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This is the first story I've written in a year and probably the last. So
excuse me if it isn't detailed or anything like that. I threw in a mix of
some pretty nasty stuff but I wanted it to be different. As I said I haven't
written in a long time but I decided to write one more story and it will more
than likely be my last. I never seem to get time to write anymore, but I do
check up on wowefa about once a month. Anyway, enjoy the story guys, it's a
crazy one.

An Ass Tale: Welcome Home
by WOWButtLover (

Vince opended the door of the Mcmahon's luxurious home to see his wife Linda
with two expensive travel bags in each hand.

"Hey honey." Vince said as Linda stepped in. She set her bags on the floor
and gave Vince a kiss.

"Could you make me something while I change?" Linda asked her husband.

"Of course honey." Vince replied. Linda headed upstairs as Vince went into
the kitchen. Linda entered her bedroom and began to undress.

Meanwhile Vince walked into the kitchen and gave Stephanie's ass a squeeze as
he passed her by on his way to the frig.

"Stop dad." She said with a smile and a giggle. Vince poured a bowl of cereal
for Linda and got the milk out. Vince was humming to himself with not a worry
in the world when he saw his daughter's face. She looked out of the kitchen
doorway and towards the stairway. Her mouth open and her expression was

Vince followed her eyes and what he saw was Linda holding a black thong in
her hands and walking towards them. They were his daughter's thong and they
both knew it.

"What in the fuck is this?" Linda threw them at Vince. Vince couldn't speak,
he didn't try to.

"Huh, Vince?" Linda yelled. Once again Vince sat silent. She slapped him. The
sound vibrated Stephanie's ears.

"Say something you fuckin bastard!" Linda said again before slapping him
again. Vince didn't speak.

"They're mine mom." Stephanie proclaimed.

"What?" Linda turned to her daughter.

"Those are mine." Stephanie said again.

"Stop trying to cover for your father Stephanie." Linda said before turning
back to Vince.

"You piece of shit." Linda looked at him with disgust.

"Mom, they're mine goddamn it!" Stephanie yelled. Linda quickly turned back
to her daughter.

"Then why were they under my bed?" Linda yelled back. Stephanie paused for a
couple of seconds.

"Because I forgot to pick them up." Stephanie replied. Linda stared at her.
She believed her, they were her panties.

Linda shot Vince a look before heading back upstairs, Stephanie gave Vince a
short glance before following.

Linda went to her room and sat on her bed, she was crying. Stephanie entered
the room and closed the door. She sat beside her mother and put her arm
around her.

"You have to understand why I'm like this Steph." Linda told her daughter.
Linda's face was in her hands. "He's a bastard." Linda continued.

"Shhhh mom." Stephanie said as she held her mother.

"Why did you leave them in here?" Linda asked, expecting a simple answer.

"Well mom..." Stephanie thought for a moment before speaking. She had been
thinking since she saw her mom holding her thong in the kitchen. Her mind had
been going non-stop.

"Well mom, I have something to tell you." Stephanie turned her mother's body
towards her own. "Mom, there is no easy way to say this so I'll just say it.
Dad and I...had sex." Stephanie revealed the most taboo secret in the world
to her mother. Linda face was blank, no life in her face at all.

"Wh- wh." Linda tried to speak. Stephanie just stared into her mother's eyes.
And if Stephanie wasn't holding her mother she might have fallen into the
floor. Linda passed out.

When She woke back up she didn't remember what was told to her prior to
passing out. But reality hit her when she saw Stephanie at the end of her

"Mom, I don't expect you to know what to say. I don't know what I would do if
I was you but just listen to me." Stephanie said as she inched closer.

"It just happened, and it might sound crazy but I'm so happy it did. We're
happy mom, we're family." Stephanie said with a smile.

"And don't think of it as dad cheating because I'm different than some random
girl, I'm his daughter." Stephanie added. The last thing Linda cared about
was the cheating aspect of it all.

Linda couldn't think. Her mind was blank.

"Mom, it's beautiful what we have. And I want you to be another chapter of
it." Stephanie told her mother.

"Are you crazy!" Linda said quietly. Stephanie didn't respond. Linda smacked
her, not once but three times. And as she went for a fourth Stephanie grabbed
her arms and pinned her against the bed. Stephanie was ontop of her.

