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Disclaimer: This story contains content that should not be read by people
underneath the age of 21. It is 100% fiction and has no bearing on reality
whatsoever. 100% fiction means real life rape is WRONG. The author does not
condone illegal and immoral actions described. If you feel rape in the real
world is a good thing, bend over in a prison and whistle dixie. While I'm
disclaiming, racism, homophobia and other bigotry of any kind are also
really fucking stupid. I donít own any of WWE's characters and make no profit
from this story. (Since some people have trouble telling the difference in
pro-wrestling between characters and actors: As well as not owning the
characters of "My Son" Shane McMahon/"My Daughter" Stephanie McMahon on
whom this story is based, I also have no connection with Shane McMahon or
Stephanie McMahon who portray those characters in the WWE's shows, and
everything I have written is purely fictional, means no harm, and again is
solely a work of fiction). Please read the story codes above to ensure that
you are not going to be offended by, or otherwise dislike, the content.

Additional Credit: Based on a request by 'bamf' on the WOWEFA requests board.

Description: During the invasion of WWE, Stephanie discovers Shane
masturbating over her picture. She feels the same way about her brother, so
they make love.

Content Codes: M/F, cons, pwp, cream pie, inc, m-solo

Alliance Of Incest
by JD (

Shane held a glossy eight by ten publicity shot of his sister, ECW's new
owner, in one hand and his hard cock in the other. He sat naked on his
private locker room bench and stroked his dick over her pretty smile and
luscious body. He knew it was wrong to feel that way about Stephanie, but
he always assumed his fantasies of the previous few years would remain a
secret. He stroked harder, feeling the pleasure build in his cock as he
imagined them rutting together in a peaceful forest glen.

"Shane, what the hell?" gasped Stephanie McMahon in surprise. Steph stood
in the doorway of the locker room, and Shane hadn't even heard it open. He
would have sworn it was locked, but the angle of the bench meant there was
no way she couldn't have seen him holding up her picture as he jerked his
hard cock over it. His hand froze on his tool as he looked around towards

Embarrassment filled his mind, to be not only caught masturbating over his
sister, but also to be caught by his sister! Somebody else, he might have
been able to consider buying their silence so she would never find out. His
embarrassment quickly changed to anger that she had burst into his private
room without knocking, like they were still children. Stephanie had gone
through a phase of bursting in on him on the toilet. He stood and turned,
about to shout at her to get the fuck out, when Stephanie shocked him by
closing the door behind her. She turned the key in the lock, and smiled

"Why the hell would you jerk off over a picture when you could have the
real me anytime you wanted, big brother?"

Stephanie pulled off her ECW bandana and shook out her long brunette hair.
They called her Daddy's Little Girl, but whenever she fucked, whenever she
played with herself, it had always been her brother Shane she thought of.
Six years her senior, she had always looked up to him. Her shaven pussy had
gone from un-aroused and merely sweaty from the night's show to dripping wet
as she ran her eyes down Shane's torso to his big circumcised cock.

The glossy picture fluttered from Shane's fingers and landed on the locker
room tiles. His anger had embarrassment as quickly as it formed, and his
intense arousal as Stephanie slinked towards him was almost too much to
bear. It washed away any lingering moral doubts he held over wanting to fuck
his sister. Shane thought he was going to spurt then and there, but he
forced himself to ask,

"Are... you sure you want to...?"

Stephanie winked, and pulled her ECW t-shirt up over her large soft breasts.
They were barely contained in her sports bra, and she paused only a moment
to release them before Shane's gaze. Bra and T-shirt landed on the floor,
immediately forgotten. Stephanie's nipples stuck out hard from her flushed
breasts, a sign of her deep arousal. She was always pretty charged up after
appearing before tens of thousands of screaming fans, and that high pushed
her movements in her brother's locker room.

She sank to her knees and took Shane's cock into her mouth. Shane's knees
trembled with excitement, and he had to lean partly on Stephanie's shoulders
to stay standing. Both brother and sister knew that Shane wouldn't last
long; he'd been close to blowing his load over Steph's picture even before
she came in. Stephanie licked around the head of her brother's hard cock,
and gently teased it with her teeth.

Steph pushed a hand into her leather pants, slid into her pink thong. She
was dripping almost as much as if she'd wet herself. The pleasure she
derived from knowing it was her own brother's thick shaft between her lips
was almost as great as the pleasure she took from rubbing herself. Shane's
twitching cock reached the back of her throat, and Steph swallowed it
expertly. Her gag reflex was well trained and she swallowed his length with

It was a new surprise on a night of surprises for Shane as inch after inch
of his cock disappeared between his sister's red painted lips. He'd never
known a girl who could swallow it all, or so easily. He was about to come.
He could feel his cock twitching, and the familiar sensation or approaching
climax in his balls. Shane tried to pull out, but Steph gripped his ass in
her hands. She wanted her brother's sperm in her stomach, and she got it.

"Oh God, Steph! I'm coming," groaned Shane as his dick pulsed and he
spurted heavily down Steph's throat. She slowly pulled her head off Shane's
shaft, letting the last spurts cream into her mouth. Steph moaned around his
dick as the taste of her own brother's cum on her tongue brought her close
to her own climax. Shane's cock slid from Steph's mouth as he collapsed to
his own knees, leaving a thin trail of sperm down her chin.

