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This story is only connected to the Dawn/Vince/Stephanie Ass Tales.

An Ass Tale: Just The Two Of Us
by WOWButtLover (

It was the day after the shocking incestuous threesome and unfortunately all
three of the participants were in three different places. Vince in Vegas,
Steph in Toronto and Dawn...well Dawn wasn't on the road. She was at home,
and her life had just been changed forever. She had just found out that she
was pregnant. She had her phone in her hand and was dialing Vince's cell
number. Vince answered.


"Hey it's Dawn." Vince's prick tingled when he heard her voice.

"Hey baby."

"Um...I've got something to tell you." Dawn didn't want to beat around the

"Yeah, what is it?" Vince was slightly scared that something had gotten out
about yesterday.

"I'm pregnant." Dawn replied. Vince was stunned.

"Don't worry, it's not your's." Dawn told him. Dawn waited for him to speak
but he didn't.

"And I would like for you to release me." Dawn had made the decision earlier.

"What? Why?" Vince asked. He didn't want to lose contact with right now...not
after yesterday.

Dawn started to tear up.

"Because I think done with wrestling."

"But Dawn what about yesterday?" Vince asked.

"It was great and I would love to do it again but I've got to focus on my
baby." Dawn's voice was cracking.

"Tell Steph I'm sorry and I love her." Dawn said.


"And Vince...fuck her good for me." They both laughed.


Stephanie was at home before her father. She was the only one there at the
time. Linda was off on a business trip and wouldn't be home until tomorrow.
And since they had the house to themselves today, Stephanie had planned
something special with daddy. She was most displeased with Dawn's absence
but she didn't let it ruin her and her dad's sex life. She had discovered
something special with her dad, something that she didn't feel with other

It was the thrill of incest. They had not been together for four days and it
was killing her! Sure she had fucked HHH since. But Steph was wishing that
it was her dad's cock in her ass, not his. She didn't won't to suck HHH's
six inch cock, she wanted her dad's eight inch monster between her lips, and
damn it! She didn't give a shit how hard Hunter hammered her cunt, she ached
to feel her dad's cock inside her snatch, something she didn't get to
experience in their first fuck. But this time...oh this time would be
different. She wanted to feel him in every one of her holes(even her ears?).

She was so eager to fuck him, She had already cut alot of time wasted by
being half naked when he got there. She had dressed herself in a black
see-thru nightie with no bra and a silk black thong--which would later cause
some problems -- She had been peeking out of the window for the last twenty
minutes, watching for his car. And when his car did arrive, she didn't even
know until the doorbell rand. Her body jumped on it's own. She ran to the
peephole hoping not to see someone else but it wasn't someone else it was
her new lover(oh yeah, and her father). She slung the door open and pulled
her father inside. Vince was beyond happy to see his baby girl half-naked.
Her bright pink nipples pitched a tint in her lingerie. She kissed him.

"Oh god I want you now!" She proclaimed.

"Let's go to the living room." Vince said.

"No!..." Steph smiled. "I want to fuck in mom's bed."

She started for the stairs leading up to the second floor where Vince and
Linda's room was. Vince had never seen a person so eager to fuck, it was as
if she was possessed. He wasn't a step behind her as she ran up the stairs.
Her nightie only covered half of her large ass and Vince could see that
clearly from behind her. He watched her ass bounce wildly as she ran.

"Oh Jesus." Vince then took that time to thank God in his head. Was it right
to thank God for a incestuous relationship with your daughter?...If you're
Vince Mcmahon then it is. Stephanie ran and lept onto her parent's bed, the
purple silk sheets wrinkled around her body. Vince stood at the bottom of
the bed, he had lost a shoe back in the hall somewhere. He took his belt off
and tossed it behind him, Stephanie looked directly at his crotch. She
couldn't wait to see his dick again.

Vince then ripped his butto-up shirt off of his body, buttons flew
everywhere. Stephanie quickly took her black thong off and tossed it at
Vince, it flew and hit his thigh then fell to his feet. Vince unzipped his
pants and let them drop to his feet, he stepped out of them and moved them
aside. He unintentionally ushered Stephanie's thong under the bed. Stephanie
took her bra off and threw it aside as Vince pushed his boxers down to his
feet. And there it was...Daddy's cock was in her view once again.

Stephanie spread her legs apart. "Come and get it." She told Vince.

Vince jumped onto the bed and hurried between her legs. Vince put the tip of
his currently 6' inch dick against her slit.

"Do you want it badly." Vince didn't even have to ask.

"Oh yes." Stephanie yelled. She breathed rapidly.

Vince ran his dick head up and down her slit. "Huh?" Vince had suddenly
become the seductive and teasing one.

