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Featuring: Sara Del Rey (ROH, SHIMMER), Bryan Danielson (ROH, FIP)

American Training - A ROH Erotic Story
by DaxG2001 (

In early 2006, the reigning Ring of Honor World Champion Bryan Danielson is
walking into the ROH Wrestling Academy, smirking to himself with his prized
title on his shoulder as he looks ready to train, dressed in signature,
unflashy ring tights and matching knee pads and boots. As he walks into the
main room of the training center it would be expected that at this late hour
the place would be empty, however there is someone there who's waiting for

None other than The American Angel, Sara Del Rey who's also ready to wrestle
in her unique one piece ring attire of patriotic red and white stripes, blue
with silver stars, and a V of camouflage in the middle for the top half that
clings nicely to her perfectly rounded breasts, and blue "shorts" with frills
across her backside of the stars and stripes that cover her juicy ass and
thick thighs.

The gorgeous star of SHIMMER steps off from leaning against the apron of the
full sized training ring, narrowing her eyes at the man who's been training
her recently.

"You took your time." Sara says, unimpressed as she steps up to him.

"Easy there Death Rey." Bryan cockily states. "When you're the Best in the
World, anytime is my time."

"If you try and give me "You have `till five line, I'm out of here." The
American Angel states, folding her arms over her nicely sized chest.
"Whatever, you're here. So, ready to get some training in?"

"The question is are you ready?" The American Dragon answers back. "I saw
your match last week. I was not impressed. You went easy on your opponent and
it almost cost you. You are better than that, and I expect better for you
than that." Before she can respond he cuts her off, making her look more
annoyed. "It's time to make me look good by making you look good."

* * *

Letting out a grunt of pain, Bryan Danielson finds himself being suspended
above the mat as Sara Del Rey applies a hold technically known as the
Standing Butterfly Lock as she holds him under the arms rending him unable to
escape of move. Leaning back, she impressively throws The American Dragon up
and over with her trademark Royal Butterfly suplex, leaving the ROH World
Champion down on his back in the middle of the ring with a thud. The American
Angel smirks, getting up and grabbing a towel to wipe her arms down as she
smirks down at her trainer.

"So, believe me that I'm ready for anything yet?" Sara asks, watching him as
it takes a couple of moments before he can start to get up.

"You got lucky that time..." He says arrogantly, going over to a corner to
lean back into it. "It's going to take a lot more before you become the best
female wrestler." He states, looking like he needs a moment to recover after
taking her top finishing move.

She narrows her eyes at him, coming forward and towards him, clearly getting
more and more annoyed with him and how he's acting towards her. "I already am
the best wrestler around." Del Rey states. "Just because I've gotten the
better of you so far, you don't need to have an attitude about it, especially
not to me."

"Listen, Del Rey, I'm the Best in the World." He states, not wanting to admit
any personal failing. I'm the ROH World Champion. No one gets the better of
me. Not you, not Samoa Joe, not anyone!"

She smirks, looking him over. "You couldn't handle me just now. Whoever gets
the next title shot is probably going to have an easy match by the looks of

"That's a lie!" He snaps at her, moving away from the corner to get into her
face. "I can handle you, I can handle anyone and I can handle anything!"

"Anything?" Death Rey says, starting to grin.

"Anything!" He states again.

"Well, let's see you handle this!"

Suddenly Del Rey drops down to her knees, catching him completely by surprise
by grabbing his trunks and yanking them right down to his ankles, and as he
stumbles back into the corner slightly she takes his limp dick in her hand
and giving it a series of firm pumps. She looks up at the stunned look on his
face and before he can even try and respond she shocks him further by
starting to swirl her tongue across the bell end of his rapidly hardening
shaft, dabbing her saliva across it as she teasingly moves it around the head
clockwise for a few moments, continuing to stroke him off as she does so. The
other hand is pushing against his abdominal area, keeping him held against
the corner as she really shows a way to put him off his game, patting her
tongue on the very tip of his dick as she strokes him, ensuring that he's
fully hard for what she has planned next.

