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READ THIS FIRST!!! This story, like all of the other stories written by us, is a fictional parody, we write these fictitious stories for fun and because we can. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that parodies involving famous people are perfectly and totally legal under the United States Constitution (ruling occurred as a result of the case "Hustler Magazine, Inc et al vs. Jerry Falwell" in 1988).

Basically what we are saying THIS IS FICTON, it is not true, didn't happened and there's a good chance it won't ever happen!

Now... Kristi and Dice present:

An Arrow For A Stratusfying Bulls-Eye
by Kristi ( and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

On September 12, 2014 following the first day of Montreal Comic Con, WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus, wearing a black top, jacket and pants, has stepped onto an elevator at the hotel she is staying at. "What a day... hope Amy can handle little Maxie as I get a nap in..." Trish says as she's about to press the button for her floor just as Stephen Amell, wearing a red and blue flannel patterned button shirt and dark jeans, enters the elevator. "Wow... so much for a nap..." Pressing her lips together, Trish looks at the hunky actor while motioning to the elevator's button panel, "Going up?"

"Yeah... fifth floor..." Stephen replies with a smile.

"Only to the fifth floor... cause I'm going up to the seventh..." Trish says playfully as she does press the button for the fifth floor.

Stephen laughs a bit, "Wow... I did my favorite Diva of all time just tried to pick-me up..."

Trish shrugs her shoulders and laughs as the elevator doors close before it starts to rise, "Hey, you were the one all over me when we were taking a picture..." Trish smiles, "And I was a bit impressed with what I felt..."

Stephen's mouth drops open, "Aren't you..."

"Yeah I'm married and I'm a mother... but I can flirt with hunky guys... not like anything is going to happen... though from what Amy told me...something did already happened in the green room back at the convention center..." Trish says with a smirk.

"Um maybe.." The star of Arrow replies.

"I knew it... Amy is like a damn bloodhound when it comes to finding hunks who meet a certain requirement..." Trish says as she folds her arms.

"And that is?" Stephen asks as he's completely baffled by the legendary Diva.

"Having a big dick.." Trish says with a grin, "And Amy's a total size queen... so I'm betting you packing at least ten inches..." The Hall of Fame Diva adds as she make the actor appear to squirm.

"Well...." Stephen begins to speak but trails off.

"And I just bet you wouldn't want your all-time favorite Diva missing out on something her best friend got to try.... am I right?" Trish asks.

"If you put it like that..." Stephen says.

"That's what I thought... guess I'll bet getting off on your floor.... and in your room..." Trish says with a wide smile.

* * *

A short time later in Stephen's hotel room, the star of Arrow has removed his button shirt while a naked Trish Stratus is on her knees undoing his pulling down his jeans until his large, thick Canadian cock pops free from its denim prison and nearly smacks her face. "Oh shit... now that's a big dick!" Trish says as she locks her eyes on Stephen's shaft before eagerly opening her mouth to wrap her lips around the head of his cock.

"Ahhhh mmmmm..." Stephen moans as Trish places both hands on his waist and begins to suck on his dick while he steps out of his jeans.

"Ohhhhhhh..." Trish moans as she moves her hands against the actor's waist while she bobs her head on his fat long meat stick.

"Ahhhhhh ohhhh yeah...." Stephen moans as Trish bobs her head at a rapid tempo as she sucks on his dick while he reaches down to grope her large tits with both hands.

"Mmmmmm... mmmmmm..." Trish moans as she smoothly yet briskly bobs her head on Stephen's cock with her tongue massaging the bottom side.

"Awwww shit..." Stephen licks his lips as the legendary WWE Diva who easily talked her way into being in her current position sucks and slurps on his dick while he feels up the sides of her breasts.

"Mmmmmm! Ohhhhhh!" Trish moans as she turns her head from side to side, rubbing her incredible lips against his cock as she continues to eagerly suck and slurp on his dick.

"Ahhhhh... ahhhhh..." Stephen groans and leans his head back as the seven-time Women's Champion slobbers on his huge fuck stick.

"Mmmmmmm! Mmmmmmm!" Trish moans whorishly on the actor's cock as she looks up with him with her eyes seductively narrowed while she rocks her brunette haired head on his dick.

"Ahhhhh awww shit you're incredible..." Stephen moans as Trish continues to suck on his cock while she slides her hands to the sides of his waist as she starts to take his cock even further into her gullet.

"MMMMMM! MMMMM!" Trish groans against Stephen's shaft as she forces more of his cock into her mouth while drooling heavily on his dick.

"Awwww fuck...." Stephen groans as Trish swallows the full length of his cock to the point her face is pressed against his crotch.

"OHHHHHH!" Trish groans as she holds her head down on Stephen's cock as she slobbers on it as the crown is smashed against the back of her throat.

"Ahhhhh damn... awwww fuck..." Stephen Amell moans as Trish briefly pulls her head back only for her to stuff her mouth full off his cock once again.

"MMMMMMM! GAHHH! GLACK!" Trish moans and gags as she roughly stuffs her own throat with the Stephen's cock.

"Ahhhhh ahhhh..." Stephen groans while Trish twists her head around his cock while feeling her chin banging against his large ballsack as she digs her nose into her his crotch until she chooses to pull her head up off of his dick.

"Mmmmmm.... bet Amy was all over that fucking pole..." Trish says as she wipes saliva from her mouth with the back of her hand.

"Yeah..." Stephen nods his head as he's in shock over the behavior of the legendary Diva, but clearly isn't complaining.

