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Alliance Diva's Hawaiian Vacation Part 3
by Big Chief (

Stephanie woke up the following morning with Torrie still in her arms.
While lying there she remembered seeing Stacy and Terri by the pool before
coming up here to be with Torrie. Wanting to see how it turned out, she
got out of bed, making sure not to wake up the blonde beside her. Not
even bothering to get dressed, she made her way downstairs.

As she walked into the living room she saw a nude Stacy asleep on the big
leather couch. Looking around she saw Terri outside by the pool, also nude,
passed out on a lounge chair. Wanting to know what happened she sat down on
the couch next to Stacy's head. She decided to wake her softly rubbing her
hand on the sleeping beauties cheek. As she slowly brushed her face Steph
saw her nose twitch a little just before her eyes began to open.

"Mmm... Oh, Steph. Is it morning already?" She then sat up, stretching
out before warming up next to her naked boss.

"Yeah and I'd say you had a good time last night."

"Huh, I wish. I tried to start something with her after you and Torrie
left upstairs. We were in the pool for a few minutes and then she got out and
sat on the lounge chair, but before anything happened she passed out. Since
she wasn't going to be of much help, I came in here and fingered myself to

"Oh, so you had to get off all by yourself. Now that's just not right."
And with that Stephanie got down on the floor in front of Stacy on the couch.
She then spread the beauty's legs and buried her head in her shaven crotch.

The sudden action caught Stacy a little off guard, but due to the last
experience with her she didn't dare stop her. She was in complete ecstasy as
Steph's tongue probed her tight pussy just as she had done the other day at
the pool. Within minutes Stacy got that familiar feeling in her pussy,
knowing her orgasm was seconds away. Throwing her head back, she grabbed
Stephanie's head farther into her crotch. Steph got the message and buried
her tongue in farther, just in time to heel her pussy clamp down around it.


Stacy arched her back, thrashing her body up and down as the orgasm ripped
through her slim lean body. Even with Stacy's body spasaming like crazy
Stephanie managed to keep her tongue buried in her pussy.

screams lasted for afew minutes until her orgasm subsided. Her body then
dropped back down to the couch as Stephanie licked up her "love juices."

After licking Stacy completely clean Stephanie stood up and looked down
at the exhausted blonde.

"Well, I think that should tide you over for now." Stacy just looked up
and smiled. As Steph walked away she looked towards the pool at a still

"And I'll get to you later." she said under her breath. Since she worked
up a little sweat with Stacy she decided to take a dip in the indoor

As she laid in the warm water she noticed how relaxed she was becoming.
Within minutes of getting into the whirlpool, she rested her head on the
edge, as if she was in a big chair and fell asleep.

Stephanie was suddenly awoken as her body slipped under the warm water of
the whirlpool. She shot her head up from the warm water taking in a deep
breath of air. After moving her wet hair away from her eyes she looked up
at the clock and realized she had been out for at least three hours. After
getting out of the whirlpool and drying off she put on a bathrobe and went
to see what the other girls were up to. Upon a full search of the house she
realized the three must have gone out shopping again.

Deciding to take it easy with her time alone, Steph plopped down on the
couch and turned the television on. After about forty minutes of watching
TV she heard the front door open and looked back to see Stacy and Torrie
entering the house.

"Hey, guys. Where's Terri?"

"Oh, she said that she had to pick up something." answered Torrie.

"Yeah, she said she'd be back after. Oh, yeah we were planning to go to
a scuba diving class, do you wanna join us?" added Stacy.

"Nah. I think I'll just hang around here and wait for Terri to come

"Oh, well, ok. We just came by to see if you wanted to come with us.
We'll see you later." said Torrie as the two blondes left, closing the door
behind them.

Finally after another few minutes Steph heard the door again and this time
she saw that horny little she-devil enter the house.

"Hey Ter, great to see you back."

"Oh, hey, Steph. Where were you, me and the girls went out for lunch and
we couldn't find you?"

