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Alley Fun
by D Pope Man

Its late Saturday night, and Stephanie has just finished a raunchy photoshoot
at WWF NY. You know she's there and are waiting outside for an autograph.
There is virtually no one around at the entrance. Stephanie comes out of WWF
NY, wearing there cloths se wore for the photo shoot, a v-neck, armless,
tight tanks top, a small leather skirt and knee-high boots. Stephanie walks
in your direction and you ask, "Can I have your autograph Stephanie?"

"Sure you can" she replies.

Whilst she's signing, you say, "Wow, you look a lot sexier in real life!" to
which to chuckles and replies, "Why thank you."

She hands you back the autograph and says, "There's something else I'd like
to give you."

You wonder what it is. Stephanie leans toward you can kisses you on the lips.
She then smiles deviously and walk 20 steps ahead, toward an alley way. She
turns her head and looks back. She then hitches her short leather skirt up,
and exposes her ass. She then says, "Do you want this?" whilst grinning

You stand there in awe, not knowing what to do. She then pulls her skirt back
down, and walks down the alleyway. You follow and get more and more excited
with each step. You reach the alleyway and she Stephanie walks way down it.
She summons you to within 3 steps of her. She then proceeds to pull her tight
armless tank top up to just below her neck, revealing her perk and luscious
breasts. She then says, "Do you want these?" to which you have no reply as
you are in complete awe.

She then leans against the wall and says with her breasts exposed, "Do
anything you want with me." Stephanie removes her tight tank top; she isn't
wearing a bra and is now topless. You walk up to her, and begin to kiss her
on the lips. You then work your way down to her neck, and Stephanie says,
"Suck my breasts, suck my tits now."

You latch onto her soft but firm breasts, and start to lick her breasts, and
suck her nipples. Stephanie lets out a soft groan of pleasure, "ouch, yeah,
suck them." You then turn her around so she is facing the wall. You kiss the
back of her neck and work your way down to her back, and begin to kiss it.

You undo the zip at the back of her short leather skirt, and pull it down to
her high heels. You then grab her hips and start to kiss, lick and suck her
ass cheeks, as she whispers "Yeah, that's it, suck me". Still grabbing her
hips, you turn her around, so she is facing you. Still on your knees you look
up at Stephanie's face, to which she replied by grinning deviously at you.
She knows what she wants and says "Lick me, lick me out now."

You move your head forward and begin to lick her out. She grabs you hair, and
in ecstasy shouts "Oh my god, oh mmmyyyy ggoodd, oohh!" She then puts on high
heeled leg over your shoulder, which makes it easier to lick her out. She
grabs your hair harder in ecstasy and groans, "Yyeeah, yeahh, ohh, ohh my

You stop licking her out, and instead lick her inner thighs. You then stand
up and look Stephanie in the eyes. She knows what she wants now. Stephanie
says, "Fuck me, fuck me now, fuck me!"

She undoes your belt and pulls your pants down, and then Stephanie pulls your
underwear down. You are both now naked, apart from Stephanie who is wearing
her high heels. You turn Stephanie around so she is facing the wall and say,
"Are you ready, are you ready for this?" to which she replies by grabbing
your penis and saying, "Oh yeah big boy, I am!"

You start fucking her from behind. She screams, "Ohh, ohh, yyeahh, that's it,
don't ssstopp, yyeah, ccome on, fuck me!" Stephanie then grabs the back your
neck with her right hand, and pulls the hair on the back of your neck because
of excitement.

You then turn her around and start to fuck her from the front. Stephanie
wraps her right leg around your whist, and her high heel drops off, she then
does the same with the other. Stephanie is almost ready to climax, as you
are. "Oohh, I'm, gonna, I'm, I'm gonna cum!"

Stephanie lets out a high pitched scream, "Ooohhhh!" you both climax at the
same time. She un-wraps her legs and puts on her cloths and high heels again.
She begins to walk away, but turns her head and says, "Goodbye big boy."

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