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READ THIS FIRST!!! This story, like all of the other stories written by us,
is a fictional parody, we write these fictitious stories for fun and because
we can. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that parodies
involving famous people are perfectly and totally legal under the United
States Constitution (ruling occurred as a result of the case "Hustler
Magazine, Inc et al vs. Jerry Falwell" in 1988).

Basically what we are saying THIS IS FICTON, it is not true, didn't happened
and there's a good chance it won't ever happen!

Now... Kristi and Dice present:

All That Glitters Is Gold
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Minutes after distracting Ted DiBiase during a Bragging Rights Qualifying
match on the October 11, 2010 broadcast of Monday Night RAW, the most unusual
Superstar in WWE history Goldust, wearing his familiar gold and black
jumpsuit and carrying DiBiase's Million Dollar Championship, is in a locker
room within Seattle, Washington's Key Area with his NXT Rookie, the
Lithuanian beauty known as Aksana. "Ohhhh Aksana that went perfectly. a true
award winning appearance." Goldust says.

Aksana, dressed in a black and copper colored, shiny one-piece skirt and top
combination, smiles excitedly and claps her hands. "Oh yezzz...itz waz
Goldzdust!" Aksana says in her sultry, heavily accented voice while she
innocently, but seductively looks at Goldust. Aksana places her hands onto
the diamond encrusted Million Dollar Championship. "Oh Goldzdust! Itz very,
very pretty!"

"It is one of a kind... much like you..." Goldust says as he raise one black
glove covered hand to brush it against Aksana's beautiful face.

Aksana presses her luscious and pouty lips together as she blushes. "Oh
Goldzdust...I wantz to thank youz so much for being my Pro on

"You are very welcome Aksana...I see absolutely golden potential in you..."
Goldust replies.

Aksana smiles happily. "Youz really thinkz so?" Aksana asks before her
beautiful and innocently seductive eyes lock with the Million Dollar
Championship on Goldust's shoulder.

"I do..." Goldust nods his head, "You have everything it takes to be the next
break out Diva... sensuality and sexuality all in one stunning package... you
are a box office hit ready to happen..." Goldust says.

Aksana rubs her luscious and gorgeously pouty lips together "Oh thankz
Goldzdust...I wantz to make youz very, very proud..." Aksana says as she
bites down on her bottom lip. "All I wantz to do iz entertame..."

Goldust smiles, "And you entertain Aksana... I promise..." Goldust says.

Aksana angelically smiles and looks innocently at Goldust "Goldzdust...can I
holdz the beltz?" Aksana asks.

"Of course..." Goldust nods his head and he lifts the Million Dollar belt off
of his shoulder and hands it to Aksana.

Aksana happily smiles as she places the Million Dollar Championship over her
large chest and cutely sways her hips back and forth, showing off the elegant
belt. "Howz do I lookz, Goldzdust?"

"Incredible Aksana..." Goldust replies with a smile. Aksana smiles before she
leans forward and closes her eyes, pressing her lusciously pouty lips
together in order to softly, but sensually kiss her WWE Pro Goldust.

"Mmmm..." Goldust moans slightly as Aksana softly kisses him. Aksana slowly
opens her beautiful and sultry eyes before she leans back, breaking the kiss,
as she seductively looks at Goldust. Aksana licks her lips as she sets the
Million Dollar Championship gently down onto a nearby coffee table within the
locker room. Aksana takes a step closer to Goldust and places her hands on
his upper chest against the material of his gold and black single-piece
outfit and proceeds to playfully lower the zipper on the front of the uniform
with a laugh.

Goldust laughs slightly as well, "Aksana... what are you up to?" The former
Intercontinental and Tag Team Champion asks as Aksana playfully lowers the
zipper of his jumpsuit, revealing Goldust's toned chest and stomach.

Aksana innocently smiles up at Goldust as she slides her hands against his
toned chest, pushing the material of his gold and black single-piece outfit
off of his shoulders. "I'm thanking youz, Goldzdust..."

"Ah... I see..." Goldust says as Aksana has him pull his arms out of the
sleeves of his gold and black jumpsuit. Aksana rubs her pouty and luscious
lips together as the sleeves of his gold and black suit drop to his waist.
Aksana playfully looks at Goldust as she places her hands onto his waist and
begins to push the single-piece uniform down.

The gold face-painted Superstar watches as Aksana lowers his jumpsuit from
his waist and down his legs. Aksana gets on her knees in front of Goldust and
pulls the one-piece jumpsuit downward, revealing the Bizarre One's legs and
semi-harden cock. Aksana seductively licks her lips and sweetly looks to
Goldust with her angelic and desirable. " are very, very
bigz..." Aksana says as she tosses her gorgeous blond hair back and kneels
down in front of her WWE Pro.

"Thank you Aksana..." Goldust says as he steps out of his jumpsuit as Aksana
raises her right hand to wrap it around his shaft. Aksana cutely laughs and
blushes as she smoothly moves her delicate hand against Goldust's
increasingly growing and hardening shaft.