The American Dragon is still trying to figure out if what's happening is
actually real, looking down as the beautiful female wrestler is taking the
bell end of his now rock hard, ten inch long and nicely thick cock into her
mouth, starting to lightly suck on him as her hand runs over the entire rest
of his length. His hands hold onto the tope rope, not resisting for the
moment as he can't help but moan as he feels her warm, nicely wet mouth
begins to work over him, all the while looking right up at him with a naughty
grin as this training session has suddenly turned very sexual. He makes the
very wise decision of not trying to stop this, going along with this to see
exactly what she's thinking of doing now with him, especially since this is a
very unexpected action from the usually professional, no nonsense performer.

Lifting her head up and off him for a moment, the star of SHIMMER smirks up
at her training partner before looking back down and spitting onto his cock,
quickly using her hand to rub the saliva into his dick with her tight grip.
Taking his shaft back into her mouth, she starts to smoothly blow him, her
soft lips pressing against him as moves her head down to take in a good few
inches of his nicely thick meat into her mouth before lifting herself back up
until just the head is contained, where she goes back down to repeat the
motion. As she uses her mouth to take care of the top portion of his cock,
her hand is jerking off the rest of him, brushing against his balls as she
uses a steady, slow motion on him with a strong grip. Her eyes slightly
close as she looks back up at him, coming to terms with the fact that she's
performing this erotic act on a very close friend, which is turning her on as
she slightly moans around his dick.

Leaning back and licking his lips, he watches as her head moves back and
forth along his tool, feeling her mouth all around him and the additional
pleasure of the stroking hand to make him wonder for a moment how often she's
done this as already it feels far from amateurish. Shock long gone now, he's
looking to enjoy this and go with the flow, so takes his hands off from the
ropes, taking a look down at her top and seeing hard nipples poking through
which makes him smirk as he uses a hand to take her hand off from his cock.
Just as she looks up at him to question what he's doing, he answers by
starting to thrust his hips forward, sending his dick deep into her bobbing
head which makes her groan as she's quickly made to handle almost all of his
ten inches.

Quickly moving her other hand up to grab his, the two ROH stars lock fingers
like in a test of strength, still defying each other while also trying to
take control of the sexual situation. Sara continues to blow him smoothly and
quickly, her head sharply moving along his now pistoning shaft as it passes
in between her lovely lips as he looks to establish dominance by fucking her
mouth, his balls lightly smacking into her chin each time he sends himself
right into her to make her deep throat his length. They both moan at the
feeling when the tip of his cock touches the back of her mouth, and also
grunt as their hands and arms push against each other, trying to force the
other back as they both try to force the other back but also want to stay in
place to enjoy giving and receiving this blowjob for as long as possible.

With Bryan's cock now covered with her soothing saliva, he catches her off
guard be releasing the grip of his hands, in a flash placing them on the back
of her head as he puts force behind his pumps, deeply moving his cock back
and forth into her mouth as he stops her head from moving. Placing her hands
on his waist but not trying to push him off she closes her eyes, letting out
a moan that vibrates around his tool as it slides in and out of her oral hole
with ease, not moaning at all even when his whole length is stuffed into her
mouth. He takes a handful of her long, dark hair as she gives it to her,
smirking down both at the sight and the fact that he's thrusting his manhood
into the mouth of the woman he's helped to train into one of the best
wrestlers around, the feeling even better as it's happened right in the
middle of a wrestling ring.

He brings his thrusts to a stop, this time using his hands and the grip on
her hair to bring her right down onto his cock, her nose touching his crotch
as he makes her deep throat his long shaft, moaning as he enjoys the feeling
of her mouth all around him. She groans again, not completely giving in as
she twists her head from side to side slowly to grind her lips around the
base, also using her tongue to tap the underside of his dick as she handles
him entirely inside her. Moving a hand up, she surprises him by taking his
balls in her hand and giving them a more than firm squeeze to make him groan
now as she releases her head, allowing her to pull away and gasp for a much
needed breath, looking up at him with dirty smirk which is soon returned by
the handsome, talented World Champion.

"Don't believe... I taught you how to do that." Bryan states as he steps
out of his wrestling tights.

