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An Ass Tale: Chyna & Stephanie McMahon Part 1
by WOWButtLover

Chyna came out of the shower naked. Her large boobs hung down tipped with
large nipples and her pussy sported a streak of brown pubic hair and her
tight ass was dripping wet. She went over to her locker. She then searched
her bag for a bra and some panties.

"Damn, where the fuck did I put them?" Chyna asked herself.

Across the room was the lovely Stephanie Mcmahon. She stared at Chyna's
hard butt. She watched as Chyna bent over to look in her bag, her ass cheeks
spread, letting Stephanie see her tight hole.

"Nice ass." Stephanie said to Chyna

Chyna turned to Stephanie.

"Thanks Steph." Chyna smiled at her, Chyna then turned back around and
continued to look.

"So tell me, how did you get it so tight and hard?" asked Stephanie as she
used her hands to demonstrate.

Chyna found some panties and put them on. With her boobs still exposed she
turned to Steph.

"Just some butt lifts and alot of backside pounding...if you know what I
mean." Chyna and Steph giggled.

Chyna found a bra and put it on.

"I got the backside pounding,but not the butt lifts," Stephanie told Chyna

"I tell you what Steph, tommorow we are going to an arena close to my house,
why don't you come over and we will workout together?" Chyna asked

"Sure, why not." Stephanie agreed.

Chyna got dressed and left the arena and soon Stephanie did too.

The Next Day

Chyna and other superstars including Stephanie arrived at the arena. Chyna
was in the parking lot when Stephanie came up behind her.

"Hey, Joanie."

"Hi, Steph." replied Chyna.

"So we have five hours before raw starts,soyou want to go to your house
now?" Stephanie asked Chyna

"Great thinking, lets take my car."

Chyna lead Stephanie to her car. They got in the porshe. Chyna popped in a

"So when did you get your boobs done?" Chyna asked Stephanie as she drove.

"...About a month ago, what do you think?" Stephanie asked as she lowered her
camo top a little.

Chyna looked at Steph's massive breast.

"There nice." Chyna wasn't lieing either

They soon got to Joanie's house. They got out of the car and went in. Chyna's
house was a "hip" house with light colors and stuff. Chyna locked the door.

"Come on lets go and change into some workout clothes." Chyna grabbed
Stephanie's arm and brought her to her room. Stephanie looked around and
noticed three large dildos on the table beside her bed. Chyna reached though
her dresser and found her C9 clothes. Stephanie opened her duffle bag and
removed a very skimpy pair of clothes. Chyna removed her tube top, letting
her tits bounce free. She then put on her black top. Then she pulled her
tight jeans down to her ankles.

As she did this Stephanie was also peeling off her skirt. Stephanie looked
up while bending down to remove her skirt. She saw Chyn's tight ass being
raped by a black thong. Chyna stepped out of her jeans. Meanwhile Stephanie
Procedded to remove her clothes and put on some black workout clothes.

"You ready?" Chyna asked Stephanie as Stephanie fixed her boobs.

"Yeah." replied the sexy Stephanie.

Chyna began to walk to her exercise room. They entered the room.

"Okay I want to work on my ass, it's too big." Stephanie told Chyna.

"Your ass is not big." Chyna tolded Stephanie.

"Yes it is."

"Okay what ever you say, lets start with butt tights."

"Okay lay on your stomach." Chyna instructed Stephanie.

"You strech your arms and legs to the sky while tightening your ass."
Stephanie did so.

Chyna then placed her right hand on Stephanie's right ass cheek.

"Do 15 of them." As Stephanie did them Chyna could feel Stephanie's large ass
tighten as Stephanie sqeezed it.

Chyna quickly noticed that Stephanie wasn't wearing any underwear, as she
could see Stephanie's fat pussy was hanging out of her small bottoms. Chyna
watched as Stephanie's bare pussy slid out more and more. Stephanie looked
behind her and saw Chyna stareing at her ass.

"Joanie?" Stephanie asked her. Chyna broke the stare.

"Oh sorry. Now get up and lean against the wall." Stephanie did so.

Chyna got on her knees behind Stephanie.

"Now you raise your leg backwards while tightening your puss-ass." Chyna
corrected herself

Stephanie began to do so. Chyna watched as her ass sqeezed. Stephanie watched
Chyna as she eyeballed her ass.

"Oh, that feels so good on my ass." Stephanie teased Chyna.

Stephanie soon stopped.

"Your turn." Stephanie told Chyna.

Chyna leaned up agaisnt the wall and began to do what she had told Steph to
do. Stephanie got on her knees. She put her right hand on Chyna's ass cheek
as Chyna tightened it. Chyna was turned on by this but held back from jumping
on Stephanie and humping her. Stephanie gave Chyna's hard ass a sqeeze. Then
Stephanie slipped her hand under Chyna's bottoms and began to rub Chyna's
ass. Chyna stopped. Stephanie then slid the other hand under too.

"uh...uh..ha." Chyna moaned as Stephanie massaged her hard ass. Stephanie
began to sqeeze Chyna's ass in a upward motion.

"Does that feel good?" asked Stephanie as she continued to massage Chyna's

"oh...yes." replied Chyna in a sexy voice.

Stephanie stopped and pulled Chyna's bottoms down to her knees. Stephanie
then stood up and grabbed Chyna's long hair and pulled her head back.

"Do you want me to spank you?" asked Stephanie before she began to nibble on
Chyna's earlobe.

"Please do." Chyna pleaded with her.

Stephanie wasted no time and slapped Chyna's right ass cheek.

"aaaahhhhh..." Chyna screamed as Stephanie continued to spank her.

