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READ THIS FIRST!!! We, Kristi and Dice, want you to know that this is
fiction. Once more, fiction. It ain't true, didn't happen and probably won't
ever happen (if it does, you can just say that we are that damn good). But
regardless this is, this is FICTION!

Now... Kristi and Dice present:

All Mine... Oh Yeah!
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

In the locker room area of the Dunkin' Donuts Center in Providence, Rhode
Island , the last survivor of the infamous Hart Dungeon, Tyson Kidd is coming
out of the shower with a white towel wrapped around his waist. Earlier in the
night, he and the high flying Evan Bourne fought to a no-contest in a near
twenty-five minute long match. "I swear I'm going to put that little putz
back on the shelf." Tyson says as the locker room door opens and his long
time girlfriend and manager, third generation Diva Natalya Neidhart enters
the locker room getting the list of cities where they are headed next.

The sassy and tough "Anvilette" Natalya slyly smirks as she steps into the
locker room and closes the door behind her as she approaches her boyfriend
and client dressed in a simple towel. "Hey baby! You won't believe where
we're headed to next week!" Natalya says with a seductive, deep laugh while
dressed in a tight pair of black pants and hot pink jacket-styled top.

"I hope it's some place warm..." Tyson says with a smirk as he looks at
Natalya as he leans against the couch that's inside of the locker room.

Natalya licks her lips and nods her head with another deep laugh "Oh's really hot!" Natalya says with a laugh as she lightly tosses her
blonde and pink highlighted hair back.

"Don't leave me hanging Nattie..." Tyson laughs a bit, "Where are we going
next week?"

Natalya smacks her firm, luscious lips together and narrows her eyes
seductively " does Orlando sound, babe?"

Tyson smirks, "Awesome... hell anything other than this dump sounds great..."
Tyson replies, "But since we're heading to Orlando... does that mean you'll
be wearing that really tight pink top?" Tyson asks with a smirk.

Natalya nods her head and smirks confidently as she takes a step towards
Tyson Kidd "Oh you bet baby! You bet!" Natalya says as she lustfully narrows
her eyes at the muscular and tanned body on her long time boyfriend.

Tyson smirks as he sees how Natalya is looking at him, "I know that look
Nattie..." Tyson says as he holds his towel around his waist.

Natalya arches her left eyebrow with a sly and seductive smirk as she steps
even closer to Tyson Kidd, standing just inches away from him "What look Ty?"

Tyson Kidd licks his lips, "The look you get when you want something..."
Tyson replies as Natalya slyly grabs his towel and jerks it from around his

"Oh you know me all too well baby! Hahaha!" Natalya says with a laugh as she
seductively grits her teeth together and glances down at Tyson's nicely
sized, semi-hard cock after roughly jerking the towel from around his
muscular, tanned chest.

"Yeah I do Nattie..." Tyson smirks as his decently thick and long cock
steadily hardens even before Natalya wraps her right hand around it. Natalya
licks her firm and luscious lips before she lowers herself down onto her
knees in front of Tyson Kidd, wrapping her hands firmly around his rapidly
hardening cock. Natalya slyly smirks up at Tyson before she starts to stroke
her hands against his thick cock.

"Mmmmm yeah Nattie..." Tyson Kidd moans as he looks down at Natalya as she
pumps his cock with both of her hands until it's completely hardened. Natalya
locks her seductive eyes with Tyson Kidd as she lowers her head and parts her
moist, firm and luscious lips before she swallows the top half of Tyson's
cock, wrapping her lips against his meaty shaft and starts to smoothly bob
her head to suck on his cock.

"Mmmmm ahhhh ohhh yeah..." Tyson moans and licks his lips as he watches
Natalya bob her head eagerly along the length of his long and thick cock
while she continues to stroke his dick. Natalya removes her hands from around
Tyson's rock hard shaft and places them onto his muscular, tanned thighs as
she skillfully and smoothly lifts and lowers her head on his cock, perfectly
sucking him with ease.

"Ahhhh... mmmm damn Nattie..." Tyson moans as Natalya takes his cock further
into her mouth as she slides her hands up and down against his muscular

"Mmmmm...mmmmm..." Natalya groans as she lifts and lowers her head on Tyson's
cock, gently slapping her wet tongue against his shaft before smoothly
turning her head to grind her lips against his shaft. Natalya lightly rakes
her fingernails against his muscular, tanned thighs as she strokes her hands
up and down against his skin.

"Ohhhh fuck baby.... mmm I like it like that..." Tyson moans loudly as
Natalya rakes her pink nail polished coated fingernails against his thighs
while she twists and turns her head on his cock.

"Mmmmmm! Mmmmmm!" Natalya lustfully groans as she rapidly bobs her head up
and down on Tyson Kidd's cock, taking him deeply into her hot, intense mouth.

"Ahhhh mmmm fuck Nattie..." Tyson Kidd moans even louder as Natalya deep
throats his entire cock as she slaps her tongue against the bottom side of
his dick. Natalya lifts her beautiful and seductive eyes to look up at Tyson
before she lifts her head, dragging her wet tongue against his long shaft.

"Mmmm fuck baby... you're the best there is..." Tyson says as his saliva
coated cock falls out of Natalya's wet and warm mouth.

Natalya nods her head confidently and deeply laughs. "Hahaha! No one better
baby!" Natalya says as she scoots back on her knees and starts to remove her
hot pink jacket-styled top.

