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An Ass Tale Part 1: Dawn Marie & Vince Mcmahon
by WOWButtlover

Dawn swayed her large hips side to side as she walked down the hall in a pair
of hot pink latex pants that gave everyone behind her a good look at her ass,
and Dawn knew it. If you ever wondered why Dawn always played the whore, who
would fuck anything to get what she wanted is simply because she did fuck
anyone to get what she wanted, Vince, Paul along with many others including a
few women. The first time that she meet Vince, ten minutes after going into
his office, she had given him a blowjob, just so he would sign her contract,
this time she wanted more, she wanted a "sugar daddy". Someone that she could
fuck and get a car, money or what ever her lusty little heart desired.

Dawn reached the door to Vince's backstage office at that weeks Smackdown
taping. Dawn lightly knocked on the door.

"Come in." Vince yelled out. Dawn came in and saw Vince sitting in his
leather chair behind his stained oak desk. "Hey there Dawn." Vince was very
happy to see one of his favorite fuck-ees of all time.

"Hey big daddy." Dawn said as she sat on Vince's lap, making sure not to sit
on his cock. "Has anyone been keeping daddy's cock happy?" Dawn asked as she
slowly unzipped Vince's pants.

"I...uh got a blowjob from one of those diva search girls." Vince was'nt
lying about that.

"Was it good." Dawn asked as she slid her hand into the slit of Vince's
pants, it wasn't hard for her to find Vince's cock for the simple fact that
it was six inches limp.

"Not as good as you." Vince wasn't impressed with the girls sloppiness.

"Tell me something daddy. When was the last time a girl let you butt-fuck
her?" Dawn now began to caress Vince's hardening cock.

"It's been awhile." Vince loved the direction that Dawn was taking.

"Who was the lucky girl?" Dawn asked.

"Uh...Torrie." Vince said as his dick began to peek out of his pants.

"Well, I think it's about time daddy's cock meets Dawn's big ass."

"Oh, god yes." Vince looked like a kid in a toy store.

"I hope you like some meat on your girls ass, because I've got a lot more ass
than Torrie." Dawn knew that her ass was big, meaty and down right fat but
thats how she wanted it, she knew it looked good.

Dawn got up off of Vince's lap and put her hands on the desk that was in
front of Vince. Dawn stuck her ass towards Vince. "Have at it." Dawn told
Vince. Vince quickly stood and un-buttoned his pants and let them fall to
his ankles.

Vince then pulled his boxers to his ankles as well. Vince's cock wiped
against Dawn's slippery pants, some pre-cum trailed on her ass. Vince then
pulled Dawn's hot pink pants to her ankles, Dawn didn't have any panties on
as she never does.

"Wo, You'll need this." Dawn reached into her halter top and removed a red
pre-lubricated condom and handed it to Vince. Vince quickly tore the pack
open and slid the condom on his now completely hard dick.

Vince wasted no time in grabbing Dawn's voluptuous hips and positioning the
tip of his cock on the entrance of Dawn's ass. Vince easily slid his dick
into the "I've-been-fucked-a million times asshole of Dawn Marie.

Dawn loved the feel of some as massive as Vince's cock, she loved the feel of
it moving up her, getting deeper into her body. Vince slid his whole dick up
Dawn's anus and then began to penetrate her fat ass.

"uh yeah daddy. Don't stop." Dawn now laid her chest on the desk in front of
her as Vince got her from behind. "Oh, yeah baby." Vince knew that he was
fucking the best ass that he has ever fucked before.

Every time Vince thrusted his dick into Dawn's ass, every time his old hairy
ball sack slapped against the semi-hairy pussy of Dawn Marie and every time
his thighs smacked against Dawn's ass, waves went across Dawn's fat ass not
just the heat waves Dawn felt but waves of fat rippled across her jiggly ass.
Dawn helped Vince fuck her fat ass by riding his dick, every time Vince
rammed his dick in Dawn, Dawn would throw her her hips back so that his dick
would slam into her.

"Oh, fuck." Dawn would be lying if she said that she didn't like fucking
Vince. She loved to fuck, it was her hobby, hell it was her life. Vince came
as he still fucked Dawn, the cum spilled into the red condom.

Vince slid his dick out of Dawn's ass and took the condom off of his prick
and threw in down on the desk. Vince then sat back in his chair still naked.
Dawn the turned around, "Was that good big daddy?" Dawn asked as she stepped
out of her pink pants that were around her ankles during her ass pounding.

"Oh yeah." Vince said as he looked at Dawn's pussy that was coated with a
fine coat of hair but it wasn't a bush.

"Well, I only see it right to clean daddy up." Dawn looked down at Vince's
still erect cock that had a little cum on the tip of it. Dawn then got on her
knees and grabbed his dick with her right hand and began to lick his shaft.

"Oh, yeah." Vince moaned as Dawn continued to lick while holding his cock in
her hand.

At that very moment Stephanie came into the office, "Oh my god!" Stephanie
screamed when she saw Dawn on her knees licking her father's dick. Vince and
Dawn both turned their head and saw Stephanie run out of the office.

TO BE CONTINUED IN "An Ass Tale Part 2: Dawn/Stephanie/Vince."

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