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regardless this is, this is FICTION!

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Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Alliance Persuasions Part 2
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Outside of the WWF Superstars dressing room on the Saturday before No Mercy
in October 2001, Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley is giving orders to the horny
little she-devil Terri Runnels. "I should've used you the first time... but
it doesn't matter... you know what I want... I want one of those two to
become apart of the Alliance by any means necessary... do you understand
Terri?" Stephanie asks as she slightly glares at the petite blond haired
Alliance Diva.

The horny and hot she-devil, Terri Runnels, presses her luscious lips
together and nods her head as she lustfully nods her head "Of course,
Stephanie...but..." Terri begins to says as she places her hands on her
petite, rounded hips while dressed in a low cut white top and a tight pair
of jeans.

"But nothing Terri..." Stephanie says, "I don't care which one of them joins
the Alliance as long as one of them does..." Stephanie snaps a bit.

Terri suspiciously raises an eyebrow as she locks her lustfilled eyes with
Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley "What's in this for me?" Terri replies as she
tosses her soft, gorgeous blond hair back.

Stephanie smirks slightly, "Oh you know exactly what's in it for you... Raven
will get a title shot... and you of course... get the bonus."

Terri Runnels nods her head and slyly licks her luscious lips "I see...and I
like have yourself a deal, Stephanie..." Terri says as she glances
at the locker room door belonging to the WWF Superstars "You should have
asked me first to begin with...Stacy couldn't even seduce a gay man... Unlike
me, the horny little she-devil"

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley smirks, "I'm aware of that Terri... but I needed
to save you just in case Stacy failed, which she did... and with No Mercy
tomorrow, we can't afford the WCW Title being in the WWF's hands any longer."

"I won't disappoint you Stephanie..." Terri says with a sly smirk before she
turns to the locker room and gently knocks on the door.

"I'm sure you won't..." Stephanie says before she turns to walk away.
Stephanie looks back when she hears the voice of Chris Jericho and she

Jericho has just opened the locker room door, and he looks at Terri, "What's
going on Terri?" Jericho says and he's dressed in just his bright blue
wrestling pants.

Terri presses her luscious, sultry lips together and the manipulative,
horny Alliance Diva locks her lustfilled eyes with Chris Jericho "Hey Chris
baby..." Terri says in a soft, seductive voice "Do you happen to be free?"
Terri slyly asks as she starts to step into the locker room before Jericho
has a chance to reply.

Chris Jericho smirks, "No... I happen to cost quite a bit of money... just
ask Vince McMahon..." Jericho says with a laugh before he lets the petite
Horny Little She-Devil into the WWF Superstars' locker room. As Terri enters
she sees that Jericho isn't the only person there, the other person being
the reigning WCW World Champion, The Rock, who's dressed in his trademark
black wrestling trunks as he warms up for a match later in the night.

Terri smirks and raises an eyebrow as she purposely turns her attention to
The Rock, ignoring Chris Jericho. "Well...if it isn't...The Rock..." Terri
says as she licks her lips and starts to seductively approach the current
WCW Champion.

The Rock raises the 'people's' eyebrow as he looks at Terri as she walks
towards him. "What do you want with Great One?" The Rock asks as he looks
suspiciously at Terri.

Jericho closes the locker room door, "Hey... what the hell? You came asking
about me and are going right to him?" Jericho asks, taking some offense to
being blown off.

Terri licks her lips as she lowers her seductive, sly eyes to the crotch of
The Rock's black wrestling trunks "Well...I know I may be from the rival
company...but a little she-devil can always have her fun, right?" Terri asks
with a slyly smirk as she stands directly in front of The Rock.

The Rock narrows his eyes slightly, "You think that The Rock is going just
give you a sample of the people's struddle?" The Rock asks.

Chris Jericho puts his hands on his hips, "Now there's something creative...
she's offering up pussy and he's talking about baked goods..." Jericho says.

The Rock turns his head to look at Jericho, "Know your roll and shut you
mouth jabroni..." The Rock says to the man he's going to be facing the next
night for the WCW Championship.

Terri slyly glances over her shoulder at Jericho and slowly licks her lips
"My...don't we have a problem here...two incredible Superstars and one horny
Alliance Diva..."

Jericho smirks, "Come over here baby... I'll show you a good time.. even if
you work for that wretched disgusting bottom feeding trash bag ho Stephanie
McMahon..." Jericho says.

The Rock raises the 'people's eyebrow', "The Rock says that there is no
problem, because you came to see The Rock."

Terri folds her arms as she glances at Chris Jericho before glancing back
at The Rock "Hmmm...let's see...I could pick one of you...or just take you

Chris Jericho smirks, "That's no problem for me... I'm all for group
activities..." Jericho says.

The Rock raise the People's Eyebrow, "The Rock says...Terri... lets see that
poon tang pie..." Jericho rolls his eyes, "What the hell is with you and
pastry?" Jericho asks. Terri laughs and licks her devious lips as she reaches
down and unbuttons her tight fitting jeans before she starts to push the
jeans down her petite, seductively rounded and tanned hips, gradually
exposing her hot and smoothly shaven horny pussy. The Rock nods his head
approvingly as he looks at Terri's shaved, hot pussy and he begins to lower
his black wrestling trunks, freeing the People's fourteen inch cock.

