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An Ass Tale Part 2: Dawn Marie, Stephanie McMahon & Vince McMahon
by WOWButtlover

Dawn jumped up off of her knees and ran across the room to the door and
opened it. Stephanie was still standing outside, shocked, frozen. Dawn
grabbed both of Stephanie's shoulders and pulled her into the office,
closing the door in the process. Stephanie was so shocked that she didn't
even notice that Dawn Marie stood totally naked in front of her.

"Now I can explain it all." Dawn knew that she couldn't.

"No, don't." Stephanie turned and started for the door but Dawn pushed her
back. Meanwhile Vince scooped up Dawn's hot pink pants and used them to cover
up his cock. Stephanie finally caught eye of Dawn's pussy, she then looked

"I cant stay here." Stephanie was about to turn around again when Dawn
grabbed Stephanie's head and forced her lips on Stephanie's mouth. Stephanie
used all of her strength in trying to push Dawn away but Dawn was the
stronger woman. Dawn held the position, despite Stephanie struggle. Dawn held
Stephanie head against her with her right hand but her left hand traveled
down Stephanie's back and grabbed her thick left ass cheek.

Dawn pressed her body against Stephanie's, her nipples poked Stephanie's bare
upper chest. Dawn explored Stephanie's ass crack, letting her hand feel every
crease on Stephanie's ass. Dawn held the position for about 20 seconds or
more before Stephanie lost the desire to resist...infact she gained the
desire to continue. She had forgot about her father being only ten feet away,
all she cared about was Dawn's lips and Dawn's body. Stephanie had always
wanted to kiss a woman but never had the guts to do it but now she was being
practically raped by Dawn. Dawn was more than surprised to have her tongue
meet by Stephanie's. They began to passionately kiss each other, spit rolled
down Dawn's chin and between her breast.

Vince looked on in amazement, he almost had a heart attack when he saw his
daughter give in to Dawn and begin to kiss her back. He thought that he has
dreaming, he was sure that it wasn't real.

Stephanie knew it was real, she knew that she had wanted another woman's lips
on her's. Stephanie reached behind Dawn and grabbed the sexy italians easily
found ass cheeks which protruded some six inches from the rest of her body,
and pulled Dawn closer to her.

Vince was stunned at what he was seeing, his daughter was making out with a
woman right in front of him, he was beginning to feel light-headed.

Dawn broke the kiss. "I knew you would give in." Dawn said as she looked into
Stephanie's eyes with a sly but sexy smile, Stephanie had that famous Steph
grin on her face.

"You make it sound so easy." Stephanie said before looking over Dawn's
shoulder at her father. Stephanie imitatly saw her father's partially covered
cock and thought about what was happening.

A million and two thoughts went threw her head, many of the obvious question
she posed to herself as she looked into her father's eyes. Vince didn't know
what to do so he looked into her eyes. Dawn looked at Stephanie's smile fade
and returned.

Stephanie let go of Dawn's ass and walked past the sexy diva and across the
room to daddy.

"Hello dad." Stephanie said as she walked with on hand on her wide hip, still
grinning. The grin is what gave Vince the indication that something that he
had wanted his ole life, well ever since Stephanie was 14, was about to
happen. Stephanie walked in between the space between Vince and his desk and
sat on the oakwood polished top facing Vince. Meanwhile Dawn walked to behind
Vince's chair and placed her hands on Vince's shoulders.

"Should we do this?" Stephanie asked her father. Vince didn't know how to
respo-wait fuck yeah he did.

"Yes." Vince quickly said. Dawn and Stephanie laughed.

"Well could you tell me what was going on in here a few minutes ago?"
Stephanie asked with a wide smile on her face.

"Well I...I uh...I a-" Dawn cut him off. "I'll tell you Steph...when you came
in I was licking your father's cock clean of cum because he had just fucked
me in the ass."Dawn looked at Stephanie with a ear to ear smile.

"So daddy likes ass does he?" Stephanie asked Dawn as she still looked at her

"Oh yeah he does. He told me that Torrie let him get her in the ass not long
ago." Dawn ran her hand across Vince's chest.

"She's got a little bit of meat on her ass."Stephanie said as she looked into
her father's eyes. Vince had never heard his daughter talk like this.

"I would like to know something daddy." Stephanie said before she stood up
and turned around.

"What do you think about my ass?" Stephanie asked as she bent forward in her
black leather pants and placed her hands on the desk in front of her.