"You know why we call our appearances the 'Team Bestie' tour? It's cause we're going around to every appearance looking for huge dicks... sometimes we tackle things together... other times solo..." Trish says as she stands up from the hotel room floor and gropes her own large tits.

"That's.... cool..." Stephen says as he watches as Trish squeeze her tits together as she moves to lay on the hotel room's bed with legs spread and hanging off the edge of the bed.

"Canadian cool... now get over here and fuck me..." Trish says with a smirk.

Stephen nods his head as he quickly approaches the bed and positions himself between her legs where he guides his large spit covered dick towards and into Trish's tight hot cunt.

"OHHHH YEAH!" Trish moans and licks her teeth as she raises her legs and wraps them around the actor's waist as he starts to pump his cock into her twat.

"Ahhhhh... mmmmm...." Stephen grunts as he briskly thrusts his cock in and out of Trish's fuck hole while placing his hands on her upper thighs.

"Ohhhhh... ohhhh fuck YES! MMMMM!" Trish moans as she moves against the bed as Stephen Amell plows his cock into her twat.

"Ahhhh... ahhhhhh..." Stephen moans as he pounds Trish's pussy with stiff and brisk thrusts while she grabs holds of forearms while he fucks her.

"Ohhhhhhh yeah! Ohhhhhhh fuck yeah!" Trish screams lustfully as she arches her back off the bed as her pussy is hammered by Stephen's large dick.

"Ahhhhh ahhhh fuck...." Stephen grunts with the effort he's using to propel his shaft repeatedly into Trish's twat as he hammers her wet hole.

"OHHHHH! OHHHH FUCK!" Trish licks her lips as she lets her legs slip from around Stephen's waist, allowing him more range of movement as he thrusts his shaft repeatedly into her snatch.

"Ahhhhhh mmmm..." The star of Arrow clenches his teeth as he maintains his brisk pace of slamming his cock fully into Trish's pussy while leaning forward to place his hands on the mattress near Trish's shoulders.

Trish licks her lips as she looks up at Stephen's muscular chest and reaches up with both hands to feel his pectorals as he deeply rams his cock into her, "Ohhhh ohhhh YEAH! FUCK THAT PUSSY!"

"Ahhhh... awww mmmm shit..." Stephen grunts as sweat drips down his face as he pumps every inch of his large cock into Trish's twat, with his balls slapping between her legs.

"OHHHH! YEAH! MMMMM JUST LIKE THAT!" Trish moans as she again arches her back as the actor buries his cock repeatedly inside of her pussy.

"Ahhhh shit... mmmmm fuck... I want you from behind..." Stephen groans as he delivers a few more impressive thrusts into the depths of Trish's twat before pulling out.

Sliding a hand through her sweat soaked brunette hair, Trish nods her head, "What man doesn't?" Trish asks rhetorically as she moves on the bed to positions herself on all fours while the actor climbs onto the bed to kneel behind her.

"None that I know..." Stephen says as Trish sways her ass in front of him before he shoves his cock back into her pussy.

"OHHHHH! MMMMM YEAH!" Trish cries out whorishly as she jolts forward on her hands and knees as Stephen grabs her hips, jerks her backward and starts to pummel her cunt with cock again.

"Ahhhh... ahhhhh..." Stephen licks his teeth as he moves his hips to drive his cock in and out of Trish's pussy while keeping his hands on her hips.

"MMMMM OHHHH FUCK! FUCK ME LIKE YOU DID AMY!" Trish screams and tosses her head back as her body trembles and jolts as a result of every one of Stephen Amell's thrusts.

"Ahhhhh... awwww... mmmmm fuck..." Stephen moans as he plows his cock as hard as he can into Trish's pussy while jerking her body back against himself, with her gorgeous ass colliding with his waist.

"OHHHH! OHHHHH FUCK! FUCK! MMMMM!" Trish moans as sweat rains off of her body as the well hung actor pounds her twat with ball-deep thrusts.

"Mmmmmm ahhh yeah... ahhhhh..." Stephen moans as he keeps hammering the WWE Hall of Famer's cunt from behind.

"OHHHHH OHHH FUCK! I'M GONNA CUM! MAKE ME CUM!" Trish squeals and lustfully screams echo in the hotel room as her pussy constricts around Stephen's dick as she starts to cum.

"Ahhhh yeah... ahhhh awwww..." Stephen Amell grunts as Trish's cunt clenches down on his now throbbing shaft as her cunt cream gushes all over his pistoning fuck stick.

"Mmmmmm ohhhhh..." Trish moans as Stephen continues to drive his cock into her before he pulls his throbbing man meat out of her very well fucked pussy.

"Ahhhh..." Stephen moans as he grips and starts to stroke his throbbing cock.

"Yeah... cum on my ass... cum all over my fucking ass!" Trish licks her teeth as she looks back at the star of Arrow as he jerks off.

"Awwww... ahhhhh..." Stephen moans as he continues to stroke his cock until finally, jizz begins to erupt from cock and each rope of cum shoots across Trish's perfectly shaped ass.

"Ohhhh yeah... mmmmm..." Trish moans as she feels Stephen's spunk landing on her ass as she sways it slightly from side to side.

"Ahhh... ohhh fuck..." Stephen Amell groans as he lays his dick against Trish's ass once he's done cumming.

"Ohhhhh Amy is going to be so pissed that I got fucked while she was watching my son..." Trish laughs as she tosses her brunette haired head back.


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