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Alliance Divas' Hawaiian Vacation Part 2
by Big Chief (

Stephanie had just entered one of the house's many bathrooms following
her little chat with Terri and Torrie. She already got to Stacy and had
plans for the other two women as well. Ass soon as she walked in front of
the bathroom's full-length mirror she froze. She became mesmerized by her
naked form with its new tan, covered with beads of sweat. After a few
seconds she just smiled and grabbed her clothes.

Terri and Torrie were sitting in the living room talkingwhile waiting for
Stephanie and Stacy to get ready. Terri was wearing a pair of tight black
spandex pants and a tanktop with spaghetti straps. Torrie had on a pair of
red leather pants with a white belly shirt that showed off her niceflat
stomach. The two were talkingabout what they had planned for the next day.

"Your know Terri, I heard of a great area to go shopping at. We should
ask Stacy and Stephanie if they want to go tomorrow."

"Yeah that would be great. I have a felling that they love to shop as
much as us." The two blondes just giggled at the statement.

Seconds later Stephanie came down the stairs wearing her camouflage
spaghetti strap dress with leather high heel boots.

"So guys what how do you think I look?" asked the young McMahon as she
gave a twirl.

"Oh you look great Steph. I always loved that dress." replied Torrie.

"Yeah, and those boots just complete the look." added a smiling Terri.
The comments made the billion dollar princess blush a little.

"Thanks guys. Don't tell me that Stacy is still getting ready."

"Well you know her Steph. She always has to be the best looking." replied
Torrie, getting a good laugh.

"Funny. Funny you guys," rang the sweat voice of Stacy who was atop the
staircase. "I was trying to find something good to wear." And she did
indeed find something good as she whore a tight leather skirt with a
sleeveless black blouse. The skirt was short enough to showcase her amazing
legs, but long enough to just cover her crotch.

"Alright, so now that we're all ready let's get going." Said the lone
brunette of the group. The four women then left the house to the car Steph
had waiting outside.

The four divas were at an outdoor cafe that was right on the beach. They
got a beautiful scene of the waves crashing on the beach, in front of the
setting sun. While Stephanie was looking through her menu she suddenly felt
something brushing against her leg. It startled her at first, but then she
looked across the table. Stacy was looking straight at her with a wicked
little smile on her face. Seeing that the other two women had their heads
buried in their menus, Stephanie motioned for Stacy to continue.

The blonde continued to rub Stephanie's leg with her bare foot. Just
then, however the other two blonds put down their menus and Stacy stopped
dead in her tracks, quickly pulling her foot away.

"I think I'm going to go to the bar and get a drink. Do you guys want me
to bring you anything back?" asked Terri.

The other girls declined the offer, so Terri got up from her seat and
headed towards the bar. A few minutes after Terri had left, Torrie got up
from her chair and excused herself to the bathroom. Now Stacy and Stephanie
were alone, across from each other with smiles on their faces.

Without hesitation Stacy returned to her task at hand. Now, however, she
placed her foot on the inside of Steph's inner left thigh. This put an even
bigger smile onthe billion-dollar princess' face. Stacy began to gently rub
her foot along Stephanie's thigh and after a few seconds, switched it to her
right thigh.

She could see that her boss was really enjoying this attention so her
moved her foot further up her thigh, closer to her crotch. As soon as Stacy's
toes touched Steph's crotch she could feel the wetness. Since Stephanie
apparently decided to go with out panties tonight, Stacy decided to push her
toe in.

Stephanie couldn't help but let out a small moan as she felt Stacy's big
toe enter her like a small dick. While doing this Stacy curled up her four
other toes so that only the big one was making its way in. She now began to
move her foot around which started to excite the boss even further. Her
moaning continued, but she was able to keep it soft enough that people around
them could not hear it. Seeing Steph's expression caused Stacy to further
increase the movementsof her foot.

Then without warning an orgasm hit the billion-dollar princess. Showing
an amazing amount of self-control she was able to not let one moan escape her
mouth, but inside she was screamingin pure pleasure. As she was cumming,
Stacy could feel some of the juices coat her toe. She loved to see Stephanie
lightly shake from the climax she just experienced.

After the climax left her, she looked over to Stacy and mouthed the words
thank you. Stacy just smiled back while she whipped some of Steph's juices
from her toes, onto her fingers. She then brought her hand up to the mouth,
tasting the sweet nectar.

"Mmm, tasty." The two women laughed at the comment.

Terri returned a few minutes later to rejoin their two friends. Both
blondes were wondering why the other two had such big smiles on their faces,
but said nothing about it. The four sat at their table, relaxing and ordered
their meals.

The four divas returned to the house around 1 a.m. after visiting a few
hot spots of the island. They were all a little gitty due to the numerous
drinks they had from their little night fun.

"Hey guys, anyone want to go for a little late night dip in the pool?"

"Yeah, that sounds like a great idea," exclaimed a cherry Terri. "Hey,
Torrie, Steph you coming with us?"

"No, I think I'm going to go rest for a while," replied an exhausted
looking Torrie.