"I didn't hear you complaining." Sara answers back, starting to stand
up as she wipes saliva away from her lips.

"Well, let's teach you something new!" He says, suddenly pouncing on her and
rolling her over and onto her stomach, his hands grabbing the shoulder straps
of her ring gear and pulling them down her arms, in turn yanking down the
upper part that covers her nicely rounded tits.

"I always thought you wanted a piece of "heaven"." Del Rey states, rolling
onto her back as her chest is completely exposed but not resisting as he
continues to pull down her clothing, soon revealing her tight looking and
shaved pussy that also looks a little wet already.

"It's clear you're no angel..." Danielson replies, pulling the gear off from
her feet to leave her in only her wrestling boots and knee pads, much like
himself. "Just as well I'm no saint either."

Grabbing her legs by the ankles to spread them, he moves himself into
position and pushes his covered with her saliva cock straight into her
tightness, causing them both to moan at the penetration that sees him
already slide four or so inches into her snatch before he starts to pull out,
holding his cock for a moment and holding it against the entrance, rubbing
his bell end against her lower lips to make her groan. He smirks, before
inserting himself and this time properly starting to pump her, not intending
on going slow either as he starts to establish a firm, steady rhythm with
which to move his shaft in and out of the stunning Woman of Honor who moments
before was sucking his dick, the very one that is now working in and out of
her tight hole.

Using her elbows to prop herself up, she looks down as she watches the
impressively long and thick dick of the American Dragon move back and forth
into her tightness, almost sliding with ease in and out as he has both hands
on her ankles to keep her strong legs held apart, not that she's trying to
close them at least for the moment. She moans, feeling her pussy getting
filled up as he's working more of himself into her over time as he uses the
steady motion with his hips rocking back and forth towards her, her own hips
slightly rocking back towards the incoming thrusts as he begins to put some
more force behind what he's doing. While she doesn't plan on letting him take
control of this for too long, or even let him think that he's got her under
control, the feeling of his cock pumping into her is too good to pass up
right now.

Moaning himself, Danielson has his gaze locked down on his pumping shaft as
he's now able to work almost all of his dick into her snatch, giving her a
couple more thrusts before he uses one hard push forward to go balls deep
into her pussy, his skin meeting hers with a smack ringing out. Starting to
use short, sharp movements and leaning over her slightly he sends his whole
length straight into her snatch, only pulling out enough so four or so inches
are taken out before he sends all of his manhood deep into dampening
tightness. Looking up her body, he smirks as he watches her breasts bounce as
her body jolts and rocks against his thrusts as he deeply fucks the beautiful
female wrestler who he's had a hand in training. Now his cock is getting
covered with her pussy juices as she stuffs her snatch full of his thick man
meat, her hole still remaining as tight as ever despite the size and the
force that he's using to give it to her.

Seeing him looking at her tits, the woman nicknamed The American Angel takes
advantage by reaching up and pulling him down onto her, her boobs pressing
against his chest as she wraps her legs around him, her juicy thighs wrapping
around his waist to squeeze him. Her groans, putting his hands to the side as
she hooks her arms around his to keep him held, with his cock still lodged
inside her pussy as he tries to fight off against the grip he's in, slightly
moving his cock in and out of her as best he can but he can only really pull
an inch out before forcing it back in. Instead she's the one in control here,
grinding her pussy against his crotch which along with the slight pain
caused from her leg strength has him moaning and groaning at the conflicting
feelings, which in turn have her smirking as she lets out a moan as well.

Narrowing his eyes but still smirking, respecting the fact that while she's
on her back and taking it, she's not just going to just lie down and give in
to him. Still, the lust between the two is strong, causing him to press his
lips hard against hers and not a second passes before the kiss is deeply
returned, tongues pushing out and wrestling with each other as they close
their eyes. With his whole ten inches held in her pussy they make out, hands
running over each other's shoulders as they swap spit and exchange moans in
the middle of the squared circle that they are supposed to be training in,
not fucking and making out in. That fact is a distant memory now as the two
champions break off the sinful kiss, staring at each other for a few moments
before she unwraps her legs from around him, allowing him to pull out of her
wet snatch which causes them both to groan.