Shane's cock only softened slightly. Stephanie had taken the edge off him,
but she hoped for a good hard fuck, the fuck of her dreams, in a few minutes.
She unbuttoned her leather pants, and tugged off her boots. Shane stayed
kneeling, eyes closed as he panted in his post-orgasmic thought. The crotch
of Stephanie McMahon's thong was sodden with her juice. She tugged it off
too, so she could sit naked and legs spread before her brother.

As Shane's orgasm passed he thought for a moment about what he'd just done.
He'd been sucked off by his own younger sister, his flesh and blood as well
as his partner in the ECW/WCW alliance in their joint invasion of WWE. He
expected shame, but there was none. There was only his deep and life long
love for his sister, Stephanie and incestuous lust for her hot body.

Shane raised his head and opened his eyes. He was smiling broadly. Stephanie
matched his gaze, eyes ablaze with lust, and flicked out her tongue to clean
the strand of sperm from her chin. Stephanie held her arms open to her
brother, and he crawled forward to kiss her passionately. Brother and
Sister's tongue entwined for long hot seconds. The fire in Steph's belly was
growing unbearable, and she needed release. Shane understood without words,
and dropped his head down between her sticky thighs.

The back of Stephanie's head hit the tiles softly as she lay back and spread
her legs wider. Shane kissed her smooth tummy, then down her labia and around
her swollen clit. Stephanie's eyes were open wide and she moaned incoherently
as her brother licked her shaven pussy with long strokes, tasting her
intimate juices. He flicked his tongue against his sister's bud once, twice,
three times and she went over the edge.

Stephanie's back arched off the tiles as the most powerful orgasm of her
life tore through her body. Her scream echoed through the back halls of the
stadium, to the amusement of those who heard it. Nobody knew it was Stephanie
McMahon screaming in pure pleasure and joy from the incestuous oral loving of
her brother Shane McMahon. A pool formed under Steph's ass as Shane kept on
licking, suckling and tasting. He drove his sister through several powerful
orgasms and many smaller orgasms that felt like a continuous wave of pleasure
rushing through her taut body. She screamed and screamed, close to passing

Shane's sticky tool was hard as ever again, and he started kissing his way
back up Stephanie's body. He paused on her gorgeous breasts, massaging the
soft mounds as he sucked and nibbled on her nipples. He knew that if he only
asked, his sister would willingly wrap them around his cock and masturbate
him with them until he spurted into the crook of her neck. That could wait
though, because they both wanted more right then.

"Stephanie," he began, when his face was over hers, "I love you so much."

"I love you too, brother," Stephanie gasped back, her voice cracking with
raw emotion, "I've wanted you inside me for so long. If only I'd known you
felt the same way..."

"Sssh... doesn't matter. We know now..."

Brother and sister kissed again on the locker room floor. Steph could feel
Shane's hard cock against her belly, and the size and heat of it excited her
further. The incredible intimacy of her kisses with Shane, the feel of his
body on hers... She bucked her hips up at him, and then wrapped a leg half
around her brother's body.

"Fuck me Shane! Please, I need you!"

Shane adjusted his position; purple crown rubbing between swollen labia, and
then he was in his sister. Quicker than either of them expected, he slid
deeply into Stephanie. She was so wet that there was little resistance, but
she was still tight around Shane's cock as he penetrated her until his pubic
hair pressed into his sister's smoothly shaven snatch. They kissed again,
and it seemed the most intimate moment of their lives, before then Shane
began to thrust himself in and out of Stephanie.

They weren't just fucking each other; they were making love - deep, sibling,
love. There was no thought of consequences or shame, just that they loved
each other deeply and dearly and wanted this incestuous sexual act to last
forever. Their young bodies moved together, Stephanie's legs and arms wrapped
around her brother's strong frame as he pounded into her for all he was
worth. Sweat soaked both as they rutted, and they breathed raggedly between
passionately inflamed kisses.

"I want you to come in me," Stephanie managed in her breaking voice.

Shane found the request so erotic that he did so almost immediately as she
spoke, shaking and juddering while ejaculating deep inside Stephanie. Knowing
that she was taking her own brother's seed into her with not one scrap of
protection sent the moaning, groaning, wildly bucking Billion Dollar Princess
into a new peak of satisfaction and Stephanie screamed loudly again. Neither
of them had ever experienced so much pleasure from sex, and it took almost
five minutes before Shane had recovered enough to lift his weight from his

Stephanie was still shaking as he slid his flaccid penis from her leaking
pussy. Sperm dribbled down onto the locker room floor, but he was certain
there was enough inside her that she might be pregnant. He waited a moment,
expecting the disgrace and awkwardness he was sure would return, but none
came. He looked forward only to laying again and again with his sister, and
perhaps seeing their child growing up. Only a pure McMahon could be trusted
to take WWE forward once Vince and they were gone.

After a few more minutes Stephanie's eyes fluttered open, and she smiled
warmly up at Shane. She felt utterly relaxed and at peace with herself. Her
alliance with Shane as the owners of ECW and WCW had now become so much more,
and she wouldn't have changed it for anything. She rubbed her deliciously
warm wet pussy lips, and thought about the practicalities of keeping their
relationship going, and making sure she had Shane inside her again at every
possible opportunity.

"I love you, Shane."

"I love you too, Stephanie."

They kissed again, and lay together for a few moments. Shane and Stephanie
McMahon were content in each other's company, but eventually the cold
hardness of the locker room floor got through their haze of post-coital
bliss, and they moved to the shower. Under the steaming hot flow of water,
Stephanie pressed her hands against the wall as Shane took her again,
humping into her pussy from behind until for the last time that night they
came together, mated beneath the spray.


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