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An Ass Tale Part 3: Dawn Marie, Stephanie & Vince Mcmahon Part 2
by WOWButtLover (

Dawn looked at Stephanie's bald pussy, it was something that she had actually
dreamed about once. Dawn listened to the farting-like sounds being produced
by Vince's dick and Stephanie's asshole. Dawn began to realize the situation
she was witnessing the unthinkable, the unbelievable. Dawn had never thought
about committing incest, it made her ill to think about having sex with her
father but this. This was a daughter and a father who were famous
billionaires. And if Dawn where Stephanie, she knew that she too would fuck
her father if it were Vince. Dawn watched Stephanie bounce up and down on
Vince's cock. This sight made Dawn extremely wet. She was not only seeing
something that was extreme taboo but she was involved in it.

Dawn snapped out of it and began to inch towards Stephanie's cunt. Vince
was in heaven, his cock was red and throbbing and not to mention in his
daughter's ass, but one of the WWE's most beautiful diva's was about to
began eating his daughter out. Vince could barely believe that this wasn't
a dream, but he knew that he couldn't even dream up something so great.
Stephanie slowed down her hops and let Dawn wrap her arms around her creamy
thighs. The first thing that Dawn did was place her tongue at the bottom of
Vince's dick. Since his cock was currently as deep into his daughter's ass
as it could be, only a inch was available to Dawn.

Dawn licked Vince's dick and Stephanie's asshole at the same time, she licked
and licked as fast as she could, it was a mixed taste of cum and sweat and to
Dawn's surprise strawberry. Dawn figured that Stephanie had to keep her ass
clean for HHH. After Dawn had her feel of Vince's cock and Steph's strawberry
asshole, she trailed her tongue to Stephanie's young pussy. Stephanie began
to hop up and down on her father's cock again.

Dawn wanted to savor every moment of this. She had dreamed of eating
Stephanie's pussy, but she didn't dream that Stephanie would not only have a
cock up her ass but it would be Vince's cock. Dawn licked Stephanie's pussy
lips, she badly wanted to nibble on them but Vince had Stephanie bouncing
too high, and Dawn didn't want to bite Steph's pussy lips off. So she just
settled (poor her) with diving into her cunt and searching out Steph's

Stephanie's moans got a pitch higher. "Oh, daddy!" she cried out. The air-pac
sounds got louder as Stephanie's ass rammed down harder on her dad's cock.
Dawn found Steph's clit in a snap, but it wasn't hard because Steph had a
large clit, her clitoris is pinky sized. Stephanie was moaning without even a
worry of someone coming by the door and hearing her, lucky for one

Vince felt a orgasm nearing but he had already decided that no matter what,
he wouldn't stop this amazing experience. Though he already knew that his
relationship with his daughter was different (way) then it was half an hour
ago. He wasn't sure if this would ever happen again, if he would ever get
to stick his cock in his baby girl's ass again so he wanted it to last.

Stephanie's body was tingly and jerky which meant that she was either
having a seizure or that she was about to come (Dawn's guess). Stephanie was
receiving extreme amounts of pleasure from the anal fucking and with Dawn now
eating away at her cunt like a hungry, starving lion (Dawn would have fought
for Stephanie's pussy like a lion would for food). The main thing that turned
her on and made her clit throb, her heart race was the fact that she was
having sex with her father, she had tasted his was taboo and that
made her near orgasm at the thought of what was accuring. All of these things
swarming around in her head(and her body) had done it for her. She felt her
ears began to heat up and her body tingled all over, then Dawn dug her tongue
as deep as she possibly could into Stephanie's rich cunt. Vince watched his
daughter's fat ass smush into his lower body. He had never imagined that her
ass would be this fat, it was what every man could ever dream of. Stephanie
let out a loud help.

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!" she screamed as the best orgasm of her life occurred.
Stephanie was positive that it was the best come of her life, though
Stephanie didn't keep count she would have guessed that she had cum around
three thousand or more times in her life and this was among the top thirty
shortest fucks she had had in her life.

A teaspoon of woman cum out of Stephanie's still tight (after all of these
years) pussy and found a home on Dawn's tongue and chin. Some of the cum ran
down her throat and between her breast, it then traveled between her legs and
into Dawn's pussy. This made chills go up Dawn's spine. Vince knew that it
was time to let go of his cum, he had pleasured his daughter and he knew by
the yelp that she had let out pry-er to orgasm that she had experienced one
hell of an orgasm. And if could make her cum this quick then he knew that she
would be back for more and that he would have many more chances to fuck his
daughter (Lucky bastard). Stephanie didn't quit her job though, she had to
finish her end(so to speak) of the deal, and she did with pleasure. It only
took a few more hops to provoke her dad's cock into giving into her ass.

"I'm comin' baby." Vince started to lift her off of him.

"Cum in me." She yelled. She sat with all of his dick up her ass. Dawn licked
the dick/asshole combination again. Vince groaned so loud that it popped his
ears. Cum forced its way out of his dick and into his daughter's ass. It
leaked out of Steph's hole and Dawn was there to receive it. Vince came into
her for about five seconds before he guided Stephanie off of his dick and
rested her on his lower abdomen. His dick poked out in front of Stephanie
making it look like she had a dick of her own (not in this story). Steph was
disappointed that he didn't shoot more cum into her but she liked what he
was getting ready to do. She laid her pussy against the top(not tip) of her
father's dick. Dawn took the hint and grabbed Vince's cock with her right
hand and put her face infront of his awaiting prick.

Stephanie looked down at Dawn as cum began to splurt out of her dad's cock.
Cum came in thick, heavy loads, Dawn felt the heavy weight of it all over her
face. A stream went from her nose to her chin. Another from the top of her
forehead to her cheek, coating her eye-lid. Multiple other streams of cum
streaked her beautiful face.

Stephanie was in awe at the amount of cum that her father had produced and
when she saw Dawn's face coated with it, it was a moment that she would never
forget. She had never seen a sight so beautiful in her life. Dawn's left eye
was closed because of cum but she raised from the ground and leaned towards
Stephanie, allowing Steph to grab her head and lick the hot cum that covered
her eye. Stephanie slurped the streams of cum off of Dawn's face like noodles

Vince watched them make out, like true lusters. He would never forget this
moment for the rest of his life. It was one of the most beautiful things that
he had ever seen. He wrapped his arms around Steph's mid-section. His cock
laid half-limp. Dawn backed up and sat on the desk.

"You know they say that you are the most honest after you have a orgasm."
Stephanie leaned back against her father.

"Honestly, what are you thinking right now?" Stephanie didn't ask any certain

"That I am the luckiest bastard in the world." Stephanie and Dawn laughed.

"And you?" Dawn asked Steph.

"Hot, dizzy, perverted, disgusted with myself for fucking my dad and
extremely happy." Stephanie smiled.

"What about you?" Vince asked Dawn.

"Hot, slutty, perverted and jealous of you for having what you two know
have." Dawn replied. Stephanie rubbed her father's thigh.

"You shouldn't be...because you're part of this." Stephanie told Dawn.

Dawn smiled. She looked at Stephanie and Vince sitting together, his dick
limp at the bottom of her pussy, her tits calling her to grope them,
Stephanie rubbing his thigh with a ear-to-ear smile on her face and Vince
with the same ear-to-ear smile on his face. It was a moment that she would
never forget, and a moment that she thought to be beautiful. She then
remember a word that she should have said when Vince asked her what she
was feeling...above all great.


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