"Oh, please daddy!" Stephanie sounded like a kid pleading for a toy (What a

"Are you my little whore?" Vince asked

"Yes, daddy." At that moment Stephanie had never in her life wanted something
more than she had wanted her father's dick in her. It was like dangling drugs
in front of a junkie. Vince pressed his dick head into her vagina, but only
the head was in. As soon as his cockhead scraped her pink inside, she yelped.

But Vince couldn't take it anymore, he wanted her cunt as much as she wanted
his cock. He guided his cock into his daughter's cunt. She screamed as he
went deeper. And oh fuck, could Vince not believe how unbelievably warm her
pussy was. She was extremely wet, Vince felt like he had stuck his dick in a
freshly baked pie.

"Oh fuck!" Vince moaned. He put his hands on both sides of Stephanie's body
and layed ontop of her. They kissed. Stephanie ran her hands all over her
father's huge arms. Stephanie loved muscle, and her favorite muscle of all
was laying inside of her. They both took a second to breath, now that
Stephanie had his cock in her she had calmed down a little.

"I love this." Stephanie told Vince as he pulled back and then thrusted it
back into her snatch. Wet, squishy sounds filled the room. Vince began to
fully penetrate her at a nice pace.

"Ugh!" Steph moaned. She clawed his back at each thrust. The balls of her
feet traced Vince's ass as he pumped into her. With every thrust in, his
hairy balls tickled Stephanie's ass cheeks. Vince was going at a slow enough
pace for them to talk.

"Do you know what I want?" Stephanie asked.

"What?" Vince replied.

"I want this...every day." Stephanie answered.

"Fine by me." Vince and Stephanie laughed. They continued to fuck like this
for three or more minutes until Vince reached over to a lotion bottle that
Linda had sitting on the nightstand beside the bed. He got a good amount of
lotion in his palm.

"You know what I want?" Vince asked with a smile.

Stephanie grinned. "I have you spoiled." Stephanie said before flipping over
onto her knees.

"Well big daddy...put it in." Stephanie said to him over her shoulder.
Vince lubed his cock with the lotion and then grabbed his baby girl's hips.
Stephanie relaxed her hole and it opened up wide. Vince slid it into her
real magic box with ease. Vince wasted no time and began to fuck her ass at
a quick pace. Steph's boobs flopped up and down, hitting her on the chin.

"Uh...ugh." Stephanie screamed. Vince wanted to smack her ass but he was
going too fast to let go of her hips.

"Harder, Harder!" Steph yelled as she rubbed her pussy with her left hand.
Vince fucked her asshole for around four minutes. His balls were aching but
her want to last longer than Steph. And Stephanie was wanting to last longer
for him. There was only one way to settle it.

"Wait." Steph told Vince, he stopped. Stephanie leaned forward and his cock
popped out of her ass. She turned around to Vince, she was all grins. She
lightly pushed him back onto the bed, She crawled ontop of him, her face to
his dick, his face to her cunt. Vince's dick was clean of the lotion so Steph
could go right ahead.

Every woman says that they give good head, but Stephanie could say that she
gives great fuckin' head. And as for Vince, he had his Daughter well sought
after pussy at his disposal.

He wrapped his arms around her ass and squeezed her lovely fat ass cheeks.
Stephanie didn't use her hands, she just went down and boobed her head up
and down on his dick, squeezing his dick with her lips. The father/daughter
69 was in full motion. Vince wriggled a finger into Steph's ass as he
tongued her cunt as best he could. And four minutes later it proved good
on both ends. Vince was surprised when Stephanie jumped and said.

"I want you to cum in me." She said with authority.

She turned around and sat her cunt ontop of his dick, it went up her quickly.
She rode him for a minute or two before he cautioned her.

"I'm cummin'!" Vince yelled.

"Come on daddy!" Steph hopped up and down. Vince let go and cum began to
shoot up into her. His cum is what set her off into a great orgasm. He shot
loads of sperm into her for twelve seconds.

"Oh, god." Stephanie layed across her father's chest.

His man seed flowed out of her cunt.

"I bet Dawn wishes She were here." Steph said. Vince held her face.

"I want you all to myself." Vince kissed her.

"I bet you never thought that your daughter was a lesbo?" Steph asked.

"Yeah, I also never thought that my daughter would fuck me too." Vince

"God, we're sick." Stephanie chuckled. Vince's dick still layed inside her.

"We're Mcmahon's damnit! We can do what ever we fuckin' please." Vince said,
Stephanie nodded in agreeance. They layed in silence for awhile before they
decided to get up. Stephanie took a bath and douched while Vince cleaned the
room up (Missing one thing n the process) and went down to the kitchen and
made them something to eat. They later sat on the couch and watched TV.

Surprisingly they didn't fuck again that night, but they talked about did
talk about how they could fuck without Linda finding out. For tomorrow, momma
was coming home.


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