"Oh, I fell asleep taking a dip in the whirlpool."

As the two were talking Terri walked toward the couch and the first thing
she noticed was that Stephanie's robe had come open, exposing her right
breast and smoothly shaven pussy.

"So I heard that you went out to do a little extra shopping."

"Oh yeah," responded Terri snapping out of the trance she was in. "I just
picked up a few toys that I thought I could use."

"Some toys? Do you mind if I take a look?"

"Well, let me just change out of these clothes and I'll show you them."

"Oh, well, ok. I'll be here waiting."

As Terri hurried upstairs Steph wonderedwhat the "toys" were and why it
was that she had to change. Within a few minutes Terri walked back down the
stairs with a few items in hand. The thing Steph really noticed was Terri was
now in just a bra and thong.

"You see Steph I got to talking with Stacy at lunch when Torrie was in the
bathroom. She told me about the fun you two had when we first arrived here
so I thought that maybe we could "play" a little too."

Upon hearing the she-devil say this a smile swept across Stephanie's face.
She had to use her special skill with Stacy and Torrie, but here Terri was,
basically throwing herself to her.

"Well you are very right in the fact that I would love to play with you."

"Oh I'm so happy to hear that boss. And since you like being the dominant
female I got you some special gifts."

With that Terri put her "gifts" on the coffee table. In the pile was a
pair of thigh high leather boots, a long pair of black fingerless gloves, a
black choker necklace, and a black strap on dildo.

"So what do you say, Stephanie?"

"I say, next time you don't refer to me as mistress, you'll get a smack on
that tight little ass of yours."

Upon hearing this Terri's face lit up and she gave Stephanie a, "Yes,

"Now slave, sit down on that chair while I get ready."

Terri obeyed, sitting in the chair as Steph stood up, dropping her robe.
She decided to put the boots on first so she picked them up and sat back on
the couch. She slipped her right foot into the first boot and then raised
her leg straight up in the air, and zipped it close. Terri loved the way she
put the boots on because when she raised her leg it gave the blonde a clear
view of her exposed pussy.

After getting both boots on Steph stood back up and was amazed how well
they fit. She next put on the gloves, which came up a little past her elbow.
After tying her hair back into a ponytail, she put on the choker, which she
noticed had master written across it. With that last piece of the outfit
Stephanie was now standing in front of Terri, not as her boss, but as her
sexual mistress.

"Now slave, I want you to get on your hands and knees and crawl over here
to me."

"Yes, mistress." replied Terri as she obeyed the command. When she
arrived at Stephanie's feet she got up on her knees and looked up with an
innocent look on her face.

"Now slave, I want you to take your top off."

She once again obeyed, putting her arms behind her back, unhooking the bra
and letting it drop to the floor.

"Very good slave and might I say you have a pair of lovely round tits."

"Thank you, mistress."

"Now slave, I want you to take that pretty little face and bury it into my

With out any hesitation Terri jammed her tongue into her the tight, wet
slit. The sudden penetration causing Steph to let out a tiny yelp of
excitement. With her tongue buried in her mistress, Terri began to wiggle it
in the tight space. Next she closed her mouth around the hole and began to

The action sent a wave of pleasure through the billion-dollar princess
with the trillion-dollar body. As Terri continued to suck, Steph put her
hands on either side of the blonde's head. She got the message and began to
increase her oral efforts. After a few seconds Terri removed her mouth and
inserted two fingers into the soaking wet hole. After getting her fingers
wet with Steph's juices Terri removed them and returned to using her mouth.

While working over Steph's pussy with her mouth Terri brought her fight
hand up toher ass. She then took her two wet fingers and placed them against
Steph's tight asshole. As she continued to suck her mistress she started to
slowly push her two fingers forward. Stephanie, however, was experiencing to
much pleasure to notice the pressure being asserted on her anus. Terri pushed
until both of her fingers had disappeared.

