Day Two of Shooting, Second Sex Scene, Scene 10: Dawn Marie with X-Pac and
Jamie Noble

The cast for this scene and the crew are at a high school library at 8pm.
X-Pac is wearing a football jersey and jean shorts, Jamie is wearing a
basketball jersey and baggy jeans. Dawn on the other hand is done up to
look like a nerd, glasses, hair in a ponytail, button up blouse, grey
flanel skirt, knee high stockings and black dress shoes. Jackie Gayda, the
fluff girl is on her knees giving X-Pac head and jerking off Noble. Jerry
Lawler walks up to the cast to give them a run down of the scene.

"Okay guys," he starts out, "This is going to be one of the shorter scenes.
Just some quick dialouge and right to the action. Dawn, you say your lines
and then right to the double blow job. Then doggy and blow job on the table.
Double penetration on the table. Then back to the floor for the money shot
right in your mouth. Got it sweet-heart?"

"Got it," Dawn replied.

"Hey fellas, did you hear me?" Jerry yelled at X-Pac and Noble.

Noble was currently recieving Jackie's oral skills and X-Pac was getting a
hand job.

"Yeah, we heard ya," X-Pac replied.

"Good. Places everyone, places," Jerry yelled.

Jackie took her mouth off of Jamie's cock and went behind the camera. Noble
and X-Pac put their cocks away and sat down at a table with Dawn.

"Rolling and, ACTION!"

X-Pac was half asleep and Jamie was drawing in his note book.

"Come on guys," Dawn pleaded. "You have to study if you ever want to get
better grades."

"How 'bout this?" Jamie said, "You just give us your note book brainiac, and
we'll copy out of it and pass everything, how's that sound?"

"Yeah, come on. We're not going to pass on our own," X-Pac enforced.

"Because," Dawn started, "That's cheating and you won't get anywhere doing
that. Now come on and hit the books."

"You expect us to listen to a geek like you?" Jamie retorted.

Dawn adjusted her glasses, "I'm not a geek. Just because I'm smart doesn't
make me a geek. I probably like the same stuff you do."

"Sure you do," X-Pac sarcasticly stated.

"I do. I like listening to oldies. Reading. Riding my bike. Sucking cock."
Dawn said.

Jamie's and X-Pac's faces turn to shock for a moment. Jamie is the first one
to come to, "Bullshit. A geek like you probably doesn't know how to give

"I do to," Dawn defended herself.

"Right, dude, you thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?" Jamie said to X-Pac.

"Already there man."

The two guys stand up and whip out their half hard cocks at Dawn. Without any
hesitation, Dawn scoops up both dicks in her hands and starts to jerk them to
full erection. She sizes up both pieces and decides Jamie gets first go. Dawn
wraps her lips around Jamie's member and starts to work her mouth along the
length. She tentativly bobs her head on his average sized member. She pulls
her mouth off his dick and undoes her blouse, revealing a teal colored bra.
She turns to X-Pac and starts to suck his dick. Jamie feels her large breasts
as she beats him off and blows X-Pac. X-Pac grabs her from around the back
of her head and pushes her down deeper on his dick, almost getting the whole
thing down her throat. Dawn pulls her head up and puts both dicks in her
mouth. She sucks and works her toung all over the heads as she rapidly
pistons both fists on the shafts. X-Pac pulls his dick out of her mouth and
Jamie starts to hump her face. Jamie pulls out and X-Pac does the same.
Dawn spits out the dick and starts a dual hand job again. She looks up at
both guys with a devilish grin.

Jamie stands her up and she climbs onto the table on all fours. X-Pac goes by
her head puts his dick back in her mouth as Jamie climbs up behind her and
lifts up her skirt. Jamie sizes up her ass for a moment and slides his prick
into her twat. Jamie slowly works his dick into her bald cunt as she sucks
X-Pac off. X-Pac grabs the sides of her head and starts to fuck her face
again. X-Pac doesn't start out to a steady rhythm but soon he and Jamie are
thrusting in and out at the same time. All Dawn can do is drool and moan.
Jamie smacks Dawn's firm ass and then pulls out of her pussy. X-Pac pulls his
spit covered cock out of her mouth and Dawn takes off the shirt and her bra,
showing them her damn near perfect boobs.

X-Pac and Jamie take off their pants. X-Pac lays on the table and Dawn
strattles him. She starts to ride him until Jamie comes from behind and
shoves his cock up her ass. Both Noble and X-Pac start to ravage Dawn's
orifaces. Jamie pounds her rectum as X-Pac works her pussy. Dawn groans
from the pain and pleasure, then reaches back to feel Jamie's balls. X-Pac
sucks on her tits as he penetrates the beauty. Jamie and X-Pac start to
work double time, fucking her twice as fast and twice as hard. Dawn lights
up like a Christmas tree from the treatment. X-Pac grabs her hips and
starts to fuck her harder as Jamie grabs her tits and does the same. Both
of them stop to a complete halt with their dicks all the way inside both
of her body cavities.

Both guys pull out and help Dawn to the floor. She drops to her knees, takes
off her glasses, and opens her mouth wide. Jamie and X-Pac both start jerking
off and not even a few seconds later shoot their wads in her mouth. Both men
shoot enough seed to fill her mouth to the brim. X-Pac wipes the remaining
cum on his dick off on her face. Dawn swallows the heavy load and licks
Jamie's cock clean. She looks up at both guys with an ear to ear grin on her
face. Jamie runs his hand through her hair and suddenly "CUT!" is heard from
the director's chair.

Jerry walks up to the trio. "Guys, that was perfect, you did great. However,
the money shot needs to be re-done. Dawn, I didn't want you to swallow it."

"Sorry," Dawn apologized.

"That's okay," Jerry assured her, "Guys, you up to cum in her mouth again?"

"Do you have to ask?" X-Pac replied.

"Okay, I didn't think I would. Jackie come over here. Okay girls, you get
them ready, guys, you know what to do."

"We got ya," Jamie responded.

Jackie and Dawn both drop to their knees in front of Jamie and X-Pac. Jackie
starts to suck off Jamie as Dawn does X-Pac. The whole crew is in position
for when the have to start filming. Jackie deepthroats Jamie's dick and Dawn
tries to give X-Pac the most brisk blow job she could give. The girls both
start to bob their heads at blinding speeds and at about the same time the
guys tell Jerry their ready. Dawn and Jackie both stop sucking and Jackie
hops off camera as Dawn opens wide. The cameras are rolling and Jamie and
X-Pac start to jerk off.

Dawn gets impacient and starts to alternate blow jobs on them until they
cum like cannons right into her mouth. They don't shoot as much as they did
before but this time Dawn Marie sloshes their jizz in her mouth for a moment
and then slowly starts to let it ooze from her lips onto her chin and down
to her chest. She gives Noble and X-Pac a sexy pout that turns into a
mischivious grin.

Lawler yells, "CUT! That was perfect! Okay people, that's a rap!"

Jackie hands Dawn a towel to clean her face as the crew starts to pile out.

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