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All In The Family
by Torrie's Ass

The clock began to ring. Torrie Wilson tossed around under her covers
covering her ears. She didn't plan to get up early in the morning considering
the fact that Vince gladly gave her the week off.

As the ringing seemed to never stop, Torrie leaned up and threw a pillow
at the clock sending it to the ground. She let out alittle yell in anger.
Torrie calmed down and stodd up strecting her arms. Torrie's dark tanish legs
exposed as Torrie dressed in short white shorts and white shirt walked to the
bathroom. She stared at herself and washed her sexy face off. She then
brushed her teeth and fixed herself up.

Torrie still in her shorts began to hike up exposing more of her sexy soft
legs. Her sexy and big ass couldnt be hidden. Her HUGE natural breasts gave
her shirt two huge bumps. Torrie headed to the kitchen. As she got there she
opened the refrigerator and bent down. Her ass fully visable and easily shown
that Torrie was pantie-less...Torrie reached in for some milk and cereal. As
she poured her milk and cereal, she headed to her room. Her sexy ass jiggling
and her sexy legs looked so hot, anyone could lick Torries legs up and down
all day.

She turned on her TV and watched the news. Torrie sat crosslegged on her
bed which wasn't a good position as her shorts revealed some spots of
Torrie's "secret place." Torrie continued to eat her cereal. The thought of
how hot she placed her spoon in her mouth each time would make any man hard.

Just as Torrie was almost done, she paid too much attention to the show
instead of her spoon and cereal went down her shirt. The milk made it seem
like she had...well you know on her. As torrie yelled,"Oh...crap!" she
dropped the whole bowl on her lap. Milk dripped into her shorts and splashed
all over her white shirt. It dried so fast that her shirt was beginning to
look see-thru and her hard and round nipples soon popped up.

Torrie got up and carefully removed her shirt. Her sexy body becoming more
exposed. She then used her fingers and slid off her shorts leaving Torrie's
hot pussy exposed. Her pussy was so hot and sexy. It looked warm and
"UNVISITED" her body showed no sign of a tan line and her whole body looked
hot. Torrie's vigina was shaven perfectly and looked so hot. Torrie put on
some more skimy shorts that she would never wear outside her house.

She soon heard the door bell ring. She quickly slipped on her short short
shorts and put on another shirt leaving her wet clothes on the floor. She
walked out to the door and opened it to a shocking suprise...she yelled,
"DADDY!!" Torrie leaped at him with a huge hug. Her father had no choice but
to pick her up. He placed his hands on her sexy ass and raised her.

"OH MY GOSH DADDY HOW ARE YOU?"she yelled in such excitement.

Her dad replied, "I thought id pay a visit to my only daughter!!"

Torrie smiled and got back on her own feet. Torrie was so happy she didn't
realize her shorts were so raised up, her pussy was nearly exposed. Torrie
said, "Please come in dad," she helped her father in to her "MANSION."

Her father joked, "Whoa, how much does it pay to be a wrestler?"

Torrie smiled and threw a soft punch to his arm. "Dad, you know very well
what I get paid. After all who bought you that car?"

Her father laughed and said, "I get it, but how are you?"

Torrie couldn't keep her happiness away. She hadn't seen him in nearl
eight months! Torrie said, "I'm fine dad, but how are you? I mean since you
and mom divorced?"

Her dad soon seemed emotional but said, "I'm getting through it Tor. Its
hard but..."

Torrie hugged him. "Its ok dad, it was for the best."

Torrie's dad wasn't as old as suggested. He was in his late 30's and early

Torrie said, "Dad, you can stay here with me for awhile. You need someone
now and I have the week off."

Her dad thought and looked around at her huge and cozy place, "HOW can I

Torrie smiled, "Come on dad, I'll show you around."

Torrie showed her father where everything was.


Torrie and her father caught up on memories. Torrie soon remembered that
she would need food for her father. She said, "Hey dad, I'm gonna go get some
food. You stay here and relax."

Her dad said, "Sure you don't need help?"

Torrie got up. "I want this dinner to be a suprise!"

A few minutes later Torrie returned in tight blue jeans and short tanktop.
She said, "Make yourself at home, I'll be back in about an hour, then we'll
finish talking." She walked out and drove away in her blue shiny Corvette.

Her father sitting in the living room walked around exploring Torrie's
house. He was so damaged about the divorce. He was hurting and couldn't
decide on his own. He walked down a hall and opened the door. It was Torrie's
room. He walked in exploring it. Torrie's wet clothes still on the floor. He
walked over to a dresser and examined some family photos.

Many of Torrie, him and her mom. He closed his eyes to fight back tears.
Looking down he opened her drawer and was shocked in embarrassment... with
him looking at her stuff. What he opened happen to be her thongs and panties.
He looked at them and loved some but thought others "WERE JUST STRAPS" but he
loved Torrie for who she is. He walked back out staring at her bed and
finally walked away.


It was around Torrie had cooked up or rather heated up some dinners
and her and her father continued to talk about many things. Torrie smiled
later and asked, "Want dessert?"

Her father nodded and she so sexy walked to the kitchen. Her father
examined her sexy ass as she walked. She returned with ice cream.

She said, "Here dad.....hello dad...u there?"

Her father suddenly froze and said, "Oh sorry, Tor." He reached for it
but never got hold and it dropped on the floor. He yelled, "I'm sorry Torrie,
I...I just blanked out."

Torrie calmed him down, "Its ok...I'll clean it up." She grapped a towel
and got on her knees. As she cleaned, her shirt became loose and her father
stared at her exposed chest...her huge titties...they were so round and
huge...all he could think about was how hot her daughter was. He began to
think, staring at her breasts.