"You listen to me, you won't change this. I don't care what you think about
it. And I know what you would love to do, you would love to walk out that
door, divorce dad and tell the world this. But that's not going to happen
mom." Stephanie said.

Linda was scared, Stephanie looked crazed.

"Now I love you mom and I've changed my mind about alot of things in the
last month, and I believe there's nothing wrong with this. We enjoy it and
we want it. And I hadn't told dad yet but I've dreamed about the three of
us together." Stephanie said as she stared into her mother's eyes.

"I love you mom and I want to show you that I love you. Will you let me do
that mom?" Stephanie asked. Linda lay silent, she was afraid.

"Kiss me." Stephanie said. Linda was motionless.

"KISS ME!" Stephanie demanded. Linda jerked to life and began to shakily move
her mouth close to her daughter's. They looked into eachothers eyes.

Their lips met and as soon as they did Stephanie began to make out with her
mother. Linda just held her head there as her daughter slipped her tongue
into her mouth and licked the inside of her mouth. Stephanie soon broke the

"Tell me your wildest fantasy mom." Stephanie said. Linda didn't speak.

"Just tell me mom, don't be afraid." Stephanie told her shaking mom.

"Uh..." Linda tried to get her brain working. And as soon as it did her
answer was there.

"Peeing." Linda said. Stephanie was shocked of course but continued.

"What do you mean? Dad peeing on you?" Stephanie asked.

"No, I wanted him to drink my pee." Linda responded.

"Did he ever do it?" Stephanie asked.

"No." Linda replied. Stephanie smiled and got up off her mother. Linda moved
back up against her bedpost and held her knees against her chest.

"DAD!" Stephanie yelled, Vince's footsteps could be heard on the stairs. He
came into the room with a stupid nervous look on his face.

"Come here." Stephanie demanded. Vince was abit startled of her tone of
voice. He did as told though.

"Lay on the bed." Stephanie said and Vince of course did. Stephanie then
pulled her nightgown up to her chest, she wore no panties underneath. Linda
just watched the scene, she was still dazed.

Stephanie got ontop of her father, she moved up to his face, her pussy just
inches above his mouth. Linda didn't look away, she was too shocked to think.
And Vince was beyond shocked and confused.

"Mom asked you to do something for her dad and you never did it." Stephanie
said as she looked back and forth from her father to her dear mother.

"Drink my pee dad, and if you don't or if you spill one drop I'll knee your
balls." Stephanie said with authority. Vince just looked up at her, he was
scared of his daughter, she was looked crazy.

"Open your mouth and get ready." Stephanie said. Vince did as told.

Stephanie then let go of her bladder and golden piss streamed from her pussy
into her father's mouth. She waited until it filled then she stopped.

"Now swallow it" Stephanie demanded. Linda sat watching this occur, this was
her fantasy, she had begged Vince to for years now but he refused. She has
had this fantasy since college. She doesn't remember how it developed but it
just did and she never did it.

Vince did swallow he just held it in his mouth.

"Swallow goddamn it." Stephanie yelled.She then positioned her knee against
his balls. Vince took big gulps until it all was gone. He then coughed as he
gasped for air.God it tasted so awful, Vince spat on the floor trying to get
rid of the taste. Stephanie smiled at him.

"Good daddy." She rubbed her pussy lips up and down his face and giggled as
she did it.

"Open up for more." She told him and he did. She pissed into his mouth until
she had no more piss and he swallowed it. Stephanie watched her mother watch
Vince swallow the piss. She could see it in her mother's eyes, she enjoyed

"Don't move." Stephanie said to Vince as she got off of him. She then moved
close to her mom.

"I know this is unreal to you mom and I'm sorry you had to find out like this
but I can't change it. But what I can do is make it up to you. Look at him
mom." Stephanie looked over at her dad.

"He's your toy, we're your toys." Stephanie said with a sly smile.

"Tell me mom, what else do you fantasize about?" Stephanie asked as she
played with her mom's hair. Just because Linda was old didn't meant she
couldn't be kinky. She had always been kinky and Vince knew.

"Just say it mom." Stephanie encouraged her.

"I wanted him to drink his cum." Linda revealed. Stephanie smiled and looked
towards her father. Vince began to shake his head no.

"Start jerking off." Stephanie demanded. Vince didn't move.

