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All Night Sex Part 1
by JCP

It all began one Monday Night before RAW. Trish Stratus was backstage gearing
up for her WWE women's title shot against Molly Holly (the champion) when she
gets a letter from one of her lucky fans. She reads it

"Dear Dreamgirl,
I always admired your beautiful body. I want you to meet
me out in the parking lot later tonight.

Signed your #1 fan."

Trish didn't know who wrote it,but intended to find out later.

An hour Later Trish was decked out in her ring attire goes out to the parking
lot, where her #1 fan was waiting. Trish demanded that that person removed
his mask. So he did and the #1 fan was... ME.

So she ran towards me jumped up, wrapped her legs around my torso and arms
around me neck and started kissing me. Then I said "DAMN." I then opened
the backseat of my car and we went inside and continued kissing roughly. She
ripped off my black buttoned shirt, turned me around and puts her hands on
my chest and rubs me the right way and then took off her top revealing her
bra. So I get up and start licking her cleavage. She let out a moan as I
continued burying my face in her tits.

Trish then grabs a hold of my pants, unbuttoned and unzipped and takes out
my dick and starts sucking on it and would never stop. She kept right on
going. By the time she got tired of that I pulled her ring pants way down
to her ankles and would kiss Trish on her thong wearing ass. I had nibbled
and licked her ass cheeks and ass crack.

I then pulled down her thong as I buttfucked her VICIOUSLY and wouldn't
stop. This time I kept right on fucking the ASS. She moaned alot everytime
I drilled my cock into her ass HARDER. "Oh My God I'm about to cum." I said.

She told me to stop fucking her in the ass so she could swallow my load.
Which I did. I squirt cum right into her mouth and swallowed it then whatever
was left she licked it clean.

We quickly got dressed and then Trish said she wants more and I said, "I'll
give you more when we get to the hotel."

to be continued...

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