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An Ass Tale: Chyna & Stephanie McMahon Part 2
by WOWButtLover (

Chyna and Stephanie both stepped out of Chyna's car. They both were smilling
ear to ear. Stephanie had on some black leather pants that hugged her ass,
and the billion dollar princess had on a black tanktop that barely held her
boobs in. Chyna on the other hand had on small black bottoms that resembled
her wrestling attire also she wore a tight tubetop.

They began to walk across the parking lot of the arena in with RAW was being
held in. Chyna watched Stephanie's ass as they were walking and she couldn't
help but pinch the meaty backside of her new lover.

"OW, stop, not here." Stephanie said in a low voice.

Chyna then brought her mouth to Stephanie's ear. "I wanna fuck you here and
now." Chyna said in a horny whisper. "I wanna rape your ass, hard." Chyna
loved dirty talk.

"Not here." Stephanie said in a giggly voice.

They soon approached the door that led to the backstage of the arena and went
in. They soon found Stephanie's private locker room.As soon as they went in
Chyna picked Stephanie up and put her on the desk,Chyna then begn to kiss
Stephanie's neck.

"Ah, ah, ah." Stephanie let out soft almost silent moans as another woman was
kissing her.

Chyna began to kiss lower and lower until she got to Stephanie's breast.
Chyna cupped Steph's boobs with her hands and began to sqeez them together,
also she began to lick them as she pushed them together.

Stephanie grabbed Chyna's hands. "Not here." Stephanie said in a cute voice.

"You have a match in ten minutes." Steph informed Chyna.

"Fuck!" Chyna pouted. Steph gave Chyna a kiss.

10 Minutes Later

Chyna had a match against Randy Orton in which she won.

Chyna entered Stephanie's locker room.

"Great match." Steph told Chyna. "Give me a kiss." Stephanie said as she
perked out her lips.

Chyna went over to Steph's desk'where Stephanie was sitting, and leaned over
the desk and kissed Stephanie's pouty lips.

Stephanie could smell the warm,sweet mmixed with the musk of Chyna's pussy.
The moment the smell hit her nose,her heart raced.

Chyna then went over to her duffelbag. "I'm goin to take a shower, so I'll be
back." Chyna picked up her bag and began to leave.

"I have a better idea." Stephanie said as she got up from her chair.

Chyna stopped and looked at Stephanie and noticed the sexy and sly smile
across Stephanie's face. Stephanie walked over to Chyna and stood behind her.
Stephanie then put her hands on Chyna's shoulders. She then began to kiss the
sweety and muscular back of the amazon Chyna. Stephanie kissed down the Ninth
Wonder of the World's spine.

"Oh, yeah." Chyna rolled her neck.

Soon Stephanie was on her knees facing the rock solid ass of Chyna. Stephanie
began to kiss the leather tht covered Chyna's ass, meanwhile she rubbed the
muscular legs of Chyna.

Stephanie then grabbed the wraistband of Chyna's bottoms and slowly peeled
them off of Chyna's sticky ass. Stephanie left them at Chyna's ankles. She
then began to rub Chyna's thighs.

Stephanie looked at Chyna's pussy,she stuck her tongue out and layed it on
the warm,sweety and smelly cunt of Chyna. She licked the outside of Chyna's
pussy,letting the tip of her tongue barel enter Chyna's vagina.

"Uuummmmm." Chyna moaned as shivers went through her body. Stephanie then
mover her tongue to Chyna's asshole. Stephanie licked Chyna's clean and tight
hole a few times then she ran her tongue from Chyna's asshole to her butt
crack and all the way up to her neck.

Stephanie was kissing Chyna's neck when Trish Stratus barged in. They all

"I'm sorry." Trish was really embarressed and began to leave.

"No, Trish, wait!" Steph yelled.

Trish turned to her.

"Come in." Stepahnie invited Trish.

Trish came back in trying not to look at Chyna who stood butt naked. Trish
closed the door.

"Come over here." Stephanie told Trish as she walked over and sat in her

Trish did as told. "Now listen Steph I wont tell anyo-."

Stephanie cut her off. "I know that you wouldn't but I would like to ask you
if you would be interested in joining us?" Steph said with a sly smile.

Chyna loved the idea.

Trish's heart raced. "I'm sorry but I'm not a gay." Trish said honestly.

"Maybe we can change your mind." Steph signaled for Chyna to go to Trish.

"I'm sure I'm not a lesbian." Trish replied.

"I advise for you to sit and enjoy, after all you were the one who busted
in." Stephanie said in a stern voice.

Trish sat in fear that she'd be fired.

Continued in "AN ASS TALE:CHYNA & STEPHANIE Part 3"

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