Chris Jericho licks his lips, "Lets see those tits too..." Jericho says as he
starts to lower his wrestling pants to bring out his own fourteen inch cock.

Terri slyly smirks as she looks over and Chris Jericho before she slowly
lifts her white top off, revealing her large and rounded, nipple-erected
tits. Terri slowly looks from side to side, sizing up the cocks of Chris
Jericho and The Rock "Mmm....I love a good cock or two..."

Chris Jericho licks his lips and smirks, "Well the only dick that matters in
here is mine..."

The Rock glares at Jericho before turning his attention to Terri, "The Rock
says, know your roll.. and suck my cock..." The Rock says.

Terri presses her luscious lips together and seductively nods her head as she
looks at The Rock "Mmmm...I think that's a great idea..." Terri says with a
sly laugh before the Horny Little She-Devil lowers herself down onto her
knees in front of The Rock and gently wraps her manipulative hands around his
incredibly thick cock as she starts to stroke the lower half of his shaft
while taking the head of The Rock's cock into her warm, wet mouth.

"Mmmmmm ahhh..." The Rock moans slightly as Terri strokes and sucks his cock.

Chris Jericho gets a livid expression on his face, "Don't you dare tell me
you're leaving me out of this?" Jericho says to Terri as he stands almost
right next to her. Terri laughs as she leaves her left hand on The Rock's
cock and places her right hand around the rock hard cock of Chris Jericho
as she starts to stroke his cock along with The Rock's cock. Terri presses
her luscious lips around the upper half of The Rock's cock as she begins to
smoothly bob her head his shaft.

"Mmmmm... mmm..." The Rock moans as he puts his hands on his muscular waist
as he watches the Alliance's horny little she-devil as she bobs her head
smoothly along the length of his long, thick cock.

Chris Jericho smirks as Terri jerks his fourteen inch cock with her right
hand, "Ohhh yeah Terri..." Jericho moans.

"Mmmm...mmmm..." Terri seductively and wickedly moans around The Rock's
incredibly thick cock as she starts to bob her head at a slightly quicker
pace, lapping her devious tongue around his thick shaft. As Terri's luscious
lips rub continually against The Rock's shaft, Terri's left hand moves easily
against Jericho's shaft, quickly jerking off Y2J.

"Ahhhh yeah... why not suck my dick now..." Chris Jericho moans as he watches
Terri stroke his cock with her right hand. The Rock pulls his huge cock out
of Terri's wet, hot mouth and pushes her left hand off of his shaft before he
starts to step around her. Terri lifts and locks her manipulative, easily
seducing eyes up at Chris Jericho as she sits up on her knees and licks her
luscious lips. The horny, devious Alliance Diva lowers her head and greedily
opens her mouth, taking Jericho's cock. Terri presses her lips around his
shaft and starts to sensually bob her head, sucking on the fourteen inch cock
of Y2J, Chris Jericho. "Ohhhh yeah baby..." Jericho moans as he puts his
hands on Terri's blond haired head as she starts sucking his dick.

The Rock kneels behind Terrie and lifts her ass up slightly, "Finally... the
Rock is going back into Terri..." The Rock says as he pushes the 'People's'
cock into Terri's tight warm and wet pussy.

"Mmmmmmm! Ohhhh yeah!" Terri moans around Chris Jericho's cock as she leans
forward, taking his shaft deeper into her hot mouth, while The Rock starts to
thrust his cock in and out of the horny Diva's pussy. "Mmmmm...mmmmm" Terri
eagerly moans around Jericho's cock as she starts to push back against The
Rock's thrusting cock.

"Ahhhh uhhhh mmmm..." The Rock grunts as he pumps his cock deeply and firmly
in and out of Terri's tight warm pussy. The Rock then places his hands on
Terri's round, hot ass and pushes her forward so that she has to push back
against his pistoning shaft more often. Jericho licks his lips as he pushes
his hands through Terri's blond hair as she takes his fourteen inch cock all
the way into her mouth.

"Mmmmm...mmmmm! Mmmmmm!" Terri loudly moans around Chris Jericho's cock as
she starts to bob her head rapidly at a quicker pace, while lapping her
sensual tongue around his thick shaft. Terri closes her eyes as she guides
her horny and tanned, petite body back against The Rock, pressing her ass
against his muscular waist.

"Mmmmm yeah suck that dick..." Chris Jericho moans as Terri repeatedly deep
throats his cock while whipping her tongue around his shaft as well. The
Rock starts to increase the pace of his thrusts, which results in his balls
smacking against Terri's smooth skin.

"Mmmmm! Mmmmm!" Terri moans as she deeply takes Jericho's cock into her
mouth, with the head of his shaft smacking against the back of her she-devil
hot mouth. Terri starts to smoothly grind her pussy back against The Rock's
cock as she quickly and smoothly rocks back and forth on her knees.