With her fingers now completely inside, Terri began to wiggle them around
like she had done with her tongue. At this point Steph finally realized the
pressure of the blonde's fingers in her ass and she absolutely loved it.

"Oh, god, that feels so good! You really know how to please your mistress
you dirty little slut!"

As she listened to Steph's words, Terri increased her motions. Within
minutes Terri felt Steph's pussy clamp down on her tongue and knew what was
coming. As her orgasm ripped through her, she threw her head back and let
out a great moan.

YEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" Her body began to shake uncontrollably as the
climax took her over. Even though her knees began to feel weak she managed
somehow to stay on her feet.

As Stephanie trembled in pleasure Terri was still pumping her fingers into
her assand swallowing Steph's sweet nectar. After close to two minutes her
orgasm subsided and she fell backwards onthe couch behind her.

"Was that satisfactory Mistress Stephanie?" asked a smiling she-devil.

"That was amazingly satisfactory slave," replied a panting Steph. "Now
seeing as how you did an excellent job pleasuring me I only see it fair for
me to return the favor. No I want you to remove your panties."

As Terri obeyed the command, Stephanie got up and picked the strap on
dildo off of the coffee table. She took the sexual tool and slipped both of
her legs into the harness and raised it up to her crotch. She then proceeded
to strap the device on, getting ready for more fun. When she turned around
she saw her slave in the chair with her legs spread wide, showcasing her
neatly trimmed pussy.

"Ah, I see that we are a very eager slave, aren't we?"

"Yes, mistress."

Not saying another word Stephanie walked over to her slave and got down
on her knees in front of her. She then took the rubber dick in her hand
and rubbed the head against Terri's already wet pussy, making sure not to
penetrate, yet. She brought the tip to the very top of her slit and slowly
dragged it down, just to tease the sex kitten.

"Oh please, mistress, stick it in me. I need it inside me. I want you
to slam fuck me with that big fake cock!"

Loving the sound of this woman begging her made Stephanie smile and she
decided to grant her pleas. Wanting to make sure that Terri got the full
pleasure Stephanie slowly inserted the big fake cock. Every inch that
entered her body, helped to increase her pleasurable moans. Eventually,
Stephanie had the entire 9 inches in her horny little slave. Terri was now
completely lost in pleasure from being fully penetrated by the "rubber

After letting Terri revel in this feeling for a few seconds, Steph began
to move her hips ever so slowly. As the time progressed her thrusts began
to pick up speed and soon she was slam fucking her slave with her fake cock.
Not only was Terri getting off from this, but so was Stephanie. The more
she slammed Terri the more the harness rubbed against her exposed clit. As
Stephanie was slamming her pussy, Terri put her hand down to the pleasure
area and added more stimulation to her clit.

Seeing that Terri had her hands busy Steph decided to do the same and
placed both of her hands on Terri's enormous tits. She began pinch and twist
the nipples, while every now and then massaging the whole breast. With all
of this pleasure beingfocused on her body, Terri knew she wouldn't be able to
hold back much longer.

Within a few minutes Terri began to feel that familiar warm start at her
pussy and soon began to feel the emcee jolts of pleasure shoot through her
tiny little frame.


Her tiny little body began rising up and down, with her tight ass rising
off the chair then falling back down. In the middle of Terri's orgasm
Stephaniestarted to cum from the harness's continuous rubbing on her clit.


The moans of both women rang through thelarge house and after around two
minutes the house just went silent. After she had come down from her climax
Stephanie pulled out of Terri and sat next to her on the big leather chair.
Stephanie then put her arm around Terri and began to stroke her delicate
little face.

"You've done very well slave. You really know how to satisfy your

"Thank you, mistress. And thank you for treating me like the nasty little
slut that I really am."

The two women just sat their in each others arms, cuddling. Stephanie
smiled thinking of how well her whole plane worked with the three blondes.
Who knew, maybe shecould initiate some other divas into her new little club.


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