"Mmmm..." Goldust moans as Aksana moves her right hand back and forth along
the length of his cock.

Aksana leans her blond haired head forward and slides her wet and adorable
tongue against the bottom side of Goldust's large shaft. "Mmmmmm...." Aksana
softly moans as she follows her tongue with her hand brushing against his
shaft. Goldust raises his left gloved covered hand and slides his fingers
through Aksana's blond hair as she slides her tongue and hand over his dick.

"Mmmmmmmmm...." Aksana moans and innocently glances up at Goldust, locking
her beautiful and seductive eyes with him as she drags her wet tongue around
the head of his rock hard cock.

"Ahhhh yes..." Goldust moans as Aksana brings her tongue around the swollen
head of his cock before she takes his thick shaft past her lips.

"Ohhhhhhhh..." Aksana tenderly moans as she wraps her luscious and soft lips
around Goldust's cock and begins to smoothly bob her head back and forth on
his cock, smoothly sucking on his cock. Goldust closes his eyes and tilts his
head back as the gorgeous Lithuanian NXT Rookie bobs her blond haired head
smoothly on his shaft.

"Mmmmmmmm...mmmmmm...mmmmm..." Aksana sweetly mouth as she starts to bob
her head back and forth on Goldust's cock at a quick pace, sliding her wet
tongue playfully against his shaft as she continues to suck.

"Mmmm... awww..." Goldust moans as Aksana slides her tongue against the
bottom side of his dick while she sucks his cock. Aksana places her hands
onto Goldust's waist and starts to smoothly and swiftly bob her head back and
forth on his cock, taking him seductively deeper into her wet mouth. Goldust
places both of his gloved covered hands on Aksana's blond haired head as she
works on swallowing more of his cock as she briskly bobs her head.

"Mmmmmmmm...mmmmmm..." Aksana moans as she presses her luscious and pouty
lips tightly around Goldust's cock as she moves her head back and forth,
sliding her tongue against his thick shaft.

"Ohhhh yes Aksana... mmmmm..." Goldust moans as he feels Aksana's perfectly
pouty lips pressing on his cock as she keeps bobbing her head on it while
also working her tongue against his tool.

"Mmmmmmm...mmmmm..." Aksana sweetly moans as she turns her head lustfully on
Goldust's cock as her wet saliva drips over her shaft as she takes him
perfectly back deeper into her mouth, rocking her head back and forth.
Goldust licks his lips as Aksana takes the majority of his meaty cock into
her mouth. Aksana playfully looks up at Goldust before she slowly pulls her
blond haired head back, causing his cock to drop from her adorable mouth.

"Incredible Aksana..." Goldust says as he looks down at the beautiful Diva
Rookie from Lithuania.

Aksana smiles innocently and looks up adorably at Goldust as she remains down
on her knees. "Youz really thinkz so Goldzdust?"

"Yes I do..." Goldust nods his head.

Aksana smiles and cutely blushes. "Oh Goldzdust...I really wantz to entertame

Goldust smiles, "How do you want to entertain me Aksana?" Goldust asks as he
helps the beauty from Lithuania up from the floor.

Aksana smiles and blushes as she innocently looks at Goldust "Well
Goldzdust...I think youz show sit downz..."

Goldust steps over to the locker room bench and sits down on it while keeping
his eyes on Aksana. Aksana rubs her luscious lips together and innocently
looks at Goldust as she places her hands onto her gorgeous one-piece skirt
and top before she lifts it up and over her head to expose her incredibly
gorgeous, tanned and toned body with her shaved pussy and her perky, large

"Hmmm... the WWE truly will have the golden globes when you win NXT..."
Goldust says as he admires Aksana's gorgeous body. Aksana innocently and
sweetly laughs as she drops her skirt and top down onto the floor of the
locker room and proceeds to walk over to the bench that Goldust is sitting
on. Goldust takes both of Aksana's hands as she climbs onto his lap. Goldust
then places his hands on Aksana's hips allowing her to put her hands on his
shoulders before she lifts herself high enough to take Goldust's cock into
her pussy.

"Mmmmmmm...ohhhhhh Goldzdust...." Aksana moans and presses her lips together
as she gently grinds her pussy down on his cock as she begins to smoothly
rock back and forth.

"Mmmmmm..." Goldust moans as he moves his gloved covered hands over Aksana's
hips as she rocks slowly on his massive cock.

"Ohhhhhhhh...ohhhhh Goldzdust...." Aksana moans in her seductively heavy
accent as she rocks back and forth on his cock, smoothly bouncing as he
begins to thrust up into her snatch. Goldust licks his lips as he leans back
slightly on the locker room bench as he pumps his cock up into Aksana's cunt
as she slides her hands from his shoulders to his chest.