Chris Jericho soon pulls his fourteen inch cock out of Terri's hot, wet mouth
and walks over to the locker room bench and sits down. "Come baby... come
break the walls..." Jericho says.

The Rock keeps thrusting his cock in and out Terri's tight pussy for a short
time more before he pulls out, "The Rock says this move your ass..." The
Rock says as he smack Terri's perfectly round ass with his left hand. Terri
Runnels glances back at The Rock and slyly smirks before she stands up from
the locker room floor and starts to walk over towards the bench where Jericho
is sitting. Terri sways her hips seductively from side to side as she
approaches Jericho. She places her soft hands onto Jericho's strong shoulders
before she lowers her pussy down onto his rock hard cock and straddles his
gorgeous waist.

"Mmmmm ohhh yeah..." Jericho moans as he puts his hands on Terri's large
round tits as Terri begins to rock back and forth on his fourteen inch shaft.
The Rock raise the People's Eyebrow as he starts to approach Terri from
behind. The reigning WCW Champion bends down a bit and pushes his fourteen
inch cock into Terri's tight asshole.

"Ohhhhhhh fuck!" Terri moans as grits her teeth together as she leans back
slightly as The Rock starts to thrust his cock into Terri's hot, tanned ass
while causing the she-devil to rock forward on Jericho's cock in her warm

The Rock grabs Terri's hips as he thrusts his fourteen inch cock in and out
of Terri's tight asshole, "Mmmmm uhhhh ahhhh..." The Rock moans as he drives
his cock at a firm pace into Terri's ass. Chris Jericho licks his lips as
Terri rocks on his cock, and he brings his mouth towards Terri's tight tit
and begins to suck on it.

"Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh fuck!" Terri Runnels moans as she starts to sweat, while
rocking back firmly against The Rock's hard cock inside of her asshole as at
the same time she quickly bounces on Jericho's cock, slamming down harder
each time "Ohhhhh shit!" Terri moans as she moves her hands against his
muscular, tanned chest.

"Mmmmm! Mmmm!" Jericho moans on Terri's right tit. Jericho flicks his tongue
against Terri's hard nipple as she rocks and bounces on his rock hard cock.

The Rock grits his teeth as he thrusts hos cock faster and harder into
Terri's asshole as sweat drips down his muscular body, "Ahhhh ohhh mmmm..."
The Rock groans as fucks the hot ass of the Alliance's horny little

Terri Runnels grits her teeth as she firmly pushes herself back against The
Rock as her hot ass grinds against his muscular waist "Ohhhh fuck! I love
getting my ass fucked!" Terri moans as she roughly bounces on Chris Jericho's
cock, while sweat drips off her tanned body.

Chris Jericho lifts his head away from Terri's lift tit and smirks, "Mmmmm
yeah baby... ride me..." Jericho moans as he gropes and feels up Terri's hot
tits with his hands.

"Ahhh uhhhh ahhhh... " The Rock groans as he begins to cumming inside of
Terri's tight asshole, flooding her asshole with his warm thick load.

Terri presses her lips together and closes her eyes as she leans forward to
Chris Jericho and gently bites on the left side of Jericho's neck, feeling
The Rock's warm cum in her asshole. Terri slowly rocks of Jericho's cock
before she leans to his ear "Join the Alliance Chris...Join the Alliance
baby..." Terri slyly whispers.

"Mmmmmm... ahhhh..." Jericho raises an eyebrow slightly as Terri whispers
into his ear as she keeps rocking on his fourteen inch cock.

The Rock pulls his large cum spent shaft out of Terri's asshole, "The Rock
says take your ass out of here when you're done..." The Rock says as he walks
towards the shower area of the WWE Superstars locker room in order to freshen

Terri presses her luscious lips together as she sits up on Jericho's cock and
slowly rides back and forth on his thick fourteen inch cock "Mmmm...join us join the Alliance..." Terri moans softly as sweat drips off of
her deviously hot body.

"Ahhhh.... mmmm... I really have... to think about this..." Jericho moans
as he keeps feeling up Terri's tits as she grinds her hot pussy on his
throbbing, long, hard and thick fourteen inch cock.

Terri leans forward, her luscious lips just inches away from his lips "Think
about it Chris...the horny-little she-devil all the time, whenever you want"
Terri seductively whispers before she flicks her tongue against Jericho's
lips as she continues to rock back and forth on his throbbing cock.

Jericho parts his lips and begins to flick his tongue against Terri's sly
tongue, "Mmmmmm ahhhh...mmmm" Jericho moans as he begins cumming inside of
the horny little she-devil's wet, hot pussy.

"Mmmm...mmm...." Terri Runnels moans into Jericho's mouth as she slaps her
tongue against his tongue as she gently grinds her hot pussy against his
throbbing, cum-spraying cock.

Jericho tilts his head back a bit to break the kiss with Terri and smirks,
"This... is certainly sounding like a better offer..." Jericho says as he
finishes cumming within Terri's pussy.

Terri gently slides her soft, manipulative hands on Jericho's muscular,
tanned chest "Do it baby...just think what you could get with the


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