Vince gulped as he stared at his daughter's ass which was two feet wide and
only two feet away from him.

"Go ahead feel it, after all you made it so you have the right to touch it."
Stephanie said as she looked over her shoulder. Dawn barely resisted feeling
it again herself. Vince gulped again as he stretched out his sweaty palms and
placed one on each ass cheek.

Vince's cock grew to nine inchs as he fondled his baby girls ass.

"Why don't you give it a smack." Stephanie didn't ask him she rather
suggested it.

Vince was in heaven.

Vince raised his left hand in the air, maybe two feet then let it drop onto
his child's ass.

"Ahhhhhh." Stephanie screamed as Vince's hand made contact with her precious
ass, making a loud whipping sound because of the leather, the loudness made
Dawn's ears ring.

"One more time daddy." Stephanie wanted another. Vince did it again but this
time his arm was three feet in the air.

"OH GOD!" Stephanie screamed. Thats when Stephanie saw the red condom on the
desk. It was the condom that Vince used to fuck Dawn's ass.

"Well looky here." Stephanie said as she picked the condom up and turned to
Dawn and Vince.

"Would this be the condom that you used to assfuck Dawn?" Stephanie smiled.
She then held the condom at both ends and brought it to her lips and tipped
it up and let the still warm seed of her father flow into her mouth...Dawn
and Vince sat in awe.

Stephanie swallowed every bit of her father's sperm and then looked at Vince.

"You see daddy, you wont need one of these with me" Stephanie said as she
bent forward a little bit. Vince had removed Dawn's pants that he had used
to cover his dick. Now Stephanie's mouth was only three inch's away from her
dad's cockhead.

"Because I like it..." Stephanie kissed the tip of Vince's's dick."Raw."
Stephanie said as she stood straight. Some juice ran down Dawn's leg as she
looked at Steph. Dawn was amazed at how seductive Stephanie was, Dawn thought
it was almost inhuman to be that sexy.

Stephanie dropped the condom and then unzipped her pant and pushed them down
over her hips. Stephanie stepped out of her leather pants that rested on her
ankles. Vince almost came at the mere sight of his daughter's long, shiny
legs that lead up to her black thong.

"Wait till you see my ass." Stephanie said just before she slowly(with one
hand on her hip) turned around letting her father and Dawn have their first
look at her bare ass which hung over the back of her thighs greatly. Her ass
cheek was red with two hand prints on it.

Cum shot out of Vince's cock and into the air soon spilling on his chest.
Dawn was breathless, but she didn't have a orgasm like Vince but she was
close. More juice ran down her leg not making a small puddle at her foot.
Stephanie spun around. She saw her father's dick twitch as more cum shot
out of it. She knew her ass looked good but she didn't know that it was
powerful enough to make a man cum and a woman's knees weak.

"I hope that daddy can keep it up..." Steph walked up to Vince. "Because it
sure would be a shame if he didn't get to fuck his little girl." Stephanie
said as she scooped up some cum off of her father's chest and popped it in
her mouth while she gave her father a innocent girl look.

"Daddy's had enough for today...but big daddy's still hungry." Vince said as
he grabbed he cock in his hand.

"Well big daddy's about to meet some big and thick ass." Stephanie said as
she turned her back to her father and pulled her thong down as she stuck her
ass out to her father. Stephanie then backed her ass up a little and then she
grabbed onto the chairs arms as she lowered her ass, knowing that her father
would guide it onto his still hard cock.

Vince held onto his daughters hips and guided her asshole to the tip of his

"Slide it in big daddy." Stephanie said in a girly voice. Vince's dick
easily entered his daughter's hole and quickly began to travel deep into her

"Oh...uh..uh." Stephanie groaned as her father's un-lubricated cock went up

"It's almost done baby girl." Vince said to his daughter who was beginning to
feel the effects of her father dry cock going so far up her.

"There we go." Vince said as Stephanie sat on his thighs, she was feeling
lightheaded, after all her dad's nine inch cock hide inside her.

Dawn then went around the chair to the front. Stephanie was glad to see Dawn
come into sight. Dawn looked down at Stephanie's bare pussy then she looked
at Stephanie's eyes.

Stephanie gave Dawn that sly smile which told Dawn, yes.

Dawn then fell to her knees, in the same exact place she was when Stephanie
barged in.

"An Ass Tale Pt 2b: Dawn Marie/Stephanie McMahon/Vince McMahon Part 2"

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