"Is that all you've got?" Sara challenges with a smirk, sitting up and
looking the ROH World Champion in the eyes as he stands up.

"You couldn't handle half of what I can give you." Bryan answers, hands on
his waist as he watches the American Angel start to stand up.

"That's why I'm the Best in the World."

"We'll see about that..." She says, before suddenly changing course and
tackling him down to the canvas with a thud. He grunts as he lays on his
back, about to get up and retaliate but he stops himself as he sees her
straddling his cock, lowering herself down in a squatting position.

"Bring it on Death Rey." He says, just as confident as she is as they both
believe that not only are they best wrestler, they are the best at fucking as

Using a hand to hold his dick upright, she sinks herself down to take his
cock back into her wet pussy, both of them moaning as the shaft returns into
her tightness as she lowers herself down further and further until her ass
cheeks touch his crotch, effectively taking him balls deep once again. Taking
a moment to lick her lips with a moan, enjoying the sensation, she places her
hands on her knees as she starts to lift herself up, showing her great length
and thigh strength as she uses the squatting position to ride his cock,
giving him a clear view of his dick appearing and vanishing into her pussy as
she moves smoothly up and down his thick length. She closes her eyes, tilting
her head back slightly as she uses the slow but steady movement to handle his
manhood inside her snatch, taking full control with an erotically dominate
position as well as being literally on top of him at this moment.

There's no complaints from the man underneath her, reaching over to hold her
by the ankles as her feet are planted on either side of him, but he has no
intentions of throwing her off of him right now, instead more than happy to
lay on the canvas and watch the talented and perfectly curved female raise
and lower herself on his cock. Her pussy juices were already covering his
length, making the motion smooth enough already along with her hole being
more than used to his size now, and now they are starting to trickle down his
shaft as she makes her motions go quicker and firmer as she gets into it. He
too has to tilt his head back and close his eyes, enjoying the moment that a
half hour ago had been thought impossible, looking more likely a private
fantasy as his dick is being ridden by one of the top female wrestlers on the

Her tits start to bounce slightly as her bouncing motion on his cock
increases, hands still holding her strong legs for support as she keeps up
this squatting position, allowing her to deeply take the shaft into her
soaking, tight hole as she raises herself up and down like an elevator, going
up to about half-way up his ten inches before going right back down with
ease. She tosses her slightly soaked with sweat hair back over her shoulders,
looking down over Danielson's athletic and sweat-covered body and finding
herself biting down on her bottom lip as she knows herself that's its wrong
for a proud non-nonsense competitor to fuck a respected peer and trainer of
hers like this, especially in the middle of the ring where she makes a
living. Despite knowing this, she has no intentions of stopping or slowing
down half due to not wanting to admit defeat to the other wrestler, but also
due to enjoying the pleasure she's getting from taking a long, fat cock into
her pussy far too much.

Likewise the man recognized as one of the founding fathers of Ring of Honor
knows full well the damage that would be done to his reputation let alone the
trouble he'd be in if seen openly fucking in the middle of the training ring,
but similarly he doesn't want this to stop and is loving the feeling of her
snatch working over his hard cock so much he couldn't care less if anyone did
walk in and see them at it like this. The perfectly curved and nicely tanned
frame of the top star of SHIMMER Women Athletes looks even hotter than ever
as she's also got sweat covering her, and while he respects her ability, he
can't deny her attractiveness and knows the chance to get a piece of Death
Rey may be a one-time only deal, so he plans on making the most of it.

That's soon shown as he starts to pump his hips up, meeting her pussy as it
comes down to send his cock slamming up into her snatch, making them both
moan loudly as the already hot feeling is made even better as he pumps
himself right up into her as she continues to quickly and forcefully lift
herself up and down on his shaft even as it's moved in and out of her. She
moans, mouth open as she looks down and locks eyes with him, getting an
identical look back as she takes his thick dick straight up into her,
impressively remaining in this squatting position with almost her whole body
bouncing now from the effort she's putting into wildly riding his manhood as
it's thrusting up into her with almost aggressive speed and force.