Stephanie then began to grind her lowerbody against Chyna's ass. Her shorts
rubbed up against Chyna's ass and pussy. Stephanie bit her lip as she could
feel her pussy grind against Chyna's ass cheek. Stephannie continued to pull
her hair as she kissed Chyna's neck.

"uuahhh." Chyna moaned as she felt Stephanie's warm cunt go across her ass.

Chyna reached behind her and grabbed Stephanie's thick ass with both of her
hands. She sqeezed it and helped Stephanie thrust her vagina against her.
Chyna dug her nails into the meaty backside of Stephanie. Stephanie backed
off and began to strip. As she did Chyna took her top off. Chyna layed her
back on the wall. Stephanie came up to her. She leaned forward and kissed
Chyna and soon they began to passionaty kiss as they grinded there pussy's
agianst eachother.

They moaned as they still kissed. Stephanie broke the kiss and slowly knelt
down while her hands felt Chyna's curves. Stephanie was soon looking at
Chyna's pussy. Stephanie began to kiss Chyna's pubic hair, she loved the feel
of pussy hair agianst her lips. Chyna put her left hand on Stephanie's head
and her other arm across the wall behind her.

Stephanie then used her hands to open Chyna's pussy lips. As soon as she did
the womanly scent. She then extended her tongue and inserted it into Chyna's

"uuuuuaaahh." Chyna's eyes almost rolled into the back of her head as
Stephanie used her tongue to probe her vagina. Stephanie soon found Chyna's
clitous,she nibled on it giving Chyna so much pleasure that she wouldn't be
able to talk if she wanted to. Stephanie continued to play with Chyna's clit
makeing it hard. "oh, oh, oh that's it." Chyna cried out.

Chyna pushed Stephanie's head deeper into her pussy. "Eat me,uh...uh." Chyna
felt an orgasm comin on. "I'm cumming." Chyna warned her lesbian lover.

Stephanie took her face out of chyna's pussy and put two fingers in it.
She then used two fingers on her left hand to butt fuck Chyna's hard ass.
Stephanie tried to put her fingers in Chyna's ass put it was too tight.
Stephanie then took her fingers out of Chyna's pussy and stood up.

"What... are you...doing?" asked a out of breath Chyna.

"Your going to have to earn your orgasm." Stephanie said with a sexy smile.

Chyna smiled back and then grabbed Stephanie's hand and leed Stephanie to her

She threw Stephanie onto her bed and then layed ontop on her. Chyna kissed
her neck moving down to her pussy. Chyna reached over to the table with all
of the dildos on it and grabbed a strap-on. Chyna got off of the bed and put
the strap-on on.

"How do you want it?" asked Chyna.

"I want you to fuck my ass." Stephanie said with a smile.

Stephanie then flipped her body over and got in doggy stlye position. Chyna
got behind her and slowly inserted the tip of the 8 inch dildo into
Stephanie's asshole.

"Are you ready?" asked Chyna.

"Are you?" Stephanie replied.

With that chyna held onto Stephanie's wide hips and rammed the dildo into
her large, thick ass.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhh." Steph screamed. She felt pure pain but she had felt things
rammed up her ass many times before. Chyna began to butt fuck Steph's ass.
Chyna pumped it up Steph's ass at a high rate of speed.

Chyna watched as the dildo dissappeared into Stephanie's ass. "Ahhhhhhhhhhh"
Stephanie loved the pain. Chyna then took the dildo out of Stephanie's ass
and slid it into Stephanie's wet pussy.

With the dildo still in Steph's pussy, Chyna flipped her over. Stephanie
landed on her back looking up at Chyna. Stephanie wrapped her lovely legs
around Chyna's hips.

Chnya put her hands on the bed and slowly began to thurst her pelvis into
Stephanie's pussy. Chyna's thrust got harder and faster. "uh, uh, uh."
Stephanie let out deep breaths as she got fucked.

"I'm cuming." Stephanie yelled out. Chyna got faster. Stephanie face scringed
up as a she had the best orgasm of her live. "Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh." She moaned.

Chyna stopped. Stephanie was breathing heavily. Chyna layed beside her.

"Are you ready for your orgasm?" asked Stephanie. Chyna nodded. Stephanie
took the strap-on off of Chyna and threw it. Stephaie got face to pussy with
Chyna'a pussy. She started where she left off.

She inserted two fingers into Chyna's cunt and sqeezed two into Chyna's hard
ass. Chyna welcomed Stephanie's fingers with delight. Stephanie then began to
penatrate Chyna's holes with her finger's.

Her finger went in and out of Chnya's pussy and asshole. Chnya grabbed on to
the bedpost. Stephanie soon began to lick Chyna's pussy as she fingered it.
"Uh, uh, uh, uh, ah." Chyna moaned louder and louder.

She tried to hold her orgasm as long as she could but without warning she
cummed on Steph's hand. Stephanie pulled her fingers out of Chyna and lickd
the small puddle of woman jizz.

Stephanie then layed beside Chyna. "That was great." Chyna said as she

"I know." Stephanie agreed.

"Where are we going from here."asked Chyna.

Chyna looked over at Stephanie. Stephanie smiled and kissed Chyna. "Does that
answer your question." Stephanie asked.

"I'll stay with you as long as you do one thing for me." Chyna said.

"What?" asked Steph.

"Keep that nice ass how it is." Chyna replied.

Stephanie smiled. "We better go to the arena." Stephanie said as she got up.

"Can't we fuck agian." Chyna pleaded.

"Later babe." Steph said.

They soon left to the Arena.
_ _ _

Continued in "AN ASS TALE: Chyna & Stephanie McMahon Part 2"

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