"Damn I love those..." Tyson Kidd grins as he watches Natalya's tits bounce a
bit as she pulls her hot pink-jacket-styled top up over her head. Natalya
sways her blonde and pink highlighted hair back and forth as she remembers
the hot pink jacket-styled top from her gorgeously juicy-thick and perfectly
cured, tanned upper body allowing her large tits free from the confinement of
her top. Tyson Kidd is easily awestruck by Natalya's large, juicy tits even
though he has seen them countless times. Natalya gets up from the floor and
turns around so that she can bend forward and place her hands on the couch's
cushions. Tyson steps behind the third generation Diva and eagerly pulls down
her tight fitting black pants from her nicely thick waist.

Natalya glances back over her shoulder and smirks back at Tyson "You love it
baby! Oh yeah!"

"Oh yeah baby..." Tyson says as he jerks Natalya's black pants down her legs,
exposing her juicy ass and her smooth powerful thighs. Tyson waits for
Natalya to step out of her pants before he puts his hands on her waist as he
pushes his cock into her hot pussy.

"Ohhhhh fuck baby!" Natalya groans and tilts her head back slightly as she
feels Tyson's cock plunging into her tight, warm pussy from behind. With his
hands planted against her juicy waist, the newest star of ECW starts to
thrust his cock in and out of her pussy.

"Ahhhhh... mmmm yeah..." Tyson Kidd grunts as he thrusts his cock deeply into
Natalya's pussy repeatedly. Tyson's thrusts are slow and incredibly firm at
first, but at a steady pace, he increases his speed.

"Ohhhh yeah baby! Ohhhh...hahaha...yeah!" Natalya moans as she rocks against
the arm of the couch while Tyson smoothly pumps his cock into her pussy from
behind, her juicy and nicely thick ass smacking against his tanned, muscular

"Ohhhh yeah... mmmm fuck yeah... awww..." Tyson moans as he rams his cock all
the way into Natalya's pussy as she pushes back to match his pace so that
she's fucking him as hard as he's fucking her.

Natalya grits her teeth as she starts to firmly rock back on her feet to push
herself back against Tyson Kidd's cock. "Ohhhh fucking yeah baby!"

"Mmmm yea Nattie.... ohh yeah take it deep baby!" Tyson grunts as he slams
his entire cock repeatedly and sharply into Natalya's wet cunt as her ass
smacks against his waist. Natalya slyly raises an eyebrow and tosses her
blonde and pink highlighted hair back as she firmly pushes her juicy, nicely
thick ass back against Tyson Kidd's tanned and toned waist as he drives his
cock into her nicely wet pussy from behind.

Even though he's was just in the shower close to ten minutes ago, Tyson is
already working up a sweat as he slams his cock into his long time
girlfriend's pussy. Tyson soon pulls his cock out of Natalya's pussy so that
he can move to sit on the couch. The Anvilette quickly joins him moments
later by straddling his lap as she lowers her pussy onto his cock.

"Hahaha! Oh yeah baby" Natalya lustfully moans and laughs as she places her
hands onto his shoulders before she smoothly rocks back on his cock and then
forward, grinding her wet pussy against his shaft.

"Ahhhh... mmmm yeah... awww...." Tyson moans as Natalya moves her hands back
and forth against his shoulders while she grinds herself on his shaft.

Natalya narrows her eyes seductively and glares into Tyson's eyes as she
sharply rocks forward on his cock, while starting to swiftly bounce up and
down on his cock. "Ohhhh! Ohhhh yeah baby!"

"Ahhhh yeah.... mmmm fuck Nattie... awww..." Tyson places his hands on
Natalya's juicy thighs as she bounces up and down on his cock, which results
in her rather thick ass to smack down repeatedly and loudly on his muscular

"Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh yeah baby! Ohhhh fucking yeah!" Natalya deeply moans as she
tilts her head back, sliding her hands from his shoulders to his toned chest
as she rapidly bouncing up and down on his cock, constantly smacking her
juicy, thick ass on his legs. Tyson slides his hands from Natalya's thighs
and places them on her waist as he starts to thrust his rock hard cock upward
into Natalya's pussy as she rides him wildly. Tyson grins as he watches
Natalya jerk her head back and forth so that her blond, pink streaked
hair flies back and forth.

"Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhh yeah baby!" Natalya moans and slightly digs her hot pink
painted fingernails into his muscular chest as she sharply rocks forward on
his cock, jerking his shaft with her wet and tight pussy.

"Ahhhh... mmmm yeah... ohhh yeah... ahhh... ahhh!" Tyson grunts and moans as
he drives his cock up into Natalya's pussy while she rocks roughly on his
cock, and her movements apply extra pressure on his shaft, which is now
starting to throb inside of her pussy.

Natalya bites down on her bottom lip and closes her eyes as her wet pussy
tightly wraps around Tyson Kidd's cock as the sassy and seductive "Anvilette"
begins to cum against her boyfriend's cock. "Ohhhhh Ty baby!"

"Ohhhh ahhh fuck... ohhh ahhh... awww!" Tyson Kidd moans loudly as his cock
starts to erupt inside of Natalya's hot wet pussy as she cums on his cock. As
Natalya's pussy juices flow out of her pussy and onto his shaft, Tyson's warm
cum shoots up into her pussy.

Natalya slowly opens her sly and beautiful eyes as she licks her luscious,
moist lips. "Mmmm...Ty baby..." Natalya moans as she slowly rocks forward on
his cock.

"Mmmm.... ohh you're the best Nattie..." Tyson smirks as Natalya moves her
hands on his chest before sliding them back up to his shoulders.

Natalya Neidhart licks her lips and wraps her arms around Tyson Kidd's sweat
coated neck as she playfully moans his head towards her body, almost in the
form of a frontal headlock. "And you're all mine baby! Hahaha! Oh yeah!"


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