"Now!" Stephanie yelled, she put her knee against his crotch. Vince took the
hint and pulled his limp dick out of his pants. He began to jerk himself off
while staring at his daughter.

"Come on dad." Stephanie said.

4 minutes later he was ready to cum.

"Shoot it in my hand." Stephanie told him as she made a cup at the top of his
dick with her hands. Vince let go of his orgasm and his sperm shot into his
daughter's hands.

Stephanie smiled as she moved her hands close to his face.

"Open up." She told him. Vince did as told and Linda watched as Stephanie
poured Vince cum into his mouth. Vince made a fowl face as it filled his

"Now swallow it." Stephanie said. Vince held it in his mouth for a couple
of seconds before swallowing his own seed. He coughed and gagged as he
finished. It tasted horrible.

Stephanie licked her hands clean of her fathers cum and looked over at her

"Tell me something I can do." Stephanie said to her mother, Linda was aware
of everything now. Not only was she aware but she enjoyed what she had just
seen. And when Stephanie asked her that question something popped into her
mind that she had always wanted to do but wasn't brave enough.

"I'm all yours, use me." Stephanie said in a seductive voice and smile. Linda
smiled back.

"Stay here." Linda said as she left the room. When she came back Stephanie's
and Vince's got huge. Linda had their golden retriever at her side. Stephanie
almost spoke but didn't.

Linda walked up to Stephanie and said one simple sentence.

"Fuck him."

Stephanie looked up at her mother.

"Mo-." Then she stopped.

"Bend over." Vince said as he stood up. He was mad at her, dear god he was
mad at her and now it was time for payback. Vince pointed at the bed.

Stephanie did as told, she layed on the ground and stuck her ass in the air.
Her mother lay on the bed watching this. Vince guided the dog up to her.

"Hey boy, do you wanna have some fun?" Vince asked as he pet the dog.

Stephanie looked behind her at the dog, the dog they named Mac. Stephanie's
bare ass and pussy where in the air, Linda had a clear view of it all.

Vince positioned the dog behind Stephanie and looked into his daughter's

"Ready?" Vince asked in a sarcastic tone. The dog sniffed Stephanie's

"Come on boy." Vince said as he lifted the dog front legs and put them on
Stephanie's back, Mac's dick waved back and forth infront of Steph' pussy.
Stephanie was scared, this was sick. What would this dog do to her?

Linda smiled as she watched the dog mount her daughter, Linda pussy began to
get moist, this was amazing to watch for her.

Vince pushed the dog closer to his daughter and held the dogs dick against
her pussy. Stephanie looked as if she was going to cry. But she had done it
to herself, she was Linda's toy after all.

The dog shoved his hard cock which was about 5 inches long into Stephanie's
pussy, it didn't waste time and began to rapidly fuck her. Stephanie yelled
as the dog entered her, and then it started to pump in and out of her so
fast, she had never been fucked so fast before.

"OH GOD!!!" Stephanie yelled. It didn't really hurt but it was nasty, she
had a animals dick in her pussy. While the dog raped her daughter, Linda's
pussy became really wet, she almost couldn't take it anymore. This was the
biggest turn on she's ever had. Vince smiled as he watched the dog have its
way with his daughter, he must admit, it turned him on. Seeing her body
thrust back and forth as the dog pumped into her. Mac was going to town on
Stephanie's pussy, it was tight and even though she didn't want it to be it
was wet.

"Moan." Linda told her daughter. Stephanie did as her master told her.

"Ugh!!!" Stephanie screamed. Linda smiled as she heard it.

"Stop him." Linda demanded Vince. Vince did as told and pulled the dog back.
Stephanie layed on the floor, breathing deeply.

"Oh god." Stephanie said as she rubbed her pussy, it was sore.

"Suck his dick." Linda said, both Vince and Stephanie responded with the same
expression, shock.

"What?" Stephanie said

"I said suck his dick." Linda yelled. Stephanie stared at her for a moment
before moving infront of the dog and grasping it's 5 inch cock in her hand,
she began to jerk it off while she watched her mother smile at them. What
had she gotten herself into.

Stephanie then put the dog's cock in her mouth, it tasted god awful, a mix of
it's semen and her pussy wasn't good at all. She quickly bobbed her head back
and forth on the dogs dick. Vince held the dog up as she did this.