His balls are smacking against her juicy ass cheeks, his crotch connecting
with her skin when they meet and a loud sexy smack ringing out all around the
training center as they rapidly ride and thrust in perfect time with one
another's movements, the lust between the two clear as well as the respect as
they keep eye contact throughout this intense sex. Eventually she brings
herself to a stop, remaining squatting over him but leaning slightly forward,
placing her hands on his muscular chest to slightly rub him, which makes him
groan a little as he stops his thrusts as she takes a moment to take in a
deep breath to recover.

However he soon smirks up at her, suddenly restarting his pumps up into her
which has his balls rapidly smacking off her backside as he pounds up into
her dripping snatch, making her moan loudly as she starts to smirk, perhaps
knowing that was going to happen and loving that it has. He brings his hands
up, cupping her tits to squeeze them firmly to further make her groan as he
pounds his long cock straight up into her tight pussy, giving it hard and
fast to the woman he's helped train as a professional wrestler. The stunning
female nicknamed Death Rey can only remain almost frozen in time squatting
over him with her snatch barely an inch above his body as she takes this
pounding, a work-out that's had her use up more energy than any gym plan and
one that feels damn better than anything she might ever experience, sexual or

Giving her pussy another few deep, hard thrusts, he brings himself to a stop,
groping her nicely rounded and more than ample breasts as he now takes a
moment to catch his breath back, already feeling like he's been in another
hour-long title defense. Now it's turn of the beautiful female to move, this
time lifting herself up from the squatting position, groaning as she shakes
her legs a little to get full feeling back into both of them, moaning as she
puts a hand down between her legs to feel how wet she's become through this
now sexual rather than training session. Getting distracted soon pays however
as suddenly the handsome champion sweeps her legs away from under her,
bringing her down to the canvas and soon getting into a dominate position as
she's on her belly and he's on top of her, both of them moaning as they feel
each other's sweat coated body pressing against each other.

"Still don't think I'm the Best in the World?" Bryan grunts, rubbing his cock
against her ass as he keeps her pressed down against the mat.

"I've had better!" Sara defiantly answers back, squirming slightly as her
tits are rubbing against he now stained with sweat canvas.

"Oh yeah?" The American Dragon grins at her, pulling her up by the waist as
he moves up onto his knees. "You're going to get it now!"

"Shut up and fuck me!" The American Angel snaps back, also grinning as she
looks back over her shoulder at him, resting on her hands and knees with the
ROH World Champion behind her.

With a chuckle he grips he cock, pushing the first few inches into her snatch
before he inserts the rest of his ten inch cock with a big thrust, his balls
instantly slapping into her skin as with ease he can go balls deep into her
dripping snatch which makes them both already moan just as loudly and
unashamedly as they were doing before. Putting his hands on her waist, he
starts to pump her box with long, hard thrusts that have his waist smacking
into her ass cheeks every time he goes forward into her, pulling out so that
about half of his dick is still lodged inside her before he soon sends the
whole length straight into her with force.

Still looking back over her shoulder at him, Del Rey moans out as her body
jolts forward from the impact into her tightness, causing her tits to sway in
time with the rocking motion the rest of her is being made to do as she takes
his long, thick dick from behind in this classic doggy style position. Her
eyes switch from looking down towards her but to watch his crotch moving back
and forth towards her as he slams himself deeply into her pussy, and up to
his handsome facial feature as he moans away, giving it all he's got as he
tries to keep some self control as well. Not an easy task considering the
gorgeous, curvaceous woman he's fucking who is also moaning with such lust
that it would put professional porn stars to shame.

The deep thrusts continue as the man considered to be one of the top
technical wrestlers in the world shows he has plenty of other skills as he
keeps up the fast, hard pace of pumping the still tight but very soaking wet
pussy of the woman seen by many to be one of the best female competitors in
all of wrestling. His hands hold onto her waist, slightly pulling her body
back into his thrusts as he takes advantage of the rocking movement she was
doing, resulting in her ass smacking back hard into his waist when the two
collide and most importantly sending his dick deeper into her snatch. His
shaft is completely coated in her juices, some dripping onto his balls and
down her thick thighs as he continues to slide himself in and out with sharp
thrusts that always see all of his impressive length going into her when he
pushes his hips forward.