Torrie looked up and noticed her dad's eyes on her chest. She looked down
and noticed her boobs about to nip out. She got up. "I'm sorry daddy. I
didn't think."

Her dad said, "It's ok, torrie. I'm the one to be sorry...its just..its
been so long since, since I've been with someone."

Torrie sat next to him, "Daddy, I know you want to re-marry. To be with
someone and to show your feelings."

Her father began to cry. "That's no excuse for my actions." Her father
yelled, "I want someone, Torrie. I want to show them, to make love to them...
I'm alone."

Torrie stared at her depressed dad.

She got up. "I'm going to help. I can't stand to see you like that."

Her dad said, "You've done enough."

Torrie responded, "Dad you want a female to show her what you care
about...come on...please daddy, for me come on."

Torrie led her dad to her room. She closed the door. "Dad, I know you want
to show someone what you truly you feel. I want you to show me dad!"

Her fathers eyes grew. "I can't, Torrie. I just..."

Torrie interupted, "Dad, I want you to...its ok. We're family. We have the
same blood dad...I want to see what you believe dad!"

Her dad thought and though.

Torrie said, "NO BUTS. Pretend I'm someone you want to marry. How would
you show her?" Torrie jumped on the bed. "Come on, dad," Torrie said.

Her dad said, "Torrie, I love you and I know what you are doing. Are you
sure?" he wept.

Torrie got up. "Dad..yes, please!"

Torrie couldn't see her father that upset and anything is worth it if it
made him happy. Torrie ubottoned her pants and slid them off her sexy legs
exposing her father a blue thong. Her father couldn't help but stare.

Torrie said, "Dad, just take me," as she removed her shirt. Her huge
breasts exploded in her blue bra. Her father just froze. "Are you ready?"

"Are you sure?"

Torrie yelled, "YES, YES... dad come on!"

Her father took off his shirt and pants. Just in his boxers and her thong
and bra. Torrie hugged her father and kissed him. He laid her down on the bed
and got on her. His penis began to enlarge and Torrie felt it against her
sexy legs. He kissed her and slowly looked down examining her sexy hips and

He got down and said, "Torrie, are you sure?"

Torrie said, "You're doing fine, dad. Don't hold back. I can handle it!"

Her father placed his thumbs on the straps of her thong. He closed his
eyes and yanked it down her legs. He looked and grew hard. Her pussy was warm
and so hot... just so perfect and hot. He stared at Torrie who had her finger
in her mouth. Her dad raised her tan thighs up in the air placing her legs on
his shoulders. He then inserted his 8" dick up her pussy.

Torrie sqirmed as her father went in inch by inch. She moaned, "More,
dad, more!"

Her dad was holding the part of exploding as he went in deeper on her
pussy. He began to thrust in and out of Torrie's pussy. She yelled and he
fucked her pussy. Heat rose between them as her father jammed his daughter's

He never felt this feeling, like his dick was never in something this
tight and soft. Not to hot just a warm feeling. He fucked her faster and
faster. He rubbed her sexy legs and kissd them as he stared down as Torrie's
hot pussy. She moaned fast and loud taking in what was there.

The speed rose so fast that Torrie's huge breasts flipped out of her bra.
She held them showing her father but yelled, "YEA.....DAD! I'm about to!!!!!!".

Torrie had just exploded all over in huge amounts. He went on fucking
her for two straight hours enjoying every second. She had the pussy of...a
dream... just so perfect. He went on fucking her in different positions. Her
laid down and put her on top. Cum everywhere. He yelled as he exploded in
her. Pumping her pussy faster and faster she just moaned and yelled.

Her father was drained of power and fainted. Torrie on top still with his
dick up her fell back exhausted and used her hands to remove her father's
hard penis. She lay next to him, filled with cum, tired and a little turned

Her father didn't appear to be waking soon and she felt no urge to move.
The two fell alsleep naked and wet.

* * *

The next morning Torrie woke up to a wet feeling and glanced at her father
in shock. His whole chest all white. She looked at her breasts. They had
hickies all over and spit. She didn't realize her father laying on the floor.
She got up wiping cum off her chest.

She got on the floor and her dad said, "Torrie, one more time please?"

Torrie thought about it and couldn't say 'no.' Her father made her stay in
doggy-stlye. He licked her huge round ass. She moaned as his tongue went in
and he spanked her tan butt for the sake of watching it jiggle. Then he
started with what power he had and fucked her up her ass. She yelled as this
was a new feeling.

Her father yelled and let out the most fearful load ever. She yelled as it
sqirted up her tight ass. She rose up with her father's dick in her ass. As
he went slower, she went faster to get the speed up. She finally retreated
and flew on the bed belly first.

Her father stood there and began to masturbate fast and blew cum on her
back. He then smacked her ass and flipped her over. Torrie was gasping for sore and wet, she felt a little bit naughty. He began to lick her
tits, grasping each in size. He loved them. So natural.

Torrie got up and said, "Did that satify you dad?"

Her father picked her up sqeezing her butt cheeks he said, "Torrie, that
was the most memorial time in my entire life. Thank you!"

Torrie smiled, "I knew you would."

Torrie got up reaching for clothes. As her father laid on the bed, she
walked out of the room nude. She stopped and smacking her sexy ass she said,
"Couldn't handle her huh, dad?"

Her father grunted.

Torrie smiled and headed for the shower. DEEP DEEP down in her mind, she
was so embarrassed to do what she did. It almost made her puke, but she also
felt like she knew her father would be alright and prayed his next wife could
stand it all night. She knew one thing... she needed a shower and a visit
from Trish or Steph.

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