Linda bit her lips as she witnessed this, god she was so turned on. Stephanie
sucked and licked on the dogs dick for around 4 minutes until the dog started
to jerk and she removed her mouth.

"Let it cum on your tits." Linda demanded. Stephanie just looked at her,
speechless. But she began to jerk the dogs dick until it shot cum all over
her chest, it came and came She had never seen this much cum. It was so warm
on her body, she kinda liked the feel of it.

Linda moaned alittle as she watched her dog spray sum all over her daughter.

Vince let the dog go when it finished, Stephanie just sat on the floor with
dog sperm all over her chest. Awaiting her mothers next request.

"I can't believe you two, you fucked your baby girl Vince." She looked at

"And you fucked your father Stephanie, your parent." Linda stared at her

"We can't change that, so we have to make the most of the situation." Linda
smiled a sly smile. Stephanie and Vince were relieved.

"But you two are my bitches from here on out. You do what I tell you and
when." Linda said.

"I can end your careers and life when I want to so remember that. If you
don't do what I say then I will in a second." Linda was beyond serious.

"Are we clear?" Linda asked them both. And they both nodded their heads.

"Now both of you go shower in separate showers." Linda said. They didn't say
a word, they both just headed towards the shower.

"And stay naked." Linda said as they exited the room. Vince and Stephanie
didn't look at eachother or say a word, this wasn't the wonderful thing that
they had been experiencing in the last month.

Vince and Stephanie showered and returned to the kitchen where momma was
waiting. She was sitting at the table, they both took a seat too, both were
naked as they we instructed to be.

"How did this happen?" Linda asked. Stephanie and Vince looked at eachother
and then Stephanie answered.

"I caught him jerking off in his office and something came over me, I can't
explain it mom. I just wanted to watch and then one thing led to another."
Stephanie said. She lied about it of course because revealing that Dawn was
involved would of just made it so much worse.

"Was it good Vince? Was your daughter's pussy good?" Linda asked in a mad

"I fucked her in the ass the first time. And yeah it was good, it was really
fuckin good." Vince replied. Linda smirked.

"How about you Stephanie, was it good for you?" Linda asked.

"Yeah mom, I loved it." Stephanie answered.

Linda poured milk into the bowl of cereal that Vince had prepared for her
earlier, she then scooted the bowl over to Stephanie.

"Eat it." Linda told her. Stephanie gave her an odd look, this wasn't
anything like sucking a dog's dick. Stephanie began to eat the cereal,
staring at her mother meanwhile.

"Cum in her cereal." Linda told Vince. Vince just looked at her before
getting up and walking over beside Stephanie.

Vince began to jerk himself off. He had no clue his wife was like this, so
dominating. But she had changed today. They stared into eachothers eyes as
he masturbated himself. 3 minutes later Vince felt it coming. He went faster
and before he came he stuck his dick in her cereal and came into the milk.

"Now eat it." Linda told her daughter. Stephanie smiled at her mother and
then proceeded to eat her cereal(Sugar coated now). Linda watched her
daughter eat until it was all gone then Stephanie tipped the bowl to her
mouth and poured the milk into her mouth and swallowed.

"Come on." Linda said as she left the Kitchen and led them to Stephanie's
room. It was all pink just like a princess' room really. Linda sat on the
bed. Stephanie and Vince stood in front of her.

Linda admired her daughter's body, it was so voluptuous. And her skin looked
so soft.

"Get on the bed." Linda told both of them. They did as told and both sat on
the bed beside eachother. Linda was at the top of the bed, laying against
Stephanie's pillows.

"Show me what you two love doing so much." Linda demanded. Stephanie and
Vince smiled. Stephanie turned to her father and kissed him, it was a
passionate kiss. Their tongues twirled around eachothers. Linda watched
them makeout, she had to admit to herself it was erotic. Although she had
been enjoying this since watching her daughter piss in her hubands mouth.
They kissed for about a minute and a half then Vince began to caress
Stephanie's right tit and bent to lick it. Stephanie moaned as she looked
at her mother. They locked eyes and smiled. Stephanie couldn't believe
this, she was about to fuck her dad while her mother watched.

"Mmmmm." Stephanie moaned loader.