Indeed, the stunning star of SHIMMER and many other indy companies is now
pushing herself back to meet the thrusts she's taking, almost feeling no pain
at all even with the hard smack that rings out when her butt hits his body,
all that's registering to her is the incredible pleasure she's feeling in her
pussy as she takes it from behind while giving as good as she's getting. As
sweat drips off her strong, perfectly curved body she closes her eyes, mouth
open in an O-shape, nothing but deep moans escaping as she rocks herself back
and forth, her boobs swaying in time with the action to take the thrusts
from her trainer as his thick cock is stuffed completely into her soaking
hole. She certainly looks far from angelic as her nickname makes out,
groaning with lust as she's fucked from behind by a fellow professional

Putting everything that he has left in him into each and every thrust, he's
showing a vastly different drive and intensity that then kind that brought
him to ROH World Championship, but is giving a performance worthy of many
accolades and titles as he slams his cock over and over again into the tight
snatch of the beautiful female in front of him. He's not fazed at all by her
ass smacking back into him each time he pumps deeply into her, using the
forceful impact as further motivation, as if he didn't have enough of it to
just keep up with her, to keep giving it to the stunning, moaning woman he's
fucking doggy style like his life depended on it. His hands are almost
glued to her waist, aiding her by pulling her into him to really slam her ass
back into his waist, and pushing her way which makes the motion she's doing
herself even harder and hotter than before.

They both had their share of hard hitting, intense matches over their
careers, but perhaps they've never experienced something quite as hot and
heavy as fucking hard in the middle of the practice ring that they are
supposed to be having a late-night training session in. Instead they moaning
and sweating hard, the effect of the long sexual encounter they are in,
feeling her moans start to get deeper and deeper as his cock begins to throb
inside her tight, wet pussy as he slams himself in and out quickly and with
great force. Sensing that the end is near and intending to make the most out
of every last second that she can just like he is, she pushes herself back
against the strong trusts she's taking with every bit of strength and energy
that she has left in her, and it's appreciated by both wrestlers involved.

Soon though, it all becomes too much for The American Angel, as with a loud
moan and her head tilted back Sara Del Rey starts to cum hard on the
thrusting cock of Bryan Danielson, still managing to push herself back and
take his continuous pumps as her juices explode all over his dick, flooding
out across and splashing down her inner thighs and onto his crotch. Despite
feeling her pussy clamp around him tightly, he continues to thrust away into
her, helping her to ride out her orgasm as she moans away, breathing hard as
she starts to come down and starting to groan more as she feels his large
dick still moving in and out of her now more than simply just well fucked

She soon groans again when he pulls his dick out and with her head still
slightly spinning from the wave of pleasure she just experienced she offers
no resistance when he pulls her up onto her knees to face him, eyes opening
to see him standing close and furiously stroking his dick and pointing it
right at her face. The ROH World Champion then starts to shoot his load with
a deep groan of relief as a thick stream of cum shoots out of the dick of
Bryan Danielson and lands across the pretty face of his student. She licks
her lips with a moan, tilting her head back as she takes a facial as The
American Dragon fires off load after load of his jizz that splashes across
Sara Del Rey's forehead, cheeks, and lips to leave her soon looking like
anything but her American Angel nickname. By the time he's stroked out the
last drops and let his softening dick hang free, Death Rey looks like she's
been taken by a group of men, rather than just the one who's covered her face
with spunk.

"S... So..." Bryan says after a couple of deep breaths of air. "That was,
different, wasn't it?" He asks with a grin, looking over her sweat covered
body and cum covered face as she wipes come jizz away from near her eyes.

"Yeah... We ended up fucking in the ring..." Sara says, looking up at him.
"Not the usual training methods..." She grins back and he extends a hand
to help her up to her feet.

"We can get some real training in later..." The ROH Champion says. "But
you and me, I think that after tonight we need to see what other kinds
of holds we can get into."

"In that case, let's have ourselves a rematch." Death Rey says,
folding her arms over her chest. "Showers, in two minutes." She adds
with a smirk.

* * *

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