"Alright. So how bout you, Steph?"

"You know what maybe in a few minutes."

Before Stephanie could finish talking the two blondes ran out to the pool,
with its stadium lights shinning off the clear warm water. Steph then looked
towards the stairs to see Torrie making her way up them.

"Well it looks like it's time to start the second part of my little plan."
She decided to let Torrie settle in before she advanced on her plan. To pass
the time she decided to watch the other two out at the pool. What she saw
brought a smile to her face, as both women where in the water completely
naked. Not only did this bring a smile to her face, but it caused her pussy
to become wet.

"Well I guess it's time to take care of Torrie now."

Stephanie quickly ran up the stairs with anticipation. As soon as she
got to the top she stripped naked and headed towards Torrie's room. As she
approached the door she began to hear noises coming from within. Right away
she recognized what she heard.

"Geez Torrie, you are going to make this too easy for me." She said to

Stephanie began to slowly open the door trying not to makeany sound that
would let the blonde know someone was entering the room. As she walked in
she saw Torrie on the bed completely naked with both hands at her crotch and
her eyes clenched shut. Stephanie just loved the blonde's body, from her
perfectly rounded globes to her glistening pussy with a small land strip of
blonde hair above it. She licked her lips and gave her right nipple a
quick pinch while looking at the beautiful sight in front of her. Steph
decided it was time to let Torrie know that she wasn't alone, so she stepped
back and slammed the door close.

Torrie jumped at the sound and quickly moved to cover up her naked body.

"Oh my god Steph! What are you doing he... Um Steph why are you naked?!"

"Well, Torrie I just want the same thing that you do. To get off."

The bluntness of Stephanie's statement took the blonde by surprise. She
tried to form a reply, but nothing was coming out. As she laid there
speechless, Stephanie moved toward the end of the bed.

"Don'tworry Torrie, you don't have to say anything. Just lay back, relax
and I will make you cum harder than you ever have in your entire life."

Torrie didn't how any signs of resistance so Stephanie proceeded. She
knelt down on the edge of the bed and leaned forward. Now she was up close
and personal with the blonde's soaking wet pussy.

Stephanie lightly blew on the slit which caused a light moan and shiver
from Torrie. She did this a few more times ands when she finished Torrie was
even wetter then before. Now that she got Torrie nice and wet, she began to
push two of her fingers into the blonde's tight hole. She pushed the two
digits in ever so slowly as to tease her with what was to come. The little
technique obviously worked as Torrie, who was originally unsure if she wanted
this or not, was actually begging Steph on.

"Oh please Steph! Please jam your fingers in to me!! I need to have your
fingers inside me!!"

Deciding to grant the blonde's pleas she started to pump her two fingers
in and out at a tremendous speed. Torrie's screams intensified, as
Stephanie's hand became just a blur. As her right hand worked its magic on
Torrie, Steph brought her left hand to her own dripping wet crotch. Placing
her thumb over her clit and two fingers in her hole, Steph started to deliver
some self-gratification.

As Stephanie was performing her two little "hand tricks", Torrie was
busy massaging her enormous breasts. The faster Stephanie's hand moved at
her pussy, the faster Torrie would rub her two huge globes. Then suddenly
Stephanie stopped and removed both her fingers. Torrie looked down with a
disappointed look, "Hey why'dyou stop?!"

Stephanie said nothing as she stood up and walked around to the head of
the bed. She then, still not saying a word, climbed back up and straddled
the blonde's face. Torrie didn't need to be told anything else as she began
to lick at Stephanie's cleanly shaven pussy. As soon as Stephanie was
comfortable she leaned forward until she was once again face to face with
that beautiful pussy. As she stared down Torrie's snatch she suddenly felt
her own pussy become penetrated with the blonde's tongue. This sudden
invasion of her pussy caused Stephanie to begin moaning out in pleasure.
While still moaning, she brought her own mouth to the blonde bombshell's
pussy and fallowed suite.

Now thebedroom was filled with the muzzled moans of the two beauties
locked in apassionate 69. As she continued totongue-fuck her boss, Torrie
got her index finger wet with some of the "love juices." She then brought
her trembling hand up to Stephanie's well-rounded ass. After rubbing her
finger around the tight asshole for a few seconds, she began to push it in.
As she inched her finger in she could hear the moans at her crotch increase.

With her finger now snuggly in Steph's asshole she began to pump it in and
out. Soon the tongue in her pussy and finger in her ass became to much for
Steph to handle. Her body began to suddenly convulse as a strong orgasm
ripped through her entire body. She began to moan into the blonde's pussy as
her won cunt clamped down on Torrie's tongue. With Stephanie loudly moaning
into herpussy, Torrie was not far from having her own orgasm. Just like
Steph, her body began to convulse as well, as she was washed away in ecstasy.

The orgasms of both women lasted for what had to be a few minutes, with
both feeding off each other. After both women came down from their sexual
highs, Stephanie turned her body around and crawled into her partner's arms.
The two kissed a little bit as they slowly fell asleep together.


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