"Lay down." Linda told her. Vince stopped kissing Stephanie's tit and allowed
her to lay down. Stephanie's head was right below Linda, Linda had her legs
spread so Stephanie just layed her head between them. She looked up at her
mother and they smiled at eachother again. Vince got ontop of his daughter
and kissed her before positioning his cock in her pussy. He slowly moved his
pelvis towards his daughter, his dick entered her tight pussy. She was wet,
extremely wet.

"Oh god." Stephanie yelped. She grinded her teeth as her dad began to slowly
pump himself in and out of her.

"Does it feel good?" Linda asked even though she didn't have to.

"Yeah mommy." Stephanie said with a pouty face, it gave Linda chills. Vince
began to quicken his pace. This was turning Linda on beyond anything she had
ever seen or done. She couldn't explain it, seeing her babygirl get pounded
made her dripping wet. God she couldn't take it anymore. Linda put her legs
up in the air and pulled her pants and panties over her ass and removed them
from her body. She replaced her legs on each side of her daughters head.
Stephanie watched this with the biggest smile she's ever had. Vince started
to fuck her harder, his thrust made Stephanie's body jiggle rapidly.
Stephanie reached above her head and held onto her mother's legs to steady
herself. Linda didn't waste time and began to finger her mature cunt.

Linda still shaved her pussy, even in her old age when women stop bothering
with it she kept it clean. Stephanie could see it glisten in the sun, her
mother was soaking wet. Stephanie screamed as her dads dick hit a good spot.

"Did that feel good baby?" Linda asked as she put her hand on her daughter's

"Yeah mommy!" Stephanie yelled. Linda slipped her hand over her daughter's
mouth and Stephanie allowed her mother's fingers into her mouth. Stephanie
began to suck on her mom's fingers. Linda removed them and brought her
hand to her cunt. She then began to finger her pussy with that hand, her
daughter's saliva coated it. Linda viciously began to finger her pussy, she
was trying to hold back from cumming, she wanted to give them a surprise.

"OH FUCK!" Linda screamed. She had most of her hand in her pussy, almost
fisting herself. She kept her eyes on her husband's cock going in and out
of their daughter's young cunt. She gave her clit a few more rubs and then
she arched her back so that her pussy was over her daughters head and let
go of herself. She squirted girl-cum all over Vince and Stephanie's stomach
and pussy. And it kept spraying out of her.

"OH SHIT!" Linda screamed. Linda had squirted a number of times but this was
beyond any of those. Cum kept pouring out of her. Stephanie moaned as her
mother's cum sprayed all over her. Finally Linda fell back onto the bed and
her pussy stopped squirting. Vince had stopped fucking her while Linda
squirted on them. Linda was moaning in ecstasy, she couldn't open her eyes
it was so good.

"Keep going." Stephanie demanded her dad. Vince looked at her and then
continued. After awhile Linda opened her eyes and looked down at her
daughter's body, she could see her cum all over her, it was beautiful.
She bent forward and rubbed her hand in a small puddle on Stephanie
stomach. She then brought her hand to her daughters mouth and Stephanie
was happy to cooperate. She sucked on her mother's cum soaked hand, it
was a totally different taste than a mans cum but she loved it.

"Fuck!" Vince moaned, he was about to cum. He started to shift his weight
to one side so he could pull out of her but Linda stopped him.

"Cum in her." Linda said in a loud demanding tone. Vince stopped and looked
at her. Stephanie looked up aswell.

"You heard me. Cum in your daughter." Linda gave Vince a look. Vince didn't
know what to do. He knew the consequences of not doing as she said. His
business, his world would crumble. Linda would do exactly as Stephanie said
she would. He could never let that happen, not for anything. Vince then
released his semen into his daughter. It flowed in quickly and his force.
As his cum shot into her it made her orgasm as well, her pussy was so
sensitive at the moment. She wasn't wanting to cum but her body did.

They both screamed in unison. Linda smiled ear to ear as she watched the
cum. This was the payback, this was the ultimate payback. What she had
planned for them was beyond unbelievable. After Vince pulled out of his
daughter and layed back and they gathered their thoughts Linda announced
her plan.

"You two want this life style so we're going to live this life style. You're
going to get pregnant Stephanie and you're going to be the mother of your
father's baby." Linda said before standing up. Stephanie and Vince were
beyond shock, they couldn't even think. Kinda like whenever Linda was told
that her daughter and husband were fucking. Linda smiled as she looked at
their faces.

And their story continued...
_ _ _

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