"Ohhhhhhh...ohhhhh yezzz...ohhhhhh" Aksana moans as she moves her hands
gently against his toned chest and against his shoulders as she rocks back
and forth on his cock, feeling him begin to thrust up into her pussy.

"Mmmmm ohhhh..." Goldust moans as he thrusts his cock more firmly up into
Aksana twat as she begins to bounce on his lap.

"Ohhhhhh..ohhhhh Goldzdust..." Aksana moans and tilts her head back as she
smoothly rocks back on his cock, starting to bounce at a quicker pace as he
drives his shaft upward. Goldust lays all the way back on the locker room
bench as Aksana bounces straight up and down on his pistoning cock. Aksana
grits her teeth as she places her hands flat down onto Goldust's toned chest
as she starts to smoothly and rapidly bounce up and down on his cock, feeling
his shaft ram deeply up into her pussy in response.

"Ahhh... awww... ahhh..." Goldust moans as he increases the pace of his
upward thrusts as Aksana bounces at a quickening pace as well on his dick.

"Ohhhhhh....ohhhh Goldzdust!" Aksana moans loudly and closes her eyes as she
swiftly lowers on his cock and rocks back smoothly on his shaft. Goldust
moves his gloved covered hands to Aksana's incredibly smooth thighs as she
rocks more sharply on his cock.

"Mmmmmmm...ohhhh yezzzz..." Aksana moans as she sharply and smoothly drops
down on Goldust's cock as he increasingly thrusts his cock up into her pussy.

"Ahhhh Aksana... you are incredible..." Goldust groans as he keeps rapidly
thrusting his cock into Aksana's pussy while he rubs her thighs.

" are youz Goldzdust..." Aksana moans as she smoothly grinds her
wet pussy down on his cock as sweat drips from her seductive body. Goldust
starts to sit up on the bench and as he does he moves his hands to Aksana's
waist to lift her up off of his large, thick cock.

"Ohhhhhhhh...ohhhhh Goldzdust! Ohhhhhh Goldzdust!" Aksana moans lustfully as
she rapidly bounces on his cock, feeling him rapidly drive his cock upward
into her wet, tight pussy.

"Ahhh...mmm..." Goldust groans as he lifts Aksana off of his cock and he
turns on the locker room bench to sit Aksana on it. As Aksana lays back on
the bench, Goldust moves to straddle it and positions himself between
Aksana's gorgeous legs so that he can guide his cock back into her tight

"Mmmmmm...ohhhh Goldzdust..." Aksana moans and grits her teeth as she slides
on the bench, feeling his cock deeply slide and thrust into her pussy.
Goldust leans forward as he pumps his cock in and out of Aksana's pussy. The
Bizarre One lowers his head and begins to flick his tongue against Aksana's
large juicy tits as he fucks her on the locker room bench.

"Mmmmmmm...ohhhhh Goldzdust..." Aksana moans and licks her lips as she arches
her back and smoothly moves against his cock, feeling him sharply thrust into
her as his tongue circles her erected nipples.

"Mmmmm... mmmm..." Goldust moans as he flicks his tongue against Aksana's
hardened nipples while he pumps his cock deeply into her snatch. Aksana licks
her lips and gently hooks her gorgeous legs around his toned waist as she
starts to push back against his cock, feeling him deeply pump into her.

"Ahhh.... awww..." Goldust lifts his head and locks eyes with Aksana as he
firmly and quickly pumps his cock into the Lithuanian NXT Rookie.

"Ohhhhhhhh...Goldzdust...." Aksana moans and leans her toned and stunningly
tanned, curved body against his toned body as he holds his entire cock inside
of her wet and tight pussy, as she gently grinds back.

"Mmmm ohh Aksana.... ahhh..." Goldust grunts as large cock starts to throb
inside of Aksana's twat and he increases his pace as a result.

"Ohhhhhhhh..." Aksana moans and leans her head back as she feels his cock
swiftly thrusting in and out of her wet pussy, causing her to slide on the

"Ahhh... awwww.... ahhhh!" Goldust grunts loudly as he starts to cum inside
of Aksana's hot tight and wet pussy following a deep firm thrust.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm....ohhhhh Goldzdust..." Aksana moans and licks her lips as she
feels his warm cum flooding into her wet pussy as she begins to loosen her
gorgeous legs from around his waist. Goldust slowly thrusts his cock into
Aksana's pussy as he unloads his cum inside of her of her.

Aksana lays completely back on the locker room bench and opens her beautiful
eyes to look up at Goldust innocently. "Ohhh Goldzdust...youz are so

"Ohhhh so are you Aksana... mmmmm..." Goldust replies as he locks eyes with

Aksana presses her pouty lips together and innocently looks at Goldust. "Do
youz really think I amz W...W...E Diva, Goldzdust?"

Goldust nods his head, "Oh yes... when it's all said in done... no one will
ever forget the name of...." Goldust takes a deep breath, "Aksana...."

Aksana happily claps her hands together and smiles cutely. "Oh thank youz,


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